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OSR 008: Jordan Hart, Author Of Steel Rainbow, Shares His Life Story


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In episode #8:

In this episode I sit down with Jordan Hart, author of ‘Steel Rainbow: The Legendary Underground Guide to Becoming an ‘80s Rock Star.’

You might be thinking, “what does a rock ‘n’ roll book tell us about resetting our lives?” Nothing, really. The book won’t help you change your life, but the story of how it was written might.

Jordan Hart is a normal guy. He was born in the ‘80s to a father who loved the leopard-print-pants-and-teased-hair music craze of that time. Naturally, Jordan grew up listening to Hair Metal.

Fast-forward 23 years. Jordan went the traditional route of graduating from college and getting a full time job. During his 9-5 routine he started to crave owning his own business. After months of planning and preparation he parted ways from his fulltime job and became a self-employed graphic designer at the age of 25. Jordan loved his new lifestyle, until it came to an abrupt halt.

Suddenly, Jordan started having pain when he took deep breaths. He figured it was just stress or a cold. Then, after a couple of days of pain, he began coughing up blood. Alarmed, he went to the hospital and was told he had a pulmonary embolism (a blood clot had traveled from his legs, passed through his heart, and showered into his lungs). He also learned he would be in the hospital for the next week, and recovering on bed rest for several months.

That was Jordan’s life changing moment.

When it came to his time on bed rest, he had two options – laying around and feeling sorry for himself, or making the best out of his free time by focusing on something positive. He took option two and dedicated a few hours each day to writing a humor book about Hair Metal, which was an idea he had four years earlier but never had the time to develop.

Jordan Hart shares his story, some life changing moments, lessons he learned, understanding how the universe works, tips on believing in yourself, and making the best out of the worst situations.

To heal himself he created something that made him laugh just for fun, and ended up getting an international book deal out of it.

This episode of Operation Self Reset reveals how a positive attitude can help you achieve anything, and how laugher is always the best medicine.

More specifically, in this session you’ll find out about:

-Quitting your 9-5 day job and working for yourself.
-Making decisions and going with your gut.
-Feeling comfortable about taking chances when it comes to your life, job, and way of life.
-Leaving your current job on good terms.
-Understanding life is precious.
-Finding the message of greatness in dark times.
-Using the power of laughter to heal.
-Understanding that things happen for a reason and how to capitalize on unfortunate moments.
-Hustling every day.
-Making things happen yourself – no one will hand your dream to you.
-Meeting people and putting yourself out there.
-Taking criticism and moving past it.
-Extending your hand to make connections.
-Fulfilling your dreams.

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Welcome back to Operation Self Reset. I’m Jake Nawrocki, and I want to say personally, from the bottom of my heart, thank you guys so much for taking the time and listening to this podcast. I don’t know if you have listened to some other podcasts before, the other episodes 1-7, because this is number 8, but it’s amazing. It’s been one month since the launch of this podcast, and I’ve already had over 25,000 downloads. I don’t even know if that’s good, but that’s a lot more than I was expecting one month in. And I’ve connected with about six of you guys out there, emailing back and forth, giving you guys suggestions. The communication has been awesome. I hope to continue to talk to you guys out there. You know who you are.

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As you guys know, the last couple of podcasts have been mostly interviews. The last one was my father on Father’s Day. I hope you guys really enjoyed it. The guy can ramble and talk for hours on end, but I think he brought some really good value to you guys listening to help you in whatever direction that you needed, and it was personally really cool to have my dad on there. He has done so much great stuff for myself that I figured why not bring him on here and let him speak to the world? So I hope you guys enjoyed that one.
So today I bring to you guys another great interview with Jordan Hart. He is the creator and author of Steel Rainbow: The Legendary Underground Guide to Becoming an ‘80s Rock Star. Back-story on Jordan Hart: he and I went to high school together. Great friends. Just from day one we were on the same page. We understood each other. We were the jokesters. We were doing some crazy stuff. Time progressed. We went to college together. Funny little story: you guys listening out there have heard many, many times, “Never room with your best friend cause it’ll ruin a friendship.” Well, we lived together for one semester, and it went great. We had a great time. Jordan went his own way. I went my own way. We kind of lost connection there for a little bit, but we came back together within the last I’d say three, three and a half years and we’ve been on the same page just like if we were in high school. And Jordan has a story that I wanted to put on this podcast, actually, number one. I wanted him to be the number one episode because he truly inspired me to do this, to do this podcast, to provide information for you guys out there.

So you’re probably thinking, “What’s so great about Jordan Hart?” Why did I, Jake Nawrocki, want to put him on podcast number one to kind of launch this Operation Self Reset? Well, he has a story that he’s gonna share with you guys that literally is super inspiring. Actually, I don’t even want to say it cause I’m gonna ruin it and I’m gonna give you the CliffsNotes version, and then you’re gonna listen to the interview and be like, “Dang it, Jake! Why did you ruin it?” So I’m just gonna right into this interview. This is Jordan Hart. He’s the creator of Steel Rainbow. You guys can check it out on Amazon and also, too, go to You’ll get all the links. You can find his book, find out about Jordan. And enjoy the podcast. Really just listen to what Jordan has to say about his life and the events that happened that created or allowed him to make this book. So here we go. Here’s Jordan Hart.

Jordan, welcome to the podcast and thank you so much for joining us.

Thank you for having me. I guess before we get started I would just like to comment on how great your logo is.

Well, if anybody out there is needing a logo, Jordan Hart is a graphic design artist and he did create my logo. So I hope you guys love it and appreciate it because this guy worked his butt off in creating a clean, precise, and just inspiring logo. Thank you for that, Jordan.

Thank you very much for the plug. I appreciate that.

No problem. No problem. So let’s get right into this. Kind of give us a brief little history on how you came to obviously creating the book and everything like that, but who is the real Jordan Hart and how did you get inspired to become who you are today?

I’ve kind of always wanted to be a business owner in some sense. Just as a kid I started cutting grass when I was like seven to get side cash for comic books and action figures ,and I just kind of always liked being my own business owner—the prospect of that. So I was always really into art and drawing and through high school kind of figured out that graphic design would probably be a good option for me to pursue because a lot of graphic designers work remotely with technology today either as freelancers or as business owners. So after high school, I attended the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design which is the art school here in Milwaukee, and I got my degree in communications design and began working in the local advertising scene as a young art director.

Nice. And so being in the art scene and everything you really found your true calling. I know, being your friend through high school and stuff like that, graphic design is something kind of unique, especially to your parents. They weren’t prepared for you to say I want to pursue something that they weren’t familiar with.

Yes, exactly. Both of my grandparents emigrated here in the late ‘50s from Europe and both of my parents did not have a four-year college degree. So I was the first one of my family to actually go to a four-year university, and graphic design was something I really wanted to do. It seemed like the best of both worlds: you could be artistic but you could also have a normal—or what people consider normal—8-to-5 job. You can pay the bills. It pays pretty well and still be creative. So, they were super excited just for me to go to college in general. And I have an older cousin that was a graphic designer. She kind of inspired me a little bit, and they knew the cool stuff she did so they were all for it.

Alright, so then you obviously graduated college. You got your “normal job.” Tell us the process of how that felt and the pressure you just felt of being in that type of setting and when did you realize that this wasn’t a good fit for yourself?

When I first started, you know when you’re young you’re all about trying to prove yourself, trying to get respect of the established people, your coworkers, your senior level management, all that. So I was working a lot, at least 50 hours a week, which was totally expected and fine, and it was perfect with me. But as the years started going by, I just really had that itch again to be a business owner and kind of do my own thing. I had a lot of friends, so I was kind of torn because I really enjoyed seeing my friends all day and I worked in advertising and you wear shorts, jeans, whatever you want. It was like the coolest day job you could have, but I just always felt that allure of having your own schedule and being your own boss and signing your checks. That fire just started to grow a little bit. So after two years, I know you were kind of in a similar place, so we took a couple of night classes together on entrepreneurship and running a business effectively, setting up an LLC, all that stuff. And that kind of just really grew it even more.

That rolled into taking the classes, preparing yourself, kind of understanding the business world, that slingshotted you into creating your own type of gig. Once you pulled away from your 9-to-5 job, what was kind of going through your mind when you were going through these classes and thinking to yourself, “You know what? I might want to do this for myself. I might want to pull away and do my own personal thing.” What was kind of going through your head at that time?

It was a lot of excitement and fear at the same time I guess you could say. It’s so exciting to be your own boss and okay, well, it’s a nice day so I’ll take a 3-hour lunch and that just means I’ll work an extra 3 hours tonight. You know what I mean? And that to me is fine. I love that flexibility, but then at the same time I was like, “Holy cow. I don’t know how much money I’m gonna be making every week, let alone every year.” And it’s like when you work that 9-to-5 you have direct deposit. It’s so much easier to budget. You know exactly how much is coming in. So that was the scary part. It’s always the scary part is money. That’s what it always comes down to no matter what you do. So I was getting a little bit nervous about that, but then in the end I wanted to be my own boss. I also wanted to start my own nerd-related website that I had always wanted to do and cover things I love like movies, comic books, action figures, random gadgets, marshmallow shooters, all that kind of crazy stuff. And really to fully dedicate myself to run a good website with new content every single day, I knew that I had to start my own business because I couldn’t work on that while another company was paying me. I didn’t feel that was right. That’s when I decided in 2010 that it was time to branch out.

Nice, and when you decided to branch out, was your family really giving you the thumbs up? Were your coworkers excited for you? What was kind of going on around you, the expressions people were giving towards you and also, too, how were you reacting to that?

My close family was very supportive because they have known me. They’ve known this was always something I wanted to do. I always talked about it. My wife was actually the best. There was a couple of times where you like freak out. You’re like, “Holy cow. I don’t know if I can do this.” But she was always there to keep me on path and say, “You can do this. I believe in you. You’re gonna do great.” So I really owe a lot to my family for really supporting, and what I kept thinking about is how my grandparents came here. They didn’t know a word of English. They had no money. They had a couple of cousins, but that’s it. And they were able to live great lives and come here and accomplish so many things. So certainly me as a 25 year old starting my own business, I still think it was nothing compared to what they and so many people that have come to America or have gone to different countries, not necessarily America, but immigrants that they do. So I kind of use that as my inspiration. But my coworkers and other people in the industry thought I was nuts. Usually in advertising, if you work with a freelancer as this called self-employed person, it really is just a person that’s in between jobs. They either got fired or laid off from one job, so until their next opportunity presents itself they kind of just freelance in this kind of advertising-design purgatory until they get the next line up. So for someone as young as me to have the things I had, to walk away from that to go freelance, people thought I was nuts. But deep down in my heart, I knew it was what I wanted to do and I just thought to myself, “Well, maybe being a freelancer by choice and not because of losing my job or being forced to might give me a certain kind of edge over everyone else.”

Did that add any pressure to you? Did you feel like you were making the right decision with your coworkers being in shock and saying, “This might not be a good move for you”? Were you second-guessing yourself, and if you were, how did you overcome that?

I was second-guessing myself big time. I’d be with my wife or with my family and they’d all be like, “You can do it! Awesome!” and then I’d go to work or talk to my friends at lunch and they’d say, “You’re a moron! What are you doing?” So it really was a rollercoaster ride, and I was really just freaking out a lot of the time. But I just figured, you know what? I just have to do it. And I’m just gonna do it, and if it doesn’t work out, I have enough connections, enough friends that I can always go back to working for someone full time. But we didn’t have a house payment. We were living in an apartment. We didn’t have any kids. I was like if there’s ever a chance to do it, I’ve just got to do it now or I’m always gonna regret it.

Do you have any suggestions for somebody out there that wants to venture out but the fear of the unknown, like you said about they don’t have the direct deposit, they can’t budget their money well because they don’t know if they’re gonna have a lot of money coming in or not enough money coming in? Do you have any suggestions for them?

I guess my number one suggestion is to have a game plan in order. And that’s kind of the advantage you have if you are coming from a place where you work full time and you want to start your own business. You can really set everything in order. So obviously you’re gonna want to save every penny before you do this and in the horrible situation that you don’t have any money coming in there’s a little reserve for you to live off of. You really want to game plan that, and you also want to keep your connections. You know what I mean? You don’t want to be like, “See you dudes later! I’m out of here. I’m starting my own business. See you on the other side!” And then run out of town hoping never to see these people again, because you never know if things are gonna go bad or if things are gonna go good. And it’s just like you just want to have as many connections as you can and regardless in anything.

Yeah, for sure. It was just kind of like the last podcast I was talking about is going out there and meeting people and talking and interacting with others and keeping those connections in your personal black book and just making sure that you have good relations because you never know what’s gonna happen in your life and you might need to access those people again or for the first time. Alright, cool. So you kind of ventured out. Obviously, you got over the heartache of realizing is this for you or it isn’t for you. I don’t want to ruin it for the people listening to this but tell us what happened in the next upcoming months after you ventured out on your own and I think things were going well but then kind of a big bump in the road.

Yeah, a major bump in the road or like a sinkhole, I guess you could say. More of like a sinkhole. So I started my own business in the middle of October. Okay. And things are going great. I had a bunch of clients lined up cause I lined up the clients before I quit. I guess that’s one thing too that I would suggest is set up your connections before you start your business because that’s really just gonna help you transition as well. So business was going great. I was running the website which was going great and then starting in January I began teaching at the Milwaukee Institute of Design one class a week. So it was about, each class is three hours long, twice a week, so about six hours of teaching and about two and a half hours of prep work. So by the time January came, in less than two months I was putting in about 80 to 90 hours a week. Just getting up super early, working late, hardly seeing friends or family. And I was okay with that because I wanted this so bad. I wanted to be successful so bad I was willing to work this much and to do all these different things. So February comes around and it’s the end of February and I start feeling a tightness in my chest. And I’m like, “Okay, whatever. This is just stress. Obviously, I’m working way too much. I just need to relax a little bit.” And this tightness kept going, kept going every day for about seven days. It was just getting worse, and I remember one day I was sitting at my computer working and all of a sudden my heart starting beating really fast and then my left arm went numb and I was like, “Okay. And I got like a cold sweat and everything.” And definitely a red flag, but when you’re 25 years old you don’t.

Yeah, you just shake it off.

Yeah, you think you’re invincible. Whatever. I’m way too young to have a heart attack. I mean, that’s the signs of it. So I was like, “Oh, this is just an anxiety attack or something. I’m just, again, working too much.” So two days later, the pain is getting so bad where I can’t even sleep flat in my bed. I’ve got to lay on my side. I’ve got to prop pillows up and I was like, “Maybe I’ve just got like a really bad cold or something.” I’m like, “What is going on?” And I wake up in the morning and I go to clear my throat, you know, like phlegm, like [throat clearing 17:17], you know like everyone does, and I spit it out in the sink and when I looked into what I spit down it was about a tablespoon of blood. Not fresh blood—dark blood. And I’m like, “Okay. What do I have? Black lung?”

Second red flag.

Second red flag. And now I’m freaking out, like, “Do I have tuberculosis? Do I have black lung? What is going on?” So I went to the hospital and they put me right in the emergency room. The pain was so bad actually that I couldn’t even stand up straight, so I was hunched over just looking really pale, awkward, hunched over, and they ran, they did a bunch of x-rays and some CAT scans, and I’m sitting there—and they gave me stuff for the pain—with my wife, and they come in and they go, “Jordan, have you been on any flights lately?”

And I said, “No.”

And they said, “Okay. Do you have a history of, all this family history stuff?”


“Do you smoke?”


“Do you drink?”


“Are you active?”

“Yes, I run four miles a day.”

“Okay, well, we hate to say this, but you have several blood clots in your lungs. You have pulmonary emboli. It’s called pulmonary embolism.”

What had happened is a blood clot had formed in my leg, had traveled up through my leg, passed through my heart and that’s why my arm went numb and it was beating fast is that was passing through my heart. And once it got through it just kind of, they called it showering into a bunch of different pieces scattered throughout all my lungs, all my, both my lungs, and that’s why I was having trouble breathing. That’s why I was feeling out of breath. That’s why I was feeling pretty dizzy. And I’m in a state of shock.
And they’re like, “You’re gonna have to go under a bunch of tests and evaluations. You’re gonna be in the hospital for probably a week, all this stuff. We’re gonna leave you now and let you talk things over with your fiancé.”
And I’m sitting in there and I’m just freaking out. Like, a blood clot? Are you kidding me? I was a huge fan of Deadliest Catch. I mean I still am. And that’s what Captain Phil died from was a blood clot, and it’s like holy cow, seeing what he went through. So naturally, I’m thinking, “Am I gonna die?” And I’m freaking out, having an anxiety attack, and the nurses are coming in. I was like, [fast breathing sound 19:39]. You know what I mean? Just being crazy, but you’re 25 years old. I never did a drug in my life. I don’t smoke. I had maybe five beers a month. I ran four miles a day. I just did not see this coming. And it was a major blindside, especially with how good business was running.

Obviously, you’re kind of given a whole flashback of your life. You’re trying to think of what went wrong? Why is this happening to me? Can you dive a little deeper into some of those feelings that were going on?

Oh, yeah. As you touched upon, we’ve been best friends since high school just because of our laid back, positive, there’s always something that could be worse or—you know what I mean? And for the first time in my life it was just like getting leg swept, just brought right to the ground. And you’re just like, “Holy cow.” Everything that you thought was important before doesn’t matter at all anymore, and everything that you thought you aspired to be or what you’d wish for, it’s just like everything changes. And it was tough. I’m not gonna lie. I pride myself on being a positive guy and I was in the hospital, I was in so much pain I really didn’t have time to think about it, but once they told me I was gonna be okay and they’re gonna put me on blood thinners and all that stuff and I’m not gonna die like I was afraid of, things got better and I focused on healing.

But it was actually settled in when I came home from the hospital because it was the end of February and for people that live in the Northern Hemisphere, they know February is just, the weather is kind of stinky. It’s either really cold and snowing or kind of cold and raining, at least here in Wisconsin. And it’s just a dreary type of month, and I’m at home on bed rest for two months about. So I’m sitting in my apartment alone in horrible cloudy, rainy, snowy weather, in pain, thinking, “Oh my god, how could this happen to me? Why me? Why me?” That’s what I just kept thinking. I take care of my body. I just finally pursued my dream of starting a business. Things were running great and then as soon as I thought things were perfect and I was super happy in my life this just happens. And I had to stop completely working for six weeks. I couldn’t work with all my clients and everything that I’d worked so hard to get and I just had to sit around and basically heal. And when you’re sitting alone, trapped in your apartment for two months, your mind starts racing. It was a tough time for a couple days.

Yeah, I can only imagine the difficulty of hearing the doctor saying that stuff to you and then for you to come back home to your apartment here and lying around and thinking to yourself, basically you have time to just kind of lie around and relive your life a little bit. And you’re really considering and thinking about all this different stuff that’s going through your head. One time that I came over here, you shared something that you didn’t want too many people to find out about, and it was really inspiring for me because obviously I came here because I knew you were down in the dumps, things weren’t going well, you were really kind of depressed and just feeling achy. You couldn’t sit up for more than ten minutes at a time, and you were just run down. And the one thing you showed me really made me think, “Wow, this guy is on the right path to success.” Do you mind sharing that? What was that one thing you shared with me?

Yeah, so after I was in the dark zone for three or four days after I came home from the hospital, something inside of me just snapped. It was just like that “Aha!” moment. It was like, “Okay. I don’t have it that bad. I’m gonna be okay. I’m gonna make a recovery. Imagine all the poor people out there that have either died from this or died from anything, and I just kept thinking about all the kids in Children’s Hospital.” I was 25 years old. I had no reason to feel sorry for myself. If I was eight or if I was nine and you’re just a little, innocent kid that’s a major different story. So I was like, “I need to just snap out of this.” So I successfully snapped out of that. I just kept thinking, “Okay, I’ve got two months all to myself.” And I definitely caught up on video games which was great cause you know I love my video games. But I was like, “I’ve got to do something. I’ve got to make myself laugh.” I always feel that laughter is the best medicine. It’ll make you feel better. There’s all those studies saying laughter heals you. You know what I mean? So I was like, “I just need to make myself laugh and heal and just start seeing the silver lining on everything. And I’m just lucky to be here and I’m not gonna waste my time. I’m gonna do something that makes me happy and makes me proud.”

When I was in college, I always had this idea for a book. I grew up listening to hair metal, like ‘80s rock, Van Halen, Motley Crue. My dad loved it, so naturally whenever I was with him in the car or at his work, that’s what we were listening to. So I always had this love for ‘80s rock music. And when we’d be in college in the design studio and stuff I’d play it. I noticed everyone would laugh. My classmates would laugh. My teacher would laugh. The janitor would laugh. Everyone was like, “Yeah, I remember that” cause it was just so ridiculous. It was just a ridiculous period—the hair, the outfits, the song lyrics, you name it. And I always had this idea for a humor book about becoming an ‘80s rock star would just be funny because it’d be so easy to write. So I was like, “You know what? I’m gonna do that. I’ve got two months to myself. I’m gonna write this book.” I’m a horrible writer. I tested below average in reading on my high school ACTs. All through grade school I was in the slow reading group. And I was a designer. I hardly wrote. I know nothing about writing books. I hardly read. I had no connections in the writing industry or the book industry and I was like, “I don’t care. What’s the worst thing that could happen? It doesn’t get published but I have a good time writing this and it makes me laugh every day while I’m sitting in my apartment. Then that’s totally cool with me. That’s all I need.” So I just started writing in my notebook and then doing some sketches, and you came over to visit probably about a week after I had started working on it and I was like, “Hey, what do you think about this?” And I showed you, and you are by no means an ‘80s rock fan at all.

True. Very true. I embrace the ‘80s. I’m just not a huge fan of the ‘80s.

Yeah, exactly and you were sitting there chuckling. Now maybe you were, I can tell when you’re fake laughing, you know what I mean? So I was like, “Okay, he’s genuinely laughing. He’s not fake laughing. Maybe I have something.”

I wasn’t laughing because I was like, “Oh my god, if I don’t laugh this guy’s gonna go off the deep end or something.” So I was honestly laughing. It wasn’t out of guilt: “Heh, heh, this is funny. Keep laughing, Jake, so he doesn’t freak out and go into even more depression.”

Yeah, exactly, so I was like, “You know what? Maybe there’s something here.” And after you left that day, I just went into hyperactive mode, sitting in my chair and writing more and more each day and coming up with things. And I started noticing the more I wrote the better I started feeling, and as a business owner there are certain books everyone says you should read. And one of the books I had read was Think and Grow Rich. And I remember the thing that stood out the most to me about that book was how they kept reiterating that life’s best opportunities always come in the form of a misfortune or right after a misfortune and that was kind of the gist of the book. And he said all the people that have been successful, they hit their biggest success of their life the step after the worst failure of their life. And I said, “Well, certainly that could apply for me.” I mean, necessarily I hadn’t failed anything, but I had a major personal issue going on, and I said, “You know what? Maybe this happened to finally let me write the book.” I had the book idea for five years and never did it and now I had nothing better to do. So I was like, “You know what? Maybe this is why I’m sick, just to write this book and to heal up.”

One great thing that I love about Jordan, during this conversation and also when he was writing this book not once did he say, “I’m writing this book so I can gain a million dollars and become a top ten bookseller and all that stuff.” He never even thought of it like that. He thought, “You know what? I need to make myself laugh because that brings personal joy and pride to myself.” And like he said, laughter brings healing powers and it brings different elements into your body that your body craves and needs especially in times when you’re going through a struggle and obviously he’s not a book writer. It’s not like he’s already written ten other books that got published and put here or there. So when you wrote this book and it was formalized and you finished it—and you made the illustrations because you are a graphic designer and they were awesome—what was the next step? Were you kind of nervous, “Should I put this out there? Should I not publish this?” What was the next step after you wrote this?

The next thing I did is I had written a draft of it and I was like, “Well, I think it’s kind of funny. Maybe someone else is gonna think it’s funny too.” And, again, we go back to I have no industry connections at all, so I was like, “Alright, so what should I do now? I know I want to send it out to get it in front of people but how should I do it?” And I had been researching online and they’re like, “Well, if you want a big book deal you need an agent, but usually agents don’t work with first time authors unless they’ve written something before”, so it was like this big catch-22. And I felt like I didn’t need help to sell it. As weird as that sounds, I’m not trying to sound arrogant, but I just had this gut feeling. I was like, “I can do this.” You know what I mean? Like, why not? So what I did, I was feeling better—this was about two months now after I got sick. I went to Barnes and Noble with my wife and I went to the humor section with my little notebook and I grabbed every single book from the humor section and wrote down the publisher. So I had this huge list of publishers, and I’m surprised no one stopped me. There was just this man sitting in the book section writing notes on every single book and putting it back. So luckily no one was like, “Hey, what are you doing over there?” And then I would’ve ran away screaming.


Yeah, yeah, exactly, so I did that and then I came home and then I looked up every single publisher I had online. And I wanted to see who would accept an unsolicited submission, and that’s usually what the major publishers only select solicited submissions which means you’re using an agent. So unsolicited is coming directly from the writer or author, and there are only a handful of big publishers that do that. So I had the list down to about five and what I did is I designed a little packet of my book, like a little, I designed up a little comp. I think it was like a 48-page preview book that had the rules, how I was envisioning it would be laid out with the illustrations. And then I typed up just like a little background document that provided the history of hair metal, how the ‘80s are kind of coming back now, what kind of audience would like this, what kind of similar books there were or weren’t, and just like similar titles. Cause I knew from working in advertising, just having a good idea isn’t enough. You need to convince people that people are interested in this idea, people are gonna want to buy your book. So I hada bunch of research on the Guitar Hero. They did an ‘80s game and it was a huge seller, so I had those numbers and then referenced—LMFAO was big at the time and they are dressed just like hair metal guys with the bright colors and the zebras and everything. So I just kind of gathered everything that I could and May ran around, and I mailed out these packets to five publishers and I got rejected from four and one even said, “To be honest with you, Mr. Hart, for a humor book it didn’t make me laugh once.”

Wow. That’s hard and cold, man.

I know, and I was just like, it was just like the Adam Sandler, “Like, a simple no would’ve been just fine.”

Yeah, good point.

But I was like, “You know what? That’s just their opinion and it’s not meant to work.”

Gosh, this guy not only did the research on trying to figure out how to get a deal done but without an agent, without having connections, he did this all by himself. And even though he got a rejection letter from them saying it didn’t even make them laugh for a humor book, that is still an accomplishment. Not too many people get any feedback from anybody that they send out material to. So that’s a huge success there. So you sent it out to five people. Four of them said no. So what happened with the one publisher?
So this was great. I was actually in San Diego at Comic-Con. It was my first Comic-Con out there as an attendee, and I’d always wanted to go to Comic-Con, and through getting sick I just really realized how precious life was and I kind of made this, you know, promised myself I’m gonna do all these things that I always wanted to do but just never, like, “Oh, that’s gonna cost too much or I can’t afford to take off work for that.” You know what I mean? I was like, “I’m going to Comic-Con this year.” So I’m at Comic-Con—heaven on earth for me, being a fanboy. And I get an email and it’s titled Steel Rainbow—which is the name of the book, big reveal there. Steel Rainbow, Lyons Press. It’s available at Barnes and Noble or Walmart.

There you go, push it! Push it out there!

We can do that later. Sorry guys. So it’s titled Steel Rainbow, and it’s coming from a publisher at Lyons Press. And I’m like, “Ok, here’s another rejection. Great. But at least I’m at Comic-Con.” And it says, “Hey, Jordan. I was looking through recent submissions and your book Steel Rainbow stood out probably because the cover was completely yellow with black tiger print.”

Nice. Very classic. Yeah.

Which I had done on purpose cause I knew it would be next to all these other submissions so I wanted to make it really bright to make it stand out. So I purposefully made it bright yellow, so it grabbed the editor’s attention. And she says, “It stood out. It seems like a really interesting concept. I love all the background research you’ve done, and it seems like there is a market for it. Would you be willing to give me a call tomorrow?” So I remember sitting in my hotel room just screaming like a little girl because I knew that was it. I just knew in my heart that this was the one break I needed and I knew it had to go through a bunch of pitches internally and all that stuff for them, but I just really felt like it was just meant to happen. And I emailed her back and said, “Hey, I’m at Comic-Con. I’ll be back on Monday. I’d love to catch up.” And I gave her a call. We talked for almost an hour, but it just felt so great and then I just started getting that feeling like, “This is why I got sick. This is why it happened.” Had I not gotten sick, I would’ve never written the book? It was always just an idea I had, but getting sick forced me to write the book and now this was happening. And again I go back to Think and Grow Rich that the best opportunities in life come after the worst disasters, and I’m living proof of that.

Yeah, like I spoke and you understand too, is sometimes you can’t see the dots moving forward, but you can see the dots connecting behind you. And, yeah, you nailed it on the head, man, understanding why you got sick and the reasoning behind it to really put yourself in this position to get a book deal, not even have the connections and to even just get a phone interview. And at that time you didn’t even know what was the outcome, but you knew within yourself that this was meant to be. Everything is coming together; it’s just really meant to be. So when you had that first conversation and do you mind sharing what kind of unfolded from there?

Yeah, so we had the first conversation where it was more of her and I just kind of getting to know each other, talking about the market, talking about the book, explaining why a 25 year old is a hair metal expert, which is pretty uncommon, and she got a kick out of that. And this was the last week of July and she said, “Okay, well, we have a couple of sales meetings, and I need to pitch it internally to three different groups: the sales group, and”—I can’t remember who the two others were, but I knew it had to go through three pitches. And each one [36:33] so if you got shot down in one of the pitches then it was done, so the next week it makes it through the first one and the week after that it makes it through the second one. I’m like, “Oh god, this might actually happen.” And then the third and final pitch was actually when I was on my honeymoon.

So I got married and my wife and I had gone on a honeymoon to beautiful San Diego again, and she’s like, “Well, the pitch is gonna be on that Tuesday.” My editor knew I was on my honeymoon, and she said, “Well, we’ll talk when you get back.” I’m like, “Ok, yeah, fine.” So I’m on my honeymoon and just all Tuesday that’s all I could think about. Even though I’m sitting on the beach staring at the Pacific Ocean just enjoying life, getting a nice little tan, I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. So I sent her an email on Wednesday. I was like, “Listen, I have to know. I’ve accepted that if it doesn’t go through, I feel like I’ve accomplished so much already that it’s not gonna ruin my honeymoon.” And she replied back that said, “We’ll have a nice, long conversation when you get back” with a smiley face, “Things are gonna work out.” And, and that just made my week. And then I just remember tearing up when that happened. I was just like, “I finally understood it. I finally got it.” I was like, “This is really why I got sick.” And it’s just crazy how things work out. If you want something hard enough and especially if you work hard enough, you can really do anything.

Yeah, that’s so true. And understanding that sometimes when we read these books and we hear these suggestions of things happen for reasons and if you dream it it will come to you. At the time, you don’t believe it at all. You just feel like this is a bunch of BS. I’m wasting my time reading this book, all that stuff. But when things really do happen in your life and when they really come into your lap and you take them to your advantage and you use them for good instead of bad, amazing things can happen. This is just unbelievable. So after the honeymoon, you get in contact with her. Obviously, she gave you the smiley face. Everything’s gonna be all right. What was the next reaction, the next step that just slingshotted you into stardom?

So I came back and we had a conversation. She said, “Everyone loved it. We’d like to make you an offer on the book.” And I was like, “Oh my god, yeah, that’s great.” So we did that and the book was in the draft stage. She’s like, “We would like to have everything in 30 days.” And that was the full book as well as all 50 illustrations in the book, and I had only done about 20 of them. I’m like, “Yeah, sure I can do that.” And then for that whole month, I averaged four hours of sleep a night between my design work to pay the bills and then work to get this book done. I just was in this crazy work mode, but it was just so much more different. I didn’t even think like, “This is what it was like before I got sick. Maybe this was the reason I did get sick.” I didn’t think that. This is like it happening. I’m not gonna blow this opportunity. So, yeah, I slept four hours a night and worked, yeah, whatever it was, 30 days straight. Saturday, Sunday, everything. And I kind of just went off the map, but this was such a life changing opportunity I knew that if I didn’t give it everything I would regret it.

Alright, so what happened after the 30 days and after you giving them all the material and them kind of looking at the stuff?

So after I handed everything over and my crazy work mode actually allowed me to get everything to them two days earlier which was great cause then I was just like so relieved. My editor looked over everything, and she really liked it and, of course, there were subtle tone changes and everything like that, but I would say the final product of what I envisioned my book to be became true, which was awesome. So as an author, if you do get a cash advance it’s once you hand over the first draft of the book. So it’s kind of like a signing bonus if you will, but it’s just a cash advance of the money that you’re gonna make once the book comes out. A lot of publishers will give that to you when you hand over the first draft, so I knew I was gonna get that and I knew what amount it was gonna be, so that wasn’t a surprise.

So she said, “This is great. I’ll send your cash advance tomorrow.” And I’m like, “Okay, great. It will take a while to come in.” And after I got off the phone with her, I had received my medical statement from when I got sick, and it was all the charges from when I was sick, the amounts and everything and it was a pretty hefty amount and I was like, “Okay, well, whatever. I’m just not even thinking, right?” So I was like, “Oh, I’ll just have to pay this somehow. It’ll be fine. I’ll just work more design hours or whatever.” And a week later, that cash advance comes from my publisher and I open it up and this is like the Twilight Zone music is playing, like the coolest but creepiest but mind blowing thing ever. You know I open that check and I see the amount and like I knew that was the amount I was getting. And then it just was like, ding! In my head with the Twilight music and I went and I grabbed my medical bill money that I owed, and my cash advance was about $150 more than all of my medical bills. And I was like, “Holy cow.” So I truly feel that I got sick to write the book because the book literally paid for all my medical bills.

Now, if you guys didn’t catch that, Jordan got sick before he was married to his current wife, and he was on his own because he did run his own business. He was on his own self insurance. And at that time, you weren’t thinking you were gonna have a blood clot go through your body so you didn’t get the most expensive, the most intense health insurance for a single guy. So when you got sick, you got hit with a lot of bills just because your insurance didn’t cover a lot of that stuff, so that was unfortunate but obviously the amazing thing and the thing that you and I talk about a lot is the universe brought this together. To have a bill in that amount of money and to have a check come to you from this book deal in the exact amount of $150 more is just mind boggling. Like you said, Twilight music, whatever you want to call it, if you believe in the universe or you don’t, either way that is remarkable. So after this, after you got the check, you were just in a really good state of just bliss. What slingshotted you after the success of the book? What kind of rolled into great things for you?

Yeah, so that all happened in October, and my book Steel Rainbow: The Legendary Underground Guide to Becoming an ‘80s Rock Star came out on June 1st of 2012. And it was a lot of fun. It had gotten some pretty decent press of people excited about it, and a lot of different stores had picked it up. Big stores like Barnes and Noble to to, like, cool, little shops in L.A. like Book Soup and everything. It was just so surreal to see someone that had struggled with reading and writing his whole life is now an author. It’s so weird. I see people from grade school or people from high school and they’re always like, “I heard you’re an author?” Like a question. You know what I mean? I play a lot of pranks, so I think a lot of people think it was a prank, but it’s always a question. It’s never like, “Hey, I heard you’re an author!” It’s like, “I heard you’re an author? Is that right?” To which I say, “Yeah, crazy, isn’t it?”

But it just goes to prove that if you set your mind to anything and you work hard enough, anyone can do anything. So after it came out, I had some book signings and stuff like that. And right around the corner was the 2012 Comic-Con which I had gotten invited to, to do a book signing in the autograph section. So that was really for me just the most surreal thing ever. I had decided the year before that I’m finally gonna go to Comic-Con and just do it because I just always wanted to be there, and that’s where I first got the email about the book and then to exactly a year later I’m sitting behind a desk at my own booth signing copies of my new book Steel Rainbow and people are actually interested to learn about it and to get autographs and I’m signing next to movie stars like Eric Roberts and all these people. It was just so surreal but it was just so awesome at the same time.

For you guys out there, if you surround yourself with the right people and you surround yourself with likeminded individuals that will push you towards greatness, whatever that is. I’m not saying you need to write a book. I’m not saying you need to start a business or quit your job and start your own little firm but whatever your little niche is, your little passion, whatever it may be, you set yourself up with the right people, you’ll set yourself up for success. So just mind-blowing. Now how did you get invited or how did you start making connections for writing for the Huffington Post, for Geek Magazine, and all those online kind of blogs and stuff?

A little bit of luck but at the same time it’s more of just that same hard-working, I feel like taking matters into my own hands type thing. So the Huffington Post had received a copy of my book in hopes that they would do a review of it or something. For whatever reason, they didn’t want to review the book, but I got an email from the person who received it that said, “We don’t really do book reviews or this isn’t the kind of book we do reviews on, whatever, but I personally think it’s hilarious and we would love if you could guest write an article with illustrations from the book and with content from the book. So it’s kind of almost like a preview of your book, and we’ll put it on Huffington Post.” And I’m like, “Of course!” And my first thought is, “Oh my god, I’m writing for the Huffington Post.” And I’m freaking out because again, I’m just very insecure as a writer, and I’m like, “Oh, man, how am I gonna do this?” And again then I just like snapped out of it. I’m gonna step up and I’m gonna do this and I just focused on writing a good article. I have a really good friend who used to be a copywriter—well, he is a copywriter—but he used to be my partner in advertising. He helped me a lot. He taught me a lot, so I really owed a lot to him and that article came out. And then I was like, “Well, I wrote an article for the Huffington Post. I wonder if I could write an article for Guitar World, the biggest guitar magazine.” I sent them a copy of the book and I said, “Hey, here’s this article I did for Huffington Post. Would you mind if I did a guitar version one for you guys?” And I wasn’t looking for money or anything; I was just looking to promote the book, get publicity. And they’re like, “Well, yeah, if you don’t want to do it for money, sure, go ahead. We’d love to have you write it.” So then I got in Guitar World. And I was like, “Wow, this is really fun.”

Fast forward to fall, I was thinking what’s a good way just to keep writing cause I really enjoyed writing, and I’m not sure if I want to do another book yet or anything. So I was like, “Hey, maybe I can just start writing for the Huffington Post comedy section?” So I just went to and they had names of the editors there and just by rule of deduction I sent essentially the email equivalent of a cold call to one of the editors saying, “Hey, I’d really love to write for you guys and I have a couple of ideas. Here they are. What do you think?” They got back to me, like, “Yeah, that’d be totally great. We’d love to have you come write for us.” And the same exact thing happened for Geek Magazine essentially. I was at WonderCon a couple of months ago in March and one of their high editors was there at their booth. They had a booth and I went up to them and said, “Hey, I write for the Huffington Post. I wrote this hair metal book, and I’m a huge nerd as you can see cause I’m here at WonderCon. I have a couple ideas for articles for you guys. Is it cool if I run them past you?” And the guy was like, “Yeah, sure. Go ahead.” And sure enough I had an idea for an article and they’re like, “Yeah, we love it.” And that’s how I parleyed that into a contributor spot with them.

Yeah, we can learn a lot again from Jordan. Just by putting yourself out there and asking people. Sending those cold emails. Yes, sometimes they’re not gonna respond to you. Sometimes they might not even get it. But just taking the initiative and just putting yourself out there and trying to reach and extend yourself further and be the person that you want to become by just writing because you just love it. The passion is there for Jordan, so he contacted the Huffington Post, Geek Magazine, and he also put himself out there. He was at WonderCon. He went to the booth and he stuck out his hand like we just talked about and meeting people face-to-face and showed, “I love what I do. I love this. I love this whole atmosphere. Can I write for your magazine or your website?” “Yeah, sure. We would love that.” And, boom, here he is today writing for these guys. Do you have a couple of tips for people out there looking—this is obviously called Operation Self Reset: Changing the person you are to the person you want to be—do you have a couple of tips for people to kind of take, not only from your story but just kind of life lessons that you have learned throughout the process that they can input and implement into their own personal lives today or weeks ahead?

Sure, yeah, I think I could have a couple of them. By no means am I an expert or anything like that. But I guess I could share a couple of things I try to live by and base things off of, and I guess the most important part of it is having that support group, whether it’s your family, your significant other, your friends. Even if it’s just one person. You get one like-minded person that is just on the same wavelength as you and the same way of thinking, it really makes all the difference because no one’s always super positive. We’re not robots. You can’t be positive all the time, and you can’t not have fears. Fear is a very big part of life. So to say that, “Well, don’t be scared to take risks” and “Stay positive,” yeah, those are good things to try to do, but I think they’re both impossible and what that support person or that support group does is they’re there just to pat you on the back and say, “You can do it. You can do it.” You know what I mean? In my life, especially for my wife who is my biggest fan and having you as my best friend since high school, I just have all these great people that I’ve met in college and former co-workers and you and my wife and my family, and their support is what helps me focus and helps me stay on track.

Another great quote that I learned from your father actually, what is it? Maybe 15 years ago? “Tough times never last; tough people do.” I thought of that a lot when I was sick and writing the book. No matter how crappy you feel now, it’s bound to get better. However you want to look at it, what is it, I think the Dark Knight they always say, “The night’s always darkest before the sunrise” or “before the light,” whatever. There’s a million different ways to look at it, but it’s all the truth. It’s all about the way you want to look at something.

Awesome. Very good tips, man. And like you said, you can’t be positive all the time, and you can’t always push that fear down below. But like you said, we can try and sometimes it’s not gonna work so that’s why we do need those people around us to kind of give us that little kick in the pants to kind of stay on track and to keep motivated. Well, guys, there’s a couple of tips that you guys can use today to kind of restart your lives, changing the direction that you want to go. And, again, thank you so much to Jordan Hart, Steel Rainbow. Jordan, can you tell the people where to find the book?

Yeah, you can get the book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, in Barnes and Noble, and any major book website that you want to go to.

And also, too, how can people contact you—on Facebook, Twitter?

Yeah, probably the easiest way is on Twitter. You can follow me or tweet me. It’s just Jordan_Hart.

Awesome, man. Great story. Hopefully you guys listening to this got some inspiration. Jordan, thank you so much for being on the podcast, and we hope to talk to you soon.

Thank you very much. Good to see you as always.

Thanks again, Jordan, for coming on the Operation Self Reset podcast and sharing that story with all of us out there. Jordan, in the deepest, darkest time of his own personal life, he found it within himself to keep motivated, to keep on plugging along, and to find what made him happy. And that was laughter which rolled into Steel Rainbow and look at him now: a book deal, he’s writing for the Huffington Post, and just kicking butt in life. And that personally inspired me and I know you guys listening had to have gotten some great value from that interview.

At the end of all interviews that are done on the Operation Self Reset podcast, I try to pull away seven tips from that interview that I can implement in my life today to speed it up, to transform it, to put myself in a direction of success. And one of the tips that I want to share with you guys right now because I feel it’s so important is understanding things happen for a reason. It’s kind of a loaded tip because take a second and think back on your own personal life. There had to have been moments when you were at a very low moment in your own personal life. For me, for example, it was going through bankruptcy and then also, too, having a child going to be delivered within the next couple of months. I was personally kind of freaking out. Now, all of us go through different things, different emotions and everything like that. I’m not saying mine is better or worse than any of your situations out there, but I’m just telling you kind of the outlook that I have. Understanding things happen for a reason, I rolled that into now this is my opportunity to help people that are in the same situation as myself. And look at what has happened. I’m already at podcast number eight. I’m already a month in. Things are going great. I’m having a great time doing this. And sharing these stories with you guys out there—I know it’s helping you progress and change and reset your life. So I have done my due diligence in letting things happen for a reason and letting it go. It’s out of my control. Yes, I guess in my situation with the bankruptcy, sure, could I have negotiated a better deal? Sure, yeah, of course. But it didn’t happen that way. So it’s out of my control and look at what progressed because of it. It’s unbelievable, and that’s a tip that I want to pull away and keep putting into my own personal life because I feel it’s that important.

Now this is pretty cool of Jordan Hart. He loves this podcast. He did the graphic design for the logo, and he’s helped me out on a couple of angles dealing with this project and because of you guys listening out there he wants to give away ten Steel Rainbow books. All you have to do is go to the YouTube channel which is Go there. You’re gonna find a video that I and Jordan made and you will find all the details on how to get your hands on a personally-signed Steel Rainbow book sent to your door 100% free. All you have to do is go to the video, like it, and then go to and at the bottom in the comments you can write anything that you loved or hated or that you wish the ‘80s were still here or you wish the ‘80s never happened. A comment just about the ‘80s, whatever you want. Good or bad. And I will be sending a personally-signed book from Jordan Hart, Steel Rainbow, to your door. So thanks to Jordan for doing that. But, again, there are only ten of them to give away. So the quicker you jump on it, the quicker a book is going to be coming to your door.

So there you go guys, that kind of sums up Jordan Hart’s story about Steel Rainbow, a remarkable journey. Great guy, and again if you guys want to find the resources or the tips or the tools that Jordan has used throughout his life or to just get more information on Jordan Hart, feel free to go to There you’re gonna find all the links, all the tools, and everything Jordan and I talked about in this interview. Also, on the Operation self Reset homepage, you guys can find a newly-drafted, Seven Super Easy Ways to Reset Your Life. It’s a simple-to-use guide to help you transform your life today. All I ask in return is your email; it’s signing up for our email list. All you have to do is give me your email, and I will send you this free PDF: Seven Easy Tips to Transform Your Life. It’s great. A lot of people found a lot of great value out of it. Give it a try. Maybe not every tip will be beneficial to your own personal life, but I know a couple of them will help you change in the direction that you want. So feel free to go on over there: And it’s on the homepage. It’s on the right-hand side. It’s just a sign-up box, and I’ll be sending you that free PDF.

So there you go, guys. Thanks again for taking the time and listening. I know this was a longer podcast, but the value and the story that was included in this one I think was well worth it. Again, like I stated in the introduction, if you guys ever need anything, we’re talking anything related to resetting your life, transforming it in the direction that you want, changing the person you are to the person you want to be—email me. Seriously. Already so many of you out there have done it. I provided some great value to you guys and I know I can help you transform, reset, change, whatever it is in your life today. Just send me an email: I will personally get back to you. Also, too, feel free to follow me on Twitter: OpSelfReset. Every day I put a positive quote out there to enlighten and inspire you guys to take action and to live life to its fullest.

And I want to leave you guys today with a quote that Jordan Hart left us in that story and in that interview and it’s: “Tough times never last; tough people do.” And I know you guys listening out there might not feel you’re the toughest SOB around, but you’re able to get through events and certain things in your life and that just makes you outright the toughest person I personally know. So keep on doing it. Keep on kicking butt and keep on moving forward because at the end of every horrible, horrible rainstorm there’s always sunshine and rainbows. So that’s what I’m gonna leave you with today: sunshine and rainbows. Take it easy. We will see you on July 4th. I have a July 4th special interview coming to you guys. Take care and we will talk to you soon. Thanks again.


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January 31st, 2018



When should you quit?

Quitting is not a popular topic; everybody talks about how to stretch yourself to achieve your goals, but truth be told, …

What To Do When You’re Not Yourself?

January 17th, 2018


What to do when you’re not yourself?

We all ask ourselves this question, even though the wording may be different: “I don’t feel right!”, “Things aren’t working out!”, “I have a strange gut feeling!”, “I have different …

Fight Iphone Addiction, Shockingly

January 10th, 2018


Fight phone addiction, shockingly

In today’s world, there are many distractions (smoking, drugs, phones, etc), all of them harmful in different …

3 Ways You Quit On Your Goals

January 3rd, 2018


3 ways you quit on your goals

Many people put a lot of emphasis on one single day: January 1st. But we, the self-reset crowd, know for a fact we have the chance for a new beginning every single day. Right here, right …

Missing Link Of Goal Achievement Is Hope

December 27th, 2017



Missing Link of Goal Achievement is Hope

Getting ready for the year 2018 is a great challenge because change and reset for personal development requires HOPE.  There are many things we can choose to focus on, such …

2018 Goal Setting SECRETS

December 20th, 2017



2018 Goal Setting Secrets

We are all different and set different goals in our lives.  There is no magic rule that everyone should follow in order …

3 lessons to living, to date

December 13th, 2017



This episode is brought to you by to get $20 off. If you are looking for a unique gift for the holidays you need to check out …

Emotional Decisions Explained Pt1

December 6th, 2017


Emotional Decisions Explained

Every day of our lives we are involved in an emotional warfare that often times require of us to make a reset.   

Parents! Get Your Own Life!

November 29th, 2017


Parents, get your own life!

The future of the world starts with you.  As a parent you need to get your own life.

You can still live your life, irrespective of how many children you have, or their age range.  

Here’s …

The Secret of How to get more energy for mind and body, Revealed

November 22nd, 2017


The secret of how to get more energy for mind and body revealed


How do you take care of your body, mind and soul?

This episode is a wakeup call: …

What Can Coaching Do For You?

November 15th, 2017


What can coaching do for you?


In this episode, Jake shares from his experiences with what it meant to have good and bad coaches and the influence they had on him and his life perspective.   Going beyond your own …

4 Happy Tips To Reach Success

November 8th, 2017


4 Happy Tips to Reach Success


In this episode Jack tackles the topic of happiness inspired from a very recent book he’s been reading “The happiness track: How to Apply the Science of Happiness to Accelerate your …

Increase Your Expectations In 4 Steps

November 1st, 2017

Increase Your Expectations in 4 Steps

We live in a society where we are being overwhelmed with so many different sets of expectations that are …

Wesley Chapman, Building a world of worth

October 25th, 2017


Building a world of worth with Wesley Chapman

Jake and guest speaker Wesley Chapman are diving into the topic of parenting and at the same time addressing the question: “What is going on with the next generation?”

Mindset Magic: Author Krysti Turznik

October 18th, 2017


Mindset Magic with author Krysti Turznik

The guest for this episode is author and motivational speaker Krysti Turznik who is about to release a new book Mindset magic, which has a focus on scientific and spiritual …

Start Your Day The Night Before

October 11th, 2017


Start your day the night before

Whether  you have a daily routine or not, this is a very tactical episode for you to take into consideration on your way to personal development.   If you are in a situation where you …

Impact Theory with Guest Tom Bilyeu

October 4th, 2017



Impact Theory with Guest Tom Bilyeu

Today,  Jake has a special guest: Tom Bilyeu, the co-founder of Quest Nutrition and  the  host of the Impact Theory show.  Before going straight into the interview, Jake focuses on …

Prepare Like A Magician, With LUKA

September 20th, 2017


Prepare like a magician, with Luka

Ready for some insight into the secret life of a magician?

Stay tuned and listen in as Jake chats with one of the attendees at his last Self Reset Power event: Luka, the magician.  

Freedom from Depression: 6 Keys to Eliminating Emotional Pain With Anthony Piparo

September 13th, 2017


Freedom from depression – 6 keys to eliminating emotional pain with Anthony Piparo

Today’s show is a very vulnerable dialog between Jake and dr. …

Put In The Work With Jordan Hart

September 6th, 2017


Put in the work with Jordan Hart

Today’s show is an interview with Jake’s best friend, a return guest who was interviewed way back in the first …

Improve Focus In 5 Ways

August 30th, 2017


 Improve Focus in 5 ways

How can you identify that one thing that is holding you back from reaching your full potential?

Before getting straight …

Beyond Normal: What is needed to get you towards your ultimate level of Success

August 23rd, 2017


Episode 204: Beyond normal


Jake recorded this episode on August 21, the day of the Solar eclipse in the US. Seeing so many people looking towards …

Failure Is Not Final

August 16th, 2017


Episode 203 – Failure is not final

Failure is part of our experiences and comes with great opportunities for growth.  The challenge is to go beyond what you experienced and identify the reason behind failure.  Once you …

Am I worth It?

August 9th, 2017


Episode 202 – Am I worth it?

Embrace challenges, dare to make new choices and act on the choices you’ve made.

Challenge yourself to reset your …

Find Your Power Band

August 2nd, 2017


Find your power band


Resetting takes intent: you may be listening to the same type of music everyday, but when you listen to it with a specific intent, you can be changed by it.

With this statement in mind, Jake …

What You See Becomes You

July 26th, 2017


 What you see becomes you


What a unique location Jack has chosen to record this podcast.  But life is full of surprises isn’t it, and it doesn’t …

Create Your Freedom

July 5th, 2017



Create your freedom

Recorded on the 4th July, near the Sherwood Point Lighthouse, today’s show is weird in a way, as Jake described it: he’s on a …

Do What You Cant.

June 14th, 2017


Do what you can’t!

Inspired by Casey Neistat’s video “Do what you can’t” in this episode Jake challenges us to go beyond our own limits and start doing what we can’t.   Even though we always try to become better and to …

5 Business Mindsets You Need To Learn

June 7th, 2017


5 Business Mindsets You Need to Learn

In this episode Jack introduces us to 5 business models that defied the normal limits of survival and became …

Reignite Your Morning Routine During Summer

May 31st, 2017


Reignite your morning routine during summer

This episode was recorded on a beautiful day on May 29th right at the beginning of summer with very …

Celebrity Trainer Vinnie Tortorich, No Grain No Sugar

May 24th, 2017


Celebrity trainer, Vinnie Tortorich – No grain, no sugar


If  …you do not wake up every morning with a burning desire to do things, you do not have …

The Power Of The Pause

May 17th, 2017



The power of the pause


Personal change is exciting. However, before we embark on this journey, we need to become aware of the process personal …

Win The Conversation

May 10th, 2017


Winning the conversation


One way of becoming memorable is through the conversations we have with other people: our family, our friends, our peers …

Good To Great Stress

May 3rd, 2017


  Good to great stress


From fasting, to meditation and stress, Jake is taking us all on a personal development journey that aims to improve …

Become Elite With Jason Stenstrom

April 26th, 2017



Become elite with Jason Stenstrom


Jason started his personal development story about ten years ago, when he was 17. From the rock bottom, where he experienced anxiety, depression, no self confidence, and panic …

What One Can Be One Must Be

April 19th, 2017


What one can be one must be!


“What one can be one must be!” – This is a quote by someone we usually associate with a more biological side of life: …

The Power of Reframing

April 12th, 2017


The power of reframing


Reframing is not just a thing for pictures of photographs. It is a concept that you can apply to your own life, too. When you reframe your life, you look at it from a different perspective. …

Create The Creative

April 5th, 2017


Are you the bulb who carries the light or the light of which the light is a vehicle? – that’s a question derived from a quote by the famous Joseph …

Obsession Is A Gift

March 29th, 2017



Jake recently spoke at a networking event targeted at career-challenged people. Some older people in the crowd refused to take part in his secret …

Don’t Let Terrorism Shape Your Mind

March 22nd, 2017


After a visit to the nation’s capital, Jake is ready to share with you some powerful lessons he learned while visiting the giant monuments of past …

Power Up Your Determination and Passion

March 15th, 2017


While being interviewed on someone else’s podcast, Jake was asked what his main message was. How’s that for a tough question? He really needed to …

Change Takes Courage With Benjamin Tyler

March 8th, 2017


As a kid, Benjamin believed he could be and become anything. But his self-confidence was shattered into pieces when he was 12. He felt completely …

Change The Who To Get The What

March 1st, 2017


Getting things done is not so much about what you do, but about who you become in order to do certain things.

Feeling a bit confused?

Go ahead and plug your headphones and press the play button to hear Jake’s amazing …

Your Questions Answered, volume 1

February 22nd, 2017


Today, Jake does something new: for the first time in over 170 episodes, he has decided to use his background and knowledge to answer some of the questions you, his listeners, have asked him.

Here’s what’s been covered …

Nutrition is your Energy

February 15th, 2017


The field of nutrition is well researched, yet full of controversies.

The caveat of this episode is to take Jake’s recommendations with a grain of …

Getting Called Stupid Is Not So Stupid After All

February 8th, 2017



Stupid is the most criticized title Jake has coined for himself, but it does pay dividends.

Stupid means lacking common sense or/and intelligence. It is a negative word, but Jake has some creative ideas about leaning …

Build Your Brain With 3 Easy Tips

February 1st, 2017



Every stimulus triggers a response, but between the two, there is one thing you can control: it’s called THE GAP. Will you allow the stimulus to …

Personal Development With A Magical Twist With Vinh Giang

January 25th, 2017


From a hesitant kid to an influential speaker and magician, Vinh Giang had a roller coaster journey. Listen in to today’s show has he sheds light on …

Can You Have It All?

January 18th, 2017


WNWQNW – this has been Jake’s Dad’s car plates for the longest time. It stands for “Winners never win, quitters never win” – a great quote by Vince Lombardi.

Here’s other two quotes by Vince Lombardi that Jake likes …

The One Thing With Geoff Woods

January 11th, 2017


Today’s show is an interview with Geoff Woods, a fellow podcaster who is launching his new podcast, The One Thing, in January 2017. It is  based on …

Happy-ER New Year, How to be happy

January 4th, 2017



Happiness is what we really strive for, isn’t it? Happiness is the ultimate goal! We want to lose weight, to earn more money, to have a more …

Rewind Your Achievements In 2017

December 28th, 2016


If you were to be this big film director and were asked to make a movie out of the moments in 2016, what movie would it it? What genre would it be? …

Power of a Routine – with Wilson Lawrence

December 21st, 2016


As you may know already, Jake has been receiving a lot of videos of you, his listeners, screaming “ I am freaking awesome”. This week, he received a video of around a dozen employees of a digital agency all the way in …

Create An Impact Now

December 14th, 2016


If an Italian guy who owned a restaurant told you the best olive oil is to be found at CostCo, would you believe him? And if the same 87-year guy …

Crush Limiting Beliefs With These 4 Cs

December 7th, 2016



Limiting beliefs tell us the story before it even happens.

“There is no way I can grow a business because I am not organized enough”, “I won’t ever be able to lose weight: obesity runs in my family”. We all tell …

Personal Change, Quick or Slow?

November 30th, 2016


Hoping you had a great Thanksgiving day!

But even if you didn’t because you were down with a flu or a bug, like Jake was, let’s remind ourselves we are freaking awesome. Even more so when we do not feel like it!

100 Day Goal Achievement Program, Self Reset Mastery

November 23rd, 2016



Jake challenges us today to find one thing we are really thankful for today. And embrace it and take a mental picture of what that thing makes us …

No Progress + No Support = No Achievement

November 16th, 2016


Recorded on Veterans’ Day, the episode starts with a moment of appreciation for those who sacrificed a few years or their entire life for our …

Money Is The Root Of All Wealth, Author Tobias Martochko, Self Reset Mastery Member Turned Author

November 9th, 2016



Recorded on the day when the US elects its 45th US President, this episode reminds us that our life is not going to be changed by an individual. There is no impact of the election on you personally unless you allow …

Goal Failure Syndrome, You Have It and Here Is The Cure.

November 2nd, 2016


It happened to Jake this past week, and it can happen to you, too: not going by industry standards, because, well, they are too easy and …

Finding A New Perspective With Roman

October 26th, 2016


Today’s show is an interview with Roman, a father of four and an entrepreneur from the Chicago area. He runs a mobile car detailing business that he …

How To Change The Past

October 19th, 2016



Dwelling on the past does not help us in our personal development journey. Most of the times, we are happy to get past our history, our past and live in the now. Of course, the past can not be edited, can not be …

Change Your Level of Thinking

October 12th, 2016


Jake lost his sunglasses the other day. Big deal, you may say!

And a big deal it is since this little story served as inspiration for today’s podcast.

The mantra for this episode is a quote from one of the most …

Unleash Your Animal With Brotha James

October 5th, 2016


Now, Jake did it again! He opened the show with an entertaining song by Brotha James, a singer that is all over the place now.

You can actually get the song you hear in the intro, if you like it as much as I did. Just …

How to make Great Decisions

September 28th, 2016


Wish there was a science of how to make decisions? Would that make your life easier when it comes to making decisions?

Well, there isn’t. There are …

Leadership is Trust, Trust is Character

September 21st, 2016


If you thought screaming “I am freaking awesome” is weird, wait until Jake asks you to scream it in your head, as he does in this eclectic episode.

Creating Personal Pride

September 14th, 2016


Explosive feedback from Jake’s first live event that ended up with 22 people walking on fire! It was unbelievable!

And a phenomenal “I’m freaking awesome” shout with a special guest!

But now on to the special sauce of …

154: The Science of Fear

August 31st, 2016


Today, Jake is deconstructing one of the strongest emotions: FEAR.

If you listen through the end, you will truly have an AHA moment and start …

153: Author Megan Watt – Discover, Act, Engage

August 24th, 2016


Today’s show is an interview, haven’t you all missed this type of show?

Jake is interviewing Megan Watt, the author of a newly published book, called Discover. Act. Engage.: A 60-Day Catalyst Guide on Accomplishing …

151: Rio Olympics Dreams Do Come True

August 10th, 2016


Today’s the day when Jake announces the launch of his first t-shirts,  the “be freaking awesome” t-shirts! And he is giving away 10 t-shirts to the first 10 people who subscribe to his newsletter at

150: High Performance Tips With Jarrod Warren

August 3rd, 2016


Episode 150: High performance tips with Jarrod Warren

Today’s show is an interview with the awesome podcaster Jarrod Warren of Success 101 Podcast. Amazingly, Jake’s show is the first one that Jarrod stumbled upon …

149: Thriving beyond With Vidal Cisneros Jr.

July 27th, 2016


Episode 149: Thriving beyond with Vidal Cisneros Jr. 

Today’s show is meant to put your life into perspective like nothing else. Jake brought a …

148: Success Instinct

July 20th, 2016


Episode 148: Success instinct


There’s a secret tool that can help you become successful. And it is free to use: that tool is between your two ears …

147: Passion + Filter + 100%

July 13th, 2016


Episode 147: Passion + Filter + 100%


Jake is using his new microphone setup today so bear with him if you are here for the first time.

In light of the recent shootings in Texas,  Jake is reminding us that the only …

146: The habit of doing things that failures don’t like to do!

July 6th, 2016


Episode 146: The habit of doing things that failures don’t like to do!


Jake has recorded this episode in his new home! He’s been through …

145: Does Firewalking Give You The Burns?

June 29th, 2016


Episode 145: Does fire-walking give you the burn?


Jake is recording episode 145 from an unusual place – his parents’ dinning room. His main computer is in his new house and his family is in the middle of a move, so …

144: 3 Important Things You Must Know NOW

June 22nd, 2016

Episode 144: 3 important things you must know NOW


Episode 144 is a solo show that shares 3 important things you must know and do now!

  1. Challenge …

143: 10 Tips To Sleep Towards Success

June 15th, 2016


Episode 143: 10 tips to sleep towards success

Episode 143 is a solo episode where Jake gives us awesome tips on how to get a better sleep. He …

142: You’re A Hero So Live Like One

June 8th, 2016


Episode 142: You’re a hero, so live like one

Episode 142 is a solo show that Jake starts by sharing an unexpected lesson he learn from his …

141: Aaron Walker, Iron Sharpens Iron

June 1st, 2016


Episode 141: Aaron Walker, Iron Sharpens Iron

Episode 141 brings in a very special guest, Mr. Aaron Walker from  Aaron has …

140: Getting Things Done, Author David Allen

May 25th, 2016


Episode 140: Getting things done, Author David Allen

In this episode, Jake shares the joy of his book being scheduled to be released in late October …

139: Five Tips From Jim Rohn

May 18th, 2016


Episode 139: Five tips from Jim Rohn


In episode 139, Jake shares five tips he took from the personal development guru, Jim Rohn and also gives us three strategies people use when they learn from other people.

Jim …

Why some people dont reach their goals

May 11th, 2016


Episode 138: Why some people don’t reach their goals

Jake challenges us to imagine what emotions and feelings we will experience in the following …

137: How should You live?

May 4th, 2016


Episode 137: How should you live?

Jake started by thanking you, his listeners and readers, for sharing his content and bringing so much traffic to …

136: Law of Attraction 101

April 27th, 2016


Episode 136: Law of Attraction

Jake is a little pumped up in this episode as he is having a cold brew Starbucks coffee. This is so unusual as he …

135: Decisions Of Your Success

April 20th, 2016


Episode 135: Decisions of Your Success

Before he kicks this episode off, Jake is asking his audience what was the one decision they took in the beginning of the year that is completely reshaping the way their life …

134: Visualization = HYPER ATTENTION

April 13th, 2016



Episode 134: Visualization = HYPER ATTENTION

In this solo episode – there have been more solo episodes recently, since you seem to like these the …

133: Regain Motivation After Vacation

April 6th, 2016








Episode 133: Regain motivation after vacation


This episode is a solo talk where Jake is chatting about lessons learned during an all …

129: Helpful Framework that could change your life

March 9th, 2016



Time, Energy, Resources, Money, Sanity, Return on investment, Future Value, Personal Development, Lifestyle

Q &A Webinars coming up each month to get the fastest info join the Facebook Fan Page.

128: Leave Your Legacy

March 2nd, 2016


These podcasts around about deciding today to be better. It’s not just entertainment. These podcasts are meant to help you go further than you’ve …

127: Hidden Power of Personal Development

February 24th, 2016


Jake created Operation Self Reset after some temporary defeat in business and came to notice that he quit on himself and his invention so he could …

126: As You Thinketh; Thoughts, Investment, Charge

February 17th, 2016


If you haven’t read the book As a Man Thinketh by James Allen you definitely have to put it on your list. We often lose focus of where we came from and let negative thoughts come into our minds. We have to acknowledge …

125: Disruptt With Matt Sacks

February 10th, 2016


Today Jake is talking with Matt Sacks from Disruptt.

Matt is from Toronto, but grew up in B.C. where he played a lot of sports. He achieved great …

124: Your Venture Companion, Justin Bentley-Melle

February 3rd, 2016


Today Jake is talking with Justin Bentley-Melle who is the author of Venture Companion a 52 step book to help people become more successful with …

123: Passion, Purpose, Power

January 27th, 2016


In today’s episode Jake talks about your passion, purpose and power as well as sharing life stories from the heart.

2 Big Questions
  • What do I …

120: All about you!

January 20th, 2016


Today Jake is talking about your favorite topic! – YOU!

If you are thinking you are going to be happy once you achieve something. Once you reach a certain goal. Once you are at a certain weight. Once you each enough …

119: From Founder To CEO, Todd Uterstaedt

January 13th, 2016


Today Jake is interviewing Todd Uterstaedt from the podcast Founder to CEO. Before getting into the interview Jake shares a personal story about his family trip to Chicago.

Update: June 25th and 26th seminar is moving …

118: Joshua Rivedal I’Mpossible Project

January 6th, 2016


Today Jake is interviewing Josh Rivedal from the I’Mpossible Project which was inspired by Josh’s own need for help in the area of suicide …

117: Self Reset Mastery

December 23rd, 2015


Today Jake is talking about the amazing new limited time program to kick start 2016 and make it the best year yet!

January 1st, 2016 Self Reset Mastery will begin and the elite of the elite will be in this program to …

113: Firewalking Fireman

November 25th, 2015


Operation Self Reset Episode 113: Firewalking Fireman

Today Jake is talking about his experience fire walking.

Recently, Jake was in the mountains of California, in a little town called Twain Heart. It’s about three …

111: David Vox 30 Days of Silence

November 11th, 2015

Operation Self Reset Episode 111: David Vox 30 Days of Silence

Today Jake is talking again with David Vox of

Jake first talked with David in episode #93 and his story and how began. Now David is …

110: The Attitude Compass

November 4th, 2015

Operation Self Reset Episode 110: The Attitude Compass

This week Jake is discussing attitude.

Your attitude, like everything else in life, is a choice. Your self reset is a choice. You can choose to reset or not. So you …

108: The Soulmate Lover With Mali and Joe

October 28th, 2015

Operation Self Reset Episode 108: Soulmate Lover with Mali and Joe

In this episode, Jake is talking with relationship experts Mali and Joe about …

107: Rise Up With Tom Crawshaw

October 21st, 2015

Operation Self Reset Episode 107: Rise Up With Tom Crawshaw

This week Jake is speaking with the founder of the Rise Up Academy, Tom Crawshaw.

Tom grew up as most people do, with his parents teaching him that it was …

106: Vitamins For Your Mind With Rosie Bank

October 14th, 2015

Operation Self Reset Episode 106: Vitamins For Your Mind With Rosie Bank

In this episode, Jake is talking with the inspiring Rosie Bank.

Jake met Rosie at the Unleash the Power Within event in Chicago. Rosie is from …

105: Lead Your Ship, Leadership 101

October 7th, 2015


Operation Self Reset Episode 105: Lead Your Ship, Leadership 101

In this episode, Jake is talking about leadership.

Leadership is a long journey of not only discovering yourself as a leader, but helping others better …

104: The Self Help Rockstar

September 30th, 2015


Operation Self Reset Episode 104: The Self Help Rockstar

Today Jake is talking with Barry of the podcast, The Self Help Rockstar.

Barry’s podcast was originally titled No Easy Answers, but he started having issues …

103: Dream Big With Jim Palmer

September 23rd, 2015

Operation Self Reset Episode 103: Dream Big With Coach Jim Palmer

This week Jake is speaking with Coach Jim Palmer about how to succeed in many areas of your life.

Jim is a marketing and business building expert and …

102: Spin Kick Your Limitations With Coach Rodney King

September 16th, 2015

Operation Self Reset Episode 102: Spin Kick Your Limitations With Coach Rodney King

This week Jake is speaking with martial arts coach Rodney King about kicking limits out of your life.

Rodney grew up in an area of …

101: Find Your Zen With Thai From

September 9th, 2015

Operation Self Reset Episode 101: Find Your Zen with Thai From The Utopian Life

This week Jake is speaking with Thai from The Utopian Life.

Thai was born to Vietnamese parents who fled Vietnam after the war when he was …

100: Living An Outstanding Life

September 2nd, 2015

 Operation Self Reset Episode 100: Living an Outstanding Life

This week Jake is celebrating episode 100 and talking about living an outstanding life.

Jake decided to start a podcast on living a better life because he …

OSR 99: Joy of Pain, Author Richard H. Smith

August 26th, 2015

Operation Self Reset Episode 99: The Joy of Pain with Richard Smith

This week Jake is talking with Richard Smith, professor of psychology and author …

OSR 98: Regenerate Your Story

August 19th, 2015

Operation Self Reset Episode 98: Regenerate Your Story

This week Jake is talking about creating a new story in your life.

Our brains learn because of a tissue called myelin, which wraps around the nerve fibers that …

OSR 96: You Have Questions I have Answers

August 12th, 2015

Operation Self Reset Episode 96: You Have Questions I Have Answers

This week Jake is answering your questions.

Life is hard. One of the most important things we need to learn in life is that we can get through it better …

OSR 94: Getting Into Peak State

July 29th, 2015

Operation Self Reset Episode 94: Getting Into Peak State

This week Jake is doing a solo episode. The 100th episode is coming up soon and Jake wants …

OSR 93: Healing For Heros With David Vox

July 22nd, 2015


Operation Self Reset Episode 93: Goats and Goals With David Vox

In this episode, Jake is talking with David Vox, founder of, a website made of the top coaches around the world to help you enhance your life.

OSR 92: Asking The Right Questions With Gene McNaughton

July 15th, 2015

Operation Self Reset Episode 92: Asking the Right Questions with Gene McNaughton

In this episode, Jake is talking with Gene McNaughton. Gene used to work with Tony Robbins before branching off into his own business of …

OSR 91: Do The Hustle! From Pursecase To Melrose PR, Kelley Weaver

July 8th, 2015

Operation Self Reset Episode 91: Do the Hustle! From Pursecase to Melrose PR Kelley Weaver

In this episode, Jake is talking with Kelley Weaver, founder of Melrose PR and creator of Pursecase.

Kelley started her public …

OSR 90: Moving The Needle, Joe Sweeney

July 1st, 2015


Operation Self Reset Episode 90: Moving the Needle With Joe Sweeney

In this episode, Jake is talking with Joe Sweeney, New York Times Bestselling author.

Joe grew up in Madison, Wisconsin, as number nine of ten …

OSR 89: Bold Unleash Your Hero With Sara Speicher

June 24th, 2015


Operation Self Reset Episode 89: Bold Unleash Your Hero with Sara Speicher

In this episode, Jake is talking with Sara Speicher, one of the authors …

OSR 88: Selling Like A Monk With Martin Stellar

June 17th, 2015

Operation Self Reset Episode 88: Selling Like a Monk With Martin Stellar

In this episode, Jake is talking with Martin Stellar, a writer, marketer, and ex-monk who talks with us today about selling every day.

Martin …

OSR 87: Master Your Mindset With Rob Scott

June 10th, 2015

Operation Self Reset Episode 87: Master Your Mindset with Rob Scott

In this episode, Jake is talking with Rob Scott, who is helping people change their lives by changing their mindsets.

Rob grew up in a very …

OSR 86: The Giant Rock and Chad Meek

June 3rd, 2015

Operation Self Reset Episode 86: The Giant Rock and Chad Meek

In this episode, Jake is talking with entrepreneur and screenwriter Chad Meek.

Chad is coming to us from his cabana in sunny Mexico. Not all of us get to …

OSR 85: Locking Down The Truth With Marci Lock

May 27th, 2015

Operation Self Reset Episode 85: Locking Down the Truth With Marci Lock

In this episode, Jake is talking with health and fitness expert Marci Lock.

OSR 84: RUNA Clean Energy With Dan MacCombie

May 20th, 2015


Operation Self Reset Episode 84: RUNA Clean Energy with Founder Dan MacCombie

In this episode, Jake is talking with Dan MacCombie, Founder of RUNA …

OSR 83 The One You Feed Will Win With Eric Zimmer

May 13th, 2015

Operation Self Reset Episode 83: The One You Feed Will Win With Eric Zimmer

In this episode, Jake is talking with Eric Zimmer, host of the podcast …

OSR 82: Become Rich As A King With Douglas Goldstein

May 6th, 2015

Operation Self Reset Episode 82: Become Rich as a King with Douglas Goldstein

In this episode, Jake is talking with Douglas Goldstein, a certified …

OSR 81: Attracting Money With Your Mind, James Goi jr.

April 29th, 2015

Operation Self Reset Episode 81: Attract Money With Your Mind, James Goi Jr.

In this episode, Jake is talking with James Goi, author of the book How to Attract Money Using Mind Power.

James came to California over 30 …

OSR 80: Making Connections With Geoff Woods

April 22nd, 2015

Operation Self Reset Episode 80: Making Connections With Geoff Woods

In this episode, Jake is talking with Geoff Woods, host of the podcast The Mentee.

Geoff works in medical device sales as his day job and loves his …

OSR 79: Believe You Can With Nick Dillon The Believe Coach

April 15th, 2015

Operation Self Reset Episode 79: Believe You Can Nick Dillon The Believe Coach

In this episode, Jake is talking with Nick Dillon, author and the Believe Coach.

Nick has been featured on BET, CBS, The Business Journal, …

OSR 77: Become a Leader of Your Field With Tracy A. Hanes

April 1st, 2015

Operation Self Reset Episode 77: Become a Leader of Your Field With Tracy A. Hanes

In this episode, Jake is talking with bestselling author and media strategist Tracy A. Hanes.

Tracy became hooked on photography at a …

OSR 76: Martial Artist and Yogi With Sameer Sharma

March 25th, 2015

Operation Self Reset Episode 76: Martial Artist and Yogi with Sameer Sharma

In this episode, Jake is talking with Sameer Sharma.

Sameer worked in the …

OSR 75: On The Hook Challenge, Let’s Do This With Stefanie Ziev

March 18th, 2015

Operation Self Reset Episode 75: On the Hook Challenge, Let’s Do This With Stefanie Ziev

In this episode, Jake is talking with certified life coach Stefanie Ziev.

Stefanie is the founder of the On the Hook movement. We …

OSR 74: Find Your Perfect Coach With Marc Mawhinney

March 11th, 2015

Operation Self Reset Episode 74: Find Your Perfect Coach with Marc Mawhinney

In this episode, Jake is talking with Marc Mawhinney of the podcast Natural Born Coaches.

If you’re like most people, you think you don’t …

OSR 73: Dominate Your Health With Josh Hewett

March 4th, 2015

Operation Self Reset Episode 73: Dominate Your Health With Josh Hewett

In this episode, Jake is talking with health expert Josh Hewett.

Josh was …

OSR 72: Reset Your Goals In 2015

February 25th, 2015

Operation Self Reset Episode 72: Reset Your Goals in 2015

In this episode, Jake is talking about resetting your goals.

Why are we talking about goals in February? Didn’t we all make our goals at the end of December or …

OSR 71: Body & Mind Reset With Teela Herman

February 18th, 2015

Operation Self Reset Episode 71: Mind & Body Reset with Teela Herman

In this episode, Jake is talking with Teela Herman.

Teela has undergone an amazing transformation and reset in her life. The death of her father …

OSR 70: Is 2015 Your Year?

February 11th, 2015

Operation Self Reset Episode 70: Is 2015 Your Year?

In this episode, Jake is talking with author and pastor Bill Jenkins.

Bill Jenkins has recently released his fourth book, fifteen: Giving the Number 15 a Prophetic …

OSR 69: Connecting Your Dots With David Ralph From Join Up Dots Podcast

February 4th, 2015

Operation Self Reset Episode 69: Connecting Your Dots With David Ralph From Join Up Dots Podcast

In this episode, Jake is talking with the host of Join Up Dots podcast David Ralph.

David stumbled upon podcasts one day …

OSR 68: Not Just Paleo True Health & Happiness with Evan Brand

January 28th, 2015

Operation Self Reset Episode 68: Not Just Paleo, True Health & Happiness With Evan Brand

In this episode, Jake is talking with paleo expert Evan …

OSR 67: Dan Pena Will Shake Your World

January 21st, 2015

Operation Self Reset Episode 67: Dan Pena Will Shake Your World

In this episode, Jake is talking with the founder of QLA Methodology Dan Pena.

Dan …

OSR 66: Peter Sage; Purpose, Goals, and Giving Back To The World

January 14th, 2015

Operation Self Reset Episode 66: Peter Sage; Purpose, Goals, and Giving Back to the World

In this episode of the Operation Self Reset podcast, Jake is talking with professional speaker Peter Sage.

Peter Sage is a busy …

OSR 65: Veteran Chad Grills Book, Veterans Rebuild America

January 7th, 2015

Operation Self Reset Episode 65: Veteran Chad Grills Book, Veterans Rebuild America

In this episode of the Operation Self Reset podcast, Jake is talking with Chad Grills, an Army Infantry veteran, entrepreneur, and …

OSR: Master Life Coach Jacqueline Hurst

January 6th, 2015

Operation Self Reset Episode: Master Life Coach Jacqueline Hurst

In this episode, Jake is talking with Jacqueline Hurst, a life coach who learned to help herself and now uses that knowledge to help others.

Jacqueline …

OSR 64: Prepare To RESET & get ready for 2015

January 1st, 2015

Operation Self Reset Episode 64: Prepare to RESET & Get Ready for 2015

In this episode of the Operation Self Reset podcast, Jake is talking about his 2015 goals.

In this episode, Jake comes back to the Operation …

OSR 063: One Comment Could Change Your Life

October 8th, 2014

Operation Self Reset Episode 63: One Comment Could Change Your Life


In this episode of the Operation Self Reset podcast, Jake is talking about how …

OSR 062: How To Keep Your Cool

September 17th, 2014


Operation Self Reset Episode 62: How to Keep Your Cool

In this episode of the Operation Self Reset podcast, Jake is talking about how to keep your …

OSR 061: Never Give Up Guy, Scott Lesnick

September 3rd, 2014


Operation Self Reset Episode 61: Never Give Up Guy, Scott Lesnick

In this episode of the Operation Self Reset podcast, Jake is talking with Scott Lesnick.

Scott is a professional speaker who originally started working …

OSR 060: Putting Money Back In Your Pocket

August 20th, 2014



Operation Self Reset Episode 60: Putting Money Back in Your Pocket


In this episode of the Operation Self Reset podcast, Jake is talking with Bob Wheeler, author of The Money Nerve.


The idea for The Money Nerve

OSR 059: Live In Trust, Michael Hellerslien

August 6th, 2014

Operation Self Reset Episode 59: Live in Trust, With Michael Hellerslien


In this episode of the Operation Self Reset podcast, Jake is talking with Michael Hellerslien.


Michael recently went through his own self …

OSR 058: Practice What You Preach

July 23rd, 2014

Operation Self Reset Episode 58: Practice What You Preach


In this episode of the Operation Self Reset podcast, Jake is talking about practicing what you preach.


Jake has been working the Miracle Morning as described …

OSR 057: Green Beret, Robert Lewis On Goals, Fears, and Life

July 16th, 2014

Operation Self Reset Episode 57: Green Beret, Robert Lewis on Goals, Fears, and Life


In this episode of the Operation Self Reset podcast, Jake is talking with Green Beret Robert Lewis.


Robert comes from a long line …

OSR 056:Simple Ideas To Unbelievable Results

July 9th, 2014

Operation Self Reset Episode 56: Simple Ideas to Unbelievable Results


In this episode of the Operation Self Reset podcast, Jake is talking with …

OSR 055: World Champion Of Public Speaking Ryan Avery

July 2nd, 2014

 Operation Self Reset Episode 55: World Champion Public Speaker Ryan Avery


In this episode of the Operation Self Reset podcast, Jake is talking with Ryan Avery, Toastmasters International World Champion Public Speaker.

OSR 054: Start Your Miracle Morning WIth Hal Elrod

June 25th, 2014

Operation Self Reset Episode 54: Start Your Miracle Morning with Hal Elrod


In this episode of the Operation Self Reset podcast, Jake is talking with author Hal Elrod.


Hal experienced an event that completely changed …

OSR 053: Ignite Your Inner Athlete

June 18th, 2014

Operation Self Reset Episode 53: Ignite Your Inner Athlete

In this episode of the Operation Self Reset podcast, Jake is talking with Scott Jones of …

OSR 052: Peak Your Ability With Todd Herman

June 11th, 2014

Operation Self Reset Episode 52: Peak Your Ability With Todd Herman


In this episode of the Operation Self Reset podcast, Jake is talking with Todd Herman from The Peak Athlete.


Todd grew up on a big ranch in …

OSR 051: Bounce Back In Life With Jimmy Burgess

June 4th, 2014

Operation Self Reset Episode 51: Bounce Back In Life With Jimmy Burgess

In this episode of the Operation Self Reset podcast, Jake is talking with author Jimmy Burgess.

Jimmy is from northwest Florida and grew up working …

OSR O49: One More Round With David Waknine

May 21st, 2014

Operation Self Reset Episode 49: One More Round With David Waknine


In this episode of the Operation Self Reset podcast, Jake is talking with David Waknine, of the documentary One More Round.


Originally from Morocco, …

OSR 048: Fired To Self Hired Now A Writer With Author Shana Norris

May 14th, 2014

Operation Self Reset Episode 48: From Fired to Self Hired Now a Writer With Author Shana Norris


In this episode of the Operation Self Reset podcast, Jake is talking with Shana Norris, graphic designer and author.


OSR 047: Keep Positive With Jon Gordon

May 7th, 2014

Operation Self Reset Episode 47: Keep Positive With Jon Gordon

In this episode of the Operation Self Reset podcast, Jake is talking with Jon Gordon, author of ten books on self development.

In his early thirties, Jon …

OSR 046: Wear Your Sunglasses Because Your Future Is Bright With Grant Cardone

April 30th, 2014


Operation Self Reset Episode 46: Wear Your Sunglasses Because Your Future is Bright With Grant Cardone


In this episode of the Operation Self Reset …

OSR 045: Be Ballsy and Be A Baller, With Author Melissa Krivachek

April 23rd, 2014


Operation Self Reset Episode 45: Be Ballsy and Become a Baller


In this episode of the Operation Self Reset podcast, Jake is talking with author Melissa M. Krivachek.


Melissa grew up in a tiny town in Iowa and …

OSR 044: Find Your Clarity With Author Jamie Smart

April 16th, 2014

Operation Self Reset Episode 44: Find Your Clarity With Author Jamie Smart


In this episode of the Operation Self Reset podcast, Jake is talking with Jamie Smart, author of the book Clarity: Clear Mind, Better …

OSR 043: Set Up Goals With A Plan

April 9th, 2014

Operation Self Reset Episode 43: Set Up Goals With A Plan

In this episode of the Operation Self Reset podcast, Jake is talking about goals and creating a plan.

A recent survey showed that 97% of Americans do not set …

MM #9: I can, I will, I Am

April 7th, 2014



If you start to change the way you speak, you can unlock a new way to look at the world. The other day I was talking with a personal coach. Yes, she was a life coach. I understand the importance of working with a …

OSR 042: Your Conscious Evolution With Noah Hammond

April 2nd, 2014

Operation Self Reset Episode 42: Your Conscious Evolution with Noah Hammond


In this episode of the Operation Self Reset podcast, Jake is talking …

MM #8: One Word That WIll Change Your Life

March 27th, 2014


If you had one word right now to explain your life, what would it be?

Would it be passion, love, compassion, desire, or hopeless, fearful, worthless?

OSR 041: Love Yourself Like Its All You Have Left, With Kamal Ravikant

March 26th, 2014

Operation Self Reset Episode 41: Love Yourself Like It’s All You Have Left


In this episode of the Operation Self Reset podcast, Jake is talking with author Kamal Ravikant.

Kamal grew up in New York and went off to …

MM #7: Organized Chaos

March 20th, 2014


It’s 4 a.m. Your smoke detector starts screaming to wake you up. You awake in a panic and the chaos starts. You jump out of bed, clear the house, and grab the family, the dogs, and your phone. You run outside and look …

OSR 040: Act Your Way Towards Leadership Skills, With Tom Henschel

March 19th, 2014

Operation Self Reset Episode 40: Act Your Way Towards Leadership Skills, With Tom Henschel

In this episode of the Operation Self Reset podcast, Jake is talking with Tom Henschel from The Look and Sound of Leadership …

MM #6: Quiet The Doubt Man

March 13th, 2014


The Doubt Man lives inside all of us. He stays quiet most of the time, just living there in our minds. The Doubt Man has a small control center with …

OSR 039: Workaholics Cure For Anxiety, Play It Away With Author Charlie Hoehn

March 12th, 2014


Operation Self Reset Episode 39: Workaholics Cure for Anxiety, Play It Away with Charlie Hoehn

In this episode of the Operation Self Reset podcast, …

OSR 038: A New Way To Work With Charlie Hoehn

March 12th, 2014

Operation Self Reset Episode 38: A New Way to Work with Charlie Hoehn


In this episode of the Operation Self Reset podcast, Jake is talking with Charlie Hoehn author of the book Play It Away.

When Charlie finished …

OSR MM #5: Grabbing Every Opportunity

March 6th, 2014


How will grabbing every opportunity help you change your life?  Grabbing every opportunity will allow more opportunity’s come into your life.  Lots of people speak of not having the idea, that plan, or way of thinking.  …

OSR 037: Six Fingers To Your Reset

March 5th, 2014

Operation Self Reset Episode 37: Six Fingers to Your Reset

In this episode of the Operation Self Reset podcast, Jake is talking about how to create your own self reset for a better you.

When we think about about a self …

OSR 036: We All Need A Coach, With Coach Alex

February 26th, 2014



In this episode of the Operation Self Reset podcast, Jake is talking with motivational speaker Coach Alex.

Alex knew at age eleven that he wanted to be a motivational speaker, but he put that desire on the back …

MM #3: I CAN

February 20th, 2014


Say I can makes you feel soo good

OSR 035: The Art Of Communication, With Jordan Harbinger

February 19th, 2014

Operation Self Reset Episode 35: The Art of Charm

In this episode of the Operation Self Reset podcast, Jake is talking with Jordan Harbinger from The Art of Charm.

The Art of Charm has this philosophy: “If you want to …

OSR MM #2: Your First Step

February 13th, 2014


Do you remember your first step?  Listen to this Motivational Minute….

OSR 034: Positive Thinking With Aaron Kennard

February 12th, 2014

Operation Self Reset Episode 34: Positive Thinking

In this episode of the Operation Self Reset podcast, Jake is talking with Aaron Kennard from …

MM #1: Why Not Me

February 5th, 2014

Motivational Minute: Why Not Me

This was taken from

“We believed we would get here. At the beginning of the season I told our guys, ‘Hey, …

OSR 033: Find Your Flourishing Life With Gail Brenner

February 5th, 2014

Operation Self Reset Episode 33: Find Your Flourishing Life

In this episode of the Operation Self Reset podcast, Jake is talking with Gail Brenner from

Gail, a licensed therapist, spent years …

OSR 032: Uncover Your Entrepreneur

January 29th, 2014

Operation Self Reset Episode 32 – Uncover Your Entrepreneur

On this episode of the Operation Self Reset podcast, Jake is helping us uncover that hidden entrepreneur inside of ourselves. We know what you’re thinking: I’m …

OSR 31: Quit Your Job With Dan Perry, From Handyman Startup

January 22nd, 2014

Operation Self Reset Podcast Episode 31: Quit Your Job

In this episode of the Operation Self Reset podcast, Jake is talking with Dan Perry of Handyman Startup about failure and success.

All of us have failed at one …

OSR 030: Your Self Improvement In 2014

January 15th, 2014




Episode 30: Your Self Improvement in 2014


In this episode Jake reviews the year 2013, including the launch of Operation Self Reset, and discusses getting over self-doubt and a lack of motivation.  After talking …

OSR 029: Positive Thinking with Taylor Lapidus

December 23rd, 2013


Positive Thinking!

I was on Google and randomly came across Think Positive Apparel online.  I clicked on the website and I was amazed at not only the design but the idea of having positive thoughts incorporated onto …

OSR 028: Eating Raw Could Change Your Life With Brad Gruno

December 17th, 2013


Eating Raw Could Change Your Life, with Brad Gruno



Eating raw and Living raw is not easy to do. When I say “living raw,” I mean doing what you …

OSR 027: Simple Healthy Habits Makes Huge Results

December 16th, 2013

Small changes makes huge results with healthy habits.

With Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Day, and with the new year approaching, I thoughts it’s …

OSR 026: Personal Change Comes At A Cost

December 9th, 2013



Flickr Wolfgang Staudt

Change is not easy. That is what I found out, especially if you want to go public with your ideas. I started OSR with the …

OSR 25: Follow Your Funny, With Caleb Bacon

December 2nd, 2013

Follow Your Funny, With Caleb Bacon

Today I talk with Caleb Bacon. Caleb and I sit down and talk about his life and all that it entails. I bring up a …

OSR 024: Subconscious Mind With Author Sonja Lewis, The Blindsided Prophet

November 25th, 2013

Subconscious Mind With Sonja Lewis

I get to talk with author Sonja Lewis about her newest book, “The Blindsided Prophet.” This book explores man’s relationship with God and its effect on daily living. The novel examines …

OSR 023: Qualities of A Leader With Bryan Franklin

November 18th, 2013

Qualities of A Leader With Bryan Franklin

Bryan has coached top-level executives at Fortune 1000 companies (including Apple, Logitech, Google, Cisco and LinkedIn) and helped entrepreneurs build their fledgling …

OSR 022: My Secret Weapon

November 11th, 2013


My Secret Weapon


In today’s society we are all looking for that little extra.  No matter if we want to read faster, become stronger, or just improve our looks, we are all looking for that secret sauce.


Well, …

OSR 021: How To Prepare For A Test

November 5th, 2013

In this session you will discover:

I am back and better than ever. I want to talk to you about me for one second. As you know I have not been around for about one month. That was due to my reaching my goal, finding …

OSR 020: What do you want to be when you grow up?

October 10th, 2013

In Podcast 20 we talk about:

When you were a child, what do you want to be when you grow up? What was your main dream?

Today’s podcast is all about chasing your dream and passion.

Izzy is a man who kind of put his stake …

OSR 019: Command and Control: How A Nuclear Weapon Explosion Changed One Mans Life

October 4th, 2013


In this session you’ll discover:

Imagine a massive explosion, a concussion of flames, concrete, and steel, hurling you across the asphalt on your back. You think my life is over! Then you stop sliding, only to hear …

OSR 018: London Entrepreneur Uses Technology To Help Kids

September 12th, 2013

Click Here To Hear The Most Recent Podcast On ITUNES In this session you’ll discover:

Joe cam here from London to America. He is the Chief Marketing Officer of SwiftKey.  Joe answers questions relating to entrepreneur …

OSR 017: Do You Want More Money? Inteview With Author Kate Northrup

September 5th, 2013

In this session you’ll discover:

Today we have a special guest. Her name is Kate Northrup.  She has a new book coming out called, “Money, A Love Story.”  I got my hands on the book and it’s a nice read. 

Kate shares …

OSR 016: Nature Timelapse With Shawn Reeder

August 30th, 2013


I came across Shawn Reeder a few months back.  When I stumbled over his video I was in awe.  It was amazing!  When you see his video I know you will have the same impression.

Nature is something that surrounds all of …

OSR 015: Pat Flynn From Smart Passive Income

August 22nd, 2013

Episode 15

Smart passive Income

Today we talk with Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income.  Pat has an amazing life journey.  He was fired from a job he …

OSR 014: Five Tips To Help You Change

August 16th, 2013


In this episode we will talk about:

In this episode of Operations Self Reset Podcast we talk about five tips to get you started in the journey of the new you.  It’s not easy to just hear something motivating and take …

OSR 013: Nate Holzapfel Back On The OSR Podcast

July 29th, 2013


In this episode we will talk about:

Today we talk with Nate Holzapfel from Mission Belt Company. He was on podcast #3 and we had such a great time he …

OSR 012: Public Speaking Tips

July 20th, 2013

In This Episode We Talk with:

In this podcast episode I talk to Richard Brundage about public speaking tips. Public speaking is something we all will encounter sometime in our lives. Even if we try to run from it, it …

OSR 011: Leadership, Passion, & Time Management, With Rae Luskin

July 12th, 2013


In this episode we will talk about:

Today we talk about everything that Operation Self Reset is founded on.  On the podcast I have Rae Luskin from the Winning Adventure.  She comes on and shares her expertise on a lot …

OSR 010: Navy Seal & Medal of Honor Recipient, Michale Thornton

July 4th, 2013


Michael E. Thornton Medal of Honor Recipient shares his story on the OSR podcast.


Michael E. Thornton, a native of South Carolina, enlisted in the …

OSR 009: Millionaire By 25, Corey Wadden Shares His Quest Of Making One Million Dollars In Two Years

July 1st, 2013


In this episode we will talk about:

I was not expecting to produce another podcast until July 4.  I was contacted by Corey Wadden, who started …

OSR 007: Best Fathers Day Gift I Could Give, I invite my Dad on OSR

June 15th, 2013

In this episode we will talk about Fathers.

This is the best fathers day gift I could give my father.  Gone are the days of the silly tie’s, the …

OSR 006: The Bulletproof Exuctive Dave Asprey talkes about Bulletproof coffee, sleep, and hacking the body

June 7th, 2013

In this episode we will talk about:

-What is Bullet proof Coffee and why should we drink it?

-My new intro music. I want to hear what you guys think …

OSR 005: pt.2 Interview with Blue Sky Creamery Founder WIll Schroeder

June 1st, 2013


In this episode we will talk about: I was able to sit down and talk with the founder of Blue Sky Creamery Will Schroeder. We talk about his business, family life, and what has he learned about himself.
During the …

OSR 004: pt.1 How to Meet New Connections & Meetup Tips.

May 23rd, 2013

 In this episode we will talk about:

People are connecting all around you.  Are you tired feeling like you are on the outside? Do you want in?

I will …

OSR 003: Nate Holzapfel from Mission Belts talks about life, passion, and the mission

May 7th, 2013

In this episode we will talk about:

I have a very special interview to share with you his name is Nate Holzapfel he is the creator of the Mission …

OSR 002: What Fear is holding you back from Success?

May 3rd, 2013

In this episode we will talk about:

What is fear is holding you back from success?  I bet it’s something as small as not having the information, …

OSR 001: Introduction to OSR | Show Formalities | What to expect

May 1st, 2013

In this episode we will talk about:

You will get to know me, Jacob Nawrocki.  You will hear my story about bankruptcy and new additions to my family.  I will touch base on how I became motivated and inspired as a …

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