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If you're getting into podcasts for the first time – or ready to find a new favorite – the number of shows can be overwhelming. We're here to help – with a tasting menu of great episodes chosen just for you.

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    Where the lyrics meet the melody

    Carly Rae Jepsen - When I Needed You

    Each episode of Song Exploder features an artist dissecting one of their songs: where it came from, how it evolved, and what they intended it to be. Hrishikesh Hirway, a composer himself, is an understated but insightful host. Here, Carly Rae Jepsen – who topped the charts with the lighthearted “Call Me Maybe” – discusses a more heartfelt track from her latest album.

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    Setting fashion years in advance

    229- The Trend Forecast

    Ever wonder how it’s decided that something is “in” one moment and “out” the next? 99% Invisible, a podcast all about the hidden decisions and forces that shape our world, trains a curious eye on trends and fashion forecasts in this episode – and finds a company that exerts a profound influence on what we all believe is “cool.”

  • Baltimore is full of vacant houses; the city’s population is shrinking. But tearing down those houses is harder than you’d think. A fascinating look inside a changing neighborhood from Planet Money – a podcast that manages to make learning about the economy fascinating and fun.

  • A surprisingly emotional investigation into the largely unregulated market for breast milk: who needs it, who’s got it, how they find each other, and just how costly it can be. This episode of Reply All might just get you hooked on the show’s story-driven, investigative approach.

  • The premise for Surprisingly Awesome is brilliant: take a subject that might seem boring at first blush, and find something fascinating about it. In this episode, the hosts take a funny, informative, and energetic tour through the world of mattresses, and answer the question, “Should you worry about buying a mattress?”

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    Am I lying?

    Episode 2: Pants On Fire

    Sherlock Holmes always knows when someone’s lying – just by looking at their facial expressions and body language. But is physiological evidence a truly reliable indicator of honesty and falsehood? Criminal looks into the most (and least) effective methods of catching liars in the act.

  • 59:27

    Shifting the lens

    Frame of Reference

    We usually assume that we can predict how we’ll respond in different environments. But what if our perspective is more variable than we think? In this episode of Invisibilia – a show that combines great storytelling and careful research – we learn about the power of mental frameworks, and how the setting we’re in can affect our internal experience.

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