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Is there room in your specialist niche for you alongside your esteemed colleague who is brilliant and two years ahead of you, or will she think you are a copycat?

In the Show

Judith’s enjoyed a lovely family reunion with a long lost cousin, and Nicola’s developed an interest in writing poetry.

What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Nicola has returned to meditation and the space which she created brought forth a creative solution for her impending new Masterclass idea which is fun and light. Judith’s attracted three new clients to SBBM and talks about how long it takes some people to become clients and how others make the decision much faster. However long a potential client is in your marketing pipeline, your job is to hang in there.

Focus of the Week

Am I a copycat? What do you do, think and say when there is another person operating in a very specialist niche which you share. She’s two years ahead of you and brilliant and you admire and respect her. You don’t want to watch her output for fear you will become a copycat or that she might think you are. Do you have a conversation with her? How do you distinguish your separate offerings?

Words of the Week

Judith picks Truth and Nicola chooses Allowing.

Project Updates

Own It! The Podcast has enjoyed 80,000 downloads over 182 hour-long shows. And Listen with Judith has enjoyed 6,000 downloads over 113 5-10 minute shows. Judith and Nicola discuss the power of the spoken word and podcasting.

Who or What’s Impressed?

The Social Media Examiner newsletter and David Baddiel on Desert Island Discs.

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