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Own It! 190 | Chloe Constantine: Our Family Business

Episode description

Chloe Constantine is in business with her twin sister Pippa. Fortunately, as she explains, they are NOT identical...

In the Show

The UK heatwave continues, the football match was a tad disappointing but not the England team, Wimbledon tennis more than made up for it; Nicola’s all alone as first her children and then Sarah have returned to the UK.

What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Judith is contemplating de-niching or at least switching the central focus of her coaching business somewhat to the power of a conversation on any topic. Nicola is taking a couple of months off from creating her Vzine over the summer and instead she is looking at becoming the Marketing Department for one or two special clients.

Focus of the Week

Chloe and twin sister Pippa run real-world business Feet First in London and Surrey. They make castings of babies’ and children’s feet. Both mothers themselves, they help parents to make that lovely decision to mark an important time in their lives.

Their family biz is 12 years old and Chloe shares stories of how the entire family is involved including what their husbands do in the business after they get home from their day jobs and how the sisters chose and carved out their roles and responsibilities. It all came down to the three Ps - passion, perseverance and partnership.

Words of the Week

Judith picks Gazette and Nicola chooses Adapt.

Project Updates

Nicola has lots of plans for the summer. To continue with her Alexa daily briefings and to learn YouTube advertising. Be Everywhere Online continues to spin off lots of great content and she’s created her first vertical video for IGTV.

Judith’s launched her Low-Carb pilot project, 90 days for £90 plus a testimonial, July-October 2018 and enjoyed a gratifying take-up. She’s had lots of conversations about addiction to crisps!

Who or What’s Impressed?

All those involved in rescuing the boys from the cave in Thailand. And all those highly engaged in Nicola’s 21 Day Challenge.

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