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You think that the podcast world is dominated by white guys? Think again! Here are some podcast episodes hosted by and featuring awesome women – for the time in life where you just need some female greatness. Sara Weber is a journalist in Germany who also writes a newsletter with podcast news and … read more

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Kindness and self-talk

November 10th, 2016


Say something nice to yourself every day! This episode helps you with that.

A conversation with one of my favorite pop culture writers

November 10th, 2016


Host Darian Symoné Harvin talks to one of my favorite pop culture writers Sylvia Obell about her upbringing, being a black woman in journalism – and …

Anne T. Donahue talks career and celebrity crushes

November 10th, 2016


Anne T. Donahue (who writes an amazing newsletter) is one of my heroes. In this episode, she talks about her career and her biggest celebrity crush.

An investigation you need to listen to

November 10th, 2016


Starlee Kine, podcast host extraordinaire, is trying to find out if Britney Spears has really read a certain book.

Peak greatness

November 10th, 2016


Comedian Phoebe Robinson + writer Roxane Gay = peak greatness!

A single mom, on purpose

November 10th, 2016


Sophie Harper is a single mom and – as the podcast title reveals – this wasn’t an accident. A personal diary of how she became a mother and how her daughter has changed her life.

A story about the choices we make and living with them

November 10th, 2016


A woman’s brain and life is transformed for a short time.

Restarting a career after years as a stay-at-home mom

November 10th, 2016


After years as a stay-at-home-mom, Tally Abecassis wants to restart her career – and she takes us with her every step of the way.

Claressa Shields on breaking down barriers for women’s boxing

November 10th, 2016


Claressa Shields is super impressive: She has won two Olympic titles and when this was recorded, she was trying to become one of the first women to box in the Olympics.

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