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Step into the world of NZ Business Owners, where we explore the complexities of life and entrepreneurship in New Zealand.From the deep-seated beliefs and values that guide these entrepreneurs to the strategies they use to navigate the twists and turns of success, we dive into the depths of the human… read more

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Inheritance Wars: Matthew Gilligan's Guide to Navigating Tricky Family Dynamics and Wealth Transfer

December 5th, 2023


In the podcast, Matthew Gilligan, founder of Gilligan Rowe & Associates, shares his wealth of experience in the realm of property investment and management. Gilligan dives into the intricate strategies for …

Bridges of Stories: Connecting the Unknown Moments | Dave Thomas | Ep 373

November 26th, 2023


In this riveting episode of NZ Business Owners, host Ryan J Melton sits down with the seasoned financial expert, Dave Thomas. Get ready for a thought-provoking exploration into the world of financial planning and …

Unveiling Market Secrets: Economic Trends, Investment Strategies | Nathan Saminathan | Ep 372

November 19th, 2023


Join host Ryan J Melton on the latest episode of NZ Business Owners as he sits down with the insightful Nathan Saminathan, the Managing Director at …

Cash Control Odyssey: Mortgages, Investments, Mastery | Vaughn Atkin | Ep 371

November 16th, 2023


In this riveting episode of NZ Business Owners, host Ryan J Melton dives deep into the world of financial planning with the extraordinary Vaughn Atkin. A dedicated advocate for helping New Zealanders live their best …

In the Driver's Seat: Alone, Unseen, and Rising Above | Josh Camp | Ep 370

November 14th, 2023


In this riveting episode of NZ Business Owners, host Ryan J Melton engages in a profound conversation with the insightful Josh Camp. Join them as …

The Kiwi Podcast: Hamish Patel's Journey: Possums, Silence, and Wisdom | Hamish Patel | Ep 369

November 5th, 2023


Join your host, Ryan J Melton, on this enlightening episode of NZ Business Owners as he welcomes a special guest, Hamish Patel, to the show. Hamish Patel has led an intriguing life with experiences that span from …

The Economic Impact of Flexible Work: Empowering Parents and Boosting GDP | Mela Lush | Ep 368

November 2nd, 2023


In this episode of "NZ Business Owners," host Ryan J Melton delves into an engaging conversation with Mela Lush, an individual whose unique insights and experience have made a significant impact in the world of …

Voltage in Sales: The Cold Call Controversy | Jeremy Wilson | Ep 367

October 29th, 2023


Join us on the latest episode of "NZ Business Owners" as host Ryan J Melton interviews the dynamic Jeremy Wilson, a seasoned expert in the world of sales. In this enlightening conversation, Jeremy delves into intriguing …

Conquer Chaos, Achieve Success: Your ADHD Blueprint | Tim Thomas | Ep 366

October 26th, 2023


In this episode of NZ Business Owners, host Ryan J Melton engages in an enlightening conversation with Tim Thomas, a dynamic expert in web …

Sustainability: The Business Goldmine - Saving the Planet and Your Pocket | Lincoln Watson | Ep 365

October 22nd, 2023


In this episode of "NZ Business Owners," host Ryan J Melton engages in a captivating conversation with Lincoln Watson, a seasoned corporate …

Unleash the Monster: Automation Revolution | Sam Hoh | Ep 364

October 19th, 2023


Join us for an insightful episode of "NZ Business Owners" as host Ryan J Melton sits down with the brilliant Sam Hoh. In this engaging conversation, …

Bullied in the Shadows, Shining in the Spotlight: Dare to Walk My Path? | Susan Nemeth | Ep 363

October 15th, 2023


In this episode of NZ Business Owners, your host Ryan J Melton sits down with Susan Nemeth, a seasoned entrepreneur and tech enthusiast. Susan shares her invaluable insights and experiences in scaling tech startups and …

Behind the Scenes of Success: The Unseen Struggles and the Four-Year Wait | Simon Aspden | Ep 362

October 12th, 2023


In this episode of the NZ Business Owners podcast, host Ryan J Melton sits down with Simon Aspden, the visionary behind Contract Eagle, a contract …

Unlocking the Mystery of Number 38: A Must-Watch Podcast! | Simon Yock | Ep 361

October 8th, 2023


Join Ryan J Melton in an engaging conversation with Simon Yock on this episode of NZ Business Owners. Simon, a seasoned growth scientist, reveals the fascinating world of sales where art meets science. In this …

From Shy Introvert to Business Titan | Igor Anany | Ep 360

October 5th, 2023


Join Ryan J Melton on the "NZ Business Owners" podcast as he delves into the inspiring journey of Igor Anany, a successful entrepreneur and app …

Tech Visionary: Unraveling the Secrets of Custom Software! | John Halvorsen-Jones | Ep 359

October 1st, 2023


In this episode of "NZ Business Owners," your host Ryan J Melton sits down with the insightful and accomplished John Halvorsen for a deep dive into …

Unlocking Love: Exploring the Mechanics of the Mind | Simone-Ellen Keller | Ep 358

September 28th, 2023


Join Ryan J Melton on the latest episode of NZ Business Owners, where he sits down with the remarkable Simone-Ellen Keller. In this insightful …

Millionaires' Advice They'd Never Share | John Maybury | Ep 357

September 24th, 2023


In the latest episode of "NZ Business Owners," host Ryan J Melton engages in a profound conversation with John Maybury, a renowned presentation and story coach. John's mission is clear: to empower leaders and teams to …

Lonely at the Top: The Silent Struggle Only Business Owners Know | Ben Marris | Ep 356

September 21st, 2023


Welcome back to NZ Business Owners, the podcast where we dive deep into the world of entrepreneurship and uncover the secrets to achieving success in the business landscape of New Zealand. In today's episode, your host …

Blinded by Power: When Leaders Shut Out Their Teams | Tibor Mackor | Ep 355

September 19th, 2023


Welcome to another enlightening episode of "NZ Business Owners." Join your host, Ryan J Melton, as he engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Tibor Mackor, the driving force behind In this …

The Leadership Blindspot: When One Size Fits All Leadership Misses the Mark | Josh Cox | Ep 354

September 14th, 2023


In this captivating episode of NZ Business Owners, host Ryan J Melton sits down with the insightful and engaging Josh Cox for a deep dive into the …

Iran Unmasked: The End of Progress and the Rise of Control | Farbod Afshar | Ep 353

September 11th, 2023


In this captivating episode of NZ Business Owners, your host Ryan J Melton dives into the world of effective communication with the remarkable Farbod Afshar. As a seasoned marketing professional, Farbod brings his …

The Overwhelmed CEO: Proven Strategies To Reclaim Your Time & Sanity | Debra Chantry-Taylor | Ep 352

September 7th, 2023


Join us for an inspiring episode of "NZ Business Owners" as we sit down with the extraordinary Debra Chantry-Taylor. With a passion for helping entrepreneurs and leaders live their "best life" by creating better …

Digital Deception: How Algorithms Influence Decisions | Braden Dawson | Ep 351

September 3rd, 2023


In this episode of NZ Business Owners, your host Ryan J Melton sits down with Braden Dawson, the Founder of Web Antler and a true powerhouse in the world of digital marketing. Braden is a seasoned expert known for his …

How To Make $10 Million Dollars A Year | Dion Sadler | Ep 350

August 31st, 2023


Join us on this episode of "NZ Business Owners" as Ryan J Melton interviews Dion Sadler, a seasoned professional with extensive experience in Retail, Business, Commercial, and Corporate Banking. Dion's journey has led …

I Lost My Marriage & My Job In The Same Hour | Tim Warren | Ep 349

August 27th, 2023


Join us on this episode of NZ Business Owners Podcast as Ryan J Melton sits down with Tim Warren, author, entrepreneur, and thought leader. Tim takes us on a journey through his insights on randomness, success, and …

Stranded Abroad with a Love Gone Cold! | Ramneek Kaur | Ep 348

August 25th, 2023


At the outset, Ramneek Kaur reflects on her realization that happiness is non-negotiable. From a successful career to a challenging marriage, she …

The Mindful Marketer: Shares The Energy Equation for Marketing ROI | Katherine Steffensen | Ep 347

August 20th, 2023


In this riveting episode of the NZ Business Owners podcast, host Ryan J Melton sits down with the dynamic Katherine Steffensen, a digital marketing director with a flair for strategic client relationships. Katherine …

From Tribal Chants to Twitter Rants: How Ancient Stories Shape Modern Agenda | Simon Walker | Ep 346

August 17th, 2023


Join Ryan J Melton as he sits down with the ever-engaging Simon Walker, once fondly nicknamed "Simon Walker Cricket Talker" by his Year 4 teacher. …

The Art of Creativity: Trauma's Unexpected Muse | Laura & Raymond McKay | Ep 345

August 15th, 2023


In the latest episode of the NZ Business Owners podcast, host Ryan J Melton welcomes Laura & Raymond McKay, the visionary founders of RUN, a Māori-owned, globally awarded advertising and design agency. Established …

Beneath the Broadcast: Exposing the Hidden Mechanisms of Mainstream Media | Lwindi Ellis | Ep 344

August 10th, 2023


In this riveting episode of the "NZ Business Owners" podcast, host Ryan J Melton sits down with the illustrious Lwindi Ellis, a beacon in the world of PR and communications. Lwindi's journey is nothing short of …

Drowning in Doubt: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome & Embracing Self-Worth | Rory Wyatt & Tash Gate

August 6th, 2023


Once upon a time in the bustling world of digital marketing, a group of creative minds gathered to share their secrets, and on this episode of "NZ Business Owners," your host Ryan J Melton sits down with the dynamic duo …

Holding Power to Account: How to Make the Government Answerable to You | Ranald Hendriks | Ep 342

August 3rd, 2023


Welcome to a thought-provoking episode of NZ Business Owners, where host Ryan J Melton sits down with the esteemed guest, Ranald Hendriks, for a captivating masterclass on human capital and organizational values. In …

Quitting My Job Win the World Shut Down: Lessons from an Unexpected Entrepreneur | Ben Paul | Ep 341

July 30th, 2023


In this insightful episode of "NZ Business Owners," host Ryan J Melton sits down with Ben Paul, a seasoned professional in the field of sales and …

The SURPRISING Truths about God, Global Warming, and Diamonds | Ep 340

July 27th, 2023


In this captivating episode, we embark on a journey that weaves together a tapestry of thought-provoking ideas. We begin by exploring the concept of …

Leading with Extreme Ownership: How The Best Leaders Aren't Afraid to Get Their Hands Dirty!

July 25th, 2023


Join us on the latest episode of NZ Business Owners as Ryan J Melton sits down with the dynamic Phil Dossett, Director, Growth Specialist at Engage Digital, a leading digital marketing agency based in Auckland. In this …

NZ's Deceptive Maori History with Nick Manarangi | Ep 338

July 13th, 2023


In this episode of "NZ Business Owners," host Ryan J Melton sits down with Nick Manarangi, a marketing agency and sports media owner, to dive into the realm of digital business, marketing strategies, and the impact of …

Persuasion Prodigy: A Young Woman’s Guide To Dominating High-Ticket Sales | Ep 337

July 9th, 2023


In this episode of NZ Business Owners, host Ryan J Melton sits down with Samantha Thornton-Jones, the Managing Director and Digital Designer at Skyrocket, a leading web design and development agency based in Auckland, …

Unveiling the Hidden Depths: The Transformative Power of Rowing | Rebecca Caroe

July 2nd, 2023


Join Ryan J Melton in an insightful conversation with Rebecca Caroe, the voice behind 'Creative Agency Secrets', on the latest episode of NZ Business …

TikTok & Totals: Mastering Modern Marketing In A World Full Of Bean Counters - Mohit Nain | Ep 335

June 29th, 2023


In this episode of NZ Business Owners, host Ryan J Melton sits down with Mohit Nain, a highly experienced and accomplished accountant. With a diverse background in the freight, environmental services, hospitality, and …

Digital Strategy: Kagwa Kironde's Success Mantra

June 25th, 2023


In this episode of the NZ Business Owners podcast, host Ryan J Melton sits down with Kagwa Kironde, the Founder and Managing Director of Dream Config, a New Zealand-based digital agency that's making waves in the world …

Navigating the Digital Era: Cathy Mellett's Business Strategies

June 22nd, 2023


In this episode of NZ Business Owners, host Ryan J Melton sits down with the remarkable Cathy Mellett, Director of Net Branding, Keynote Speaker, …

Cracking Google's Code: Richard Conway Reveals

June 20th, 2023


In this episode of NZ Business Owners, host Ryan J Melton sits down with the renowned British-born entrepreneur, author, and lecturer Richard Conway, who has made his mark in New Zealand's business landscape. As the …

From Zero to Hero: Alex Radford's Performance Marketing Secrets

June 15th, 2023


In this episode of NZ Business Owners, host Ryan J Melton sits down with Alex Radford, an accomplished executive with extensive experience in digital marketing and advertising. With a strong background in strategy, …

Fueling Brands: Duncan Shand's Creative Connections

June 13th, 2023


Join Ryan J Melton on the latest episode of NZ Business Owners as he sits down with Duncan Shand, the founder and visionary behind YoungShand, one of …

Digital Disruption: Mike Taylor's Expertise

June 11th, 2023


In this episode of NZ Business Owners, host Ryan J Melton sits down with Mike Taylor, a seasoned expert in leveraging digital technology and …

Mastering Digital Growth: Insights from Bradley Hartley

June 8th, 2023


Join host Ryan J Melton on the latest episode of NZ Business Owners as he interviews Bradley Hartley, the passionate owner of Hartway, a leading social media management and marketing company. Bradley shares his …

Finance + Dreams = Success | Andrew Chambers

June 6th, 2023


Join Ryan J Melton as he sits down with Auckland's esteemed Commercial Finance Adviser, Andrew Chambers, on another captivating episode of NZ …

Love It or Hate It: The Grada Recruitment Experience | James Stevenson

June 4th, 2023


In this exciting episode of NZ Business Owners, Ryan J Melton sits down with James Stevenson, a prominent figure in the field of Engineering Recruitment in New Zealand. As the founder and driving force behind Grada …

From Small Towns to Big Dreams: The Story of a Lawyer | Shafraz Khan

June 1st, 2023


In this episode of NZ Business Owners, host Ryan J Melton sits down with Shafraz Khan, a highly respected commercial law specialist and one of the country's leading transport lawyers. With his vast expertise in …

Money Talks: The Cost of Saving Lives | Garry Green

May 30th, 2023


Join host Ryan J Melton in this thought-provoking episode of "NZ Business Owners" as he sits down with Garry Green, the founder of Quanton, New Zealand's leading company in intelligent automation. Garry shares his …

Unlocking Success: Vinay Iswar's Entrepreneurial Journey

May 21st, 2023


Welcome to the "NZ Business Owners Podcast" with your host, Ryan J Melton. In this episode, Ryan sits down with Vinay Iswar, a seasoned expert specializing in helping service-based businesses reach new heights.

Vinay's …

Burgers, Chips, and Floods: A Family Shaken

April 20th, 2023


In this powerful and moving episode, Jerome Jacobs – a business coach and advisor with nearly two decades of experience in the professional and …

Family Businesses: The Ultimate Recipe For Success Or Disaster? | Podcast With Chairman Of Family Business New Zealand

March 30th, 2023


In this episode, host Ryan J Melton sits down with Iain Blakeley, Chairman of Family Business New Zealand, to discuss the dynamics of family businesses. Family businesses are the backbone of the New Zealand economy, …

Through Sickness & In Health: I Almost Lost It All

March 28th, 2023


Join Ryan J Melton in the NZ Business Owners podcast as he interviews Philip Adamson, the owner of OutSource IT Ltd, who shares his inspiring story …

Defying All Odds: How to Rise Above Your Circumstances | Jung The Business Coach

March 25th, 2023


Podcast Guest Jung The Business Coach: "As a business coach, consultant, mentor and advisor, I can offer a variety of services including strategic …

The Dark Art of Persuasion: Winning Over High-Level Talent | Iain MacGibbon

March 24th, 2023


Podcast Guest Iain MacGibbon, Managing Director of Farrow Jamieson: "I lead a team of talented and experienced Executive Search, Executive …

Authenticity, Empathy, & Rebellion In The Workplace With The CEO Of Gilligan Sheppard

March 22nd, 2023


Discover the secrets to thriving in the business world with Ryan J Melton, as he welcomes Bruce Sheppard, CEO of Gilligan Sheppard, to this captivating episode of the NZ Business Owners podcast. Together, they dive deep …

Quit Making Excuses: How to Toughen Up | CEO of Flow Marketing | Ep 314

March 16th, 2023


In this soul-stirring episode of the NZ Business Owner's Podcast, Ryan J Melton invites Dave Beachen, CEO of Flow Marketing, to share his deeply …

Dispelling Myths About China|Tony Liu's Unfiltered Take on Chinese Society

March 7th, 2023


Tony Liu grew up in a rural village in China, the son of farmers. Despite the lack of access to technology, he was fascinated by computers and taught …

Dawie Otto: The AI Apocalypse, Elon Musk, & Police Corruption| NZ Business Owners Podcast Ep 312

March 6th, 2023


Dawie Otto is the Director of iTEASPOON, a New Zealand-based IT consultancy that helps businesses of all sizes leverage cloud technology to simplify …

What Does a Business Advisor Do in NZ? | Jim Huse | NZ Business Owners Podcast Ep 311

March 2nd, 2023


"Jim Huse works with individuals and small-to-large organisations to achieve business success. By using a pioneering convergence of Psychology, …

How Doors Work, Xena The Warrior Princess & How To Sell A Small Business In NZ | Serdar Kabul Ep 310

February 21st, 2023


In this episode, host Ryan sits down with Business Broker Serdar Kabul to discuss the ins and outs of selling a small business in New Zealand.

If …

How To Handle A Cup Thief | Ep 308

February 5th, 2023


In this episode, Ryan sits down with Kathryn Sandford, a personal brand and coaching expert who is changing the game with her innovative approach to career strategy and executive leadership.

Together, Ryan and Kathryn …

SkyCity Fire: Contractor's Shocking Confession

January 29th, 2023


In the latest episode of the NZ Guide To Financial Freedom podcast, host Ryan J Melton sits down with construction industry expert Andy Alagappan to discuss the challenges and struggles of the construction industry. …

Unlock Your Potential With High Performance Coach Joneet Lal

January 22nd, 2023


Podcast guest Joneet Lal

"Growth is a journey.

It is important to recognise and accept the journey of growth to overcome the mentality of growth …

Memorable Marketing With Rachel Klaver

January 17th, 2023


Podcast Rachel Klaver: "Years ago I was called a “shameless self promoter” in a Felicity Ferret column (in METRO, an NZ magazine) and it crushed me.

Stuart Little Reveals How To Sell Anything to Anyone With Linkedin

January 15th, 2023


Podcast Guest Stuart Little: "I see LinkedIn differently, to me it’s the game changer, the portal that provides an alternative approach to …

Navigating The Digital World: A Marketer's Manifesto

January 8th, 2023


In this episode, we've got Leighton Wilson, the Managing Director of Ladder & Co, a full-service marketing agency based in Auckland. Leighton and …

Drive More Sales With Marketing Automation in 2023 | Salesforce | Lessons From CEO of GravityLab[Daniel Howell]

December 18th, 2022


Podcast guest Daniel Howell: "Entrepreneurialism, clarity, logical thinking and integrity are what I offer.

I am passionate about seeing businesses and organisations operate in new and exciting ways that not only drive …

Matt Vincent: Take Your NZ Business From “Barely Surviving to Thriving”

December 5th, 2022

Podcast guest Matt Vincent: "Matt Vincent is the CEO of DVA, joining in 2014 to modernise what was a legacy firm. DVA is now proudly, 100% in the …

Developing Your People With Sussan Ockwell

November 24th, 2022

Podcast Sussan Ockwell:

"I’m the Founder and Director of Optimism, Learning & Performance Partners.

At Optimism, we help organisations develop their people capability, often with the use of digital learning and …

Atheist Vs Christian

November 1st, 2022


Podcast Guest Joshua Singh:

"Joshua Singh, is a preacher & entrepreneur, and is best recognised as associate pastor at ICLC.

He appears in Radio Rhema,& Shine TV and on weekly release of Wisdom Wednesday.

Joshua …

330 NZ Property Transactions [A Rags To Riches Story]

October 31st, 2022

Property investor Cameron Stewart: “I am happily married to my wife Emma and I am a father to our 2 boys Angus & Oscar

I fill in my spare time with mountain biking , dirt bike riding & hunting

My motto is to …

Ultimate Guide To Transitioning Into An Existing Business [Director of Platform 1 - Mike Warmington]

October 23rd, 2022

Director of Platform 1 Mike Warmington:

“Business Owner Transition is a method of exiting or growing a private business, over time, to an external …

The Art of Authenticity: How To Show Up In The Real World With Michelle Henderson

October 18th, 2022

Podcast Guest Michelle Henderson:

“When it comes to the entertainment industry, there is very little that Michelle hasn’t done.

She graduated in 2010 …

Optimise Your Business & Life with Director of X is Y Jared Langguth

October 16th, 2022

Podcast Guest is the Director of X is Y Jared Langguth:   “An experienced idea generator, process improver, people whisperer, mindful mentor, tech …

Helping NZ Businesses Become World Class | Ian Walsh Episode 294

October 13th, 2022


Podcast Guest Ian Walsh:

“A results focused professional who delivers bottom line results for organisations, large and small.

Intent Group deliver …

Money Advice For The Masses

October 9th, 2022


Podcast Guest Kalé Emery:

“We are on a crusade to help the everyday kiwi be better with money and enjoy a better quality of life - so came our partnership with The Rock FM. A larger scale platform for every day Kiwi's …

God, Death & Self-Awareness

October 2nd, 2022


Podcast Guest Matthew Clayton:

“Matthew is an award-winning creative director, strategist and innovation leader.

Matthew has co-founded multiple …

Managing Stress: An Experts Guide To Better Mental Health

September 25th, 2022


Podcast Guest Debbie Schultz:

“As a leader in the field of organisation development, consulting and coaching, Debbie has been supporting individual …

KiwiSaver Inequality: Men vs Women

September 18th, 2022


Podcast guest Ilma Mani:

“After working for 10 years in the hospitality industry, I decided to go back to studying. I graduated from AUT with a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Finance.

I went back to study because I …

Ex- Lieutenant Spills Top Secret Operation

September 15th, 2022


Podcast Guest Tibor Mackor:

“As a world champion sportsman and coach, I have discovered that understanding gameplay, seeing the opportunities and timing the attack to win games is directly related to how businesses can …

How to Master the Art of Leadership with Stuart Wilkinson | Ep 288

September 11th, 2022


Podcast guest Stuart Wilkinson:

“I have worked with small to medium business's for over 12 years and really enjoy learning about their goals and what drives people to start and run their own business.

RightWay is …

How to CAPTIVATE an Audience with Miriam Chancellor | Ep 287

September 8th, 2022


Podcast guest Miriam Chancellor:

“I help high-performing individuals and teams overcome the challenges of public speaking to enable them to achieve their professional goals.

I am a qualified, experienced coach. My …

Avinash Kumar: Fijian Coup, LinkedIn Marketing, Personal development | Ep 286

September 4th, 2022


Podcast guest Avinash Kumar:

“I am a firm, highly focused professional debt collector with over 19 years NZ experience in the banking and finance …

Murray Fulton: Leadership, Business Funding & Change Management | Ep 285

September 1st, 2022


Podcast Guest Murray Fulton:

"Does everyone in your business seem to be working very hard but with little or no positive results? Are you trapped in …

Company Changing the Mental Health Landscape | Ep 284

August 28th, 2022


Owner of Scendent, Ryan Collier, shared his journey with mental health and why it inspired him to start Scendent.

A company allowing individuals to …

Group CEO of Socialites: Melanie Spencer|Episode 283

August 25th, 2022


Podcast guest Melanie Spencer:

“I love business and I love growing businesses. A commercially-savvy senior leader, I thrive on helping businesses prosper with an instinctive ability to understand an organisation from a …

Fiona Webby: General Manager of ‘The Mind Lab’ & ‘Tech Futures Lab’ | Ep 282

August 21st, 2022


Podcast guest Fiona Webby:

“My personal purpose is to enable others. I do this by removing barriers so that they can discover their authentic selves and reach their potential.

I have the incredible privilege of being GM …

Business Advisor’s Guide To Small Business |NZ Guide To Financial Freedom Podcast #281

August 18th, 2022


Managing Partner of Prime Strategies Group, Rob Drower. A business advisory group focused solely on creating business excellence in the Small to …

Joshua Lewthwaite: Messenger Marketing & Adversity | NZ Guide To Financial Freedom Podcast #280

August 14th, 2022


Joshua Lewthwaite Co-Founder & CEO of Izzybots. A Messenger Marketing company used to convert social media engagement into conversions.


Ryan J Melton is an 📚Author …

Building A High-Performance Team | NZ Guide To Financial Freedom Podcast #279

August 7th, 2022


Emily Rust has supported recruiters and managers through to CEOs building high-performing teams, evaluating job success criteria, assessing …

Nick Rowland: All Blacks, Steven Adams, Marketing, and Baseball | NZ Guide To Financial Freedom Podcast #278

July 31st, 2022


Nick Rowland is the Marketing Manager of New Zealand Rugby, Director of Side by Side, and a true-blue sporting enthusiast.



Sam Farmer: Psychology, Leadership & Pitbull | NZ Guide To Financial Freedom Podcast #277

July 24th, 2022


Sam Farmer coaches people through change in three core areas of professional life: Next Generation Leadership; Psychosocial Growth; Professional Supervision.


Robert Erskine & Tony Rutherford: CFO & Strategy | NZ Guide To Financial Freedom Podcast #276

July 18th, 2022


Robert Erskine & Tony Rutherford are the managing Parters of Copper Fox



Psychologist's Guide To Leadership

July 10th, 2022


So in this episode, we talk with Stewart. He's the managing director of FX consultants. And a lot of what he does is around the organizational …

Daniel Watson's Ultimate Guide To Cybersecurity #274

July 3rd, 2022


This podcast started a little bit out of the gate. Daniel Watson, he's a cyber security expert and has a back story working in the territorial forces defusing bombs.

He talked about a person that was on their fishing …

Renovation Lessons From NZ Expert Sasha Chekal #273

June 26th, 2022


I haven't met anyone like Sasha doing what Sasha does. She goes by the name Reno Girl. Well, that's what the website says. So   I've decided that's the name she goes by.

We talk about her experience as a young woman …

The #1 Sign That Your Marriage WON'T LAST... | NZ Guide To Financial Freedom Podcast #272

June 19th, 2022


We've got an interesting and diverse episode.   Which is why I love doing this podcast. You don't know what the hell is going   to come out of the stories. So this is Antoinette she's a lovely lady, a hypnotist   as …

Is Web 3 The Future Of The Internet? / Ep 271

June 12th, 2022


In this episode, we speak with Sam Kamani. So he spoke on TED Talks. He sold 15,000 copies of his book, and he's part of an organization that have …

I Made A Mistake...

April 6th, 2022


I need your help to make the podcast better. 

I'm not happy with the quality of the episodes so I'm going to take a break to brainstorm how to make …

The Great KiwiSaver Collapse / Ep 270

March 29th, 2022


KiwiSaver is about to collapse and people aren't ready for it.

What I'm talking about isn't necessarily something out of the blue. It's something …

Is The NZx 50 A Bad Investment? / Ep 269

March 28th, 2022


Three reasons why I think you should think about investing in something other than the NZx 50:

  1. Home Bias - Check out the 'The randomness of Global …

Why NZ Term Deposit Rates Aren’t Enough To Retire On / Ep 268

March 24th, 2022


Question of the day:

"I am 75 and have $70,000 in a conservative KiwiSaver fund. I will need some of this over the next few years.

As the fees and losses for KiwiSaver are both substantial, is it better for me to …

Reverse Mortgages - Plan C For Funding Your Retirement In NZ / Ep 267

March 22nd, 2022


Question of the day:

"We are fortunate enough to own our own home and a small holiday home, both mortgage-free. Estimated value $2 million and …

How To Pick The Best KiwiSaver Fund In NZ / Ep 266

March 20th, 2022


►Book A Consultation With Ryan:

Tools for picking the Best KiwiSaver Fund in NZ

Risk Tolerance:

Top 7 Ways To Withdraw Your KiwiSaver / Ep 265

March 17th, 2022


Top 7 Ways To Withdraw Your KiwiSaver:

  1. Retirement
  2. First home
  3. Financial hardship
  4. Serious illness
  5. Permanently move overseas
  6. When someone dies

Soaring NZ Fuel Prices-Will The Tax Cut Be Enough? / Ep 264

March 15th, 2022


Welcome to Finance News, we're going to talk about the soaring price of petrol in New Zealand, which isn't pretty. I mean, a lot of us are already …

New Lending Rules Changed Again?![CCCFA In Trouble] / 263

March 14th, 2022


Anyone that's a first-home buyer, or looking to get another mortgage for their rental property, this is a video you need to see.

The new lending law, that came into effect in December, has been updated. It was the CCCFA …

What The Russian Invasion Of Ukraine Means For NZ

March 10th, 2022


The Russian invasion of Ukraine is a horrible tragedy that has captured the hearts and minds of the world.

A world torn between the instigating of a nuclear war and the injustice of war.

Top Four Ways To Get Your Dream Job In NZ / Ep 261

March 8th, 2022


Finding a job on Seek, Trademe or Indeed isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Let alone trying to find your dream job.

So, I thought I share my top for ways …

The Value of your Kiwisaver is Plummeting Again, What Should You Do? / Greg Moyle

March 6th, 2022


This an episode from March 2020 in the midst of Covid where people’s KiwiSaver dropped by 20% to 30%:

“The short answer is nothing. When the hysteria bus takes over you’ll start developing this compelling urge to do …

How To Find Purpose In NZ / Episode 259

March 3rd, 2022


When I was younger. I didn't know what I wanted to do. I would try and compensate because I didn't feel good enough. And I'd go out and just really …

Resilience and Hard work with Financial Adviser William Tieu / Ep 258

March 1st, 2022


William Tieu is one of New Zealand’s biggest finance influencers on Tik Tok.  He has amassed close to 70,000 followers with content primarily focused …

Timing The Market

February 27th, 2022


Quick fire finance question of the day:

"My husband and I are 61 and 60. I work on a modest salary and my husband’s business unfortunately suffered …

Money and Marriage: Financial Advice For Couples / Ep 256

February 24th, 2022


Quickfire finance question of the day:

"My husband and I are time-poor, and though I was fully across my own finances before we got together five …

Money Saving Tips || How To Save Money in NZ [Top Tips From Saving Expert]

February 22nd, 2022


If you were ever to try and learn better ways to save money. Why not learn from a saving expert who helps people with managing their money better?

Shirley McCombe, from Tauranga Budget Advisory, shares her best money …

How To Find The Best KiwiSaver Provider In NZ With Clive Fernandes

February 17th, 2022


Finding the best KiwiSaver provider in New Zealand is no mean feat. Like how do you even compare KiwiSaver providers or find the best one? Arguably …

Top 5 Investment Strategies in NZ / Ep 252

February 15th, 2022


The top five investment strategies in NZ:


-Managed Funds

-Rental Property

-Index Funds



What Does A Financial Advisor In NZ Do? / Ep 251

February 13th, 2022


In this episode, I answer the most searched questions about financial advisors in NZ.

-What does a financial advisor do?

-Is paying a financial advisor worth it?

-How do financial advisors get paid in NZ?

-How do …

4 Must Have Leadership Skills In NZ / Ep 250

February 10th, 2022


This is from a leadership conference I ran in 2020.



How Much Do I Need For Retirement In NZ? / Ep 249

February 8th, 2022


As a financial adviser in Auckland, I often get asked: how much do I need for retirement in NZ?

If you’re looking to retire in New Zealand using term deposits, then the answer’s a lot.

But with the right investment …

Four Money Savings Tips || How To Save Money In NZ/ Ep 248

February 6th, 2022


The best way to save 30% of your income is with these four money saving tips, and despite what you might think, it has nothing to do with a savings account.

Here's my go-to on how to save money in NZ:


0:00 …

4 Money Traps to avoid in 2022 / Ep 247

February 3rd, 2022


These 4 Money Traps to avoid in 2022, are less about money as they are about you.


0:00 Intro

0:11 First Money Trap

1:31 Second Money Trap

2:48 Third Money Trap

4:26 Fourth Money Trap


2022 The Big Market Crash [Is KiwiSaver Going To Zero?] / Ep 246

February 1st, 2022


Could 2022 be the year the markets finally crash? Is your KiwiSaver going to Zero?


Inflation in NZ is at What?! / Ep 245

January 30th, 2022


Inflation in New Zealand is taking off, is there an end in sight?


0:00 Intro

01:00 Why do I have such a strong emotional reaction to this person?

06:27 Do you think the markets have been healthy post-COVID …

Ep 244: Are you Gambling or Investing? / Greg Moyle

January 27th, 2022


Quick Fire Finance for the Day:

"Here’s the thing. How on earth do you know the difference between investing and gambling? For the life of me, I cannot tell the difference.

Bank deposits return almost nothing, so they …

Ep 243: Leveraging To Invest

January 25th, 2022


Quick Fire Finance Question of the Day:

"I am just about to finish your book A Richer You, and I wanted to ask for some advice.

I love investing and …

Ep 242: What Is The CCCFA & Why Is It Stopping You From Getting A Mortgage?

January 23rd, 2022


New legislation has recently come into force, that is having a huge impact on first home buyers, and existing property owners.

The Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act, or CCCFA for short, isn't a new concept, but …

Ep 241: KiwiSaver Fees [Does Cheaper Mean Better?] / Greg Moyle

January 20th, 2022


Quick Fire Finance of the Day:

“You always say to look at KiwiSaver fees[Mary Holms] and I’ve never been that bothered before. But seeing in recent …

Ep 240: Is Your Investment Safe or Greedy?

January 18th, 2022


Quick Fire Finance of the Day:

"I am over 65. I have continued my KiwiSaver account in ANZ’s Balanced Growth fund. I have placed nearly $150,000 in it.

During the last two or three months it is not showing any growth. …

Ep 239: The Only Yellow, in a World Full of Blue By Ryan J Melton.

January 16th, 2022


So, over the holidays I wrote a book, a children's book which started out being a children's book, but then sort of turned into a morbid teenager's …

Ep 238: Is Rental Property Trash In This Market Greg Moyle?

January 13th, 2022


Quick Fire Finance Question of the Day:

"We are fortunate to have paid off our mortgage and have no debt. We have switched the full amount of …

Ep 237: Is The Reserve Bank Illuminati Greg Moyle?

January 11th, 2022


Quick Fire Finance Question of the Day:

"Hey guys,

Love the content you've been producing. Haven't heard any discussion about Central banks yet but that's probably a dry topic for most. However, considering they're the …

Ep 236: Top 3 Investments For Retirement

January 9th, 2022


In this episode, I speak on the pros and cons of New Zealand's favourite investment vehicles for retirement.



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Ep 235: What To Do When The Markets Crash

January 6th, 2022


If the market is about to collapse what can you do? 



►Register to learn from …

Ep 234: Top 3 Money Tips For NZ Business Owners With Debra Chantry-Taylor

January 4th, 2022


"Ryan talks to Debra about how to retire in style, without stress:

How to ‘retread’ instead of retire i.e finding interests outside of work.

Structuring your finances in a way that means you’re not dependent on the …

Ep 233: I Can't Believe I Did This?!

January 2nd, 2022


It's easy to look at someone's success and think it's not possible for you.

That everything came easy.

That there's no way you could get there …

Ep 232: Why Nice Guys Finish Last

December 30th, 2021


Don't run the risk of being one dimensional, sometimes you need to be cruel to be kind.

Ep 231: The Social Decline Of Civilisation

December 28th, 2021


As humans it's so easy to get caught up in the crowd. Whether it's the German public acting as informants for the Nazi's, the 900 odd who committed suicide in Jonestown or the average joe walking past a tragedy without …

Ep 230: The Most Valuable Skill You Will Ever Learn

December 26th, 2021


Can you guess what it is?



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Ep 229: Appealing To Their Reptilian Brain

December 23rd, 2021


The reptilian brain, composed of the basal ganglia (striatum) and brainstem, is involved with primitive drives related to thirst, hunger, sexuality, …

Ep 228: Psychological Trick For Making Friends

December 21st, 2021


This is one of the most valuable yet underrated tools for connecting with strangers.

Ep 227: State of the Nation with Mortgage Expert Andrew Malcolm

December 19th, 2021


State of the nation with mortgage expert Andrew Malcolm. 

Ep 226: Boat Insurance 101

December 16th, 2021


Even if you don’t have a boat you should consider boat insurance.

Let me explain.

Commercial Marine insurance includes all goods transported via …

Ep 225: Is Travel Insurance In New Zealand Worth It?

December 14th, 2021


I’m very much a fuck it let’s see what happens kind of guy but there’s only so long you can roll the dice before something really serious happens.

I …

Ep 224: The Problem With KiwiSaver Default Funds

December 12th, 2021


There is a monumental change about to impact the lives of 381,000 New Zealanders.

The Financial Markets Authority have come up with a new list of …

Ep 223: Is the Future of the NZ Economy in Jeopardy?

December 9th, 2021


Why I think skyrocketing inflation, supply chain issues, immigration outflows, wage pressures and increasing interest rates could contribute to a …

Ep 222: 7 Cost-Saving Vehicle Insurance Tips

December 7th, 2021


My car was stolen.

It sucked.

I didn’t have any emotional attachment to it.

The part that sucked was that I had the wrong vehicle insurance.

Ep 221: How It All Began

December 5th, 2021


The reason for you and I crossing paths is that from a young age, I had an unhealthy obsession with what constitutes emotional success and understanding the best way to help others to achieve it.
This obsession lead me …

Ep 220: Timing The Markets

December 2nd, 2021


It's time in the market not timing the market. We've all heard that in a theoretical sense but what about in reality? How do we mitigate the fluctuations in the market to achieve our objectives?

Ep 219: Without This One Thing You Could Lose Everything

November 30th, 2021


I was robbed six times over the course of two weeks. Not something you expect but something that happens many times over here in New Zealand.

The biggest consideration in this realisation is preparing for the best and …

Ep 218: The Next Crash

November 28th, 2021


What is the real concern for investment markets?

Ep 217: The Secret to Happiness

November 25th, 2021


When I only had $20 to my name, three days of food and a two-person tent I wrote down a dream.

I want to build a business centred around helping people achieve emotional success.

At the time, it seemed like a …

Ep 216: Is the Reserve Bank Destroying The NZ Economy?

November 23rd, 2021


Many of you would have heard of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand but what do they even do and why are they letting inflation get so out of hand? 

Ep 215: Before You Kill Yourself Please Listen To This

November 21st, 2021


I have had countless conversations with people on the verge of suicide where if they hadn't reached out they might not be here. I know someone listening right now has those very same thoughts. I just want you to know …

Ep 214: Leveraging Your Way To Financial Freedom

November 18th, 2021


Since July 1998 a floating rate mortgage has averaged 7% with a 2 year fixed rate mortgage being 6.5%. Best case scenario a growth fund provides an …

Ep 213: KiwiSaver, How do you Pick It?

November 16th, 2021


With so many options out there it can be hard to distinguish between a good KiwiSaver fund and a great KiwiSaver fund. Many will have you believe …

Ep 212: NZ Economy on the Verge of Collapse

November 14th, 2021


The whole financial system is about to collapse and there's nothing we can do about it. At least that's what the newspapers would have you believe. …

Ep 211: Investing 101

November 11th, 2021


In this episode I share the underlying investment principles that meant over the 33 years of being in business our clients have never lost any money.

Ep 210: Is NZ's Public Health System Broken?

November 9th, 2021


Medical care is free, why would I need insurance? One of the most misunderstood insurances in New Zealand is medical. We think it's only countries …

Ep 209: Govt Offers $200k To First Home Buyers

November 7th, 2021


The first home partner is an interesting policy brought in by our government. It might be for you it might not. Only one way to find out.

Ep 208: Will Your Savings Be Enough?

November 4th, 2021


Losing your ability to work can hit you and your family hard.

Sure there are instances where ACC or Work and Income can help, but, what if you want more?

If this is your mindset then you might consider something like …

Ep 207: Could Inflation Bankrupt New Zealand?

November 2nd, 2021


The real threat to businesses isn’t Covid its interest rates.

It’s inevitable, inflation is just too high.

The reserve bank needs to do something.

Inflation has launched up to 4.9%

It’s just a matter of time.

I …

Ep 206: Is The Pension Running Out Greg Moyle?

October 31st, 2021


"Hi Greg,

I'm wondering if you could ease my concerns about New Zealand Superannuation.

I'm 35 years old and I don't think the government will have …

Ep 205: Could This Happen To You?

October 28th, 2021


The world's soil is being depleted of nutrients, obesity is climbing at alarming rates with a devasting amount of NZers showing signs of anxiety and depression.
This alarming realisation isn’t designed to scare you, but …

Ep 204: Do This 1 Thing Before It's Too Late

October 26th, 2021


Life insurance is the unsung hero of estate planning. Sure you hear the stories of misleading insurance brokers and greedy providers but if you take …

Ep 203: 7 Tips To Improve Your Sleep By Neuroscientist Andrew Huberman PhD

October 24th, 2021


In this episode we explore one of the most important topics we've never discussed, sleep. An epidemic impacting more people than Covid. If you're not optimising your sleep you're putting yourself at risk of heart …

Episode 202: The Psychology of Investing

October 21st, 2021


We see the world through our mind. You might have heard of the hypothesis that we're all living in a simulation. Which sounds too far fetched to be …

Ep 201: Invest Like Warren Buffet

October 19th, 2021


I know no matter what I say many of you are going to invest into shares. So in this episode I break down the latest school of thought relating to all …

Ep 200: Is Property A Bad Investment?

October 17th, 2021


Most New Zealanders accumulated their wealth through the power of property. With prices at record highs it feels like you're missing out if you don't …

Ep 199: Making Money From A Mortgage

October 14th, 2021


"Peer-to-peer lending providers match people who want loans with people who might be willing to fund those loans. You may be offered a high interest rate, but this is because you take more risk.

What is peer-to-peer …

Ep 198: How To Know You're Being Scammed

October 12th, 2021


The shortest way round is the longest way home. The desire to escape the rat race impulses New Zealanders into making poor financial decisions. I …

Ep 197: Is Gold A Good Investment?

October 10th, 2021


There will be a time where the market crashes impacting the majority of your portfolio. Not a pretty sight, is there something you could have done? …

Ep 196: Are ETFs A House Of Cards?

October 7th, 2021


Exchange traded funds are all the rage these days but there's one thing that has many experts worried. What do you think it is?

Ep 195: The Secret To Forex Trading

October 5th, 2021


Have you ever wondered what makes the New Zealand dollar go up and down? Why NZers brag about how much money they're making on the Forex, only to …

Ep 194 : 4 Investment Hacks Elite Fund Managers Use

October 3rd, 2021


You might have heard of terms like futures, options, swaps and CFDs. What in god’s name could it all mean and why should you care? In this episode, I …

Ep 193: The Unicorn Of Investing

September 30th, 2021


"What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding works by many people (the crowd) putting in small amounts of money to raise funds for a company or project.
When you put money into an equity crowdfunding project, you're buying shares. …

Ep 192: 2 KiwiSaver Essentials

September 28th, 2021


"Cash investments are relatively safe because you’re promised a fixed interest rate. But the returns you get through interest rates tend to be low, …

Ep 191: 1 Thing Stopping NZ Banks From Collapsing

September 26th, 2021


"Capital notes are often issued by well-known banks, but are riskier than bank deposits. They
may not be suitable for many investors. A household …

Ep 190: The Ultimate Guide To Investing In Bonds

September 23rd, 2021


The Ultimate Guide To Investing In Bonds. "Bonds are loans from investors to governments and companies for a fixed length of time, or term. Although typically they don’t have the high returns of other financial …

Ep 189: Warning! Are You Making This Mistake With Your Money?

September 21st, 2021


"What are binary options?

Also called ‘all-or-nothing’, ‘fixed return options’ or ‘digital options’, binary options enable you to make (or lose) money by predicting the short term movements in the price of a share, …

Ep 188: Why Managed Funds Make You Rich

September 19th, 2021


A managed fund is a type of financial vehicle made up of a pool of money collected from many investors to invest in securities like stocks, bonds, …

Ep 187: How Is Cryptocurrency Taxed?

September 16th, 2021


"Cryptoassets are treated as a form of property for tax purposes. While there are different types of cryptoassets, the tax treatment depends on the characteristics and use of the cryptoassets. It does not depend on what …

Ep 186: Investment Battle: Australia Vs New Zealand

September 14th, 2021


Over half a million Kiwis are living in Australia with a potential taxation nightmare the moment they return home.  In this episode we explore buzz …

Ep 185: Closing The Investment Gap With Simran Kaur

September 12th, 2021


Simran the co-founder of one of the largest investing education podcasts in the world, Girls That Invest, shares her journey, insights and how she …

Ep 184: Where Should Uni Students Invest?

September 9th, 2021


Quick Fire Finance Of The Day:

"I want to start thinking about investing my money and/or saving for the future but I am a student and don’t have consistent income. I have about $10,000 in savings but since interest …

Ep 183: Who Wins In Family Court?

September 7th, 2021


"How the Family Court divides relationship property

General principles

The judge will be guided by some general principles when they divide your relationship property:

men and women have equal status

each partner has made …

Ep 182: 'ETFs The Next Bubble' Michael Burry From 'The Big Short' Says

September 5th, 2021


"Please would you let us know your thoughts on Michael Burry’s view that ETFs and index funds are the next bubble. Have just invested a fair bit …

Ep 181: What Is Relationship Property?

September 2nd, 2021


"Property is divided into two categories, relationship property and separate property.

What is “relationship property”?

Property (Relationships) Act 1976, s 8

Relationship property is the property that must be divided …

Ep 180: Is It Mine Or Theirs?

August 31st, 2021


"Usually a relationship will need to have lasted at least three years for the PRA’s equal-sharing regime to apply. However, sometimes shorter relationships (where there are children or a partner has made a substantial …

Ep 179: Marketing With Purpose / Ben Male

August 29th, 2021


Ben Male Founder of Team Empathy: "People go into business to help other people ❤️Whether it's local services, fresh produce, tangible products or digital goods; we're all in the business of making other lives better. …

Ep 178: When Does My Ex Get Everything?

August 26th, 2021


"The Property (Relationships) Act 1976 deals with how the property of married couples, civil union partners and de facto couples is divided when a relationship ends. The Act covers a relationship ending because of a …

Ep 177: Four Ways To Own Property

August 24th, 2021


"There are different types of land ownership in New Zealand. The type of ownership has a direct impact on what you can and cannot do with the property. There are four main types of property ownership in New Zealand – …

Ep 176: Is Investing All Hype With Greg Moyle?

August 22nd, 2021


"'We are saving via a small basket of shares as a long-term investment, including a couple of managed funds and an index fund. I appreciate your …

Ep 175: The Final Stage Of Buying/Selling Property

August 19th, 2021


What you need to be mindful of when you're nearing the end of the sale

Ep 174: The Middle Stage Of Buying/Selling Property

August 17th, 2021


You've almost closed the deal, what should you look for?

Ep 173: Business Lending With Financial Adviser Doug White

August 15th, 2021


Business Financial Adviser from Finsol Doug White: "I’ve been in the banking game for the last twenty years, and before joining Finsol, I was a …

Ep 172: First Home - Managing Your Mortgage

August 12th, 2021


You begrudgingly sold your life to the bank now what?

The first step in managing your mortgage is knowing when to hold them and when to fold them. …

Ep 171: Property Law – The Initial Stage

August 10th, 2021


When you hear the phrase: ‘you should talk to a lawyer’ the hair on the back of your neck stands up.
Don’t lose hope.
They’re an essential tool to …

Ep 170: Is Property > Shares with Greg Moyle

August 8th, 2021


"I am almost 57 years old, a single woman. I own a home in central Wellington worth $1.3 million, with a $45,000 mortgage. No other savings or debts …

Ep 169 First Home - How Much Can You Borrow?

August 5th, 2021


Ok you've decided you want a house, now what?

Ep 168: First Home - Lender Questions

August 3rd, 2021

It sounds silly but sometimes just asking the right questions can make the world of difference to your mortgage. Here’s a few to get you started: “What fees do you charge? For all loans, ask about application fees and …

Ep 167: Unlock Your Subconscious With Child Psychologist Dr Emma Woodward

August 1st, 2021


Dr Emma Woodward founder of The Child Psychology Service: "As well as being a child psychologist, I’m a mum to four boys. This means that I’m really …

Ep 166: Buying Your First Home

July 29th, 2021


With house prices skyrocketing beyond the income of the average New Zealand household the idea of building up the resources to purchase a new home …

Ep 165: Estate Planning - Divorce & Separation

July 27th, 2021


Property (Relationships) Act 1976, s 1N

"The law relating to the division of relationship property is guided by these general principles:

· men and …

Ep 164: The Wolf Of Queen Street Lawrence Lotze

July 25th, 2021


Lawrence Lotze, host of 'The Wolf of Queen Street' Podcast has always had a passion for helping to connect people through similar life experiences …

Ep 163 - Estate Planning - Losing A Partner

July 22nd, 2021


Funeral costs

You’ll need to think about the kind of send-off you want for your partner, but also about what you can afford. Talk to a funeral director about the options available. Even a basic funeral can be expensive …

Ep 162: Estate Planning - Family Trust

July 20th, 2021


"The idea with a family trust is to protect the ownership of our assets. Here’s how trusts work: we transfer the legal ownership of our assets to the trustees while continuing to use and enjoy them as long as the trust …

Ep 161: Guest Appearance On Find My Voice

July 18th, 2021


John Maybury host of the 'Find My Voice' podcast, invites me on to discuss the power of brand, marketing and how to produce 70 pieces of content a week.

Ep 160: Estate Planning - Wills

July 15th, 2021


"How to make a will

Don't have a will yet, or need to update a previous will? You can get one drafted by someone with experience, such as a lawyer or trustee company. A will must also be signed and witnessed. If the …

Ep 159: Estate Planning - Enduring Powers Of Attorney

July 13th, 2021


"An enduring power of attorney (EPA) is a legal document giving someone the power to act for us if we lose the ability to make decisions for ourselves.

The two types of enduring powers of attorney

There are two types of …

Ep 158: Insure A Better Future with Pamela Deal

July 11th, 2021


Pam has been involved in the financial services industry since 1974, having spent 22 years in banking leaving a Branch Management position to pursue …

Ep 157: Mortgages - Revolving Credit

July 8th, 2021


"Revolving credit loans work like a giant overdraft. Your pay goes straight into the account and bills are paid out of the account when they’re due. …

Ep 156: Mortgages - Reducing balance (non-table) loans

July 6th, 2021

Reducing or straight line mortgages repay the same amount of principal with each repayment, but a reducing amount of interest each time. These are quite rare in New Zealand. Payments start high, but reduce (in a …

Ep 155: The Future Of Financial Advice With Darcy Ungaro

July 4th, 2021


Darcy Ungaro, host of the NZ Everyday Investor and Director of Ungaro & Co:

"Unorthodox, slightly contrarian, a bit eccentric- be prepared to hear what you need to hear if you’ve chosen to catch up with me. Why …

Ep 154: Mortgage - Offset Loans

July 1st, 2021


"An offset mortgage setup can reduce the amount of interest you pay on your mortgage. Typically, interest is payable on the full amount of a loan. …

Ep 153 - Mortgages Table Loans

June 29th, 2021

"Table loan

This is the most common type of home loan. You can choose a term up to 30 years with most lenders. Most of the early repayments pay off the interest, while most of the later payments pay off the principal …

Ep 152: Mortgage Matchmaking with New Zealand Mortgage Broker Jack Windler

June 27th, 2021


Jack Windler From Mortgage Supply Co:  "A commitment to a mortgage is a long term proposition that can deliver so much to people as they look to create a home for themselves and their family. There is nothing more …

EP 151: Mortgages - Interest Only

June 24th, 2021


How can you show interest without seeming too interested?

If only investing in property was as easy as the questions posed in Women’s Weekly.

In this segment, I’m not trying to teach you the art of flirting, but, …

Ep 150: Mortgages - Fixed Vs Floating

June 22nd, 2021


As the great Shakespeare would say: to fix or not to fix that is the question. The challenge for any new homeowners or investors is deciding whether …

Ep 149: KiwiSaver Bargains With Greg Moyle

June 20th, 2021


The hidden costs of going cheap.

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Ep 148: Top 3 Ways To Get A Bigger First Home Deposit

June 17th, 2021


 With skyrocketing house prices is it even possible to get the deposit for your first home?

Here are a few vehicles you might want to consider:


Ep 147: Can KiwiSaver Lose All Your Money?

June 15th, 2021


"Your answer — late last year — to the couple who were considering the impact of both having KiwiSavers with ANZ is a little misleading.

I would …

Ep 146: Mortgage Maker Andrew Malcolm

June 13th, 2021


Andrew Malcolm the Managing Director of Mortgage HQ: "When Blandon and I started in business together, we shared the same frustrations but found we …

Ep 145: The KiwiSaver Conspiracy

June 10th, 2021


Why did the government really start KiwiSaver?

If you're wanting your question answered on the podcast email …

Quick Fire Fitness With PT Jordan Greville

June 8th, 2021


"Jordan is a trainer who focuses on building the fundamentals of your fitness first. Solid conditioning is the key to success and …

Ep 143: Robo-Advice With Rupert Carlyon

June 6th, 2021


Rupert Carlyon The Founder Of Kōura Wealth:
"Rupert has worked in financial service roles his entire career – starting at global investment bank UBS, …

Ep 142: I'm Afraid I Don't Have Enough

June 3rd, 2021


Quick fire finance of the day:  "I feel like I have always scrimped and been very careful with money — firstly when I was in my 20s as my boyfriend …

Ep 141: Borrow Or Invest?

June 1st, 2021


Should I pay off my mortgage or invest in KiwiSaver?

If you're wanting your question answered on the podcast …

Ep 140: Will My Ex Get Everything?

May 30th, 2021


Everything's going well now but what happens when it isn't? Who gets what? Click to book your free consultation.

Ep 139: Is My 8% Return Enough?

May 27th, 2021


Quick Fire Finance of the day: "We’re a couple nearing our 70s, have a mortgage-free house and most of our savings in our own independent KiwiSaver accounts. The thing is both accounts are with the same bank. I say this …

Ep 138: Do I Even Need A House?

May 25th, 2021


Couldn't I just sell my house and retire early? Am I missing something?

If you're wanting your question …

Ep 137: Finding Your Purpose With Kate Ross

May 23rd, 2021


Kate Ross - "An accomplished entrepreneur and innovator, I have achieved 20 years of successful leadership in the recruitment and talent management …

Ep 136: The Book Of Gregory James Moyle

May 20th, 2021


Greg is the founding Director of Financial Planning NZ Ltd, now known as OnePlan, and he was responsible for the company's creation.
After graduating as an Accountant in 1975, Greg was employed in a number of …

Why Investing In NZ Is A Mistake

May 18th, 2021


Could nationalism affect your financial future?

It’s very natural for people to gravitate towards what they know instead venturing into the big wide …

The Future Of The Podcast

May 16th, 2021


Where we see the podcast going, our plans for the business and how we plan to revolutionise the financial space.

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Crypto Bubble About To Burst?

May 13th, 2021


Cryptocurrency and blockchain could very well be one of the most important inventions of our generation. The streamline efficient way of which it …

Simplicity Kiwisaver Not So Simple

May 11th, 2021


Simplicity is the flavour of the month with it's low fees and high returns but is that telling the whole story? 

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Is New Zealand Politics Corrupt?

May 9th, 2021


Have you ever wondered what it's like behind the scenes of New Zealand politics? Nows your chance. 

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Is It Too Late For Property?

May 6th, 2021


Quick Fire Finance Of The Day:
"I am 48 and having recently divorced, I’m starting over.
My husband and I owned no property together, so there were no assets to divide. I’m now starting from basically nothing and …

Index Funds Or Kiwisaver? 🤔

May 4th, 2021


Is Kiwisaver even worth it in retirement or should I invest all my money in index funds?

If you're wanting your question answered on the podcast …

Smartphone Business With CEO Ben Marris

May 2nd, 2021


If I said you should run your business like a smartphone what would be your first thought? Do I mean you should scroll mindlessly on your screen, …

Controversial Podcast

April 29th, 2021


This podcast went off the rails, viewers discretion be advised.

Also, if you're wanting your question answered on the podcast email me at, send a voice message below or capitalise on our free online …

Are ETFs Doomed?

April 27th, 2021


Are you making a big mistake investing in ETFs?

Is it a bubble?

Will you lose all your money?

Join Jordan Greville and Ryan Melton as they unravel the mystery of Exchange Traded Funds.

Also, if you're wanting your …

Life In The Middle East

April 25th, 2021


OnePlan's director of first impressions shares her experiences as a young woman in the middle east.

If you're wanting your question answered on the podcast email me at, send a voice message below or …

Is Rental Property Still A Good Idea?

April 22nd, 2021


Quick Fire Finance Question Of The Day:

"My husband and I are in our early 50s. Both our children have moved out so we’ve started thinking about planning for our future as we don’t want to be a burden to them. My mother …

Tax Efficient Investments

April 20th, 2021


Quick Fire Finance Of The Day:

"Recent articles in the Herald advise taxpayers to ensure that they use their correct PIR rates for their investment funds such as KiwiSaver.

None of the articles address the situation …

Transform Your Career & Life With Sarah Newton Palmer

April 18th, 2021


About Sarah Newton-Palmer: "I work as a life and career coach, and senior facilitator, in the field of life transitioning and leadership development. …

Person In Need Or Dole-Bludger?

April 15th, 2021


If you had to swindle the tax payer out of their money how would you do it?

If you're wanting your question answered on the podcast email me at

Where Should You Invest?

April 13th, 2021


It's not easy filtering through the noise. Many New Zealanders fall victim to their own greed or fear and miss out on a rewarding financial future. This episode is about our investment philosophy and how you can use it …

Intergenerationally Worthless

April 11th, 2021


Is it possible to instill good values in a child who has it all? 


Risky Business

April 8th, 2021


If you've got an old insurance policy you might be luckier than you think.

If you're wanting your question answered on the podcast email me at

Protecting Against The Unknown

April 6th, 2021


At somepoint shit is going to hit the fan so you can either live with your head in the sand or you can do something about it. This episode won't protect you from the hardships of life because no matter what you do it …

Building Resilience With Dr Sven Hansen

April 4th, 2021


Dr Sven Hansen is the founder of The Resilience Institute. From a medical family, Sven travelled widely and completed two years in special forces before completing medicine.  His passion for sport and flow took him into …

NZ’s Most Important Asset

April 1st, 2021


We know about property and shares but is there an asset that trumps them all? 

Also, if you're wanting your question answered on the podcast email me at, send a voice message below or capitalise on …

Finding Your Purpose

March 30th, 2021


Finding your why in life is one of the most challenging yet valuable things you can do or as Viktor E. Frankl would say:

"A man who becomes conscious …

First Home Buying With Greg Moyle

March 28th, 2021


The government is coming after property investors but what about first home buyers?

If you're wanting your question answered on the podcast email me at, send a voice message below or capitalise on …

Quick Fire Finance - Why You Should Never Retire

March 25th, 2021


Quick Fire question of the day:

"I’m 56 years old and have worked in management for most of my life. I have some bad days but for the most part I …

Quick Fire Finance - The Divorce Ruined Me

March 23rd, 2021


My ex-wife took me for everything I'm worth. How do I make sure it never happens again?

If you're wanting your question answered on the podcast email me at, send a voice message below or capitalise on …

Complex Commercial Disputes With Brent Norling

March 21st, 2021


Brent Norling Director of award winning legal firm Norling Law shares his personal journey and insights for helping bring New Zealand businesses back from the brink of extinction. A simplistic overview of very complex …

Quick Fire Finance - The Problem With Shares

March 18th, 2021


Quick Fire Finance of the Day: 

"We are a couple in our late 70s and realize that our remaining years on this planet are becoming limited. We live in …

Quick Fire Finance - Who Is NZ's Best Fund Manager?

March 16th, 2021


 Quick Fire Finance of the day:

"How do you compare various unit funds?

I am retired and have several hundred thousand dollars which I’m considering …

Is The US Economy Doomed With Greg Moyle?

March 14th, 2021


The United States Of America owe close to $30 trillion dollars and print money by the bucket loads. Will their economy survive? Will they even have …

Toolkit Of Deception

March 11th, 2021


You don't have to go very far to hear the countless horror stories of people being swindled out of their life savings. A fast talking con artist …

Is Bitcoin The Next Big Thing?

March 9th, 2021


What is it, where is it and how does it work?

If you're wanting your question answered on the podcast email me at, send a voice …

Dean Anderson & The Problem With 'Index Funds'

March 7th, 2021


The CEO of Kernel Wealth, Dean Anderson,  started his investment career in the rustling bustling world of the New Zealand Stock Exchange. An experience that shaped the creation and thought process behind what we know …

Quick Fire Finance - It's Time In The Market Not Timing The Market

March 4th, 2021


"I’m self employed and make regular contributions to my KiwiSaver. My KiwiSaver has been losing money recently, which is fine, am in it for the long …

Next Generation Real Estate With Nathan Canton

March 2nd, 2021


I’ve always wondered what’s the point of getting a real estate agent in when you can just do it yourself?

A common fallacy we all fall into as NZers is this concept of ‘Do It Youself.’ Don’t get me wrong, there are …

Quick Fire Finance - Are My Kiwisaver Fees Too High?

February 28th, 2021


Does cheaper always mean better?

If you're wanting your question answered on the podcast email me at, send a voice message below …

Quick Fire Finance - My 20% Risk Free Return

February 25th, 2021


"My Sharesies account has been getting a return of 20% every week for two months..." 

Also, if you're wanting your question answered on the podcast email me at, send a voice message below or …

Chapter Thirteen - The Dirty Secrets Of The Financial Elite

February 23rd, 2021


For far too long the dark underbelly of the financial elite has crippled the progression of hard-working individuals. Their ill intentions and selfish pursuits have shrouded the idea of what constitutes sound, sane, and …

The Future Of Business with Dr Lena Waizenegger

February 21st, 2021


We are more connected now than any point in human history and yet we are even more divided. Whatever your political or social views, this is a must …

Chapter Twelve - The Dirty Secrets Of The Financial Elite

February 18th, 2021


For far too long the dark underbelly of the financial elite has crippled the progression of hard-working individuals. Their ill intentions and selfish pursuits have shrouded the idea of what constitutes sound, sane, and …

Chapter Eleven - The Dirty Secrets Of The Financial Elite

February 16th, 2021


For far too long the dark underbelly of the financial elite has crippled the progression of hard-working individuals. Their ill intentions and selfish pursuits have shrouded the idea of what constitutes sound, sane, and …

NZ's No. 1 Speaker Coach Michael Philpot

February 14th, 2021


Are you looking to develop your skills as a leader? There is probably no business leadership skill more important than the ability to speak to an audience of any size. But without speaker training, it’s easy to get …

Chapter Ten - The Dirty Secrets Of The Financial Elite

February 11th, 2021


For far too long the dark underbelly of the financial elite has crippled the progression of hard-working individuals. Their ill intentions and selfish pursuits have shrouded the idea of what constitutes sound, sane, and …

Chapter Nine - The Dirty Secrets Of The Financial Elite

February 9th, 2021


For far too long the dark underbelly of the financial elite has crippled the progression of hard-working individuals. Their ill intentions and selfish pursuits have shrouded the idea of what constitutes sound, sane, and …

Jemma Ross's Loans For Growing Businesses

February 7th, 2021


The most important thing for any business owner is managing cash flow and one of the hardest things while juggling all the facets of business is using the right debt vehicle to achieve the right outcome. In an ideal …

Chapter Eight - The Dirty Secrets Of The Financial Elite

February 4th, 2021


For far too long the dark underbelly of the financial elite has crippled the progression of hard-working individuals. Their ill intentions and selfish pursuits have shrouded the idea of what constitutes sound, sane, and …

Chapter Seven - The Dirty Secrets Of The Financial Elite

February 2nd, 2021


For far too long the dark underbelly of the financial elite has crippled the progression of hard-working individuals. Their ill intentions and selfish pursuits have shrouded the idea of what constitutes sound, sane, and …

Is Your Bank Screwing You? / Greg Moyle

January 31st, 2021


Ever wondered what quantitative easing, the OCR and inflation have in common? Probably not but you should. These three concept could make or break …

Chapter Six - The Dirty Secrets Of The Financial Elite

January 28th, 2021


For far too long the dark underbelly of the financial elite has crippled the progression of hard-working individuals. Their ill intentions and selfish pursuits have shrouded the idea of what constitutes sound, sane, and …

Chapter Five - The Dirty Secrets Of The Financial Elite

January 26th, 2021


For far too long the dark underbelly of the financial elite has crippled the progression of hard-working individuals. Their ill intentions and selfish pursuits have shrouded the idea of what constitutes sound, sane, and …

Your Network Is Your Net Worth With Grant Finer

January 24th, 2021


Anything significant I have ever achieved in my life has been through the guidance or support of someone else. 

We’ve all heard the saying your network is your net worth but what are some tactical and tangible ways of …

Chapter 4 - The Dirty Secrets Of The Financial Elite

January 21st, 2021


For far too long the dark underbelly of the financial elite has crippled the progression of hard-working individuals. Their ill intentions and selfish pursuits have shrouded the idea of what constitutes sound, sane, and …

Chapter 3 - The Dirty Secrets Of The Financial Elite

January 19th, 2021


For far too long the dark underbelly of the financial elite has crippled the progression of hard-working individuals. Their ill intentions and selfish pursuits have shrouded the idea of what constitutes sound, sane, and …

Every Sole Trader Needs To Hear This From Greg Moyle

January 17th, 2021


 The day you start your business is the day you should plan your exit. Sounds a bit strange planning to quit before you even start, but, it's an …

Chapter Two - The Dirty Secrets of The Financial Elite

January 14th, 2021


For far too long the dark underbelly of the financial elite has crippled the progression of hard-working individuals. Their ill intentions and selfish pursuits have shrouded the idea of what constitutes sound, sane, and …

Chapter One - The Dirty Secrets Of The Financial Elite

January 12th, 2021


For far too long the dark underbelly of the financial elite has crippled the progression of hard-working individuals. Their ill intentions and selfish pursuits have shrouded the idea of what constitutes sound, sane, and …

Virtual Marketing with Professional Attention Seeker Stanley Henry

January 10th, 2021


The biggest threat to the success of your business is a resistance to change. Sure it’s unpredictable, uncomfortable, and unbearable at times, but, …

Quick Fire Finance - Should I Put All Of My Children's Inheritance Into The Auckland Property Market?

January 7th, 2021


Quick Fire Finance Of The Day:

"My two children (now 23 and 21) were incredibly lucky to inherit $100,000 each in 2012. We looked at Auckland investment property and felt things were so hot it might fall over at any …

Quick Fire Finance - As A Contractor Should I Contribute To Kiwsaver In Bulk? / Ryan J Melton

January 5th, 2021


Quick Fire Finance Of The Day:

"I recently inherited some money when my mother died. I am soon to turn 54 and am mortgage-free.

Is putting a bulk sum …

Relationship Property Problems With Greg Moyle

January 3rd, 2021


Time and time again we see family's financial wellbeing fall apart because of a poorly structured estate. If you've repartnered, have kids from a prior relationship or just want to upskill your understanding to help …

Quick Fire Finance - Take it or Leave it?

December 31st, 2020


"We are into our 70's and are wondering whether we should draw down on our kiwisaver, and if so what should we do with the money?"

Jordan quizzes …

Quick Fire Finance - Is $100,000 enough for my retirement?

December 29th, 2020


So, "is $100,000 in Kiwisaver enough to retire with in New Zealand?" Listen in as we discuss the in's and the out's of this question on todays instalment of Quickfire Finance, NZ Guide to Financial Freedom. Source: NZ …

Terrorism and Money Laundering With Daniel Rogers

December 27th, 2020


Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance is steadily draining expertise from the pool of available resources with increased regulatory expectations …

Quick Fire Finance - Should I Pay Off My Mortgage Or Contribute To Kiwisaver?

December 24th, 2020


I'm almost 65, I have 140k in Kiwisaver and a 183k mortgage. Can I withdraw my Kiwisaver early to pay it off?

If you're wanting your question answered on the podcast email me at, send a voice message …

Quick Fire Finance - How Do I Optimise My Kid's Kiwisaver?

December 22nd, 2020


Solo mum reaches out for guidance on future proofing her children's Kiwisavers.

If you're wanting your question answered on the podcast email me at

Will Sharesies And Hatch Contribute To The Next Stock Market Crash?

December 20th, 2020


I'm really worried about this generation of Hatch and Sharsies investors as their behaviour is so similar to that of the stock market crash in 1987. The Crash by Liam Dann in the NZ Herald describes it well: “It all …

Quick Fire Finance - My ASB Kiwisaver Lost me $20,000!

December 17th, 2020


Quick Fire Finance Of The Day:

"After retiring last year, in June this year I moved all of my savings into ASB KiwiSaver. I chose a balanced fund to mitigate risks. I have now lost a considerable sum of money. I put in …

Quick Fire Finance - Big Mistake By Famous New Zealand Journalist

December 15th, 2020


The challenge we often face in planning for our retirement, is knowing the difference between good and bad advice. In this case, NZ's favourite …

COVID Proof Your Business with Digital Expert Jason Greenwood

December 13th, 2020


Jason Greenwood (Founder - Greenwood Consulting) has contributed to the success of some of the biggest players in eCommerce and digital retail for …

Quick Fire Finance - My Term Deposit Rate Sucks, What Can I Do Greg Moyle?

December 10th, 2020


 Quick Fire Finance of the day:

"I am 68, semi-retired with an income of $40,000 from part-time work plus my NZ Super and $500 per week from an …

Quick Fire Finance - What Do I Do With My Mortgage Greg Moyle?

December 8th, 2020


 Quick Fire Finance of the day:

"I am (finally) debt-free in my mid 50s and own my Auckland home, but I have very little saved for retirement. If I …

Video Presentation Coach John Maybury

December 6th, 2020


Every New Zealander has the opportunity to make an impact. To share a concept that influences the masses. Point and click. A skill born and nurtured from two concepts: math and art. The mathematics of what converts and …

Quick Fire Finance - When Does The Government Stop Contributing To My Kiwisaver? / Greg Moyle

December 3rd, 2020


Quick Fire Finance of the day:

"Having now reached 65 and receiving superannuation payments whilst still employed, I’m seeking confirmation that the government’s annual KiwiSaver contribution of $521 ceases from my 65th …

Quick Fire Finance - The Pros & Cons Of Using A Financial Planner

December 1st, 2020


You can bail me up about this because it's incredibly bias. What I say to counter that is many listeners don't even know what a financial planner is or if it's worthwhile even talking to one. So I thought I'd take this …

Host Of NZ's No. 1 Business Podcast Ed McKnight

November 29th, 2020


I first came across Ed and the team at Opes when searching for ways to upskill in the property space because the first word anyone seems to learn in this country is p p p p rroooperty.  I needed a quick and engaging way …

Quick Fire Finance - Why Is Compounding Interest So Good?

November 26th, 2020


Quick Fire Of The Day:

"I understand that the $521 annual government contribution is worth it. But if that’s the maximum from the government for …

Quick Fire Finance - Are Kiwisaver Withdrawals Taxed?

November 24th, 2020


 Quick Fire Finance Of The Day:

"Are withdrawals from your KiwiSaver taxable, and added to your NZ Super as income, increasing your tax rate?"

Source: NZ Herald 12 September 2020

For those wanting their question …

Get What You Want Out Of Business And Life with Debra Chantry-Taylor

November 22nd, 2020


Would you pursue something that had a mere 30% success rate?

Better yet, would you try learn a completely new skill from scratch without a coach?

If …

Quick Fire Finance - Where Did All My Money Go? / Greg Moyle

November 19th, 2020


Quick Fire Finance of The Day:

"I invested $5,000 in a crowd-funded start-up company in 2016 with the knowledge that I could well lose the money but …

Quick Fire Finance - How To Invest $12,000 In The New Zealand Share Market With Greg Moyle

November 17th, 2020


Quick Fire Of The Day:

"My husband and I would like some direction on what to look for when investing $12,000 in the NZ share market. Our objective …

Become A Thought Leader With Verity Craft

November 15th, 2020


There’s an emerging concept you need to know and it’s this idea of becoming a ‘thought leader.’  We all know a person we respect and admire for their knowledge in a chosen discipline. The challenging hurdle we must …

Quick Fire Finance - The Power Of Small Cap Stocks

November 12th, 2020


Quick Fire Finance Of The Day:

"When our elder son was born in 1988 we were living in the UK and started a £30 per month investment into a unit trust. It was a moderate-risk UK smaller companies fund. It has been a good …

Quick Fire Finance - They Tried Stealing My Money

November 10th, 2020


Quick Fire Finance Of The Day:

"Is the following a scam? Since getting it and filling out a form, they have been phoning me day and night. Please …

Recruitment Animal Peter 'The Lynx' Stewart

November 8th, 2020


Leadership isn’t a title that can be given it’s a perception that must be earned. A narrative all too common in any organisation where the wrong person is given the right job. A metaphoric dead branch that on the …

Quick Fire Finance - What Would You Do With $1 Million?

November 5th, 2020


Quick Fire Finance Of The Day:

"I am 72 years of age and have a KiwiSaver account that I took out about four years ago and contributed to for a few years and then ignored. It’s been inactive ever since. I think it I …

Quick Fire Finance - The Death Of Resthome Protection

November 3rd, 2020


Quick Fire Question of the day: will a trust protect me against the government?

Once again for those wanting their question answered on the podcast email me at, send a voice message below or …

The Four Styles Of Influence With Allison Mooney

November 1st, 2020


We all know that glum person at work who shuts down any good idea and gossips behind your back or that overbearing boss with unrealistic expectations and no sense of what it takes to get the job done. Whoever …

Quick Fire Finance - Hacking Your Mortgage

October 29th, 2020


Quick Fire Question Of The Day: 

"I’ve been thinking about dollar cost averaging in relation to mortgage rates.

I wonder if one split their mortgage …

Quick Fire Finance - Success Isn't Always Sunshine & Rainbows

October 27th, 2020


Quick Fire Question Of The Day:

"I have approximately $1.5 million in the bank.

I have had nothing but trouble and worry with money throughout my …

Thinking Strategically With Chartered Accountant Murray Phillips

October 25th, 2020


Business can be a very lonely endeavour where the difference between success and failure is a willingness to be better than what you were yesterday. To work on your business not just in it. To work smarter not just …

Quick Fire Finance - To Property Or Not To Property? / Greg Moyle

October 22nd, 2020


Quick Fire Question Of The Day:

"I am 40 this year, a single mum with young kids and have been bad with money until three years ago.

Since then, I have invested in KiwiSaver and in two ETFs (exchange traded funds), one …

Quick Fire Finance - Is It Safe To Have All My Money In One Kiwisaver? / Greg Moyle

October 20th, 2020


Quick fire question of the day: "My husband and I are in our late 60s and we have the bulk of our savings, over $500,000 each, in a moderate …

What Would You Do If You Only Had Nine Months To Live? / Greg Moyle

October 18th, 2020


We act as though we'll live forever but what if we don't?  It's a sad truth that no-one wants to talk about but everyone needs to. In this case we hear the story of a young New Zealander dealing with the aftermath of a …

Quick Fire Finance - The Value Of Advice / Greg Moyle

October 15th, 2020


Naturally, we're going to be a bit bias on this issue given our background, but the idea stems from a study completed by the largest passively managed fund in the world, Van Guard, that found advisers add 3% to a fund's …

Quick Fire Finance - How Much Do You Need To Retire? / Greg Moyle

October 13th, 2020


The quick fire finance question of the day:

"My latest KiwiSaver statement projected a balance of $253,000 when I’ll turn 65 in 14 years, allowing about $200 per week.

I thought that sounded positive, until I went to …

Influence & Inspire The Hearts & Minds Of Those Around You / Andrew Hoggard

October 11th, 2020


There are very few moments in life where you meet someone that practices what the preach. That purely through the action of existing they have the power to influence those around them. Our guest for this week’s podcast,

Quick Fire Finance - When Is Enough Enough? / Greg Moyle

October 8th, 2020


Question answered in today's Quick Fire Finance episode: 

"I read with interest the correspondence on “how much is enough” to retire on. It seems some people expect to live in a way that exceeds most of us during our …

Quick Fire Finance - Is Your Trust Safe? / Greg Moyle

October 6th, 2020


Very few people want to hear about finance but everyone should because if we collectively upskill as a nation, then all our lives could be …

What Happened To Your Childhood Dreams? / Grant Wyatt

October 4th, 2020


People are in a perpetual zombie like state. Pushed through the factory of security and safety. Assembled in the lobby of forgotten dreams.  How long will you wait for that 'perfect moment' to live a life worth living …

Greg Moyle's Passion To Keep Their Memory Alive

September 27th, 2020


What drives a man to acquire the country's largest private collection of military art? Many of our long standing listeners will know our very own, …

How To Make A Business Beautiful With Colart Miles

September 20th, 2020


Will our children live in a world you're proud of? Will you look back with admiration knowing you helped shape their present? It's a hard pill to …

What Stands Between You & A Better Future? / Greg Moyle

September 13th, 2020


Behavioural finance is one of the most neglected and misunderstood aspects of investing. Many chase wealth and returns with no real comprehension of the underlying drivers that lead some to success and many to failure. …

NZ Wage Subsidy Not What It Seems / Duncan Coats

September 6th, 2020


Employment Law specialist of Lowndes Jordan and all round good bloke, Duncan Coats, sharing why the wage subsidy isn't all sunshine and rainbows.  …

The Pros & Cons Of Buying Property Today / Greg Moyle

August 30th, 2020


These days climbing the property ladder feels closer to falling. Increasing tax obligations, no negative gearing, more rights for tenants, and worst of all leaky homes. If you’re using rental property as your avenue for …

Chelsey Ritson's Social Media Marketing Blueprint

August 23rd, 2020


The biggest threat to the success of your business is a resistance to change. Sure it’s unpredictable, uncomfortable, and unbearable at times, but, …

Technology Killed The Complacent Business Owner / Anthony McMahon

August 16th, 2020


“Without tradition, art is a flock of sheep without a shepherd. Without innovation, it is a corpse.”- Winston Churchill. Behind every great hardship is an opportunity. An opportunity to be better than you were …

They Took Me For Everything I Had / Greg Moyle

August 9th, 2020


An insider could halve the value of your property and steal your children's inheritance. Every morning you're looking into the eyes of someone you …

Daniel Leviathan's Secrets To Success

August 2nd, 2020


The story of Daniel Leviathan is far from a straightline. Starting off as a 12 year old who didn't know how to read or write, he later got a job …

Income-Boosting Strategies For Growing Your Nest Egg / Greg Moyle

July 26th, 2020


If you had the opportunity to develop the knowledge you need to protect and grow your wealth would you take it? You'll see in this episode how much …

The Holy Trinity Of Business / Geoffrey Hughes

July 19th, 2020


A holy trinity that incorporates letters from the Prime Minister, concerts for the elderly and a strong desire not to be in the circus. Geoffrey …

Are You Prepared For The Next Apocalypse? / Greg Moyle

July 12th, 2020


If the world descended into chaos today would you have the capacity and understanding to survive on your own? Despite my mother's best endeavours I …

Don't Be Just Another Statistic / Murray Phillips

July 5th, 2020


Nearly, half of all businesses fail in the first five years. Not the sort of odds you'd want to hear from your doctor. Yet many New Zealanders still blindly take their first step towards financial ruin without ever …

The Psychology of Better Beginnings / Greg Moyle

June 28th, 2020


Everyone for the most part knows what they need to do, but, very few do it. Why? What's stopping you and why do some fail while others prosper? Kurt …

Property To The Rescue / Greg Moyle

June 21st, 2020


Plan A is always a great idea until it isn't. It made sense, you did the numbers, you did the research; you had it all worked out. Then COVID hit, …

Money Skills For Kids / Greg Moyle

June 14th, 2020


On some level we all feel the education system is due for a revamp. The challenge we face, despite being world leaders in classroom innovation, is the rigid structure and bureaucracy that comes with such a long-standing …

Are You Unknowingly Driving Your Business Into The Ground? / Greg Moyle

June 7th, 2020


After the cataclysmic effects of COVID-19 many businesses are now on the verge of collapse. A tail that didn't necessarily have to end that way. I'm …

Property's Ugly Cousin / Greg Moyle

May 31st, 2020


Historically property has been the go to strategy for any New Zealander hoping to accumulate wealth. Though, now with ever increasing regulation, …

The Dirty Secrets Of The Financial Elite by Ryan J Melton

May 24th, 2020


For far too long, the dark underbelly of the financial elite has crippled the progression of hard-working individuals. Their ill intentions and selfish pursuits have shrouded the idea of what constitutes sound, sane, …

It All Started With $20 / Jordan Greville

May 17th, 2020


The goal of this podcast is to give you the financial tools to live the life you want. Your version of a good life might be completely different to …

The Retirement Crisis / Greg Moyle

May 10th, 2020


There is an ever growing crisis in New Zealand where if the right steps aren't taken the majority of kiwis will be riding the edge of financial hardship in retirement. Simply put, will the NZ couple after tax pension of …

The Art Of Not Selling / Ryan J Melton

May 3rd, 2020


Client acquisition is a pain point all business owners love to hate.  On some level, we all know how to do it but, over time, complacency creeps in, and laziness takes over to the point where our strategies are no …

Are Retirement Villages A Scam? / Greg Moyle

April 26th, 2020


They have gotten a bad rep over the years. Some of the stories you hear suggest this perception could be justified. An elderly person desperate for …

The Greatest New Zealand Story Never Told / Greg Moyle

April 19th, 2020


In the last months of WWI, the New Zealand Expeditionary Forces spent 77 gruelling days in France. Leading the way for 49 of the 56 hard fought miles. Until they hit a wall. More specifically, the walls of Le Quesnoy. …

How To Protect What Matters Most / Greg Moyle

April 12th, 2020


In life, no matter how lucky you feel or privileged your background, at some point, things will get ugly.  So, the question becomes, what can you do to help? 

Once again for those wanting their question answered on the …

Why the C Word has Banks Running Scared / Greg Moyle

April 5th, 2020


More and more large corporations are exiting from the financial advice world, here's why.

Once again for those wanting their question answered on the podcast email me at, send a voice message below or …

Predicting The Next Big Recession / Greg Moyle

March 29th, 2020


 There's a silver lining to the global tragedy and it comes in the form of natural selection. Survival of the financial fittest. Those of you who  didn't put all your eggs in one basket, chase greed, buy into a get rich …

The Future of Voice / Jordan Greville

March 22nd, 2020


Time and convenience are the two fundamentals of which all great products are based. Does it make your life better and will it get things done …

The Value of your Kiwisaver is Plummeting, What Should You Do? / Greg Moyle

March 15th, 2020


The short answer is nothing. When the hysteria bus takes over you’ll start developing this compelling urge to do something. Change your growth fund to a conservative or jump ship to another company not as badly …

Hard lessons learned from three decades in business / Greg Moyle

March 8th, 2020


As you read this, the New Zealand Superannuation Fund (NZ Super) is currently costing the NZ Government close to $38 million a day, with the cost likely to increase to $117 million in the next twenty years. For many, …

The Potential Horrors of Investing in Property / Greg Moyle

March 1st, 2020


One of the first words any young New Zealander learns after 'mum' and 'dad’ is the word property. You’d think I was joking, but, for whatever reason, …

Ep 6: Are Women better Investors? / Greg Moyle

February 23rd, 2020


 What happens when you get two men in a room talking about women? At first thought, you may consider dusting off your picket sign and hitting the streets. On second thought, you'll realise the intention of this episode …

Ep 5: The Future of Education / Greg Moyle

February 16th, 2020


Teenagers from the outside appear to be zombie like creatures that navigate somewhere between the words whatever, I can’t be bothered or inaudible grunting. It’s very easy to disengage from their plight. Often the …

Ep 4: Are you Speculating or Investing? / Greg Moyle

February 9th, 2020


Investing is a bit of a taboo subject. Which to me is completely bizarre because if implemented correctly, it can irreversible improve your life for the better. 

Where I believe the perception comes from, is people …

Ep 3: Protecting your Assets against Divorce, Bankruptcy and the Unknown / Greg Moyle

February 2nd, 2020


The inspiration for this week’s episode stems from a recent discussion with someone I met at a bar who started a business. The business took off, winning award after award, and even got to the initial stages of becoming …

Ep 1: Memoirs of a Mentor-Finance Fundamentals # 2 / Greg Moyle

January 27th, 2020


A humorous series of ups and downs where we unravel the mechanisms for living a rewarding and fulfilling life. A journey where you will not only …

Ep 1: Memoirs of a Mentor-Finance Fundamentals # 1 / Greg Moyle

January 19th, 2020


A humorous series of ups and downs where we unravel the mechanisms for living a rewarding and fulfilling life. A journey where you will not only …

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Engage your fanbase

  • Deliver timely Calls To Action, including email acquistion for your mailing list
  • Share exactly the right moment in an episode via text, email, and social media
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Make money

  • Tip and transfer funds directly to podcastsers
  • Earn money for qualified plays in the RadioPublic apps with Paid Listens