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Kevin and Scott talk about the Jeeps and the Jeeping lifestyle in the Tampa bay area. New shows come out on the 1st and the 15th. We hope you enjoy the show!!

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Show #178 Snorkel review and Jeep events

January 15th, 2023


The Jeep community is waking up from the lockdowns. Local events are starting to get some traction. Scott also gives his review of the Amazon snorkel he purchased. Also a big thank you to Mark at Wranglerfix for giving …

Show #177 It's ok to disagree.

January 1st, 2023


Happy New Year! We hope yo all had a safe and happy holidays. We also hope you got a bunch of Jeep parts. This show we cover listener emails again. …

Show #176 Scott broke tradition??!!

December 15th, 2022


Yup it happened,Scott was so pleased with his lift on the LJ he didn't wait a year plus to get it installed on his Gladiator.A bib thank you to Marc at for …

Show #175 Oh Shucky Darns

December 1st, 2022


This Episode Scott try's his luck ordering an Amazon part. Lets be honest Its probably gonna sit in the garage for a year. We also discuss Snorkles and Risk assessment. Here is the link to Autumn's GPW video channel.

Show #174 The best seat in the house

November 10th, 2022


This episode the guys chat about Greg Hendersons SEMA build for Quadratecs 50/50 2 door Gladiator build. Scott breaks tradition by getting his seats installed in under a year.

Show #173 80 years of Jeep tech.

November 1st, 2022


We start off with Gladiator, Then TJ, and finish with the OG Jeep project Skunk Works.

Show #172 Listener emails

October 16th, 2022


Exhaust Manafolds and Axle runout.

Show #171 Jasper chat and ECM update

October 1st, 2022


Here is the show on Jasper and the ECM update. We survived Ian. There are ways to help the south Florida recovery efforts. If you can please help out. While Kevin and myself were fortunate, Some …

Show #170 Tennessee rundown and ECM tech

September 15th, 2022


Over 1600 Miles in just over 2 weeks!! Enjoy this rundown of the event and ECM tech.

Show #169 The Metalcloak Lift is in.....

September 1st, 2022


The Metalcloak lift is in. And a lot of other parts also. So ends the longest gag in podcast history.


Show #168 Matson from Metalcloak

August 15th, 2022


Hmmm... did Scott finally get his lift installed? Thats a good question. The Guys chat with a very special guest Matson from Metalcloak. Check out his show Where they chat Jeeps and events …

Show 167 Jeeps and Water

August 1st, 2022


Jeeps and water, things are in motion and big tech to come. If you have questions about please send them to us. Also the Rubicon vrs Sport debate still wont die. Also Scott tells a terrible Fart …

Show # 166 Listener tech question extravaganza!!

July 15th, 2022


Hold on tight Jeepers< yoiu asked for tech you got tech. A huge thank you to the Listeners who reached out with their questions. This is really …

Show # 165 The end, or a new beginning?

July 1st, 2022


This episode we talk about Scotts upcoming project to help infuse some much needed tech segments. They also talk about their first project Jeeps.

Show 164 New studio!!!

June 15th, 2022


This show covers many topics, we met Tyler at Jeep beach and we know a common question is rock chips on our windshields. We also talk about how a certain media can be a …

Show #141 post Jeep Beach and LS issues

May 15th, 2022


We had fun meeting everyone and hanging out with friends. Kevin tackles a LS issue via a listener email.

Show 140 Kevin remembers something

May 2nd, 2022


Sorry folks we just got back from Jeep Beach. Im tired and unfortunately Scotts mother passed on Friday morning early. The show must go on its what …

Show #137 Scott still has parts to install

March 15th, 2022


This episode we chat about TJ oil (thanks to a listeners email) Also a big thank you to the listeners who engaged us on our social media. Driveshaft warranties and fuel Injector "upgrades".

Show #136 Gladiator Service and Rusty the TJ lives! &a 392

March 2nd, 2022


Kevin and Scott chat Gladiator service, Kevin does more work on the rusty Jeep TJ and new tools. Scott drives a 392 Wrangler.

Show # 133 Travels and Listeners email

January 17th, 2022


We talk Rubicon transfer case into a YJ. Rusty TJ update. Scott also talks about his first travels In grief.

Show #130 Tech grab bag

December 1st, 2021


This show is a tech grab bag. Lots in here enjoy!

Show # 128 Dorman metal filter housing.

October 31st, 2021


Good talk about the Dorman metal filter housing for the 3.6. Kevin talks about the speed sensor situation with the YJ and glass dash.

Show #127 Updates, thank you and Gladiator axle seal leaks

October 13th, 2021


This show is dedicated to Bryan Gibbons, He was a good friend of the show and Husband to Susie a Mission 22 ambassador. 

Show #126 Devastating loss for the show.

October 1st, 2021


Scott here, Less than 72 hours ago My wife Dorey passed away peacefully and quickly. I am devastated at this time. She would want the show to go on. …

Show # 124 Mark from Wranglerfix

September 2nd, 2021


Sorry Notes are short this week. We chat with Mark at Kevin also talks about swapping the radiator out on his TJ.

Show 123 Mechanic in a can and Scott procrastinates again

August 4th, 2021


Kevin and I delve deep into oil and fuel additives. We are preparing to go to Jasper Jeep Fest. We will have plenty of wheeling and tech to report on.

Show #122 Flat towing a Jeep with a RV.

August 1st, 2021


We said we would be honest with our failures. Failure analysis is something we really don't think about in the Jeep world. Learn from our mistakes. …

Show # 119 Failure is always an option

June 15th, 2021


This show is a little Existential, A lot of negativity is on the internet lately. Enjoy the build and build it your way.

Show # 118 LS swap in a Jeep YJ

June 1st, 2021


A lot of listeners have asked about V8 swaps Kevin helped to do a LS swap in a Jeep YJ. This is not his first but it actually was his fastest.

Show #117 Raceline wheels

May 14th, 2021


Yup chatting wheels with Greg Mulkey from Stacy from Southern as Sweet Tea also sat in.

Show #114 Don't blame the parts person.

April 1st, 2021


This show covers a lot of topics. From harnesses, Parts Supply issues, Flat totaled, resale values, wipe blades, and various debris. Enjoy and check out our show friends.

Show #112 Off Trail Jeep projects

March 1st, 2021


Not every Jeep project means being covered in grease. Kevin chats about other off trail Jeep projects.


Show # 111 side A

February 15th, 2021


This episode we go back to 2020 before the world went boobats. Here is the Link for the video.

Part 2 to follow.

Show #110 Stacy Lynn Smith and cat deletes

February 1st, 2021


This show we sit down and chat Jeeps with Stacy Lynn Smith and deleting cats. Want to help the show and get exclusive content? Become a Patreon here.

Give Mark at

Show #109 Trail Rated?

January 15th, 2021


Extra long show this time because this is a polarizing topic.

What does the Trail Rated badge mean? And Jeep warranties.

Show 108 so long 2020!

January 1st, 2021


Well we are going to tippy tire into the new year so as not to scare it. We installed a Gladiator lift, Kevin has a new project and Scott did the steering box tsb. Enjoy as always.


show 107 pregame

December 11th, 2020

36:18 While editing show 107 Scott realized he fed a troll online and took it out on the show. Enjoy this bonus show where …

Show #105 Minor maintenance isn't always minor

November 14th, 2020


Sometimes it's the little things that can be vexing.

become a Patreon here

Be sure to check out Mark at 

and as always

Show 103 Jeep Tech Extravaganza!!

October 15th, 2020


This is almost 2 hours of tech. Transmission, Charging, and fuel.

Huge thank you to Mark at he's one of our corporate Patreons Him along with the rest of them keep the lights on and get special …

SHOW # 101 John Karl and his 51 Jeep CJ

September 15th, 2020


We had a blast recording this show. John is such a good soul and lives the Jeep life true to its core. Check out his YouTube Channel here.

Show #100 a Look back

September 1st, 2020


Thank you, without you we would have never made 4 years and 100 episodes!

Show #99 Jeep belly pains

August 15th, 2020


Working on the LJ. check out

for all of your ecm needs. Also you can help the shoe by being a Patreon

Show #98 Brain probes and Broncos

August 1st, 2020


Well its the subject thats on every Jeep page and forum. 

Thanks to Ron at Redscorpion for the gators 

remember to check out

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Show #96 Selling your Jeep and VOM meters

July 1st, 2020


Big thanks again to Mark at for the pictures! 

So you want to sell your Jeep? Heres some things to thank about and also how to use a VOM meter.


Show #95 To diesel or not to diesel?

June 16th, 2020


A huge thanks to Mark at

for some really cool pics of our Jeeps give him a call so he can do one of yours. This episode is …

Show #94 Air helper springs and LED tech

June 1st, 2020


Another listeners email with a great show topic.

Show # 93 Dropped plugs and Lots of Jeep TJ tech

May 15th, 2020


6K update on the JT. Scott tries to change his plugs. Torque specs are important. Scott trys the new Meguires Synthetic Ceramic wax.

More Jeep TJ tech. Update on the Stableseat product. Led flashers and other wiring. …

Show #92 Fuel, Electric Leaks, and TJ brake upgrades

April 29th, 2020


Another long episode, we chat Gas wiring woes (check out our YouTube channel

for a video …

Show 91 Jeep Gladiator lifts and rebuilding a LJ

April 15th, 2020


This is a long episode and a very tech heavy one. We tackle Gladiator lift kits and the Rebuilding of the LJs front end. We also chat about finding a current draw enjoy

Show #90 Jeep Gladiator woes and LJ wobbles.

April 1st, 2020


Gladiators"issues" and Scotts LJ is really needing some love. Check out for Jeep ecm needs. 

Tireside chat about small business. (bonus show)

March 23rd, 2020


These are very interesting times we face. Never in our recent history have we as a people faced a situation like this. Be safe out there.

Shoe #89 Scott bought a Gladiator

March 15th, 2020


Notes are short and sweet this episode. This show was recorded last month way before the Covid19 situation arose. Not much to say about this at the moment. Just take care of yourself and your loved ones. 

check out …

Show #88 Jeeping with Judd video audio show

March 1st, 2020


A video podcast? yeah we are trying something new. The "in Jeep video will be up soon on our Youtube channel. check it out once its up and see the …

Show #86 Wranglerfix Interview

February 2nd, 2020


A Big Thanks to Mark and Andrew from

They are the go to source for your Jeep computer needs. Make sure to tell them On The Trail sent you. Also thanks to Marc Lawson for hosting the show at …

Show # 84 Oils and what the #'s mean.

January 1st, 2020


Whew 2020 already. Heres to another year of Jeeps! If you can help the show grow please become a Patreon. You get access to Videos and shows before they come out.

Show # 82 Gifts and Winterizing

December 1st, 2019


The year is almost over take time to enjoy family and friends.

Thank you for everything this year and making this show a success .

Show # 80 SEMA pre show.

November 1st, 2019


This is a dream trip for the both of us and the Finance Dept.

this is a quick show because we are going to upload content from SEMA. keep a eye out for extra content.

Also thanks again to our Patreons. Do you want …

show # 79 Getting over your Jeep fear

October 15th, 2019


Getting over your Jeep fear. Jeeping can be scary. How do you deal with Jeep fear? Thanks again for listening!

Show #78 Chrissy Johnson from Off-Road United

October 1st, 2019


Hello Jeepers, This show we chat with Chrissy from about the upcoming Krawl'n for the Fallen in November. Kevin also answers your email. This one is about turning your Jeep into …

Show # 77 Here we gear again!

September 12th, 2019


This episode we answer another email from you the listener.



Show #76 Charge it! and storm prep.

September 1st, 2019


Hello from the Sunshine State. kevin and I are safe and are as ready as we can be. This isn't our first storm and it won't be our last. We also chat Charging issues and how to chase down potential problems. Krawl'n for …

Show # 75 cooling woes.

August 15th, 2019



This episode we talk cooling systems and tips from the fabshops.

thanks again for …

Show # 74 Mixed Bag of Jeep parts

August 1st, 2019


Quick notes cause we're dodging lightning down here. Enjoy the show.

Show # 72 Our follies

July 1st, 2019


Well we said we share what didn't work for us, sooo here ya go. Thanks  again to Ron at for some recent …

Show # 71 Built Not Bought.

June 15th, 2019


Sooooo hello Jeepers. Yet again we delve into the darkness with our Jeep water wings on. This is a topic for the ages and a very heated one on social media. Kevin answers more of your email questions like CJ rust …

show # 70 Wolfs, Light bars and Jeep springs oh my!

June 1st, 2019


Hola Jeepers! This show starts a little different. Kevin chats about the Seacrest wolf preserve. Then we touch on aux Jeep lighting and social media. …

Show #69 Jeep beach wrap up.

May 15th, 2019


Hello Jeepers, This episode Kevin and I chat about what he saw at Jeep beach. Including a close up of the Gladiator. Enjoy and thanks for listening.

Show 68 Jeep Gladiator Pt 2

May 1st, 2019


Part 2 of the Jeep Gladiator show.

Show #68 Jeep Gladiator pt 1

May 1st, 2019


Hi Jeep Peeps, This will be short cause the episode is long. We talk about the Jeep Gladiator and a lot of tech stuff. This is part 1 be sure to listen to part 2. Check out our youTube and Patreon pages!


Show #67 More listener emails!

April 15th, 2019


Hello Jeepers! Thanks for downloading. This show we discuss more listener emails. We got a lot of feedback about the bumpstops and you wanted more. Please check out our youTube channel and our Patreon. Check out the …

Show #66 Ox locker interview!

April 1st, 2019


Hello Jeepers, April already wow this year is flying by. Kevin and I sit down with Allen and Chip from OX lockers to get the scoop on a fantastic company and some really great people. Check them out and tell them we …

Show # 65 Jeep creature comforts, and bumpstops.

March 15th, 2019


This show we talk Jeep creature comforts and other random stuff. Kevin also discusses bump stops. We end the show talking about the state of the show union. Thanks for listening and to all of you who have taken time to …

Show # 64 Florida Jeep events and Back up lamp gremlins.

March 1st, 2019


Hello Jeepers, Kevin and i got a few emails about Jeeping in Florida to escape the snow. We talk about the upcoming events and other fun stuff to do in the sunshine state. Kevin discusses his back up lamp gremlins and …

Show # 63 A Rusty Jeep subject

February 16th, 2019


Hello there Jeepers! First off thank you for listening and giving us some great feedback. This show we talk about upcoming Jeep events and Jeep rust. Its not a fun topic but a lot of Jeeps are conflicted with the …

Show # 62 Jeep engines

February 1st, 2019


Well the title sums it up. kevin and I chat about Jeep engines and some projects we've been working on. Check out the other great content from the

Show #61 Jeep trucks and projects

January 16th, 2019


Hi Jeepers, This show we discuss some Jeep repairs and Jeep trucks to start off. We then cover the last part of our 3 part series of herding cats. Don't forget to check out for more great …

Show # 60 Chatting with Florida Trail Stompers!

January 2nd, 2019


Happy New Year! We start off the year with a awesome interview with Brian and Brad from Florida Trail Stompers. We talk about how they are more than Just a Jeep club, enjoy the show and here's to another great year! 

Show # 59 Jeeper Gift ideas with FTS and Gear America

December 16th, 2018


Hello Jeep Peeps, 1st off sorry the audio quality is a little off. We reordered this on a windy day in a park. Special thanks to Brian and Brad from and Harris from 

Show # 58 Herding cats 2

December 2nd, 2018


kevin and I pick up where we left off from the last show on ways to plan your Jeep build. We also make a special announcement regarding the show.

Show # 57 Herding cats!

November 15th, 2018


Hello Jeepers, First off thanks for listening! This episode is all about planning your Jeep project. Kevin talks about ways to Keep the Jeep build on …

Show # 56 your Jeep emails!

November 1st, 2018


This one is self explanatory. We've been getting a lot of  Jeep email lately and we decided to share these questions with you. If you have a question …

Show # 55 Random Jeep thoughts 2 and Bubba Rope

October 15th, 2018


Another Jeep show where Kevin and I Chat about Jeeps. He gives his review of the Bubba winch line. We hope you all enjoy the show.

Show #54 Random stuff.

October 1st, 2018


Scott here I'm sorry I could not form a cognitive thought this episode. This one is Kevin and I just sitting and talking Jeeps. As always check out …

Show #53 JL stuff

September 16th, 2018


Sorry we're late its been a interesting week. Kevin and I were in this same situation with storms last year. Please check with your local Jeep groups and clubs on way to help. Also KFTF is coming up fast.

Show # 52 Jeep Security

August 30th, 2018


Enjoy the long weekend and this early show. The title says it all. Kevin talks about Jeep speed sensor woes on the JK. Also check out for more great content and give Ron at 

Show #51 Jeep Myths

August 16th, 2018


You're on a trail ride. A ride of not only sight and sound but of the mind. A journey into a wondrous land where staying on the trail is paramount. There is a signpost up ahead your next stop Kevins Garage.

Show # 50 Jeep heat.

August 1st, 2018


Hello there and thanks for downloading your favorite Jeep podcast. On this 50th episode Kevin and I talk about how to keep your Jeep from getting hot …

SHOW # 49 Jeep sport bars (not the drink) and Project planning.

July 16th, 2018


Hello, sorry its a late release Been super busy with the day job. This show Kevin and I talk Jeep "roll cages" and project planning. Enjoy the show …

Show # 48 Jeeps around the world (kinda)

July 1st, 2018


hello Jeepers, Kevin's back from his vacation abroad and wanted to share his "Jeep" excursion with you the listener. It's a short show notes as I myself am getting ready for vacation. We tackle a "short" subject in …

show # 47 Jeeping is in the details

June 15th, 2018


Hello Jeepers and welcome to a sparkly clean episode. We talk about keeping the Jeep looking good and shiny. Enjoy the show and don't forget to review and rate us 5 stars! 

Show # 46 Jeep ac systems.

June 1st, 2018


Now this is one HOT Jeep show (yuck yuck) This show Kevin and Scott talk about Keeping cool in your Jeep. Ac systems and other ways to keep from …

Show # 45 Social Media

May 15th, 2018


Hello Jeepers Kevin and I hope you all have had a good two weeks. This episode we talk about how social media has played a role (both good and bad) …

Show #44 D.Till Fabworks

May 1st, 2018


Hello our favorite Jeepers!! A special show this time. The Legendary Interview with the one and only Daniel from D.Till. We talk Grands and how his …

Show #43 auto or stick for your Jeep?

April 15th, 2018


Hello and thanks for listening. This episode Kevin and I discuss Jeep transmissions. What is better stick or auto? We also stop by Kevins garage to learn about Jeep O2 sensors.

Show # 42 Jeep soft tops and Snorkels

April 1st, 2018


it's that time again for your favorite Jeep podcast. This show we talk about Jeep soft tops. Pros and cons. Not to mention the top types. Kevin dives into Jeep snorkels. Thanks again for checking us out and make sure to …

Show # 41 Fixing broken Jeeps

March 16th, 2018


Lets try this again. Scott here and I broke the podcast. Anyhow I fixed it. Kevin fixes the Jeeps and I fix the internet. On this show we talk about Jeep repairs and winching class. We also …

Show # 40 Jeepin with Judd and Cylinder heads.

March 1st, 2018


Hello fellow Jeepers, after a dust filled weekend at JWJ we sat down and talked Jeep cylinder heads, hubs, the event and emails. Kevin answers a few …

Show # 39 Jeep tops and Headlamps

February 15th, 2018


Hello Jeepers, on this episode we talk Jeep u-joints, and Jeep tops. Then its a quick stop into Kevins Garage to talk headlamp aiming. Thanks again for downloading and sharing the show. Catch us next time on the 1st!

Show # 38 Teaching New Jeepers

February 2nd, 2018


Hello fellow Jeepers. We hope the new year is off to a great start. This episode we talk about hosting a beginners Jeeping class. Kevin also talks Lockers in his garage. Short description this time so enjoy.

show # 37 Towing with your Jeep

January 16th, 2018


Hello again and welcome back. This show we dive into towing with your Jeep. Is it a good idea or a bad one? thats a call only you can make. We give the pros and cons of both. kelvins garage we talk about Jeep computers …

Show # 36 Jeep batteries

January 1st, 2018


Happy New Year!!! On this episode we talk about Jeep Batteries and what to look for and general information about them. Thanks again for listening and we hope you enjoy.

Show #35 Year end & Jeep gifts

December 15th, 2017


Hello Jeepers, Merry Christmas and happy Holidays to you and your family. Its the end of the year and we decided to give some gift ideas for the Jeep …

Show # 34 Talking Jeeps with TJK

December 1st, 2017


Hello and welcome to a very special episode of your Jeep podcast. This show we sit down with the new leadership of Tampa Jeep Krewe. We talk with Tony and Alex about their plans for the future and get to know them a …

Show #33 Jeep performance

November 16th, 2017


Hello Jeep peeps, On this episode Kevin and Scott take on Jeep performance upgrades. They give some ideas to think about. We stop into kelvins now fixed garage to talk about common Jeep oil leaks. Thanks again for …

show # 32 Krawlin' for the Fallen pre Jeep event show.

November 1st, 2017


Hello again fellow Jeepers. Going to keep this short. On this episode we sit down with the team that puts together this great event. Its going to be Jeeps, Trails, and a great cause. Come on out and enjoy!

Show #31 Jeep communication

October 15th, 2017


Breaker one nine this is Cheese Wiz, You got your ears on over? Sorry I had to. This show we talk about the various ways of communicating between Jeeps. we then tippy tire over into kelvins Garage to have a chat about …

Show# 30 Should I run BIG tires 2.0

October 2nd, 2017


Oops I (Scott) uploaded the raw audio the first time around. At least some of you folks got a "behind the scenes" look at our show. This show we …

Jasper Jeep Fest and Weather

September 10th, 2017


Hello, Kevin and I are releasing the show early because we are directly in Irmas path. We hope that all of our Florida listeners take this storm serious. We don't know if we we will have power so we figured uploading …

#28 Jeep Etiquette and Jeep Rock Sliders

September 1st, 2017


Its our one year show!! After recording this Jeep podcast Scotts wife flew to Texas with other Nurses to help in the recovery effort. So please do what you can either by getting with other Jeep groups or donating …

Show #27 part #2 common Jeep problems

August 15th, 2017


Sorry bout the first upload (I forgot to edit) So we start this part 2 segment in Kevins garage to talk old school Distributors. and finish part 2 of …

Show #27 common Jeep problems Part 1

August 15th, 2017


This is a 2 part show. We talked about common Jeep problems covering CJ,TJ XJ, and the JK. Its a slight revisit on our what to look for in buying a Jeep episode. The next episode will be our one year show. Enjoy the …

Jeeps vs Harley with Blackwater Jeepers

August 14th, 2017


We had a quick chat with Kenny From Blackwater Jeepers about their upcoming Jeeps vr Harley event August 20th. Take a listen and show some support to a great club and a awesome cause.

Show # 26 With Ron at Red Scorpion

August 1st, 2017


HI gang and thanks for listening. Today we had Ron from Red Scorpion on the show. He's a very close friend of the show and has helped us in so many ways. Today we give back and talk about his business. He sells parts …

Show # 25 So you want to buy a Jeep?

July 15th, 2017


Hello again and thanks for downloading, Kevin and I talk about Buying a Jeep. What to look for and what to expect from the worst case to the easy …

Show #24 Jeep adventures with Kevin

July 1st, 2017


This is a Special show, Kevin talks about his adventures in Tennessee. He talked about the Fire aftermath and how the surrounding areas are coping. Also Kevin talks about the Laughing monkeys. And a special thank you to …

Show #23 Jeep questions with Terri

June 15th, 2017


Hello Jeep Peeps, this show is proof that this really is your show. We had a listener send in a show idea. Kevin and I loved it so much we brought her on! We talk Jeeps and the alphabet soup. We try to explain some of …

Show # 22 Krawl'n for the Fallen and Jeep brakes part 2

June 1st, 2017


Hello Jeepers and thanks for downloading the latest episode of your Jeep podcast!

We sit down with Chrissy about the upcoming KFTF event. Make sure to register early for this great event. We also Talk with Kevin about …


May 31st, 2017


Just a quick interview with Joe about the Tampa Jeep Krewe CERT team. Don't Forget to join them on June 4th for their fundraiser.

Show # 21 Our Jeeps and vendor relations.

May 15th, 2017


Hello again, thanks for listening to this episode of your favorite Jeep podcast. Kevin and I talk about our Jeeps because a few of you wanted to know more about our rigs. We also talk a little about Vendors and how they …

Tampa Jeep Krewe Flags for the Fallen event featuring Havard

May 7th, 2017


Just a quick phone call with Havard about the Memorial day Flags for the Fallen event where the Krewe and other volunteers put flags on the graves of …

Show#20 Jeep Tires!!

May 1st, 2017


Hello and as always thanks for listening. This episode of your favorite grassroots Jeep podcast we get down to business about tires. Kevin and I give you things to think about when making such a large purchase for your …

Show #19 Betty the Jeep YJ with Joseph Pallotta

April 14th, 2017


Hello again from your favorite Jeep podcast. First off could you do Kevin and I a solid, please rate and review us on iTunes it really helps us a …

Show 18 Winches and Gears

April 1st, 2017


Hello and thanks for listening to another episode of your favorite Jeep podcast. On this show we discuss winch safety. After seeing a few grisly photos on social media we decided to cover this topic. And I make a …

Show # 17 Jeep Lift kits

March 15th, 2017


Well here we go our first "evergreen" topic, Jeep lift kits and asking yourself what's important for you? We go over some things to think about when planning a lift. There is more to It then just what brand to go with. …

Show #16 spotters and volunteering

March 1st, 2017


March already, wow this year is flying by quickly. On this show we talk about the difference between spotters and observers during Jeep events. We …

Jeepin' with Judd wrap up and U-joint repair

February 20th, 2017


Well We're tired, sunburnt, and dehydrated. But Kevin and I would do it again in a heart beat. Sorry we missed some of you at the Vendor section. We …

Jeep with Judd Saturday wrap up and Local 390 podcast interview

February 19th, 2017


Just a quick show to wrap up day 2 of Jeepin with Judd. And we had a special guest Joe from the Local 390 podcast Based out of Orlando. We talk beer and Jeeps for a little bit. And with that We'll see you on the next …

Happy Friday from Jeepin' with Judd (kinda live)

February 17th, 2017


Stop by and say hi, We will be recording until 1:00. This is a fun event. more uploads to follow.

Show # 15 Jeepin with Judd and U-joint tool

February 15th, 2017


Well gang this is a very short show because we will be Podcasting from the Jeepin with Judd event. Keep checking back here for new shows over the next few days. we did have time to talk with Kevin in the garage about a …

Show # 14 SYE install and Trail Chow hot sauce.

February 1st, 2017


First things first We hope you registered for Jeepin with Judd Because the price goes up at the gate. Check out for all the information about this event. on this episode of your favorite Jeep podcast …

Show #13 suspension part 2

January 16th, 2017


You Jeepers wanted more suspension talk so here you go. Kevin dives right into part 2 of our suspension show and gives even more ideas on how to look for Jeep suspension problems. He also explains why torque specs are …

Show # 12 Front ends part 1 and The Jeep Mafia

January 1st, 2017


Hello Jeepers and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! We hope you had a safe one. On this episode we take a close look at Jeep front suspension systems Part 1, and look at possible causes of the dreaded "death wobble". we also had a …

Jeepin' with Judd promo spot

December 20th, 2016


Just a quick little show about the upcoming Jeepin' with Judd event February 17th through the 19th. Updates will follow as information becomes …

Show # 11 Interview with Tampa Jeep Krewe

December 15th, 2016


This show Kevin and I sit down and Talk with Rob and Gabriel from Tampa Jeep Krewe. We talk about the humble beginnings to the success that they are now. And of course we talk Jeeps and wheeling trips. Don't forget to …

TJK Wreaths Across America

December 15th, 2016


Just a quick Phone call with Harvard from Tampa Jeep Krewe about their upcoming event with Wreaths Across America. We covered the basic information to make it easier for you to get out there and help a great cause.

Bonus call with Cindy

December 9th, 2016


Just a quick phone interview with Cindy from The Jeep Mafia. We talk about the weather and the Naked Jeep cruise Hosted by The Tread Head Garage. Check it out if you are in that neck of the woods.

Show # 10 Rubicon or not? and Hardware

December 1st, 2016


Welcome to our 10th official show. Thanks for making us your favorite Jeep podcast. We decided to debate if one should start with a Rubicon or not. …

Tennessee Relief

December 1st, 2016


Just a quick announcement on how to help those affected by the wild fires in the Tennessee area. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who lost everything.

Twas the night before Jeepmas Bonus gift

November 24th, 2016


Kevin and I would like to say thank you to all of you who have shared and downloaded our show. we want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy …

Baa Baa Black Jeep interview

November 22nd, 2016


We had a chance to talk with John from Baa Baa black Jeep for our first national club spotlight. We got a chance to ask him about his page and group. So please check out his page and enjoy this "peeling back the …

Show # 9 Will Powell interview about Jeeps

November 16th, 2016


Shows with guests are always fun for Kevin and Myself. This one was no different. We had Will Powell from Southwest Florida 4X4. He's great guy that is a go to source for Jeep information in the Tampa Bay Area. We're …

Show # 8 Jeeptoberfest wrap up

October 28th, 2016


First off thank you to my Nephew Caleb for the intro. Also a big thanks to Chrissy Johnson for giving us a update on KFTF. It's a great event and we hope top see you there. Show # 8 Is being released early as a treat to …

A trail Nightmare

October 28th, 2016


We made this little Jeep story a separate download by popular demand. So it would be easier to share. 

Halloween Extravaganza with the Zombie Garage and a story

October 14th, 2016


Where to start? Well first off Kevin and I hope you enjoy our little Spooky story. It's Called A Trail Nightmare with Moonpie and Cheezewiz. Kevin …

Show # 7 transfer case talk and phone call with Kurt Eades

October 1st, 2016


Well Jeeples this show was a fun one, lots of laughs to be had. Kevin and Scott shead some light on the mysterious transfer case. They talk about what it does and why its important. The guys also speak with Kurt Eades. …

Show # 6 Post trail maintenance and vents

September 16th, 2016


On this show the guys chat on how to keep your Jeep in tip top shape after a ride. in Kevins garage he talks about venting drivetrain components. we hope you enjoy this show and remember new shows upload on the 1st and …

Jeepfest wrapup bonus show#2

September 11th, 2016


Hello Jeeples, on this bonus show the guys wrap up their Jeepfest experience. Its also the first time the guys get a chance to take a live phone call from Chrissy Johnson to talk about the Krawl'n for the Fallen event. …

Not So Live Show from Sheriffs JeepFest GA, Part -1

September 3rd, 2016


Scott and Kevin are at Pickens County Sheriff's JeepFest.  We give you an update of the Night Ride and first day's trail ride jeep adventures.  Shout Outs to Sheriff Donnie Craig and to Captain Kris Stancil.  We also …

Show # 5 Speciality show with Bonnie

September 1st, 2016


This is a Very special show. This episode features our own Bonnie Brock from Specialty powder Coating. She shares her Knowledge about powder coating and tells us about her story. She's a inspiration to us all. We talk …

Show #4 community outreach and electrical wiring basics.

September 1st, 2016


Hello and thanks for downloading your favorite Jeep podcast. on this episode Kevin and Scott talk about doing good in the neighborhood. They give ideas on how to reach out and help those in need. Kevin also dives deep …

Show #3 Jeeping with your pets. And how to tow your Jeep.

August 24th, 2016


On this episode the guys talk about jeeping with your pets. they have ideas on how to make it less stressful for both you and your fur family …

Show number 2 what to bring on the trail.

August 24th, 2016


Another episode of your favorite Jeep podcast. On todays show we talk Kevins favorite subject, TOOLS! Scott tries to derail his train of thought (as …

Show #1 - Why a Jeep?

August 23rd, 2016


First off thanks for listening. This is our first show and lets just say we were a little nervous. We talked about what makes the Jeep so popular …

Introduction for The Show and the Hosts

August 6th, 2016


Just a quick hello to introduce ourselves. A show about jeeps, Off Roading, Jeep Modifications and the Jeeping Lifestyle.

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