Podcast Meander

11 EpisodesProduced by Daniel Leone

"Podcast Meander" is the semi-fictional travelogue of Dan Leone, a traumatized musician who abruptly left his hometown and started driving west - fleeing from something. The show documents his frantic travels, the people he interviews along the way, and the slow reveal of what he's truly running awa… read more

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S01 Episode 01 - Work is not Noble

May 21st, 2016


After a montage and a soliloquy, Dan departs. (This episode is 15% fictional) Produced and scored by Daniel Leone. 

S01 Episode 02 - In His Usual Insulated Form

June 29th, 2016


After successfully escaping Connecticut, Dan realizes that his project is being adversely affected by several nagging phobias. So, he attempts to …

(Digression) - Freeze, Fly, or Fight

July 28th, 2016


In the first Digression, Dan presents an experimental piece of sound design which was composed by chopping up a recording of a panic attack. 

S01 Episode 03 - The Idahoan

August 28th, 2016


Dan - who identifies as politically liberal - unexpectedly falls in love with the deeply conservative state of Idaho. Hoping to understand his …

(Digression) Donald Trump Opens Up?

September 26th, 2016


Dan receives a staggeringly confessional phone call from a man who may or may not be Donald Trump.  (This episode may or may not be 100% Fictional.) Produced and Scored by Daniel Leone 

S01 Prologue to Episode 04 - Her Great Gamble

November 15th, 2016


Returning to the podcast after two months of working on the presidential election, Dan scribbles in his journal and encounters a young woman who is in the process of making a very risky decision.  (This episode is 50% …

S01 Episode 04 - American Sirens

January 19th, 2017


Dan’s guardian angel attempts to guide him through a sudden, confounding spell of memory loss. **This episode contains many sequences which are best enjoyed through headphones.**


Dr. Lasana Harris is a …

S01 Finale - The Linchpin

March 7th, 2017


After a series of critical setbacks, Dan decides to suspend all fictional sequences and tell the whole truth of his first year on the road. It's a …

S01 Epilogue - Two Arrows

March 16th, 2017


After the difficult revelation at the end of the season finale, Dan winds up speeding down the interstate in a rage-fueled, drunken frenzy. Gabriella …

The Bristlecone Interview

October 12th, 2017




Produced and Scored by Daniel Leone With thanks to Dr. David Lisak and Steve LePore Featuring samples of the unfinished track, “Sly’s Work”, composed by Daniel Leone and Tom MacLean.

(This episode was edited …

Series Finale - Neither is the Underground

November 6th, 2017


Options are weighed; conclusions are drawn.  Produced and Scored by Daniel Leone 

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