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Chimpanzees as pets and wild animal souls. Life at AAP Primadomus in Spain.

Episode description

In another episode dedicated to exploring the fate of chimpanzees, our closest cousin, we speak with Maria Blazques, a care giver at AAP Primadomus in Alicante, Spain.

Maria Blazques inside one of the chimpanzee enclosures at AAP Primadomus

We already know something about this organisation and their rescue centres. Two episodes ago we interviewed the Executive Director of AAP, David van Gennep. This time we get to hear from Maria who is working closely every day with the animals at the centre. We also speak about why people keep wild animals as pets and get philosophical about what this means for both us and the animals themselves.

Maria spends much of the episode telling us the stories of two chimpanzees who live at AAP Primadomus: Bingo and Antoine. Tune in to hear about their lives as they went from bad time to much better days with the help of the team at AAP and, of course, Maria. And, for now, enjoy the photos of these lifelong friends which have been kindly provided for the episode by the team at AAP:


Bingo & Antoine (Photography: Amy Atherton)


Our good friend, David van Gennep, AAP's Executive Director with Antoine during his journey to the AAP rescue centre.


Bingo enjoying fruit from an ice block.


Antoine with an orange - look at the tenderness with those huge fingers!


Antoine surveying the area (Photography: Amy Berta Alzaga)


Bingo's sincere eyes (Photography: Amy Atherton)



Find out more about AAP, their work and how you can visit their centres or offer support at their website.


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