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A storytelling show that explores the night, the landscape of the unseen, and how thoughts, feelings and behaviors transform in the dark.

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Big Life

March 12th, 2019


Most people are in bed at night and then get up during the day. But journalist Katie Nelson felt the need to sleep all the time.

Listen to Here Be Monsters

February 26th, 2019


Here Be Monsters is a gorgeous podcast that explores the dark corners of the human mind, fear and the unknown.  It’s transporting and surprising and …

The Blue Time

February 12th, 2019


For two months a year, in a small Norwegian city, the sun never goes above the horizon. One researcher visits to find out why its citizens are happy despite the lack of light.

Quiet Transmission

January 8th, 2019


Poetry and the night are some of the last remaining domains of “unknowing”; places where it’s acceptable to digest the world slowly and without conclusion, and where one can linger in, and traverse, experiences like …

Finding the Void

December 11th, 2018


What makes a place home? Is it a place that feels like a refuge? Is it somewhere you sleep really, really well? What if the place that feels like home is a secret apartment in the bowels of a giant mall?

Stay Warm, Be Careful

November 13th, 2018


This crazy thing happens in NYC as night approaches – as rush hour picks up and the streets get evermore hectic than normal, delivery men on bikes start racing through the streets to get people their restaurant food …

Big news for Nocturne

November 8th, 2018


Nocturne is now distributed by KCRW!

I Don’t Get Lost

October 2nd, 2018


Ubiquitous Terrifying Force

September 5th, 2018


Into the World

August 8th, 2018


The shift into the darkness of night triggers our bodies to relax. Perhaps this is why so many babies begin their journey into the world at night. …


July 9th, 2018


Traveling at night as a passenger is an act of trust. As the sensations of movement lull you to the edge of sleep or beyond, you surrender to …

Candle Hour

June 6th, 2018


There has never been a world without tragedy and heartache and injustice. But there has also never before been a time when human beings have had …

The Dark Triad

May 9th, 2018


Research in 2013 found a connection between night owls and those with a sinister constellation of personality traits, ominously labeled, “The Dark Triad”. The study got a lot of attention in the media, with headlines …


April 11th, 2018


Malcolm Saunders is a fisherman in Cornwall, on the southern tip of the UK. While most of the old fishing ports have transformed into tourist …

The Nocturnist

March 13th, 2018


Hospitals are amazing places. They’re emblems of the modern medical technology that saves and improves our lives in countless ways every day. But if …

Lay Down, Lamb

February 13th, 2018


One of the things that changes instantly when you have a baby is your relationship to sleep. It usually becomes scarce and precious, and everyone has advice. Much less talked about is the continuing nighttime struggle …

The Weight of the River

January 16th, 2018


Our relationship to the darkness can shift over time. One of the main ways that this happens is by walking into the dark, both literally and metaphorically. By walking toward the thing that scares us the most, or causes …

Tree People

December 18th, 2017


There’s a funny thing about Christmas in New York: In a city where most of the living trees are clumped together in just a few areas, right around Thanksgiving new clumps of trees start popping up all over this mostly …

Life Is But a Dream

November 14th, 2017


Beverly D’Urso is a lucid dreaming celebrity. She was a subject of Stephen LaBerge’s research at the Stanford Sleep Lab in the 1980’s, has written numerous articles and given classes on lucid dreaming, and has been …


October 12th, 2017


The built environment consists of structures that humans make - including spaces where people live, work and play. For the most part, these places are inhabited during the day. But at night, new aspects of the built …

The Dream You Should Be Having

September 12th, 2017


The Sleepless project is two things: It's a voicemail that people can call when they can't sleep, so they can talk about what's on their mind and …


August 10th, 2017


On a beautiful day in April, Matthew Bryce went out to surf by himself off a remote beach in Scotland.  Usually he goes out for 3 or 4 hours, and …

A Catalogue of Nights

June 6th, 2017


In January I left my home for 6 months of wandering, and of course one of the main things I explored were the infinite shades of night in each new place. What I noticed more than ever is that every night is a finger …


April 28th, 2017


Have you every woken up in the wee hours of the night to find that you’re gripped by fears and anxieties that just didn’t exist in the light of day?

You can lie there awake in bed, in your comfortable home, maybe even …

They’re All Asleep

March 31st, 2017


Lots of museums have regular evening hours or events, often lasting until 8 or 9pm. But I wonder - what do these worlds become in the wee hours, when …

The Radical Shift

February 26th, 2017


In that place where darkness and isolation meet, fear can take hold in a particularly visceral way. When you’re alone in the dark, every sense …

Moon Shadow

January 30th, 2017


In September 2015 the full moon crossed into the Earth’s shadow and turned redish gold. It was the first blood moon, or total lunar eclipse of a …

A Word of Hope

December 30th, 2016


The Kindness of Others

November 29th, 2016


The ethos of randonneuring emphasizes personal challenge and comraderie. Randonneurs share the goal of having everyone make it to the finish line. They take care of each other, because what they’re doing is kind of …

Proof of Passage

October 31st, 2016


Picture it. You’re biking along a winding country road, 30 miles from the nearest town. The air is cool, there’s a slight wind, maybe a gentle mist. …

Freedom and Control

September 30th, 2016


The police play an important role in civil society. Their first mandate is to serve and protect - the ultimate goal being the maintenance of social …

To Separate Chambers

August 25th, 2016


Some surveys suggest that up to a quarter of couples sleep in separate beds. Dave and Sue have both experienced the need to sleep alone, and while they miss things about sharing a bed all night, the arrangement seems …

A Luminous Bubble

July 22nd, 2016


The night bus rolls through the city like a small enclosed world. You never know who you’ll meet or what you’ll see. One night, Helen Zaltzman’s bus …

The Vampire Beat

June 29th, 2016


Jade Walker hates the daylight so much that most of her neighbors have rarely seen her. The sun is a personal affront to her. But she’s not disconnected from life. In fact, she sees it all. And because of her, so do we.

Look Up!

May 31st, 2016


The stars are always there in the sky, even when we can’t see them. Why should we look? Why should we care? Paul Salazar cares, and he has compelling …

I Was Flying

April 30th, 2016


Our dreams can allow us to experience things that are – impossible. Yeah, some dreams take us where we’d rather not go. But others invite us into a world filled with joy, and ease, and wonder. They connect us to a …

Standing Over the Bed

March 28th, 2016


Sometimes the world of our dreams can be unsettling; even terrifying. The fear can be like an echo or a shadow of true emotion; or it can be utterly …

Nocturne Bake Sale

March 23rd, 2016


Picture it – It’s dusk. We’re on a small neighborhood corner, with a faint moon starting to peak through branches of trees overhead. Kent and I are …

To a Distant Continent

February 29th, 2016


Best Feeling in the World

January 28th, 2016


The night can be like the great frontier to a kid; a forbidden zone; the perfect place to explore autonomy and independence. At first it might be tempting for parents to just lay down the law. But they're up against a …

Letting Go

December 30th, 2015


Sleep can serve as both refuge and captor. That’s the case for Monica, who’s blessed with the enviable ability to consistently sleep through the night, almost without fail, no matter what’s going on. During one of the …

Stars in Unison

November 23rd, 2015


The moon, the stars and the tides are through-lines connecting us to the beginning of life on our planet. These lines can flicker in and out of …

Triumph’s Ring

October 27th, 2015


Playground Rules

September 13th, 2015


The blurred edges of the night can inspire excitement and transformation. The shroud of darkness emboldens some to reveal hidden aspects of their …

Forward Momentum

August 11th, 2015


Into, Under, Through

July 6th, 2015


The darkness of night offers rich opportunities to mine and explore our fears. When you choose to walk straight into the darkness you don’t know what you’ll find; both outside in the shadows, and deep inside yourself.

The Vanishing Dark

June 4th, 2015


The stars are disappearing. We're losing natural darkness. It's happened rapidly, but just slowly enough that it's hard to notice. But once your eyes open to the vanishing dark, you see it everywhere. Can we bring back …

(This is Not) A Love Song

May 1st, 2015


A Hole in the Night

April 1st, 2015


Al Wilkinson drove a big rig through the night for 28 years, and it was a new experience each time. The runs offered beautiful scenery and time to …

Alter Hours

March 6th, 2015


Amanda Gefter is nocturnal. Really. Being an extreme night owl works for her in a lot of ways, especially since she makes her living as a writer. But her normal patterns are being shaken up by a new love in her life – …

What the Baker Saw

January 22nd, 2015



December 15th, 2014


Night Owls

November 17th, 2014


Welcome to the Night

October 20th, 2014

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