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Interview with historic process expert - Nick Brandreth


Episode description

Welcome to episode 57 of photography insights, the show that interviews people in the photography industry.   Today we speak with Nick Brandreth from the George Eastman Museum in New York.  We learn about his role there as a specialist and he provides some background on the museum.  

Nick’s a fun, energetic and motivated guy, that helps everyone learn, as you will tell from the show.

You will find information including:

  • Rochester institute
  • Eddy adams workshop
  • Musc with Clay + Justin
  • Wet collodion
  • Lippmann plates
  • Make your own dry plates
  • Eastman kodak + museum
  • Ww2 + kodak
  • daguerreotype camera
  • Moon landing camera
  • Nick’s lab + office
  • Wrestling
  • Importance of printing
  • End of the USB
  • Digital great teaching tool
  • Shoot less
  • Workshops + training
    camera  + Moon landing camera
  • Nick’s lab + office
  • Wrestling
  • Importance of printing
  • End of the USB
  • Digital great teaching tool
  • Shooting less
  • Workshops + training


Nick kindly answers our random questions so find out

- when the robots will take over

- Nick takes the matrix pill

- who he would like to punch


Eastman museum -

Nick Facebook -

Nick Instagram -

Nick website -

Please do check out the museum.


Don’t forget to check out the website 

Instagram feed -

Itunes review -

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2018 - The conclusion

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Episode 33 is a one off special.

The podcast thanks the guests from this year, who made the show what it is.  We are so grateful for all parties …

The best of random questions (2018)

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They are not picked on any …

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Magnets, previous lives and chroma

November 22nd, 2018


As we approach the winter period it's time to talk large format. In this session, we have Steve LLoyd, the guy behind the "Chroma Kickstarter camera".

Steve's a fascinating guy who loves inventing and prototyping his …

Consistency, Ektar & volleyball (interview with Jennifer Lawrence)

November 14th, 2018


For episode 28 of Phlogger presents, we have another lovely guest. Jennifer Lawrence is a film photographer from Chicago, USA. She works in the portrait/family/lifestyle world and shoots Kodak Ektar!

*** we have put a …

Infrared, white blood and aliens. An interview with Washi films.

November 4th, 2018


Another great guest for you - Lomig from Washi films. Hand crafted and unique films, made by Lomig himself in France.

Washi started in 2013 by Lomig, an unusual inventor who is mad on the film world. He spends a lot of …

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The phlogger presents another analogue special. In this latest episode we interview Michael Behlen from Interestingly Michael only …

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October 13th, 2018


For episode 24 we interview Matt aka #capitalfaces from Instagram.

Matt is a street photographer who shoots in the London, UK. He produces video work for commercial purposes and has worked in retail with photography too.

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** Analogue session**
*** Apologies for the audio ***

For episode 20 we travel around the world to Australia. Ashley Hoff from Instagram joins us from …

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September 19th, 2018


We are joined by the one and only Leyton Cleveley. In this issue, we look at the skill of darkroom printing.

This covers everything you need to help you get that image on to paper.

We discuss important areas like:
- why …

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September 12th, 2018


In this new episode we talk about my new segment - news. We go through the latest happening in the photography world - both film and digital.

A new segment, depending on what's going on the world will denote the …

Revolog - from experiment to zombie apocalypse

August 24th, 2018


For episode 16 we interview Hanna and Michael from Revolog film.

Revolog offer 35mm films that have unique effects on the negative. From patterns, to …

Large format, cyanotype, photograms and film (Episode 15)

August 16th, 2018


Phlogger (analogue) presents

For episode 15 we delve in to the world of film again. Our special guest is Rachel from "The Sunny 16" podcast and owner of Little Vintage Photography.

She talks us through:
- how she set up …

Film, King kong and Analogue Wonderland

August 7th, 2018


In the latest episode we have Paul McKay from Analogue Wonderland. They are a new and great place to buy many different brands of film (180 so far).

Street photography + magazine publishing with Bob Patterson

August 2nd, 2018


In our latest episode (13) we are joined with publisher Bob Patterson from Street Photography magazine.

Bob and the Phlogger discuss fundamental street photography questions like:
How you define street photography?
How do …

Modelling, finding work and coping with the industry (Episode 12)

July 25th, 2018


We are joined by the lovely Safia Pixie, a young model from the UK.

In this episode we discuss how to find modelling work and how to stay safe. We cover deep subjects in life such as coping with stress and anxiety.

Learn …

Photography degrees, education and the future

July 5th, 2018


The phlogger presents the latest photography podcast. In this show we feature Stephen Rendall of Fez Photography. A renowned fashion photographer, ex-student and lecturer. Topics covered and discussed include:

How …

Get started in wedding photography

June 21st, 2018


In the latest phlogger presents, Flisher Photography and James Morris provide some useful advice. As experienced wedding photographers they guide us …

Pushing boundaries with photography (Episode 9)

June 17th, 2018


The phlogger discusses the importance of pushing boundaries with photography. He provides examples of the emotional, fiscal and experiences that will enrich your life.

This is a discussion about creativity, social …

Introduction to street photography with Leyton Cleveley (episode 8)

June 6th, 2018


The phlogger carries on his discussion with Leyton Cleveley. In this episode street photography is the main content, but with a mix of film too.

We talk about the roots of street photography and what it is. Of course we …

Episode 7 - Film photography for beginners

June 2nd, 2018


The phlogger presents a discussion with Leyton Cleveley on the merits of film photography. Leyton is a very experienced film photographer and often found on Facebook film groups.

Leyton discusses "range finders", …

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Finally we catch up with the one and only talented Jeni Lowe from Signature. A kind lady who loves nothing more than working with babies and wedding …

Interview with a model - Josh Maine

May 19th, 2018


In the latest episode of Phlogger presents, we interview Josh Maine. Josh is a UK model who is an endearing and intelligent young guy.

Part 1 - we look at Josh's roots from across the atlantic and discuss his travels.

A chat with Jon from Instinctive Photography

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The latest episode of Phlogger presents. A chat and follow up with Jon, a great photographer and friend.

We discuss Jon's picture of my Bronica, …

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Interview with Sarah from street media

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The very first episode of Phlogger (Andrew Walmsley)!

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