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Jesse Ulrich and Chris Miller, two lifelong friends who have a passion to make their home city and state stronger, tackle the issues, articulate the frustrations, investigate the whys, and cheer the triumphs of the many hard-working individuals and their dynamic organizations who are working to make… read more

85 Episodes | 2019 - 2023

Trey Thaxton and the idea that Greenwood Ave. is Everywhere (and 90s NBA)

January 19th, 2023


Jesse and Chris are joined by Trey Thaxton, Owner of Goldmill Co. and Greenwood Ave. We gush over their new magazine, Greenwood Ave, discuss why it …

2022 in Review with Nehemiah Frank

December 29th, 2022


Jesse and Chris are joined by Nehemiah Frank. We talk about all that has happened since the last time we spoke (June of 2020), whether America's battle against racism is getting better or worse, we have to talk about Ye …

Kara Joy McKee and the Difference Between Being Nice and Being Kind

December 15th, 2022


Chris and Jesse are joined by one of their favorite guests, the former city councilor for District 4, Kara Joy McKee. They discuss the lessons learned from her time in office, her memories of the constituents who cared …

All about Techlahoma with Emily Harden

December 1st, 2022


Chris and Jesse are joined by the executive director of Techlahoma Emily Harden. They try to answer the question of what even is a Tech job these days, will AI ever make good websites, and how a D&D Dr. Who campaign …

Kian Kamas, Parking, and Building as a Community....and more Parking

November 17th, 2022


Chris and Jesse are very excited to be joined by Kian Kamas, executive director of Partner Tulsa. We discuss the vast benefits of the merging of all …

Michelle Place, the Tulsa Historical Society and Museum, and the French Golden Driller

November 3rd, 2022


Chris and Jesse are joined by Michelle Place, executive director of the Tulsa Historical Society and Museum. Michelle talks about the work of …

Emeka Nnaka, Praising Jesse's Ear, and the Pitfalls of Public Speaking

October 20th, 2022


Chris and Jesse are joined by transformational speaker and therapist Emeka Nnaka. We discuss how you have to take your inherent gifts and turn them into a career, the lessons learned from public speaking, and the …

Pod4Good Turns 3!

October 6th, 2022


Listen to our wonderful, first ever live show! As part of the Spark Summit, Chris and Jesse spoke with Chris Davis from the Tulsa Creative Engine, …

Chase Mowery and the Art of Gathering for Good

September 22nd, 2022


Chris and Jesse are joined by Chase Mowery, Manager, Organizational Giving and Business Partnerships for the Tulsa Area United Way. Chase tells us …

Carter Combs, Fur Fest, and What Makes a Music Scene

September 8th, 2022


Rant9 Productions former intern Carter Combs returns! Carter, the CFO (listen for what CFO means) for the upcoming Fur Fest at the Fur Shop talks about what kind of music festival he has always wanted to put on, why you …

Arielle Davis and Asking the Right Questions

August 25th, 2022


We are joined again by the amazing Arielle Davis. She talks about her new business as a public speaker helping companies improve their employees' well being, and helping individuals ask the right questions to make sure …

Dr. Tiffany Crutcher and the Terrance Crutcher Foundation

August 11th, 2022


Chris and Jesse are joined by Dr. Tiffany Crutcher. Jesse, Chris, and Tiffany discuss the sad reasons behind the founding of the Terrance Crutcher …

Crystal Patrick, Racism Stinks, and the White American Standard

July 28th, 2022


In what can only be described as one of the funniest conversations about a horrible topic, Crystal Patrick, executive director of Racism Stinks, joins Chris and Jesse to talk about the terms we use when discussing …

Evan Barton, Grow With Us, and InTulsa

June 30th, 2022


Chris and Jesse are joined by Evan Barton, the host of the Grow With Us podcast,, and the Alumni Experience …

Kirk Wester-Rivera and Placekeeping not Placemaking

June 16th, 2022


Chris and Jesse are joined by Kirk Wester-Rivera, the executive director of Growing Together. They discuss the history of the Kendall-Whittier neighborhood, the launching of the Kendall-Whittier Neighborhood Trust. We …

Cameron Walker and Green Country Habitat For Humanity

June 3rd, 2022


Jesse and Chris are joined by Cameron Walker, CEO of Green Country Habitat for Humanity. Cameron speaks about how an organization built on volunteers …


May 12th, 2022


Chris and Jesse are joined by the founder and executive director of GAAAYS IN SPAAACE! Dan tells the story of why GAAAYS IN SPAAACE was founded, why representation matters to all, and what is next for GAAAYS IN SPAAACE!

Ben Von Drehle, the Root Coworking space and the Future of Work

April 28th, 2022


The Root Coworking Space is a Tulsa-based coworking space that offers a flexible and community-based environment for businesses and entrepreneurs. …

Tim Landes Jr., the First Guy on Omaha Beach, and the Future of Digital Media

April 7th, 2022


Jesse and Chris were delighted to speak with Tim Landes Jr., Digital Editor for Tulsa People and host of the Tulsa Talks podcast! We talk about the …

BillionMinds, Rethinking Productivity, and Technology Fails

March 24th, 2022


Chris and Jesse are joined by Paul Slate and Ryan Tubbs, the cofounders of Billionminds, check them out: Homepage - BillionMinds BillionMinds. Paul …

Chris Davis, the Tulsa Creative Engine, and who is an Artist

March 10th, 2022


Chris and Jesse are joined by Chris Davis, co-founder of the Tulsa Creative Engine (shoutout to the other co-founder Bianca Caampued and friend of …

LaBrisa Williams, the Tulsa Birth Equity Initiative, and Zelda

February 24th, 2022


Chris and Jesse are joined by the LaBrisa Williams, the executive director of the Tulsa Birth Equity Initiative. They talk about the disparities in …

Nancy Bolzle and the Pencil Box

February 10th, 2022


Chris and Jesse are joined by Nancy Bolzle, founder of the Pencil Box. She shares with us the story of why she founded the Pencil Box, how analog …

Shut Up and Write!

January 27th, 2022


Chris and Jesse are joined by Aaron Bolze and Rennie Saunders from Shut Up and Write! They host free, in-person and online writing events for writers …

Cookies, Cakes, and Jews

January 13th, 2022


Chris and Jesse are joined by David Chapman and Jimmy Darnell, from the amazing bakery, Cookies, Cakes and Jews. They tell the story of how two boys from small town in Virginia ended up starting a Jewish bakery in Jenks …

Rachael Reagan, Kitchen 66, and a Journey of Food

December 23rd, 2021


Jesse and Chris are joined by Rachael Reagan, the program director of Kitchen 66, Tulsa's kickstart kitchen, and Tulsa's first food incubator. …

Cioré, Jonathan, The Stimulus and Respecting Yourself

December 9th, 2021


Join us for another great interview we had during our 2nd Anniversary livestream! We had Cioré Taylor and Jonathan Sanders from the Stimulus Radio …

Aba Hammond, TYPROS and Making Room for Yourself

November 25th, 2021


Jesse and Chris are joined by Aba Hammond, the incoming 2022 TYPROS Chair, to talk about all things TYPROS, leaving room for yourself and others, and …

Carlos Moreno and City Councilor Kara Joy McKee Live!

November 11th, 2021


While we were live-streaming to help raise money for our new Afghan Neighbors, we had a delightful dual guest moment with two of our favorite guests. …

Welcoming our new Afghan Neighbors

October 14th, 2021


Chris and Jesse welcome Rabbi Dan Kaiman of Congregation B'nai Emunah and Aliye Shimi, executive director of the Tulsa Metropolitan Ministry, onto …

Elizabeth Ellison on making Tulsa a more Fun and Culinary City

September 30th, 2021


Chris and Jesse were delighted to speak with Elizabeth Frame Ellison, CEO and President of the Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation. Elizabeth gave some inside info about what it is like to film Top Chef, how LTFF wants to …

Stephen Galoob and Fixing a Broken Justice System

September 16th, 2021


Jesse and Chris are joined by Professor (don't call him Doctor, he will explain why) Stephen Galoob. Stephen is Chapman Professor of Law at the …

Matt Gleason and How To Tell Your Story

September 2nd, 2021


Chris and Jesse are delighted to be joined by the chief storyteller for the Tulsa Area United Way, Matt Gleason. Matt talks about his time working …

T'erra Estes and Teaching Not Punish

August 12th, 2021


Chris and Jesse are joined by T'erra Estes, the executive director and founder of Teach Not Punish. She tells us about her journey to starting this fantastic organization, why our education system sometimes fails to …

Toby Jenkins, Doing Whatever It Takes, and 918-The-Gays

July 15th, 2021


Chris and Jesse are joined by Toby Jenkins, CEO of Oklahomans For Equality and the executive director of the Dennis R. Neil Equality Center. Toby tells us the story of his journey from a conservative Republican, who was …

Dr. Jabraan Pasha, Implicit Bias, and the Doctor's Internet

July 1st, 2021


Chris and Jesse are joined by Dr. Jabraan Pasha. Jabraan is a professor at the University of Oklahoma School of Community Medicine, a lecturer on …

Anneliese Bruner, White Primacy, and Telling the Whole Story

June 17th, 2021


Chris and Jesse are joined by Anneliese Bruner. Anneliese is the great granddaughter of Mary E. Jones Parrish, a survivor of the Tulsa Race Massacre …

Mike Creef, the Tulsa Race Massacre, and Aliens

June 3rd, 2021


Chris and Jesse are joined by Mike Creef, the Senior Writer at The Black Wall Street Times. Our city and country have just exited a week of …

Carlos Moreno, the Victory of Greenwood, and down with the IDL

May 20th, 2021


Chris and Jesse are joined by Carlos Moreno, Co-Captain of Code for Tulsa and author of The Victory of Greenwood. Moreno recently finished writing

Tulsa Changemakers and the Importance of Youth Voices

May 6th, 2021


Chris and Jesse are joined by three special guests. Andrew Spector, co-director and founder of Tulsa Changemakers, and two Tulsa Changemaker alums, …

Marcela Swenson, Tulsa Responds, and Building an Airplane while Flying It

April 22nd, 2021


Chris and Jesse are joined by Marcela Swenson, the Executive Director at Tulsa Responds. Swenson defines Tulsa Responds as mercenaries 4 good. In our …

Amy Curran and Generation Citizen

April 8th, 2021


Chris and Jesse are joined by Amy Curren, the Executive Director of the Oklahoma chapter of Generation Citizen, which is a program center around action civics and civics education. In this episode, we discuss the …

Andreya Williams and Tulsa Service Year

March 25th, 2021


Chris and Jesse are joined by Andreya Williams, the Program Director for Tulsa Service Year. Tulsa Service Year is a program created for recently …

Where Estate Planning and Social Inequality Meet

March 11th, 2021


Chris and Jesse are joined by Laurel and Riley Carbone Kern, founders of Tallgrass Estate Planning LLP. Laurel and Riley are adamant about people in the minority demographics getting the appropriate estate plans in …

Food For The Screwed and Keeping It Simple

February 25th, 2021


Chris and Jesse are joined by Marco Herrera and Colin Sato, chefs at the Vintage Wine Bar in downtown Tulsa. Marco and Colin talk with us about their …

Gary Peluso-Verdend and the Stain of White Christian Supremacy

February 11th, 2021


Chris and Jesse are joined again by the Rev. Dr. Gary Peluso-Verdend, executive director of the Center for Religion in Public Life at the Phillips …

Dr. View and Fire In Little Africa

January 28th, 2021


Chris and Jesse are joined by Dr. View (Dr. Stevie Johnson), the creative director for the Fire in Little Africa project, a multimedia project geared …

Lindsey Jordan and Write on Fundraising

January 14th, 2021


Chris and Jesse are joined by Lindsay Jordan, who is the Founder & CEO of Write On Fundraising. Her company helps nonprofit organizations meet …

Ken Levit, GKFF, and 2021

December 31st, 2020


Chris and Jesse are joined by Ken Levit, Executive Director of the George Kaiser Family Foundation to talk about what the Foundation did to pivot during the pandemic, what their plans are for 2021, and most importantly, …

Andrea Pemberton, TYPROS, and binging Local Government

December 17th, 2020


Jesse and Chris are joined by Executive Director of TYPROS (Tulsa Young Professionals) Andrea Pemberton. Andrea talks about her journey to Tulsa, how …

Kuma Roberts, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion...and Charcuterie

December 3rd, 2020


Chris and Jesse are joined by Kuma Roberts, Vice-President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for the Tulsa Regional Chamber of Commerce. She tells …

Obum Ukabam and Doing It For The Kids

November 20th, 2020


Chris and Jesse are joined by Obum Ukabam, who by day is the Head of Admissions & Marketing Manager at Holberton Tulsa, but by night is a leader …

Carlos Moreno, The Victory of Greenwood, and Telling the Full Story

November 5th, 2020


Carlos Moreno joins Jesse and Chris to discuss the Victory of Greenwood, a project that endeavors to tell the story of Greenwood from the perspective of the heroes and entrepreneurs who built Greenwood and then rebuilt …

One Year Anniversary Livestream!

October 23rd, 2020


For the1 year anniversary of Pod4Good, Chris and Jesse host a livestream with some of our favorite guests and friends from the past year. We start …

Tyrance Billingsley II, Black Tech Street, and the idea of Ubuntu

October 8th, 2020


Tyrance Billingsley II joins Jesse and Chris to talk about Black Tech Street. Black Tech Street looks to build a thriving capitol of Black tech in …

Tommy Yap and the Tulsa Voter Van

September 24th, 2020


Chris and Jesse are joined by Tommy Yap, co-founder of the Tulsa Voter Van, who discusses with us the history of this idea, voter suppression in …

Steve Cluck and the Beauty of Bad Karaoke

September 10th, 2020


Steve Cluck joins Chris and Jesse in a first and hopefully last outdoor podcast recording. Steve takes us through the history of Celebrate the 918, …

Episode 28: Jeff Martin and the Philosophy of "What About?"

August 27th, 2020


Jeff Martin "sits" down with Chris and Jesse to talk about stories, running a bookstore during a pandemic, and some of his best memories from …

Episode 27: Tulsa City Councilor Kara Joy McKee Returns!

August 17th, 2020


Tulsa City Councilor Kara Joy McKee joins Jesse and Chris, for a second time, to talk about fighting to keep the Black Lives Matter Mural on …

Episode 26: Dr. John Schumann, College, and Covid-19

August 13th, 2020


Chris and Jesse are joined by Dr. John Schumann, President of OU-Tulsa, host of Medical Mondays on Studio Tulsa and has written for national …

Episode 25: Kojo and Onikah Asamoa-Caesar and the Power of Stories

August 6th, 2020


Kojo and Onikah Asamoa-Caesar join Chris and Jesse to discuss Kojo's run for Congress, Onikah's drive to open Fulton Street Books, how both of these …

Episode 24: Greg Robinson and the Campaign of We

July 30th, 2020


Jesse and Chris are joined by City of Tulsa Mayoral candidate Greg Robinson. Greg tells us what in his journey that lead him to running for Mayor, …

Episode 23: Nehemiah Frank and the Black Wall Street Times

July 23rd, 2020


Nehemiah Frank, founder, executive editor, and director of The Black Wall Street Times joins Jesse and Chris to discuss the crazy confluence of …

Episode 22: Arielle Davis and Kolby Webster: Focus Black Oklahoma and White Supremacy

July 16th, 2020


Chris and Jesse are joined by Arielle Davis and Kolby Webster, the two co-hosts of Focus Black Oklahoma. We talked to Ariel and Colby about how Focus …

Episode 21: Becky Gligo and the History of Unjust Housing Policy

July 2nd, 2020


Becky Gligo, Director of Housing for the City of Tulsa and the interim ED for Housing Solutions, joins Chris and Jesse to discuss the troubled and …

Episode 20: Fostering Connections with Chris Siemens and Evan Taylor

June 18th, 2020


Chris and Jesse are joined by Chris Siemens (Executive Director) and Evan Taylor (Director of Community Engagement) from Fostering Connections …

Episode 19: Brandon Oldham and Making Tulsa A More Vibrant And Inclusive Place

June 4th, 2020


In what seems like years ago, but was actually only three weeks, Brandon Oldham joined Jesse and Chris to discuss his work on the Vibrant and …

Episode 18: Sam Sinyangwe and We the Protestors

May 24th, 2020


Chris and Jesse are joined by special guest, Sam Sinyangwe, co-founder of We The Protestors, an organization building a scalable digital …

Episode 17: Chris Bernard, Hunger Free Oklahoma and Tulsa Kitchens Unite!

May 14th, 2020


Chris Bernard, Executive Director of Hungry Free Oklahoma and Tulsa Kitchens Unite! joins Chris and Jesse to discuss the work of Tulsa Kitchens …

Episode 16: Mike Brose and the Mental Health Association of Oklahoma

April 30th, 2020


Jesse and Chris are joined by Mike Brose, the Chief Empowerment Officer for the Mental Health Association of Oklahoma. We ask Mike how the Mental Health Association is not only dealing with Covid-19 but how, as a mental …

Episode 15: Laura Bellis, Save Our State and the Take Control Initiative

April 16th, 2020


Laura Bellis joins Jesse and Chris to discuss both her day job, as executive director of the Take Control Initiative, and her current night job, as …

Episode 14: Marc Baizman, Salesforce, Technology, and the Future of Work

April 2nd, 2020


Marc Baizman joins Chris and Jesse to discuss his work at Salesforce, how nonprofits can use technology to solve organizational challenges, whether …

Episode 13: Mikeal Vaughn and the Urban Coders Guild

March 19th, 2020


Chris and Jesse are joined this week by the amazing Mikeal Vaughn, founder of the Urban Coders Guild, a Tulsa-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization …

Episode 12: Jennifer Solis - Thank You for Being an Advocate

March 5th, 2020


Educator and community-activist Jennifer Solis joins Chris and Jesse to talk about LGBTQ+ issues within the Methodist church and in public schools. …

Episode 11: Aaron Bolzle and Tulsa Remote

February 20th, 2020


Aaron Bolzle joins Chris and Jesse to discuss Tulsa Remote, which grants $10,000 and additional benefits to eligible remote workers who move to and …

Episode 10: Regina Tisdale and the Wayman Tisdale Foundation

February 6th, 2020


Regina Tisdale joins us to talk about the work of the Wayman Tisdale Foundation: how it transitioned from helping students who wanted to focus on music to helping those who cannot afford prosthetics. She tells some …

Episode 9: Gary Peluso-Verdend

January 23rd, 2020


Chris and Jesse are joined by Gary Peluso-Verdend, president emeritus of Phillips Theological Seminary and host of the Committing Faith In Public …

Episode 8: Quraysh Ali Lansana

January 9th, 2020


Author, poet, and educator Quraysh Ali Lansana joins Chris and Jesse to talk about the work he is doing with the Tri-City Collective, its amazing …

Episode 7: Moises Echeverria and the Oklahoma Center for Community and Justice

December 26th, 2019


Chris and Jesse are joined by Moises Echeverria, CEO and president of the Oklahoma Center for Community and Justice. We discuss the rising anger in the world today, how it affects everyone, how to be a better advocate, …

Episode 6: Strong Tomorrows

December 12th, 2019


Jesse and Chris are joined by Omare Jimmerson, Joya Cleveland, and Kasey Hughart from Strong Tomorrows and continue to learn about the subject of teen pregnancy (as we did in episode 4 with Alisa Bell from J.A.M.E.S. …

Episode 5: Dr. Amber Litwack and ahha Tulsa

November 28th, 2019


Dr. Amber Litwack joins us to discuss ahha Tulsa, the work it supports, the types of art she enjoys, and the kinds of art education ahha teaches. Dr. …

Episode 4: Alisa Bell and Teen Pregnancy

November 14th, 2019


In this first Podcasts for Good crossover episode, Alisa Bell from J.A.M.E.S. Inc, and co-host of the J.A.M.E.S. Inc Podcast, joins Chris and Jesse to talk about teen pregnancy in Oklahoma. We discuss the changing …

Episode 3: Rev. Chris Moore and Aliye Shimi

October 31st, 2019


Aliye Shimi, executive director of the Tulsa Metropolitan Ministry, and Rev. Chris Moore, lead pastor of Fellowship Congregational Church, discuss …

Episode 2: City Councilor Kara Joy McKee

October 17th, 2019


City Councilor Kara Joy McKee explains what life is like as a city councilor, how partisanship disappears at the local level, and how much she cares about making people's lives better - whether it be small changes or …

Episode 1: Marcia Bruno-Todd and Leadership Tulsa

October 1st, 2019


Join us in our inaugural episode as we learn from and talk with Leadership Tulsa's Director of Programs & Community Impact Marcia Bruno-Todd …

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