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A discussion about love and fear within the creative and passionate minds. We all feel a type of way about something. Hosted by Ben Slowey. Support this podcast:

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Ali Shana

February 5th, 2023


I sat down w reporter and journalist Ali Shana, who specializes in mental health and drug related news. He currently works as a school counselor and …

Kevin Topel

January 30th, 2023


I sat down w multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Kevin Topel, who has been involved w the Milwaukee music scene for over a decade. He's played in …

Annia Leonard (Enchanted Werk)

January 27th, 2023


I sat down w artist, community organizer, model and teacher Annia Leonard, who runs the online metaphysical shop Enchanted Werk. Their products and services include tarot, visual art, resin pieces, chess and domino …

Juxt Dame

January 17th, 2023


I sat down w hip hop artist Juxt Dame, who's dropped two singles this year already - "BACKGROUND" and "EASIER" Ft. Canel. His last EP "FAR AS I'M CONCERNED" with DizzyRandoms dropped in September. We discussed Dame's …

Jake Hess (Wylie Jakobs)

January 10th, 2023


I sat down w artist, promoter, singer-songwriter and movie buff Jake Hess, who was last on Mr. Nice Guy a couple years ago as part of heavy metal …


December 30th, 2022


I sat down w DJ and entertainer Bryan Gorelik AKA BG Good, who runs the booking company Eventspark. He's got residencies at RWB (Thursday), Lucid (Saturday) and The Sofie (Monday). We discussed Bryan's beginnings as a …

Beth Ann (Ebb & Flow Integrations)

December 22nd, 2022


I sat down w reiki practitioner and artist Beth Ann, who coaches under the name Ebb & Flow Integrations. We discussed the art of reiki and how it can be used to heal, overcoming trauma and addiction, Beth's new …


December 15th, 2022


I sat down w artist T!ny, whose style has encompassed hip hop, trap, experimental pop, hyperpop, etc. Their most recent single "No Thoughts Head Empty" dropped last week. We discussed T!ny's origins playing guitar and …

Mark Hubing (Onyx Koan)

December 7th, 2022


I sat down w singer-songwriter Mark Hubing, frontman of eclectic indie rock band Onyx Koan. Their debut album "Still in the Earthquake" dropped last month. We discussed Mark's upbringing in the church introducing him to …

Anna Melamed (Cream City Boards)

August 5th, 2022


I sat down w Anna Melamed, who makes custom charcuteurie boards under the name Cream City Boards ( on IG).  We discussed the importance of food at the function, Anna's process for each board, where she …

Tha Mid City Kid

August 5th, 2022


I sat down w hip hop artist Tha Mid City Kid, whose most recent album "Lettuce" dropped in 2020. Born and raised in Janesville, he's now based in Madison. We discussed Tha Kid writing raps since the age of ten, …

Zack Pieper

August 3rd, 2022


I sat down w musician, poet and artist Zack Pieper, whose most recent band has been the eccentric pop band Peeper & Le Play. He's known for his annual "Ghost-Its" mosaic where he draws thousands of pictures of …

Mad Static

August 2nd, 2022


I sat down w hip hop artist and podcaster Mad Static, whose most recent EP "Son of Cynthia" dropped in March. His podcast is called Beats, Rhymes & Bodyslams. We had a beer and discussed Static's early mixtape days …

Bug Moment

July 29th, 2022


I sat down w indie pop band Bug Moment - Gray Edward, Jas Rosenblatt, Eli Dorsey, and Aidan Hoppens. Their latest singles are "Little Frog" and "Lagoon." We discussed Bug Moment's formation, their eclectic style, …

Social Caterpillar

July 26th, 2022


I sat down w three members of the psychedelic chamber music band Social Caterpillar - Kial, Whisper Crystal, and Lazer (minus Eric Ash, much love to him). Their most recent album "When You Woke Up to Dances of Light" …

Sam Balistreri

July 22nd, 2022


I sat down w musician Sam Balistreri, whose played in a number of Milwaukee bands over the years. Most recently he was guitarist of indie rock band NeoCaveman, whose final album "Sun Eater" was released in March. He …

Loud Library

July 21st, 2022


I sat down w alternative pop-indie rock band Loud Library - vocalist/bassist Ben Smith, guitarist Garrett Holm, and drummer Judicael Bationo. Their …

Mahdi Gransberry (FreakishNerd)

July 20th, 2022


I sat down w photographer, filmmaker, and DJ Mahdi Gransberry, who goes by the name FreakishNerd. He's got a house music party coming up w DJ Bizzon and DJ Gemini Gilly at Company Brewing on August 13th. We discussed …


July 18th, 2022


I sat down w hip hop artist Flowers, whose last album "Fluffy" dropped in 2020. She's got her follow-up album in the works now. We discussed Flowers' …

Ike Wynter

July 15th, 2022


I sat down w wood artist and optimist Ike Wynter, who was a touring musician in the band Narrow Hearts and then worked in junk removal before now …

Sam Doucas

July 12th, 2022


I sat down w my good friend and comrade Sam Doucas, whom I met through community organizing. She and I bonded through sad indie music; we saw The Microphones in Chicago a few months back. We discussed what postmodernism …

North Warren

July 7th, 2022


I sat down w two guys from slacker rock band North Warren, vocalist-guitarist Luke Esperes and bassist Will Bull. Their new single "Decomposer" …

Jordan Baumhardt

July 4th, 2022


I sat down w my buddy Jordan Baumhardt, who's known for running the Riverwest Street Hockey Club. All are welcome! We had some beers and discussed Jordan's passion for hockey over the years, hanging out at Bremen Cafe, …

Ari Kohll

July 1st, 2022


I sat down w my good friend Ari Kohll, whom I've met through the Jewish community here in Milwaukee. They work in violence prevention and …


June 28th, 2022


I sat down w artist ThatGuyEli, whose eclectic style encompasses everything from R&B to electronica to rock to hip hop and more. His latest single "Reject" dropped on the 1st of the month. We discussed Eli's musical …

Parker Schultz (Social Cig)

June 26th, 2022


I sat down w Parker Schultz, who fronts the indie rock band Social Cig. Their most recent singles "From Afar / Hot Red" dropped last month. We …

Zelda RayGun (Always Be A Buddy)

June 23rd, 2022


I sat down w multifaceted artist Zelda RayGun, who is behind the ethical clothing line Always Be A Buddy. They are also a muralist, front the band …

Angelus Bailey

June 20th, 2022


I sat down w mixed media artist, DJ, filmmaker and photographer Angelus Bailey, whose debut feature documentary "A Sense of Humor" is about the West Coast underground comedy scene coping w the effects of the pandemic. …

Chelsea England (MKE Overdose Prevention)

June 15th, 2022


I sat down w founder of MKE Overdose Prevention, Chelsea England. The organization provides Narcan training and supplies to local businesses, communities and individuals around Milwaukee. We discussed how and why MKE …

Mood Migration

June 14th, 2022


I sat down w electronic duo Mood Migration, Steph Siegman and Mitch Hummel. Their debut album "By Fire" dropped last summer. They're also involved w …

Gina Barrington (Rose of the West)

June 9th, 2022


I sat down w vocalist of dark dream pop band Rose of the West, Gina Barrington. Their debut self-titled album released in 2019.  We had coffee and discussed Gina's beginnings as a musician, having eclectic influences, …

The Panoptics

June 8th, 2022


I sat down w two members of funky indie rock band The Panoptics - Ben Plaisted and David Purpura. Their EP "Revitalize" dropped last summer. We tossed around Natty Ice and discussed Ben and David's origins playing …

DJ Grand Master O

June 7th, 2022


I sat down w DJ Grand Master O, who brings all kinds of music to the club with his favorites being house and hip hop. He's co-founder of Digital Crate DJs, who book live entertainment at spots across southeastern …

Holly Haebig

June 2nd, 2022


I sat down w singer-songwriter Holly Haebig, whose debut album "In Love We Trust" was released in 2011 (as Holly Wake on YouTube). A flutist and …

Shell Bells

May 30th, 2022


I sat down w singer-songwriter Shell Bells, whose music often incorporates themes of spirit and fantasy. She's also the co-founder of Clarke Street Fest in Riverwest. We discussed Shell's inception into Milwaukee music …

Tanner Musgrove (Lilliput Records)

May 15th, 2022


I sat down w Tanner Musgrove, who's currently crowdfunding for Lilliput Records, the new record store going into what will be the former Exclusive Company on Milwaukee's East Side. With business partner Brian Kirk, …

Bre Legan

May 11th, 2022


I sat down w graphic designer, visual and fiber artist, poet, and world traveler Bre Legan, who is currently in grad school through the Trinity …

Allison Emm (Wisconsin Music Ventures)

May 7th, 2022


I sat down Allison Emm, who runs Wisconsin Music Ventures - a membership-based program that gets musicians gigs at unconventional venues across Wisconsin and building community amongst them. She's also a classically …

Amanda Beison (Ki Points Massage Therapy)

May 7th, 2022


I sat down w massage therapist Amanda Beison, who runs Ki Points Massage Therapy in Waukesha. She entered massage school right out of high school and …

Matty Lind

May 1st, 2022


I sat down w my comrade in the Party for Socialism and Liberation, Matty Lind. They have been organizing w the Party for about four years. We discussed precursors to radicalization growing up, their first direct action …

Brendan Murphy

April 29th, 2022


I sat down w visual artist and future art teacher Brendan Murphy. His 30 x 30 x 30 installation is available for view at Var Gallery until June 18th.  We discussed Brendan's artistic beginnings with a Nikon camera, …

Mike Rende

April 27th, 2022


I sat down w DJ, producer, and sound engineer Mike Rende, who is one half of the EDM duo RCKT PWR. He moved to LA in 2019 but returned to the Midwest a few months ago. We discussed Mike's inception into EDM after …

The Queer Unfiltered Podcast

April 26th, 2022


I sat down w co-hosts of The Queer Unfiltered Podcast, Brady Dahm and Antonio D'Acquisto - The Bussy Bumpin' Duo. We discussed Brady and Antonio …

Audrey Moore (Honeysnob)

April 24th, 2022


Welcome back! It's been almost a year since we've done any new episodes, and I thought it'd be only right for the first one in so long to be w someone very very special to me, my partner Audrey Moore. She's a graphic …

Juan Miguel Martinez & Cesar

January 30th, 2022


I sat down w two community activists, Juan Miguel Martinez and Cesar. Juan Miguel works as a correspondent for unions while Cesar has organized w the Party for Socialism and Liberation, Unemployed Council MKE, and Voces …

Maya Norman

June 20th, 2021


I sat down w TV and film production assistant - and former clown - Maya Norman. She just concluded production on "Joe Pera Talks With You" Season 3. We discussed Maya's clown career w a traveling circus, living in …

Charlie Bialobok

June 19th, 2021


I sat down w my old good friend Charlie Bialobok, whom I got close w through the broadcasting program in high school. He's a film production graduate …

Diet Lite

June 18th, 2021


I sat down w indie garage punk band Diet Lite - Evan Marsalli, Max Niemann, and Kelson Kuzdas. Their most recent record "Seems To Be The Way It Tends To Go" dropped in March. We discussed how Diet Lite all met attending …

August Ball (Cream City Conservation)

June 17th, 2021


I sat down w founder and CEO of Cream City Conservation, August Marie Ball. She's a world traveler and social entrepreneur who incorporates social-racial justice into her environmentalist advocacy. We discussed August's …

Vic Buell

June 16th, 2021


I sat down w psych rock musician Victor Buell IV, who makes music under his solo project VBIV and is frontman of Vinz Clortho, as well as guitarist …

Kat & Paul Kneevers

June 15th, 2021


I sat down w Kat & Paul Kneevers of Kneeverland Productions, who host live concert series The Ring. They play in experimental alternative bands …

Fox Face

June 14th, 2021


I sat down w garage punk rockers Fox Face (Lindsay DeGroot, Lydia Washechek, Mary Hickey, and Chris Capelle), whose sophomore record "End of Man" came out this past January. They have been a band for around a decade. We …

Miss Birdee

June 12th, 2021


I sat down w drag queen, performer, and pop artist Miss Birdee AKA Ben Ludwig, whose most recent single "DATA" dropped last summer. She's been named Miss Courage MKE. We discussed Miss Birdee's origins in theatre …

Joey Jonas

June 12th, 2021


I sat down w Joey Jonas, who is drummer for pop punk band Bad Year. Their most recent EP "A Moment In Time" dropped last August. We discussed Joey's experience playing a wide variety of genres from jazz to funk to punk, …

Annie Grizzle

June 11th, 2021


I sat down w experimental sound artist and poet Annie Grizzle, whose debut EP "I Wake With Eyes the Sound of Clarinet" dropped in April. Originally from Milwaukee, she now lives in Chicago. We discussed Annie's origins …

Chris Haase

June 10th, 2021


I sat down w event and portrait photographer Chris Haase, who is known for his working shooting Milwaukee nightlife under Weekend Natives. We had a …

Satori IV

June 8th, 2021


I sat down w hip hop artist Satori IV, whose most recent project "The Pack: Underdog Days" dropped in March. He's currently based in New Jersey. We discussed the power of a kid's imagination, Satori's "Pack" series he's …

Jared Spiegelhoff

June 7th, 2021


I sat down w composer and improviser Jared Spiegelhoff, whose most recent release is a compilation of pieces from 2017-2019 available on Bandcamp. He …

Tai Mistyque

June 6th, 2021


I sat down w R&B artist Tai Mistyque, whose debut EP "Last Summer" dropped last summer (haha). She just dropped a new single, "Be Without Me". We discussed Tai's beginnings of finding an organ in the basement, the …

Andrew Barnes

June 5th, 2021


I sat down w old buddy of mine, Andrew Barnes, whom I met while working at Metro Market in college. He recently got married. We discussed the …

Day Tvvo

June 4th, 2021


I sat down w pop artist Day Tvvo, who is signed to N43 Records. His most recent single "Rated R" dropped last month. We discussed Kevin's origins doing theatre and choir, getting in cahoots w N43, his last EP "3, in Dog …

Rob Ran

June 4th, 2021


I sat down w photographer, videographer, and graphic designer Rob Ran. He's been shooting around the Milwaukee scene since 2015. We discussed Rob's origins w the camera making videos for church, dropping out of art …

Kid Vibe

June 2nd, 2021


I sat down w Austin Sorum AKA hip hop artist Kid Vibe, whose most recent single "Shit (Remix)" dropped in March. Based outside of Madison, he runs the fashion brand Down 2 Hearse as well as media influencer/promotional …

Die By The Sword

June 2nd, 2021


I sat down w DJ and producer Connor Cogswell AKA Die By The Sword, whose most recent EP "District" dropped in March. He grew up in Homewood and New Lenox, IL but is now based in Chicago. We discussed Connor's inception …

Tommy Conquest

May 31st, 2021


I sat down w hip hop artist Tommy Conquest, whose most recent EP "The Adventures of Tommy Conquest Volume 2: Sincerely Yours" dropped in March. He's …

Shun Powell

May 31st, 2021


I sat down w filmmaker, photographer, model, and makeup artist Shun Powell. He creates under Shun P Films. We discussed Shun's beginnings doing special effects makeup and being fascinated by sci-fi, the independent vs …


May 29th, 2021


I sat down w dubstep producer and DJ 8Hertz, whose most recent mix "Always 4/20 Mix" dropped on....4/20. She's based in Madison. We discussed Brooke's interest in producing bringing her down to Madison from upstate, her …

Brendan Demet (Riverwest Records)

May 28th, 2021


I sat down w multi-instrumentalist and composer Brendan Demet, whose solo album "B-25" came out last year. He plays in jazz band Birdbrain and funk …


May 27th, 2021


I sat down w DJ and producer D-Ski, whose most recent single "HiHo" dropped on Soundcloud in November. He's got a number of festivals lined up for the summer including Outlander and Electric Island. We had a drink and …

Drea Rodriguez

May 27th, 2021


I sat down w community activist and educator Drea Rodriguez, who is Leadership Institute Coordinator for Southside Organizing Center (SOC) and founder of Thrive Service Learning MKE, which specializes in activity-based …

Cody Ratley (Shamewave)

May 26th, 2021


I sat down w Cody Ratley of the shoegaze project Shamewave. His most recent EP "Heaven" dropped in February. We discussed Cody's origins in the metal and hardcore scenes, his cat Norman, beginning Shamewave, the …

Sydnie Beason

May 24th, 2021


I sat down w model Sydnie Beason, who has been published on an Internet magazine. She's passionate about visibility for short models and models w disabilities. We discussed Sydnie's dreams of becoming a model from …

Harrison Colby (The Beat Index)

May 23rd, 2021


I sat down w Harrison Colby, who plays in punk band Sex Scenes as well as power pop band Rexxx. He's also got an avant-garde solo project The Beat …

Ernie Z

May 22nd, 2021


I sat down w hip hop/pop artist Ernie Z, whose latest single "On My Level" featuring Donovan Sherrod and P4li dropped on New Year's. He started releasing music for the first time ever in late 2020. We discussed Ernie …

Hamza Alshakhly (FloridaMan)

May 21st, 2021


I sat down w legendary shitposter and electronic music producer Hamza Alshakhly, who goes by FloridaMan. His debut track "Violent Affirmation" is …

Nick Emrick

May 21st, 2021


I sat down w a good friend I grew up w since middle school, Nick Emrick, who currently lives in Las Vegas. Growing up we bonded over video games, …

AR Wesley

May 20th, 2021


I sat down w hip hop artist AR Wesley, whose most recent projects "Floral" and "Traffic" both dropped in 2019. Originally from Milwaukee, he's now based in Las Vegas. We discussed AR's early love of R&B music, the …

Seth David (Sethinbetween)

May 19th, 2021


I sat down w house producer Seth David, who also makes hip hop music as Sethinbetween. His debut house EP "GOAT: Going On Another Trip" dropped February 2020. He's also half of EDM duo RCKT PWR, currently based in LA. …

Andrew David Weber

May 18th, 2021


I sat down w singer-songwriter Andrew David Weber, whose last record "The Howl of Insanity" dropped on Halloween. He also plays in rock band Whiskey of the Damned. We discussed Andrew's love of grapefruit, the mental …

Kyle Kenowski

May 17th, 2021


I sat down w classical psych-folk pop artist and animator Kyle Kenowski, whose record "Need Disease" came out in November. The music video for the …

Sam Pekarske

May 16th, 2021


I sat down w poet and copywriter Sam Pekarske, whose most recent book "Alms For The Bored" came out in 2018. She also played wind instruments for experimental pop band Cairns for a time. We discussed Sam's anti-academic …

Chelsea Tadeyeske (Pitymilk Press)

May 15th, 2021


I sat down w poet Chelsea Tadeyeske, who runs Pitymilk Press. She DIY publishes zines, chapbooks, and illustrations; her most recent poem is titled "The Floor of a Cage Floating Above the Floor of a House". We discussed …


May 14th, 2021


I sat down w DJ and producer Annalog, whose got a number of edits up on Soundcloud, as well as the song "Habitat" w Slang Troubadour streaming everywhere. Originally from Milwaukee, she's now based in Kansas City. We …


May 14th, 2021


I sat down w hip hop artist Dee3x, whose been in the Milwaukee scene for over a decade. Although he doesn't have music up on DSPs anymore, that will change soon. We discussed Dee's beginnings inspired by the likes of …

Destiny Marie (Rare Vibes LLC)

May 12th, 2021


I sat down w clothing designer, brand ambassador, and model Destiny Marie, who runs the fashion brand Rare Vibes LLC. Originally from Milwaukee, she now lives in Arizona. We discussed Destiny's beginnings w Rare Vibes, …

Ethan Keller (Cache Cider)

May 11th, 2021


I sat down w singer-songwriter Ethan Keller, whose most recent record "Carried Away" came out in 2017. He's the founder/owner of Cache Cider, …

Thicc Ellis

May 10th, 2021


I sat down w DJ and promoter Thicc Ellis, who runs Bass Music Mafia. Originally from Lake Geneva, he's now based in Appleton. We discussed Nick's beginnings throwing parties w his friends around Lake Geneva, taking what …


May 9th, 2021


I sat down w hip hop artist Iammarcandrew, formerly known as Mvgic. His most recent album "Magenta Motherboard: System Overload" dropped in March. We …

Lauren Nelson (Roar Philanthropy)

May 8th, 2021


I sat down w my friend Lauren Raquel, whom I met through Greek life at UWM. She runs Roar Philanthropy, an organization that pairs volunteers w …

Daniel James

May 6th, 2021


I sat down w Daniel James, who is frontman of glam punk band Indonesian Junk. Their latest record "Living in a Nightmare" came out in March. We discussed Daniel's inception into the Milwaukee music scene in the early …

Travis Washington

May 6th, 2021


I sat down w Travis Washington, whom I grew up w in Heather Hill in Flossmoor, IL. He's created the Hands Up Act, which would sentence a police …

Jermaine Event

May 5th, 2021


I sat down w hip hop artist and podcaster Jermaine Event, whose most recent album "The Grump" dropped last summer. His podcast is called "Babble On Five". We discussed Jermaine's early influence from Eminem as a young …

Travvy Trav

May 3rd, 2021


I sat down w DJ, producer, and actor Travvy Trav, whose most recent single and video "Black Women" dropped on Inauguration Day. He's a resident DJ at This is It. We discussed Trav's interest in DJing and producing from …


May 3rd, 2021


I sat down w hip hop artist C-Yonko, whose most recent single "Shakedown" FT. GraphicMuzik dropped last month. His last album, "No More Excuses", has a chopped and screwed version of it out as well. We discussed …

Jack Salzman

May 1st, 2021


I sat down w Jack Salzman, whom I was in BBYO (Jewish youth group) w in high school. He works as a production assistant on film/TV sets in Chicago. …


May 1st, 2021


I sat down w house/techno producer Greyhound, who began his career as an open format DJ. He's got two EPs out, "Upper East Side" and "Asleep On The Green Line". We discussed Greyhound's origins making loops in high …

Indalecio De Jesus Valentin

April 30th, 2021


I sat down w community organizer, arts activist, and podcaster Indalecio De Jesus Valentin, who is involved in music education and theater. He was …

Steve Peplin

April 28th, 2021


I sat down w multi-instrumentalist and composer Steve Peplin, who plays in numerous projects in Milwaukee's jazz, funk, and rock scenes. Among them …

Mark Yencheske

April 28th, 2021


I sat down w Mark Yencheske, who plays bass in Paper Holland, w Abby Jeanne, and in his own project. He's booking live outdoor music starting in May …


April 27th, 2021


I sat down w hip hop-R&B artist, producer, and clothing designer Brve, who dropped a boat load of music in 2020. His most recent release is "Roses Remix" from January. We discussed Brve's early days as a quieter …

Hayden Harwood

April 26th, 2021


I sat down w my comrade in the Party for Socialism and Liberation, Hayden Harwood. They are also involved w The Peoples Revolution and Milwaukee …

Spencer Ortega

April 24th, 2021


I sat down w cinematographer and film director Spencer Ortega, who has been freelancing in Milwaukee for about five years. He's worked on indie films, music videos, and commercials. We discussed Spencer's slow but …

Jeevus Christ

April 23rd, 2021


I sat down w DJ and producer Jeevus Christ, whose got a number of mixes up on Soundcloud, the most recent of which is "Esketamine". He grew up between Milwaukee and Las Vegas. We discussed Jeev's early interest in …

Aari Rayne

April 23rd, 2021


I sat down w Aari Rayne, who is Program Coordinator for Diverse & Resilient, an LGBTQ+ resource and sexual health center in Milwaukee. They are …

Oliver Low

April 22nd, 2021


I sat down w singer-songwriter Oliver Low, whose singles "City Without Lights", "All I've Ever Known", and "21 Days" all dropped in 2020. He was in the Milwaukee music scene for a while, took a break, and has returned …


April 21st, 2021


I sat down w hardcore punk band Ballstomper - Jesse Vile, Ivy Escobedo, and Dora Cardinal. Their most recent EP "Bed Bugs" dropped in October. We …

Darius Smith

April 20th, 2021


I sat down w Darius Smith, who is founder of The Locals Gallery and facilitator of Black Space; the latter is a safe space for Black and Brown folks …


April 19th, 2021


I sat down w hip hop artist and producer Tyso SPRME, whose last record "Stories Unfinished" dropped last Halloween. His latest joint is "5 Star" featuring Camb and PLYTME. We discussed Tyso's beginnings of taking music …

David Wake

April 17th, 2021


I sat down w multi-instrumentalist and composer David Wake, who is bandleader for Afro-Caribbean Latin jazz orchestra De La Buena. Their last record …

Jordan Rattner

April 17th, 2021


I sat down w composer and multi-instrumentalist Jordan Rattner,  who leads the dream pop project Organicism. Their most recent single "Lost + Found" …

J.O.S.E. (CTM Films)

April 16th, 2021


I sat down w hip hop artist, producer, and videographer J.O.S.E., who works under CTM Films. His records "Music for the Soul" and "Music for the Soul …

Tori Yocum

April 15th, 2021


I sat down w multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Tori Yocum. She plays in Velvetears, Lucky Goat, Buenaventura, w SSAANN, and w Will Rose. We …

Jasmine & Hakim Collins

April 14th, 2021


I sat down w couple Jasmine and Hakim Collins, who are prominent on Tik Tok. Originally from Milwaukee, they now live in Atlanta. We discussed Jazz …

Brad Gessler

April 13th, 2021


I sat down w immersive 3D media artist Brad Gessler. He's finishing up his degree in Digital Studio Practice at UWM. He created my neon outro logo last year!! We discussed Brad's niche of 3D printing and digital …

Hailey Keene

April 12th, 2021


I sat down w my dear friend from college Hailey Keene, whom I met through Greek life at UWM. She and I bonded over shared mental health struggles. …

Bullhorn Films

April 10th, 2021


I sat down w the co-founders of Bullhorn Films, Sean Kafer and Madeleine Schweitzer. They have been documenting The Peoples Revolution since the …

Brief Candles/Blue Unit

April 9th, 2021


I sat down w three folks from shoegaze/noise pop bands Brief Candles and Blue Unit - Kevin Dixon, Jenifer Boniger Dixon, and Drew Calvetti. Brief …

Smo Ostrowski

April 8th, 2021


I sat down w music photographer Smo Ostrowski, who currently works w Warner Music Group in New York. She previously worked w Pabst Theater Group in Milwaukee. We had a beer and discussed Smo's first concert shot being …

Sarah Gadzalinski & Chuck B

April 7th, 2021


I sat down w creative couple, Sarah Gadzalinski and Chuck B. Sarah is a singer, model, writer, and dancer while Chuck is a photographer who focuses primarily on portraiture. We discussed Sarah's goal to start writing …

Dubb Saq

April 6th, 2021


I sat down w hip hop artist Dubb Saq, who’s been one of the most consistent artists out of Milwaukee in the last few months. His latest EP is "Dubb is Down" while latest single is "Sugar". We discussed Dubb Saq's …


April 5th, 2021


I sat down w experimental artist Kendraplex, whose most recent single "Paradise Now" came out in October. Fantasy and the metaphysical are big themes in her work. We had a sparkling water and discussed Kendra's move …

Bee Heitland

April 4th, 2021


I sat down w graphic designer and visual artist Bee Heitland, who’s been known as B RXTED for a while but now works under Bee Heitland Designs. Originally from Milwaukee, she's now based in Mobile, AL. We discussed art …

Andrew Meier (Tombz/Lurk)

April 3rd, 2021


I sat down w producer Andrew Meier, who makes house music as Tombz and dungeon synth music as Lurk. Tombz' latest singles are "In the Club" and  "Keep It Tight" while Lurk's recent record is titled "From the Depths of …

Melody Alme

April 2nd, 2021


I sat down w signer, dancer, model, and YouTuber Melody Alme, whom I've known since high school. She's currently based in LA. We discussed Melody's …

Aidan Keyes (Crone)

March 31st, 2021


I sat down w singer-songwriter Aidan Keyes, who is frontman of slowcore-shoegaze band Haunter, makes music under his own name as well as under Crone, and runs the label Sickle Moon Recordings. Haunter's latest record …

Phil Bregant

March 30th, 2021


I sat down w Phil Bregant, who fronts the outlaw country rock band Wire and Nail. Their sophomore EP "Northwoods Rambler" dropped December 2019. We discussed Phil's exposure to different styles ranging from classical to …

Barry Paul Clark (Adoptahighway)

March 29th, 2021


I sat down w experimental electronic composer and upright bassist Barry Paul Clark, who makes music under Adoptahighway; his latest record "Coaxing A …

Ben Harold

March 28th, 2021


I sat down w singer-songwriter Ben Harold, whose most recent single "Just a Ghost" came out a year ago. He grew up in Milwaukee and Washington Island …

Yo Dot

March 27th, 2021


I sat down w hip hop artist Yo Dot, whose been in the Milwaukee scene for over two decades. His latest EP "SC2" and single "No Stranger" both dropped last summer. We discussed Yo Dot getting mentored in the industry …

Rae Bu

March 26th, 2021


I sat down w Rae Bu, who is vocalist for eclectic dream pop band Duzt; they've got three songs from their upcoming record "Schemes for Growth" on Bandcamp. They also run Inner High Yoga in Riverwest and make art and …

Ellee Grim

March 25th, 2021


I sat down w singer-songwriter Ellee Grim, whose most recent single "New Moon / Coffee in the Shower" came out in October. They also play in pop punk band Honey Creek. We had our morning joe and discussed Ellee's move …


March 24th, 2021


I sat down w hip hop artist and producer Regal, whose most recent album "Incredible Feeling" and beat tape "Fresh Produce: Aisle 2" dropped this past fall. Originally from Milwaukee, he now lives in Las Vegas. We …

Preston Thurler

March 23rd, 2021


I sat down w my buddy Preston Thurler, who drums in the indie pop band Maybe Hazel. Their debut EP "Direct to Home Video" came out in November. We discussed documentaries we've been watching, Anthony Fantano, Preston's …

Steven Pitzl

March 21st, 2021


I sat down w musician and producer Steven Pitzl, who works w N43 Records. He's got two projects, Antics and Four Giants; the latter's debut single "Ill Intentions" came out about a year ago. We discussed Steven's …

Size 5's

March 21st, 2021


I sat down w two members of punk rock band Size 5's, vocalist Juan Avalos and guitarist Ryan Larsh. Their debut self-titled record came out in 2019. We had some drinks and discussed Size 5's formation, being a creative …

Grace Tomasi

March 19th, 2021


I sat down w good friend Grace Tomasi, whom I've known since my UWM freshman orientation. She's in grad school at Iowa State University for Native …


March 18th, 2021


I sat down w visual artist, clothing designer, and game developer Alice Robinson AKA Astralfay, who owns the brand Astralfae (she explains the distinction between the 'i' and 'y'). She's based in Chicago and also works …


March 18th, 2021


I sat down w hip hop artist Dukalion, whose most recent album "The Journey" came out last summer. Originally from Milwaukee, he now lives in LA. We discussed Dukalion's gravitation towards music and performing from a …

Keegan Calmes

March 17th, 2021


I sat down w pop singer-songwriter Keegan Calmes, whose most recent single "Birthday" dropped in September. Signed to N43 Records, he's currently based in Austin, TX. We discussed Keegan's Vinyl Theatre days,  hitting …

Max Devereaux

March 15th, 2021


I sat down w singer-songwriter, filmmaker, and painter Max Devereaux, whose most recent album "Max Devereaux Sings the Blues" came out last April. Originally from Milwaukee, he's now based in LA. We discussed going down …

Raquel Cannon

March 15th, 2021


I sat down w dear friend and comrade Raquel Cannon, who organizes primarily w The Peoples Revolution. She's a field medic and is currently in grad …

Maureen O'Hara

March 14th, 2021


I sat down w actor, singer, dancer, and teacher Maureen O'Hara, who graduated from UWM in Musical Theatre. She spent a year w the Open Jar Institute in New York post-grad. We discussed Maureen's beginnings performing as …

Kilo Dubz

March 13th, 2021


I sat down w DJ and producer Kilo Dubz (Anthony Lucas), who primarily makes dubstep. He's DJed from a young age and has been playing booked gigs since 2016. We discussed Anthony's beginnings playing basements, staying …

Sam Murdock (Thin Mint)

March 12th, 2021


I sat down w DJ and former promoter Sam Murdock, who worked w Bass Music Mafia for six years. Based in Fond Du Lac, she had her first DJ gig this …

Logan McDermott

March 11th, 2021


I sat down w man of many interests Logan McDermott, who is a Game Master of Dungeons and Dragons. He's also passionate about urban farming and former …

Rissa Ruggles

March 10th, 2021


I sat down w collage artist, model, and cocktail momma Rissa Ruggles. She's been collaging for almost a year now. We had a drink and discussed …

Party Marty

March 8th, 2021


I sat down w singer-songwriter, entertainer, promoter, and drum teacher Party Marty, who is based in Waukesha, WI. His latest single "Fuck the Snow" is available to stream on Bandcamp. We discussed how Marty became the …

Ryan Sablay

March 8th, 2021


I sat down w my friend Ryan Sablay, who is bassist for shoegaze band Cream Vellum. He's working on a debut solo record. We discussed Ryan's interest …

Justine Garner (MKE Puppy Pal)

March 7th, 2021


I sat down w Justine Garner, who owns and operates MKE Puppy Pal. She provides a variety of services to help dogs overcome their fears. We discussed Justine's beginnings w fostering dogs, MKE Puppy Pal's current …


March 6th, 2021


I sat down w pop artist and entertainer Domi, whose single "Xmas Nite" came out in December. She's got a project planned for spring. We had drinks and discussed Domi's aspirations to be a performer from a young age, …

Brett Newski

March 5th, 2021


I sat down w singer-songwriter, nomad, podcaster, 90's kid, and failed hipster BRETT NEWSKI, whose recent singles  "Totalitarian Theme Song" and "Lie in All Honesty" have dropped so far this year; his latest album …

Yo Shorti

March 4th, 2021


I sat down w hip hop artist Yo Shorti, whose debut EP "Aunt Viv" dropped in 2018. She also does some modeling and acting as well. We discussed Shorti's beginnings songwriting from a young age, her spiritual shift w …

Gabriel Fritz

March 3rd, 2021


I sat down w Gabriel Fritz, a guitarist who plays in a ton of noisy bands. Beaker, ZOR, Babyshit Sandwichez, Beesechurger, and his solo project …

Rachael Thompson

March 2nd, 2021


I sat down w Rachael Thompson, who has been involved in the Milwaukee DIY scene for well over a decade. She has played in bands Iron Pizza, Pussy …

Julieanna Smith

March 1st, 2021


I sat down w live music enthusiast, blogger, and accessory crafter Julieanna Smith (AKA Groovy Julez), who owns the shop Feel Goods. Originally from …

James Dece

February 28th, 2021


I sat down w electronic bass artist James Dece, whose most recent release is an EP titled "Shimmer / Total Annihilation". Originally from Milwaukee, he's now based in LA. We discussed James' beginnings w making music in …

The Oxleys

February 27th, 2021


I sat down w two members of folk rock trio The Oxleys, Sam Brunelli and Cray Rieckmann. They dropped a self-titled record in 2018 and a single "Just …


February 26th, 2021


I sat down w hip hop artist Keag, who is based in Oshkosh, WI. His latest singles "Till I Die", "For the Team", and "Summer Fling" all dropped in 2020. We had drinks and discussed Keag's fortune of working w great …


February 24th, 2021


I sat down w hip hop artist Dassolo, whose most recent album "Pieceofmind" dropped on New Year's. Singles "Waterwhippin" and "Airplanemode" preceded …

Nathan Schmidt

February 24th, 2021


I sat down w photographer and community organizer Nathan Schmidt. He and I are comrades in the Party for Socialism and Liberation together. We discussed Nathan's journey in identity as a photographer, inherent …

Lisza Battikha

February 23rd, 2021


I sat down w visual artist Lisza Battikha, who is a live painter for Non-Pop and owns the Ancient Couture apparel brand. She's known for incorporating metaphysical concepts into her work. We discussed Lisza's transition …

Michelle McAdams (Lotus Valentine)

February 22nd, 2021


I sat down w photographer and visual artist Michelle McAdams, who works under Lotus Valentine. Originally from Milwaukee, she's now based in Las Vegas. We discussed Michelle's days rapping as a teenager, how art and …

Robio Weber

February 20th, 2021


I sat down w drummer for new wave post-punk band The Cut-Outs, Robio Weber. They've been a band since 2003; their most recent EP "You're Always the First to Make the Move" came out last March. We discussed finding good …

Lucien Parker

February 19th, 2021


I sat down w hip hop artist and co-owner of Studio 201x, Lucien Parker. His latest singles are "Hypnotized" and "State of Mind" streaming everywhere. …

Haunt3d House3

February 18th, 2021


I sat down w DJ and producer Haunt3d Hous3 (Eric Rivera), who has been active in the Melbourne bounce scene. He's been DJing since the age of 12. We sipped our morning joe as we discussed Eric's early influence from …

Jonah Wilson (Jazzcore Friction)

February 17th, 2021


I sat down w drummer for rock n roll band Jazzcore Friction (formerly known as The Red Flags), Jonah Wilson. Based out of Janesville, WI, the band's …

Slang Troudadour

February 16th, 2021


I sat down w hip hop artist Slang Troubadour, whose most recent singles "Coldblooded" and "Habitat" dropped in the last few months. He works w Higher …

Ella Dierberger

February 16th, 2021


I sat down w actress, singer, and dancer Ella Dierberger, who studied Theatre and Dance at Winona State University. Originally from Milwaukee, she recently relocated to Atlanta. We had a drink and discussed Ella's …

Eston Bennett

February 15th, 2021


I sat down w singer-songwriter and upright bassist Eston Bennett, who plays w Thriftones, Matthew Davies, Joseph Huber, Abdou Khadre Kambaye, and in …


February 13th, 2021


I sat down w R&B artist Alexa, whose debut EP "Long Lost Love" dropped last summer. The video for "Still Got Love" is available now. We discussed Alexa's year of planning and year of execution, Milwaukee's …

Nate John Herlache

February 13th, 2021


I sat down w singer-songwriter Nate John Herlache, who hails from Port Washington, WI. He released singles "In the Morning", "Stay Mine", and "John"  all this past year. We had our morning joe as we discussed Nate's …

dr. monique liston

February 11th, 2021


I sat down w dr. monique liston (stylized lowercase), who is chief strategist for consulting firm Ubuntu Research and Evaluation. She's also an …

Fiona Blue

February 10th, 2021


I sat down w singer-songwriter and poet Fiona Blue, whose most recent singles "What's the Rush" and "Resurrected" came out in 2020. Her …

Imani Ray (Natural E)

February 9th, 2021


I sat down w clothing designer and entrepreneur Imani Ray, who owns the brand Natural E. She promotes self-love and affirmation through her designs. We discussed E's reclamation of her insecurities growing up through …

PJ Moody (ShakyLegs)

February 9th, 2021


I sat down w photographer PJ Moody, who is known as ShakyLegs. A MIAD graduate, he's been shooting in the Milwaukee DIY scene for some time. We discussed PJ's unique 3D photography method, hating math, social anxiety, …

Kat Ingalls

February 8th, 2021


I sat down w flow artist and music festival enthusiast Kat Ingalls, who dances w hula-hoops. Originally from Milwaukee, she now lives in Arizona. We …

Nic Ystad

February 7th, 2021


I sat down w activist and artist Nic Ystad, who organized extensively during the 2020 uprisings. He's released a coloring book recently called "Faces …

Jack O'Grady

February 5th, 2021


I sat down w Jack O'Grady, who is co-owner of the vegan made-from-scratch mobile restaurant Maya Ophelia's, which specialized in Latin and Filipino-inspired comfort food. They currently operate Friday-Saturday 3-7PM and …


February 5th, 2021


I sat down w hip hop artist and photographer TayBae, whose singles "Fly", "Rari", "TayNasty", and "Pussycat XO" all dropped in the last year. Originally from Milwaukee, she's now based in Arizona. We had a beer and …


February 4th, 2021


I sat down w electronic dream pop artist Lipsticism, who is based around the Chicago area. Her debut record "Emergency" came out in 2018. I had a few beers and she sipped coffee. We discussed Lipsticism's journey …

Daniel Hernon & Sean Schueler

January 17th, 2021


I sat down w two friends and comrades, Daniel Hernon and Sean Schueler, whom have been involved w the Party for Socialism and Liberation as well as …

Dasha Kelly-Hamilton

January 14th, 2021


I sat down w writer, performance artist, and creative change agent Dasha Kelly Hamilton. She established the organization Still Waters Collective …

Salam Fatayer

January 14th, 2021


I sat down w Salam Fatayer, who is an audio/community stories producer at 88Nine Radio Milwaukee. She spent her childhood growing up between Palestine and Milwaukee. We discussed Salam's passion for storytelling and …

Elena Grade

January 14th, 2021


I sat down w my friend and long-time Riverwester Elena Grade, whom I've met through local shows and hanging out at High Dive. She works at Tall Guy and a Grill and paints in her free time. Elena surprised me w Hamm's as …


January 14th, 2021


I sat down w singer-songwriter Ju, whose sophomore EP "Lost in You" dropped last month. His debut 2019 EP "Emotions Running High" won 88Nine Radio Milwaukee's "Best Disc We Missed." We discussed Ju's origins making …

Mekenna Guayasamin-Salerno

January 13th, 2021


I sat down w hair stylist and my comrade in the Party for Socialism and Liberation, Mekenna Guayasamin-Salerno. She has been in the PSL since June and recently became an independent contractor. We had drinks and …

Ayisha Jaffer

January 11th, 2021


I sat down w the wonderful Ayisha Jaffer, who was host of the 414 Live Variety Hour at 88Nine Radio Milwaukee for about a year. She's also a DJ, …


January 10th, 2021


I sat down w hip hop artist Camb, whose most recent project "In the Meantime" dropped on New Year's. Originally from Milwaukee, he's now based in Atlanta. We discussed Camb's shift in focus from football to music, his …


January 9th, 2021


I sat down w hip hop artist PLYTME, who is formerly known as AWill. His latest singles "Guide You", "FriendZone", and "No Lie" all dropped in the last few months. We had our morning coffee and discussed PLYTME's …

Candi Coconuts

January 8th, 2021


I sat down w burlesque performer Candi Coconuts, who has been performing since 2004. She's known for a routine she does w her pet snake, Cletus. We discussed Candice's first ever burlesque audition back in St. Louis, …

DJ Simon Says

January 7th, 2021


I sat down w DJ Simon Says, who plays primarily house and techno. He began his career in Milwaukee but recently moved to Colorado. We had late night …

Elise McArdle

January 6th, 2021


I sat down w multi-instrumentalist and poet Elise McArdle, who is keyboardist/vocalist for dream pop band Cream Vellum. She's recently started a new …

Tabbie Llama-Berry

January 5th, 2021


I sat down w cycling enthusiast Tabbie Llama-Berry, who works as a bike messenger. Although they lived in Milwaukee for a while, they're now based in …

Robot Witch

January 3rd, 2021


I sat down w electric psych rockers Robot Witch - Matthew Lubus, Ryan Koski, Jimmy Rocco, and Eric Morrissey. They formed from the ashes of Moth Light. We discussed Robot Witch's origin and style, navigating quarantine, …

Holy Shit!

January 3rd, 2021


I sat down w hardcore punk band Holy Shit! - Tabman Conard, Eric Schultz, Anthony Schwader, and Andy Junk. Their latest record "Not My Tempo" dropped …

Hollis Kaye (Zara Estelle)

January 2nd, 2021


I sat down w dancer and burlesque performer, Hollis Kaye, who goes by Zara Estelle onstage. Originally from Milwaukee, they now live in Atlanta. We …

Michael Kittelson

December 31st, 2020


I sat down w improv comedian Michael Kittelson, who is a team player at ComedySportz Milwaukee. He's been doing improv for seven years now. We had a midafternoon drink as we discussed social media use, Michael's improv …

Nathan Pflughoeft

December 30th, 2020


I sat down w guitarist and bandleader Nathan Pflughoeft, who plays in jazz group Pocket Change. He's toured w a number of local musicians and also teaches guitar. We discussed Nate's beginnings from clarinet to guitar, …

Anthony Deutsch (Father Sky) & Avi Gelfman

December 30th, 2020


I sat down w singer-songwriter Anthony Deutsch and drummer Avi Gelfman, who have played together frequently. Anthony is known as Father Sky, under which his latest tunes "See Me" and "Christmas" came out this year. We …

Evelyn Ang

December 29th, 2020


I sat down w an instructor of mine from UWM, Evelyn Ang. She teaches Communication in Human Conflict, in which we had "circles" - weekly check-ins w one another as a class. We discussed Evelyn's teaching career, how …

Lavish Jules

December 28th, 2020


I sat down w burlesque performer Lavish Jules, who is w the troupe Brew City Bombshells. She's also a co-founder of Dripping in Melanin Productions, …

Nick Lang

December 27th, 2020


I sat down w drummer Nick Lang who plays in a myriad of Milwaukee bands - Buffalo Gospel, Long Mama, The Hatchets, Blind Fiction, Derek Pritzl and the Gamble, and Andrew Trim Trio. He normally gigs well over a hundred …

Jennifer Egan & Mike Henderson

December 25th, 2020


I sat down w two members of pop rock group Jennifer Andrea & the Drive Down, Jennifer Egan (vocals/keys) and Mike Henderson (trumpet/keys). They play a mixture of covers and originals. We discussed Jen and Mike's …

James Sauer

December 24th, 2020


I sat down w James Sauer, who currently plays in indie rock band The Hatchets, psych pop band L'Resorts, and with Mark Waldoch and the Hallelujah …

Jen Cintron

December 23rd, 2020


I sat down w singer-songwriter and tarot reader Jen Cintron, whose most recent single "Pardon Me" is available on Soundcloud. She's done tarot reading professionally for about seven years now as Jericho Rose Tarot. …

Erik Ljung

December 22nd, 2020


I sat down w filmmaker and photographer Erik Ljung, who is currently based in Chicago. He created the 2017 documentary "The Blood is at the Doorstep" - the story of Dontre Hamilton's murder in Milwaukee and his family's …

Ariel Kassulke

December 21st, 2020


I sat down w music photographer Ariel Kassulke, who has been shooting for over a decade. She's worked primarily in the pop and metal scenes. We …

Sean Anderson & Myles Coyne

December 20th, 2020


I sat down w two guys from psych rock band Yum Yum Cult, Sean Anderson and Myles Coyne. They've been in the indie scene for quite some time; Sean …

Kalumet King (Instant Karma)

December 18th, 2020


I sat down w photographer, clothing designer, and artistic ambassador Kalumet King, who owns Instant Karma Apparel. The brand has been in business since 2014. We had a drink and discussed Kalumet's beginnings in …

Biju Zimmerman

December 18th, 2020


I sat down w drummer and booking manager for Captain Pabst Pilot House, Biju Zimmerman. He's played in the long-running rock band Camden. We discussed the great eats in Bay View, Biju's beginnings as a musician, the …

Laura Turzenski

December 16th, 2020


I sat down w old friend Laura Turzenski, who is a martial artist. She's been training in kickboxing and more recently MMA fighting for about two …

One Kind Radio

December 15th, 2020


I sat down w the host of indie music radio show/podcast One Kind Radio - John Bowles. He's been doing the show since 1997. We had a couple brews and discussed how One Kind Radio started, John's time in the Northwest …


December 14th, 2020


I sat down w hip hop artist, producer, engineer and teacher Dscribe, who is the creator of the Land by the Lake collaboration tapes. He's currently …

Lara Hayes

December 14th, 2020


I sat down w old friend from high school Lara Hayes, whom I was in the broadcasting program with as well as Operation Snowball. She now works as a …

Mas Verde

December 13th, 2020


I sat down w two guys from indie rock band Mas Verde, Zach Spiegler and Jacob Johnson. Their debut album "Scrumtrulescent" dropped over the summer. …

Devin Drobka

December 12th, 2020


I sat down w drummer Devin Drobka, who plays in his own piano trio as well as in Argo Pelter and in Field Report. He's also a drum teacher. We discussed Devin's origins w music, what Milwaukee's music scene needs most, …

Sam Coleman

December 11th, 2020


I sat down w Sam Coleman, who is Director of Curriculum and Instruction for the Shorewood School District and is on the board for Carmen Schools of …

Sammi Bartoshevich

December 10th, 2020


I sat down w gogo dancer, gamer, and bartender Sammi Bartoshevich, who currently works at Crab It Your Way. She's been dancing for fourteen years. We had a drink and discussed horror movies, choose-your-own-adventure …

Adam Pawlak

December 9th, 2020


I sat down w Chef Adam Pawlak, who owns the Egg & Flour Pasta Bars in Bay View and in the Crossroads Collective on the East Side. He just …

Rachel Buff

December 8th, 2020


I sat down w professor, author, and activist Rachel Buff, who teaches in the Cultures & Communities Department at UWM. Her most recent book is "A …


December 7th, 2020


I sat down w Green Bay-based hip hop artist CYJ, whom I met during the J3 Studios days. His latest project "CYJ From the Bay" dropped over the summer. We had a beer and discussed CYJ's dream to do music from a young …


December 6th, 2020


I sat down w hip hop artist WillOnWater, whose most recent tape "T(r)ap Water" dropped in August. He just dropped merch. We discussed Will's interest in music stemming from the mixtape era, petting goats, his new tape, …


December 5th, 2020


I sat down w actress, activist, and singer-songwriter Solana, whose most recent features are "Rewind" w Twan Mack and "Love & Money" w Valerie …


December 4th, 2020


I sat down w cinematic indie rockers SleeperSound - Dave D'Antonio, Ken Buesing, Mike Campise, Dan Niedziejko, and Stephen Anderson. Their debut …


December 2nd, 2020


I sat down w producer, vocalist, and visual artist Zachary.HTML, who graduated from MIAD. She recently created a newspaper box for This Is Milwaukee. We discussed Zachary's origins making beats out of partying, their …

LaNia Sproles

December 2nd, 2020


I sat down w printmaker and tattoo artist LaNia Sproles, who graduated from MIAD. She has been an artist in residence at Lynden Sculpture Garden. We …

Not Exactly Radio

December 1st, 2020


I sat down w the hosts of podcast Not Exactly Radio, Benjamin Koenigs and Antonio Michael. They discuss their favorite albums and invite guests on to share theirs. We had beers and discussed Not Exactly Radio's concept, …

Dan Dahl

November 30th, 2020


I sat down w interstellar janitor and drummer Dan Dahl, who plays in space rock band Astral Hand as well as psych-rockers The Old Prospectors. Self-taught, he's been playing in rock bands for the last decade. We had a …

Ali J

November 29th, 2020


I sat down w singer-songwriter Ali J, who is based in Waukesha. Her original music can be found on her Facebook and Instagram pages. We discussed Ali's origins singing and writing, Waukesha music, planning to record, …

Grant Steskal

November 28th, 2020


I sat down w fellow ginger, barista, and event manager for the Pabst Theater Group, Grant Steskal. He got his degree from UWM in political science …


November 27th, 2020


I sat down w hip hop artist Lake, who is originally from Janesville. His latest project was 2019's "Home Insurance" w Jalen G and No B. We discussed Lake's determination to take music seriously, meeting Milwaukee …

Matthew Davies

November 26th, 2020


I sat down w singer-songwriter Matthew Davies, who fronts Americana folk band Thriftones. He's got a new solo record "Middle Child" out now. We …


November 25th, 2020


I sat down w hip hop/pop artist BreezyBerg, whose most recent album "Foreshadowing Reality" dropped in January. He's got some new music in the works. We discussed beards, seafood, relationships, his last album, and what …

Class M.

November 24th, 2020


I sat down w hip hop artist Class M, who also goes by Classik Material. His latest two singles "Heat Check" and "Redbeard's Revenge" both dropped in early October. We had a drink and discussed Justin's beginnings in …

Solana Patterson-Ramos

November 23rd, 2020


I sat down w political activist and community organizer Solana-Patterson Ramos. She's long been involved w political campaigns and currently works w …


November 22nd, 2020


I sat down w DJ and photographer Koshka, who has been doing the party thing for a couple years now. Her latest mix came out on User Friendly Records two weeks ago. We discussed Koshka's beginnings DJing, growing up in …

Rosalie Avery

November 21st, 2020


I sat down w bassoon player Rosalie Avery, who spent a year in Colorado through ArtistYear. She's in grad school for bassoon performance and …

Matt Mudler

November 20th, 2020


I sat down w executive chef at the Riverwest diner Wonderland, Matt Mudler. The eatery just re-opened for carry-out on October 1st. We had a beer and …


November 19th, 2020


I sat down w hip hop artist RaRa, who is currently based in Appleton. His songs "Where You Been", "Band Walk", and "All I Know” all dropped over the summer. We discussed RaRa's origins making music, his latest songs, …

Jonny Joffe

November 18th, 2020


I sat down w old friend from high school, Jonny Joffe. He's currently Director of A&R for KMGMT in LA. We discussed Jonny's shift of focus from …

Nik Voyn

November 17th, 2020


I sat down w singer-songwriter Nik Voyn, who is also one of two vocalists in metalcore band After Hour Animals. His latest solo single is "Pathetic" …

Flat Teeth

November 16th, 2020


I sat down w the vocalist and drummer from indie rock band Flat Teeth - Nikolas Stoehr and Brian Szymanski.  Their last record "Silent Seconds" came …

Vicious Van Flow

November 14th, 2020


I sat down w hip hop artist Vicious Van Flow AKA Raymond Samms, whose latest single "Can We Talk" dropped this past spring. He's currently working on a new project. We discussed Raymond's beginnings w music, his hiatus, …

Jenna Knapp

November 14th, 2020


I sat down w the wonderful Jenna Knapp, who runs the website Mental Wealth and Wellness. She specializes in the neuro-linguistic programming method. …

The Quilz

November 13th, 2020


I sat down w synthwave duo The Quilz (Sage Schwarm and Becky Heck), whose most recent singles "No One Should Hate" and "Where Evil Grows" (The Poppy …

Jake Romuald (Romz)

November 11th, 2020


I sat down w DJ, graphic designer, brand marketer, and photographer Jake Romuald, who goes by Romz. He owns the brands Funktion Films and Romuald Media. We had a drink as we discussed Jake's recent move to the West …

Al Kraemer

November 11th, 2020


I sat down w intergalactic adventurer (musician) Al Kraemer, who plays in psych-space band Astral Hand and doom-psych band Moon Rats. Astral Hand's latest single "Navigator" came out at the end of last month. We had …

Garden Home

November 10th, 2020


I sat down w hardcore band Garden Home (Mike Holloway, Dylan Mazurkiewicz, Mitchell Pratt, and John Doyle), whose debut EP "Disposable” came out in …

Wendy Norton

November 8th, 2020


I sat down w the hilarious Wendy Norton, who has been playing in Milwaukee bands for almost twenty years (The Flips, Ramma Lamma, and The Stink Lines to name a few). Her current project is a supergroup called Fun Bois. …

Nadeena Granville (All Natural G)

November 8th, 2020


I sat down w multi-faceted creative and social media strategist Nadeena Granville, who owns the brand marketing agency Gaining Visuals. She's also a …


November 7th, 2020


I sat down w improvisational noise trio Frenia - Ryan Winslow Jann, Conner Jann, and Pedro Gutierrez. Their most recent recording "TARV 4+11.5" came out in May. We had some beers as we discussed Frenia's philosophy of …

D. Mayo

November 3rd, 2020


I sat down w hip hop artist and producer D. Mayo, whose been on a roll dropping music this year. His latest album is "Fans Only" while latest single …


November 2nd, 2020


I sat down w my jovial friend from high school, Dod. He's sometimes known as Matt Maass. We had some drinks as we discussed having solid crews in …

Emilie Brandt

October 31st, 2020


I sat down w singer-songwriter Emilie Brandt, whose most recent single "Feel It All" dropped in May. Originally from Milwaukee, she's recently just moved back from LA. We had a few drinks as we discussed Emilie's …

Bobby Penner

October 30th, 2020


I sat down w community activist and my comrade in the Party for Socialism and Liberation, Bobby Penner. He is involved w the Get the Lead Out of …

Michael Sodnik

October 30th, 2020


I sat down w singer-songwriter and dream pop artist Michael Sodnik, whose most recent singles "$pend All My Money" and "Disconnected" came out in May 2019. He's currently working on a new self-titled record. We …


October 28th, 2020


I sat down w R&B-soul singer-songwriter, visual artist, and community activist Tyrone Randle AKA MackLee. His latest single "Sad Eyes" ft. Huami …

Xavier Schaetzke

October 27th, 2020


I sat down w drummer and photographer Xavier Schaetzke, who plays w metalcore band After Hour Animals. Their latest single and video "All It Takes" dropped last month. He's both a freelance and wedding photographer w Sb …

Kelsey Lawson

October 27th, 2020


I sat down w Kelsey Lawson, who is owner and creative director of advertising agency Rebel Squid. She formerly worked w Swarmm Events. We had a few drinks as we discussed Kelsey's beginnings as a graphic designer, the …


October 26th, 2020


I sat down w DJ, music activist, and promoter Fortune, who has been DJing for over two decades. She owns and operates A.part, a management agency which develops house and techno artists. We discussed Fortune's …

Ezekiel Kelderman (A-Z)

October 24th, 2020


I sat down w frontman of indie funk jammers A-Z, Ezekiel Kelderman. Renowned for their live shows, they're working on their first recordings. We had a beer and discussed camping, Zeke's beginnings w music, A-Z's …


October 24th, 2020


I sat down w DJ, producer and curator Tista, who is co-founder of event planning group Non-Pop. He's also co-founder of Drop the Needle, an organization that raises money to battle opioid addiction. We discussed Tista's …

Gina Romantini

October 23rd, 2020


I sat down w rock n roll fiddle player Gina Romantini, who has played with Milwaukee artists Trapper Schoepp and Whiskey of the Damned as well as …

Andrew Shelp

October 22nd, 2020


I sat down w Andrew Shelp, who leads experimental psychedelic band Moss Folk as well as solo country-folk project A James Shelp & the Rolling …

Vee Valentine

October 21st, 2020


I sat down w burlesque performer Vee Valentine, who is part of Brew City Bombshells. She also hosts the monthly burlesque show Thigh Dive at High …

Sophie Anolick

October 20th, 2020


I sat down w old dear friend Sophie Anolick, whom I met through Jewish youth group BBYO in high school. She's currently getting her Master's Degree …

Jackie Bolton (Blank Canvas Tattoo)

October 18th, 2020


I sat down w old friend Jackie Bolton, who is a visual artist and newly-started tattoo artist. She works under the name Blank Canvas Tattoo. We …

Emerald Monet

October 18th, 2020


I sat down w model and media personality Emerald Monet, who has both a YouTube channel and blog. She's been published abroad in Feroce Magazine. We discussed Emerald's various blogging topics (makeup, food, travel), her …

Sam Kacala

October 17th, 2020


I sat down w drummer and producer Sam Kacala, who plays in the jazz band Smoke N Mirrors as well as live w several Milwaukee hip hop artists. He's also half of Streetlight Society. We discussed being cringey kids, Sam's …

Kendra Moen

October 15th, 2020


I sat down w old friend Kendra Moen, whom I met through circles at UWM. She currently works for Americore in the program College Possible. We …

Shane Hochstetler (Howl Street Recordings)

October 14th, 2020


I sat down w Shane Hochstetler, who has been playing in bands since the 90s. He owns and operates the studio Howl Street Recordings. We discussed Shane's early days drumming in bands, getting into recording, the studio …

Joe Kirschling (Ontonomy)

October 13th, 2020


I sat down w drummer, photographer, and electronic artist Joe Kirschling, who plays in rock bands Sin Bad and Saebra & Carlyle. He also makes music in the project Ontonomy - latest tune "EverythingIsConnected". We …

Rodney Johnson (sptmbrborn)

October 12th, 2020


I sat down w photographer Rodney Johnson, who goes by "sptmbrborn" (pronounced September Born). Virgo shit. We discussed Rodney's photography career, getting creative in the kitchen, sleep paralysis, dream journals, and …

Before Nitrogen

October 10th, 2020


I sat down w pop band Before Nitrogen (Sean McGibany, Jack Reesman & Joe Perdzock). Their most recent single "Dear Kenosha" came out a month ago in the wake of the Jacob Blake protests. We discussed the band's …

Elena Velez

October 9th, 2020


I sat down w fashion designer Elena Velez, whose work has been exhibited in Teen Vogue 2019's Generation Next. She studied fashion design at Parsons …

Dahlia Hamdan

October 9th, 2020


I sat down w filmmaker Dahlia Hamdan, who is a recent graduate of the UWM Film program. She currently studies at AFI (American Film Institute) in LA. We discussed Dahlia's interest in movies from a young age, the first …

Radaya Ellis

October 7th, 2020


I sat down w researcher and Milwaukee fashion enthusiast, Radaya Ellis. She works at Ubuntu Research and Evaluation and is a brand ambassador for several local clothing brands. We discussed Radaya's gravitation towards …

Spade One

October 7th, 2020


I sat down w hip hop artist and emcee Spade One, who has been involved in Milwaukee music for over thirty years. He has performed and emceed with …

Richon Martena

October 6th, 2020


I sat down w Richon Martena - model, Youtuber and voiceover artist. She's recently dropped her first clothing. We discussed Richon's beginnings getting comfortable w modeling, listening to your own voice, her new merch, …

Alec Vohnoutka

October 5th, 2020


I sat down w fellow music nerd Alec Vohnoutka, whom I met serendipitously through our shared love for experimental pop band Animal Collective. He …

Andy de Junco (The End, I Love You!)

October 3rd, 2020


I sat down w drummer from indie rockers The Unitaskers, Andy de Junco. He's got a solo ambient-experimental project The End, I Love You!, of which …

Erica Steib

October 2nd, 2020


I sat down w my comrade and mentor in the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL), Erica Steib. She has been involved w the Party for about three …

Mykell X

October 1st, 2020


I sat down w hip hop artist Mykell X, whose most recent song "Soul" dropped just a few weeks ago. He's working on a full tape to be dropped this …


September 30th, 2020


I sat down w electronic artist Deerskin, who creates bass heavily influenced by world music. His latest EP "Resonate" dropped in January. We had a few beers as we discussed Deerskin's origins w music, his unique …

Dylan Finley, The Unknown King

September 29th, 2020


I sat down w hip hop artist, multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Dylan Finley, who goes by "The Unknown King". His latest release is a …

Raquel Galindo (RockzSolid)

September 28th, 2020


I sat down w business owner, activist and hip hop artist Raquel Galindo, who went by RockzSolid when she still made music. She is co-founder of Hip …

The Oshi

September 26th, 2020


I sat down w hip hop-R&B artist The Oshi, who dropped her debut self-titled EP last year. This past Friday she dropped a new single, "Big Money" featuring Rio Dinero and Zef. We discussed Leosha's beginnings w …

DJ Gemini Gilly

September 25th, 2020


I sat down w DJ Gemini Gilly, who's officially been spinning for about a year now. She's DJed a number of quarantine events related to Black Lives Matter and social justice. We discussed Gilly's love for sharing music …

Hans Jaeger

September 24th, 2020


I sat down w my friend Hans Jaeger, who fronts indie pop band Deep State Park (formerly Peacebone), plays guitar in Cream Vellum, and rhythm guitar in Tacoma Washington Weekday Club. Originally from the Waukesha area, …

Alex Brower

September 23rd, 2020


I sat down w Alex Brower, who is running for Milwaukee Public School District 5. He's Executive Director of Wisconsin Alliance for Retired Americans, …


September 22nd, 2020


I sat down w dream pop artist Desi, whose debut EP "Space In Between" is out now. She's also a yoga instructor, certified as of earlier this year. We …

Eric & Natalya Shaenboen

September 20th, 2020


I sat down w one of my oldest childhood friends Eric Shaenboen and his wife Natalya. Eric is a hobbyist and works professionally on motorcycles. They …

Emily Hall

September 19th, 2020


I sat down w Emily Hall, who is a tarot reader and medium. She has her own business, Waxing Gibbous Tarot. We discussed how tarot reading works, dreams, past lives, the haunted bar Shakers, and having a dialogue w your …

Alejandra Gonzalez

September 17th, 2020


I sat down w Alejandra Gonzalez, who is Youth Organizing Statewide Director for Voces de la Frontera. She is a DACA recipient. We discussed Alejandra's story as an immigrant, the DREAM Act, the documentation process, …

Michaela Lemons & Jessica Llanas

September 17th, 2020


I sat down w two lovely friends Michaela Lemons and Jessica Llanas, whom I've known for about two years now. Michaela studies anthropology and art …

Brandon Bloom, Ryan Evans & Brandon Nguyen

September 14th, 2020


I sat down w three of my fraternity Brothers from college - Brandon Bloom, Ryan Evans, and Brandon Nguyen. We were in the Mu Epsilon Chapter of the …

Andy Parmann

September 11th, 2020


I sat down w vocalist of metal band Knaaves and co-owner of all-ages venue X-Ray Arcade in Cudahy - Andy Parmann. Knaaves' debut full-length record …

Lenda Jo

September 9th, 2020


I sat down w drag performer Lenda Jo, who performs at DIX Milwaukee. Lenda is also involved w the Milwaukee Drag Alliance. We discussed Lenda's …

Korin Lowrey

September 8th, 2020


I sat down w old friend Korin Lowrey, who is studying biomedical sciences at UWM. She had COVID-19 about two months ago but has made a full recovery. …

Kyle Lawton

September 8th, 2020


I sat down w Kyle Lawton, who has been one of my best friends since eighth grade. He spent a year at Full Sail University in Florida and played …

Khary Penebaker

September 4th, 2020


I sat down w Khary Penebaker - DNC member representing WI, former US Congressional Candidate in WI's 5th Congressional District, Everytown for Gun Safety Fellow, Planned Parenthood of WI Board member, and DNC Black …

Laura Kezman

September 3rd, 2020


I sat down w filmmaker Laura Kezman, who is owner and director of LionArt Media. She formerly worked at 88Nine Radio Milwaukee as a video producer. We had a few drinks as we discussed Laura's gig w National Geographic, …

Quay Ellison

September 1st, 2020


I sat down w artist and entrepreneur Quay Ellison, who has her own graphic design business Ellastic Designs, LLC. She is also president of Social X, an organization that runs personal and professional social events for …

Tamara Woods

August 31st, 2020


I sat down w old friend Tamara Woods, whom I met the second week of freshman year at UWM. She is in her final semester of school and works in …

Brit Morgan

August 28th, 2020


I sat down w poet and activist Brit Morgan, who hosts monthly open mic Lyrical Sanctuary at UWM. She is also involved w Running Rebels Community …

Anson Obvious

August 28th, 2020


I sat down w the eccentric singer-songwriter Anson Obvious, who fronts the comedy rock band Anson Obvious and the Uncomfortable Moments. His latest tune "Fine Art Auction came out about a year ago. We had some drinks as …

Jack Greenwood

August 26th, 2020


I sat down w old buddy Jack Greenwood, who does modeling work and is based in Madison, WI. We met working at a job years back. We had a few drinks as …

Rebecca Perl

August 26th, 2020


I sat down w my good friend Rebecca Perl, whom I met on a trip to Israel/Palestine four years ago. Having previously been involved in Israel advocacy …

Dana Coppafeel

August 24th, 2020


I sat down w hip hop artist Dana Coppafeel, who has been involved w Milwaukee, Madison, and Rockford music for over three decades. His last full …

George Jackson

August 23rd, 2020


I sat down w experimental noise and visual artist George Jackson, whose most recent EP "Continue To" came out earlier this year. Her website is We discussed George's origins from a musical …

Spencer Nelsen

August 21st, 2020


I sat down w a buddy of mine, Spencer Nelsen, whom I met while at UWM. Originally from Green Bay, he has spent extensive time abroad in Germany and …

Joey Stone

August 19th, 2020


I sat down w singer-songwriter and craftsman Joey Stone, who makes apparel and souvenirs in addition to music. His website is We discussed what we wanted to be growing up, Joey's origins playing …

Orlando Pena

August 18th, 2020


I sat down w singer-songwriter Orlando Pena, who formerly fronted the Americana-folk band The Midnight Purchase. They released a live EP called "The …

Ariana Vaeth

August 17th, 2020


I sat down w studio artist Ariana Vaeth, who focuses on realism through self-portrait. Originally from Baltimore, she studied at MIAD, and has had her work exhibited in a number of Milwaukee and Chicago galleries. Her …

Ruth Weill

August 14th, 2020


I sat down w Riverwest community organizer Ruth Weill, who is Community Engagement Coordinator for RiverWorks MKE. She also helps run the Riverwest Neighborhood Facebook page, which has over 14,000 members. We discussed …

Peri Sem

August 13th, 2020


I sat down w my friend Peri Leora Sem, who was a coworker of mine at a terrible job a few years back. We bonded over our shared struggle w mental health. We had some drinks as we discussed said job and why it was so …

Eliza Priest

August 12th, 2020


I sat down w my friend Eliza Priest, whom I met through Greek life at UWM. She recently moved to Dayton, OH for work. Eliza had a fine Pilsner beer and I had tequila n pineapple juice as we discussed her move to a new …

Tommy Franecki (Tomi Bordeaux)

August 11th, 2020


I sat down w community organizer Tommy Franecki, who was one of the leaders in Milwaukee's Black Lives Matter marches this summer. Now based in …

Sierra Lona

August 10th, 2020


I sat down w "Light Queen of the North" (lighting designer) Sierra Lona. She's done the pretty colors for shows at many venues in town, including the …

Bob Lost

August 9th, 2020


I sat down w hip hop artist and producer Bob Lost AKA Robert Missing, whose latest album "The Robert Missing Experience" is the introduction to his new persona. He is formerly known as Trashman Shunny. We discussed …


August 8th, 2020


I sat down w R&B artist Tr3y, whose most recent song "Essential Af" came out in May. He dropped three projects last year, two of which were …

Elle Halo

August 7th, 2020


Welcome back to Mr. Nice Guy, Zoom style! I gave in and stopped being stubborn. I sat down w black trans activist, artist, and writer Elle Halo. She's a board member for Diverse & Resilient, a Public Ally, and …

Justin Perkins (Mystery Room Mastering)

April 8th, 2020


I visited Wire & Vice studio to sit down w the man behind Mystery Room Mastering, Justin Perkins. He has been recording music since he was a teenager and started Mystery Room over a decade ago. Among his noteworthy …

Sarah Long & Esther Portnoy

April 7th, 2020


I sat down w environmental conservationalists and land stewards for Neighborhood House of Milwaukee, Sarah Long and Esther Portnoy. They both studied conservation at UWM and had previously worked w the DNR (Department …


April 5th, 2020


I sat down w EDM artist and DJ Wolfbiter AKA Sammie Anderson, whose most recent EP "The Wave" came out last year along w a tapes of remixes. He hosts …

Cardiac Da Pulse

April 4th, 2020


I sat down w hip hop artist Cardiac Da Pulse, whose most recent singles "I Like It" and "Lord Have Mercy" both came out this past year. His album …

Elle Borden & John McCune (Sookie's Veggie Burgers)

April 3rd, 2020


I sat down w Elle Borden and John McCune, who together run the food trailer Sookie's Veggie Burgers. They began the trailer last August. We discussed how and why John came up w the idea, who "Sookie" is, their menu, …

Orange Drink

April 1st, 2020


I sat down w one-man band performance artist Orange Drink, whose most recent record "This is Orange Drink" came out in November. One of the most unique musicians in the scene, he is known for his elaborate crowd …

Pete Freeman

March 31st, 2020


I sat down w singer-songwriter Pete Freeman, whose debut record "Wisconsin Stories" came out about a year ago. His most recent single "Song About Nothing" came out on Halloween. We sat around a campfire (my basement …

Allegra Anastasi

March 29th, 2020


I sat down w my dear friend Allegra Anastasi, whom I met through Greek life at UWM. She has since moved to Buffalo, NY. We split a case of New Glarus as we discussed the recent Coronavirus cancellations, Allegra's new …

Nate Zimmerman (Zimknives)

March 28th, 2020


I sat down w knife and tool smith Nate Zimmerman, who owns his own business Zimknives. He has been practicing cutlery full-time since 2012. We …

Armstrong Ransome

March 27th, 2020


I sat down w hip hop artist, emcee, vinyl DJ and producer Armstrong Ransome, whose most recent songs "Before Kings + Before Men" and "Process" came out in the last few weeks. He hosts the Marquette basketball games. We …

Angela Lang

March 26th, 2020


I sat down w community organizer Angela Lang, who is executive director of Black Leaders Organizing for Communities (BLOC). She previously had worked in union advocacy for the SEIU. We discussed Angela's early …

Reina Fire

March 25th, 2020


I sat down w burlesque performer and illustrator Reina Fire, who is part of Brew City Bombshells. She began doing burlesque w Cream City Cabaret. We discussed Reina's first time ever doing burlesque, strip clubs, the …

Ryan Duffy

March 24th, 2020


I sat down w local music enthusiast and cheap beer drinker Ryan Duffy, who I became friends with through both those things. He works in printing/graphic design. We shared a case of Hamm's as we discussed both our …

Tara Rahmani

March 23rd, 2020


I sat down w innovation fellow and design thinker Tara Rahmani, who is finishing up her industrial engineering degree at MSOE. She started her own …

Robby McGhee

March 22nd, 2020


I sat down w lead vocalist for the wonderful collective Funk Summit Bass Team, co-founder of Ampersand Theater Company, and artistic director of All …

DJ Kenny Perez

March 21st, 2020


I sat down w DJ and imaging director for 88Nine Radio Milwaukee, Kenny Perez. He hosts "In the Mix" - a dance-themed show from 10PM to midnight on …

Ryan Clancy

March 20th, 2020


I sat down w candidate for Milwaukee County Supervisor, Ryan Clancy. He is co-founder of BOUNCE Milwaukee, a former teacher, and is legislative liaison of The PRAWN - an organization supporting restaurants that support …

Michaela Lacy

March 19th, 2020


I sat down w poet and blogger Michaela Lacy, who runs the blog Black Wounds and Aloe Vera - a platform for black voices to be heard. She is a Public …


March 18th, 2020


I sat down w hip hop artist and DJ DaveKevinAdam, whose most recent project "I Can't Believe It's Butter" dropped on Soundcloud in December. He frequently DJs around Riverwest at spots such as High Dive and Company …

Nicklaus Rueda (ROTA)

March 17th, 2020


I sat down w DJ, graphic designer, and Andrew Yang enthusiast Nicklaus Rueda, who goes by the artist name ROTA. He toured in a hardcore band and then as a DJ for quite some time before focusing on other creative …


March 16th, 2020


I sat down w hip hop artist and producer Jaecar, whose last project "What Happened to Love" came out on Valentine's Day 2019. His latest track "Take You Down" feat. Genesis Renji dropped last May. We had tequila n juice …

Dori Zori

March 16th, 2020


I sat down w promotions manager and morning show host at 88Nine Radio Milwaukee, Dori Zori. She has been w the station for eight years. We discussed Dori's days of going out to dance clubs, her lengthy career w WMSE, …

Jon Phillip

March 14th, 2020


I sat down w long-running musician Jon Phillip, who currently fronts the rock project Mini Meltdowns. He has played in Limbeck as well as w Trapper …

Ian Olvera

March 14th, 2020


I sat down w Ian Olvera, who sings and plays guitar in indie rock band Daydream Retrievers, and works as an engineer at Wire and Vice. The band's debut self-titled record came out in 2017. We had coffee and discussed …

Chevy Johnson

March 13th, 2020


I sat down w Chevy Johnson, who is Alderman for the 2nd District of Milwaukee - an area that covers about forty thousand people. He has been in …

Ruth B8r Ginsburg

March 12th, 2020


I sat down w three members of neo-soul/folk band Ruth B8r Ginsburg - Steph Lippert, Treccy MT, and Danielle Renee. They are currently working on …

Alex Martinelli (Lex Martin Presents)

March 12th, 2020


I sat down w promoter and talent buyer Alex Martinelli, who is the owner of the event planning company Lex Martin Presents. He books primarily at The Miramar Theatre and has expanded his brand into record label (Lex …


March 11th, 2020


I sat down w electronic artist SSAANN (Melissa Simes), who plays keys in pop rock band Will Pfrang and the Good Land Gang as well as in the house band for Angelo's Piano Lounge. Her latest singles "Save You" and …

Martha Cannon

March 9th, 2020


I sat down w Martha Cannon, who fronts "Midwest softcore" band Lady Cannon and sings in psych-pop band L'Resorts. Lady Cannon's record "Fortune's Darling" and the self-titled debut L'Resorts record both came out this …

Angelo Villarreal (Lola Rome Xadows)

March 8th, 2020


I sat down w my old buddy Angelo Villarreal, who is a drag queen - Lola Rome Xadows. He won Miss Gay Fox Valley 2018 and Miss Gay Isthmus 2019. We …

Rick Banks

March 7th, 2020


I sat down w community organizer Rick Banks, who is political director of Black Leaders Organizing for Communities. He also is co-founder of the app …

LaShawnda Wilkins

March 7th, 2020


I sat down w motivational speaker, author, and creative writer LaShawnda Wilkins, who is executive producer of MKE Table Talk and founder of SpeakLife Magazine. Her self-awareness book "For the Life of Me" is out now. …


March 6th, 2020


I sat down w producer, DJ, and electronic artist Dashcam (Donny Jankowski), whose latest singles "Warm Front" and "Before We See the Sun" came out in …

Emily Romeril

March 6th, 2020


I sat down w Emily Romeril, who works as program coordinator for the nonprofit organization PEARLS for Teen Girls and as recruitment specialist for Public Allies Milwaukee. She studied community engagement at UWM, and …

Allie Weiher

March 5th, 2020


I sat down w my dear friend Allie Weiher, who currently works in a marketing position for a company in Walker's Point. We got tacos together in …

Joseph Huber

March 4th, 2020


I sat down w Americana-folk singer-songwriter Joseph Huber, whose most recent record "Moondog" came out last summer. He had previously been in .357 …

Connor Dalzin

March 4th, 2020


I sat down w my friend and fellow music enthusiast, Connor Dalzin. He recently named "Blonde" by Frank Ocean as his album of the decade. We drank spicy MKE Brewing ale as we discussed when we began listening to music …

Ana Nordwig (AnaNotAnna)

March 3rd, 2020


I sat down w YouTuber, voiceover artist, and comedian Ana Nordwig. Her channel is AnaNotAnna, where you may find her silly antics (the latest of which is her having her first Thin Mint). We discussed Ana's time at …

Patrick Carroll

March 3rd, 2020


The Hive welcomed me for their live podcast meetup - how neat is that! I chose Patrick Carroll, a fellow Breaking and Entering contributor, to sit …

John Slowey, My Father

February 27th, 2020


I interviewed my amazing dad, John Slowey... AKA Mr. Nicer Guy. We discussed the eventual decline of our family business Sunnycrest Greenhouses, my dad's story of becoming sober (going on six years!), his days of …

Nancy Slowey, My Mother

February 27th, 2020


I sat down w my beautiful mother, Nancy Slowey! We discussed exercising, my mother's degree vs what she ended up doing, not doing one thing for the …

Isabeau Belisle-Dempsey

February 26th, 2020


I sat down w dear friend Isabeau Belisle-Dempsey, who graduated from Seattle University in international studies and Spanish. Their focus is working …

Joey Krengel & Rebecca Kramer

February 25th, 2020


I sat down w two dear friends, Joey Krengel (whom I have known since pre-school) and Rebecca Kramer (whom I met in high school through BBYO). Joey is …

Jamison McDermott

February 25th, 2020


I sat down w actress, model, director, and producer Jamison McDermott, who has her own film production company 715 Productions. Now based in LA, she is an on-camera actress w Stewart Talent. We discussed how taking …

Oluwaseyi Adeleke (Progression With The Krown)

February 25th, 2020


I sat down w clothing designer and former rapper Oluwaseyi Adeleke, whose brand is known as "Progression With the Krown " ("prgrssn" for short). His flagship product is the "Black Women Are the Future" line. We …

Jesse Eshleman

February 24th, 2020


I sat down w my dear friend Jesse Eshleman, whom I got close w through broadcasting in high school - we hosted an indie-themed radio show together. …

Bree Zyer

February 23rd, 2020


I sat down w singer-songwriter Bree Zyer, who is working on her first EP. She had sang on tracks w Chicago-based artists Julius Dolls and MC and has …

Kevin Toolan

February 21st, 2020


I sat down w my good old buddy Kevin Toolan, whom I've known since the sixth grade. He graduated in biology from University of Michigan and begins …

Mason Riedel

February 21st, 2020


I sat down w trombonist and teacher Mason Riedel, who studied music performance at Illinois State University and now gives private lessons to …

Nate Barksdale

February 20th, 2020


I sat down w Chicago-based soul-pop artist Nate Barksdale, who dropped EPs "Neon Soul" and "35mm." in 2019. His recent single "Sincerely" came out on …

Mackenzie Freund

February 20th, 2020


I sat down w my good friend Mackenzie Freund, whom I met through Operation Snowball in high school. She just graduated from Chicago State University …

Jon LeVert

February 19th, 2020


I sat down w actor, editor, and director Jon LeVert, whom I took broadcasting with in high school. Currently residing in New York, he played the role …


February 18th, 2020


I sat down w interdisciplinary artist, actor, curator, and teacher Jo Schaffer (JoJB). He is a company member of Runaways Lab and co-producer of Top Pop Productions - both creative initiatives based in Chicago. His most …

Donyae Asante

February 18th, 2020


I sat down w pop singer-songwriter, Donyae Asante, whose self-titled album and sophomore album "Flaws and All" both came out this past year. I have known him since seventh grade. We discussed Donyae's transition from …

Morgan DeVries

February 17th, 2020


I sat down w my good friend Morgan DeVries, whom I've bonded w through our shared struggle w mental health. We also really miss The Black Rose. We discussed how the bars on Milwaukee's East Side have changed, outpatient …

Jessica Ferruzza

February 17th, 2020


I sat down w music enthusiast and podcaster Jessica Ferruzza, who had a music-oriented podcast Music Muse on the Zima Podcasting Network. She and I met through mutual friends at UWM. Jess and I discussed when we began …

Zach Otto

February 16th, 2020


I sat down w Zach Otto, who is vocalist for punk band Sex Scenes and power pop band Rexxx. The latter's new record "Pure Pleasure II" just dropped on Valentine's Day. We discussed Zach finding his way in music, seafood, …

Brandon Anderegg

February 15th, 2020


I sat down w a fellow alum from the UWM JAMS department, Brandon Anderegg. Formerly at the Waukesha Freeman, he is now w BizTimes Media. We ate doughnuts and drank coffee as we discussed Brandon's odyssey finding his …

John Larkin (Cairns)

February 14th, 2020


I sat down w John Larkin, who has an experimental-indie-ambient project - Cairns. His last album "Entanglement" came out December 2018. We discussed …

Cameron Settler

February 14th, 2020


I sat down w pastry chef Cameron Settler, who has his own home-based bakery Canephora Bakery LLC. He is in his second year of pastry school at MATC. …

Joe Humiston

February 13th, 2020


I sat down w Joe Humiston, who has been vocalist for funk-jazz-soul band Pineapple Migraine, and now for new Japanese pop-inspired group Commodore …

Kyndal J.

February 13th, 2020


I sat down w vocalist Kyndal J, who sings in the projects Two Tones and No Seatbelts (and formerly Foreign Goods). The new No Seatbelts singles "Daydreamin'" and "The One" are out streaming everywhere. We discussed …

Corey Pieper

February 13th, 2020


I sat down w hip hop-R&B artist Corey Pieper, whose singles "Asi Me Gusta",  "M.I.A.", "Rose", and "Check Clear" all came out this past year. He's got two new ones already, "Late Nightz" and "Sticking 2 the Code." …


February 12th, 2020


I sat down w psych-prog-jam band Conundrum - Owen Benkowski, Charlie Celenza, and Alex Klosterman (Eric Klosterman not present). Their last album "Physiognomy" came out in 2016 and they are currently working on a new …

Melissa Mursch

February 11th, 2020


I sat down w visual artist, curator, and poet Melissa Mursch, who currents work as admissions counselor at MIAD. She has an art exhibition coming up "Language/Visual" coming up February 21st. We discussed Melissa's …

Oby Nwabuzor

February 11th, 2020


I sat down w Oby Nwabuzor, who is brand strategist/co-founder for record label House of Renji. She also founded her own brand marketing organization …

Michael Cajigas

February 10th, 2020


I sat down w my beloved friend Michael Cajigas, who is a coworker of mine at Company Brewing. He and I make the kitchen fun. We also love Bernie Sanders. We drank beer n brandy as we discussed the recent British …

Christiaan Cocroft (DJ Cratedigga)

February 10th, 2020


I sat down w DJ, activist, and local music enthusiast Christiaan Cocroft, who goes by the name Cratedigga. He is new to the art form and hopes to use …


February 9th, 2020


I sat down w hip hop artist Blizz, whose most recent EP "Five" came out in September. He is a founding member of the group Safs Crew. We discussed Blizz's origins producing and rapping from a young age, the formation of …

Alyssa Hiebert

February 9th, 2020


I sat down w my friend Alyssa Hiebert, whom I met through a Facebook support group. We bonded through our shared struggled w BPD (borderline personality disorder). We discussed our own stories growing up w BPD even …

Bryon Cherry

February 8th, 2020


I sat down w funk musician and poet, Bryon Cherry. He has his own project Bryan Cherry Band in addition to Ghost Mirror and Mythic Mystics. His new record under Bryan Cherry Band "Until the Rainbows" came out last June, …

Ahab's Ghost

February 8th, 2020


I sat down w heavy metal band Ahab's Ghost (Jake Hess, Sam Wallman, and Joe Widen), whose most recent album "Curse" came out over Thanksgiving. They have been a band for over a decade now. We sipped various alc as we …

Kendall Cook

February 7th, 2020


I sat down w Riverwest multi-instrumentalist and local scene aficionado, Kendall Cook. Aside from being at shows every week, he makes music of his …

Nasty Boys

February 7th, 2020


I sat down w drum and bass duo Nasty Boys (Robbie Schneider and Joe Pulmeri Jr), whose debut EP "One" dropped in 2018. They are here to spread the …

Jordyn Noennig

February 6th, 2020


I sat down w a fellow UWM JAMS alum, Jordyn Noennig. She is an entertainment reporter for Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. We discussed Jordyn's shift from nursing to advertising to journalism, our favorite professors, …

Aymen Sals (Holy Pinto)

February 5th, 2020


I sat down w Aymen Sals, whose indie pop project is Holy Pinto. He is originally from the UK and has toured the country extensively. His new single …

Joey Turbo

February 5th, 2020


I sat down w Riverwest musician and High Dive bartender, Joey Turbo. He fronts the bands Rio Turbo and Platinum Boys, and he likes beer. We drank Busch lattes and discussed both of Joey's bands, European tours, the new …

Jessica Noble-Crisp

February 4th, 2020


I sat down w tattoo artist Jessica Noble-Crisp, who works at Riverwest Tattoo Company. They are relocating to Chicago in about a month. We had Starbucks and discussed Jessica's origins tattooing, our own tattoos, social …

Josh Roy

February 3rd, 2020


I sat down w muralist, graphic designer, and fire spinner Josh Roy. He was kind enough to let me do our episode at his home, where we get an inside …

Wvs AKA Lil Lurk

February 3rd, 2020


I sat down w hip hop artist Wvs AKA Lil Lurk, whose most recent album "These Months are the Coldest" came out February 2019, and his latest single …

Michael McKinnon

February 2nd, 2020


I sat down w singer-songwriter Michael McKinnon, who released a self-titled debut album in 2018. He is originally from Sturgeon Bay, WI. We discussed Michael's origins playing music, the beauty of Door County, his …

Diamond Spencer

February 2nd, 2020


I sat down w Diamond Spencer, who runs Vlog TV - an organization that connects creatives w the right people. She aims to move Milwaukee's creative scene forward on a large scale. We discussed Vlog TV and its mission, …

Anna Rodriguez

February 1st, 2020


I sat down w illustrator and novelist Anna Rodriguez, who draws and has a comic strip. She helped throw an art show this past October, The Monotonous Life of Roy G. Biv - her first time doing so. We discussed Anna's …

Evan Froiland

January 31st, 2020


I sat down w community organizer Evan Froiland, who currently works as communication and development associate for Leaders Igniting Transformation. He previously had been a Public Ally. We had delicious cake as we …


January 31st, 2020


I sat down w pop-rap artist Dres, whose singles "Countin' Racks", "Do It Big", and "Twenty19" all came out the past year. He has been performing out in Milwaukee since the mid 2000's. We enjoyed IPA and discussed Dres' …

Rob Hicks

January 30th, 2020


I sat down w hip hop artist Rob Hicks, who has a myriad of 2019 singles ("Tell No Lies", "Hold Me Down", "Perception", "Synergy", "Midnight Maraude") …

Joe Quinto

January 30th, 2020


I sat down w pop artist Joe Quinto, whose most recent single "Soltura" came out in August. His EP "Cinemasonic" came out in summer 2018. We drank …

Leyton Schiebel

January 29th, 2020


I sat down w the wonderful human Leyton Schiebel, who has worked w Freeland Film Festival, Milwaukee Film, and Sundance Film Festival in box offices. …

Long Mama

January 29th, 2020


I sat down (in my basement) w Kat Wodtke and Andrew Koenig, who play together in the country band Long Mama. Koenig also plays in a number of other projects, while Wodtke has an extensive background in theater. I drank …

Peter J. Woods

January 29th, 2020


I sat down w noise artist Peter J. Woods, who runs the experimental promotion organization FTAM. He also plays bass in noise rock band Credentials, …

Steve Roche

January 28th, 2020


I sat down w Steve Roche, who is bar manager at Company Brewing (our workplace), runs the label Confluence Records, and spearheads the Milwaukee …

Gretchen Schneider

January 27th, 2020


I sat down w my good friend Gretchen Schneider, who graduated w a film degree from UWM, and now works full-time doing media for Salvation Army. We …

Ron Terrell

January 27th, 2020


I sat down w drummer Ron Terrell, who plays in the projects Hi/Jack, Onyx Koan, Analog Porn, Pax, and A Smidge of Evil...he's got his hands full. We …


January 26th, 2020


I sat down w alto saxophonist SaxyCass (Cass Struve), who has played in several local projects while also making jewelry and art. She now has her own project, SaxyCass&DaBandM8S. We drank Hammy and discussed Cass' …

Supah Cash

January 25th, 2020


I sat down w hip hop artist Supah Cash, whose singles "Lesson Learned" and "Balance" dropped this past year. His 2018 album "Self" is out streaming …

Aaron Vail (Auxymorons)

January 24th, 2020


I sat down w my best friend in the whole world - entertainer, DJ, prankster, and TikTok aficionado Aaron Vail. He is half of the Austin, TX-based DJ …

Brenden Luif

January 23rd, 2020


I sat down w my old pal Brenden Luif, who was by far my goofiest friend in high school. He currently works in sheet metal. We had a crisp La Croix as …


January 22nd, 2020


I sat down w hip hop artist Fanetic, whose most recent album "Let It Be Known..." is available streaming everywhere. He and I went to SXSW together twice. We discussed our takeaways from SXSW, Fanetic's origins making …

Kaleb Searcy (Prof)

January 22nd, 2020


I sat down w singer, producer, computer whiz, and music businessman Kaleb Searcy, who goes by "Prof" ("Professor"). He and I met when he invested in J3 Studios years back. He has been in the music industry for …

Carter Levinson

January 20th, 2020


I sat down w my good friend Carter Levinson - we called him "Professor" in high school - because he's the smartest dude anyone knows. He competed …

Matt Gertler (SPACESUIT)

January 20th, 2020


I sat down w my good friend Matt "Shirt" Gertler, who produces EDM and is branding himself under the name SPACESUIT. He currently lives in North …

Alex Cueller & Stuart Moore

January 19th, 2020


I sat down w two of my best childhood friends, Alex Cueller and Stuart Moore. Both of them graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and currently live in downtown Chicago. We drank Bud Light (bleh) …

Brittany Mitchell

January 18th, 2020


I sat down w Brittany Mitchell, who is an ASL (American Sign Language) Interpreter. She and I met through social circles at UWM. TW: SUICIDE (around the 38 min mark). We discussed drinking lots of coffee, how Brittany …

Greg Conley

January 17th, 2020


I sat down w videographer Greg Conley, who is currently based in Oshkosh, WI. He works full-time doing multimedia work for an automotive company. We …

Nick Grace

January 16th, 2020


I sat down w hip hop artist Nick Grace, whose tapes "I'm Fucked Up...Right?" and "Totally Sober" both came out in the last few months. He is known for his distinctive confrontational approach to hip hop that takes …

Robin Westrick

January 16th, 2020


I sat down w my buddy Robin Westrick, who makes electronic music in his spare time, works on a farm in the spring, and helps run a popsicle stand "Chillwaukee" over the summer. He and I are coworkers at Company Brewing. …

Larry Bull

January 15th, 2020


I sat down w hip hop artist and battle rapper Larry Bull, whose most recent project "Paper Route" came out in August. His EPs "No Money" and "9293" …

Nate Husser

January 14th, 2020


I sat down w skin therapist and dancer Nate Husser. He currently works in an Ulta. We discussed meeting while drunk on the beach, Florida, Nate's personal experience w skin care turning into a passion, beauty standards …

Kia Rap Princess & Kaylee Crossfire

January 14th, 2020


I sat down w two hip hop artists, Kia Rap Princess and Kaylee Crossfire, who have a collab tape called "BEST OF BOTH WORLDS". Kia's songs "NID" and …

Large Print

January 13th, 2020


I sat down w one of the finest bands in Milwaukee, indie rockers Large Print (Jimmy Brickner, Jay Joslyn, Grace Mitchell, Andy Grygiel, and Eric Risser). Their sophomore record "End Scenery" came out last May. We drank …

Stacy Cussen

January 13th, 2020


I sat down w my good friend Stacy Cussen, who I met through Greek life over at UWM. She hopes to go into public policy. We drank the nectar of the …

Alisha Clancy

January 10th, 2020


I sat down w the beautiful ray of sunshine Alisha Clancy. She studied women and gender studies at UWM, is a flow artist/basshead, and works w the …

Fiona Dolce

January 10th, 2020


I sat down w my friend Fiona Dolce, who is in her final year at UWM studying theater education. She has acted, worked behind-the-scenes, costume …

Nick Maas (Cabin Essence)

January 9th, 2020


I sat down w Nick Maas, who leads the indie rock band Cabin Essence. Their new single "For Your Love / No More" came out in July. We discussed Nick's …

Dima Pochtarev

January 9th, 2020


I sat down w the wonderful Dima Pochtarev, who is CEO of Unifi Records, is on the team bringing all-ages music space The New State to Milwaukee, and …

Crystal Knives

January 8th, 2020


I sat down w EDM artist Crystal Knives, who was selected as a Backline artist in 2018. His singles "Stranded", "When I'm Okay", "Beautiful Chaos", …

Rich P.

January 7th, 2020


I sat down w hip hop artist, emcee, and producer Rich P, whose most recent record "Rothstein" came out last summer. He has been involved in Milwaukee …

Armon Hassan

January 7th, 2020


I sat down w alternative pop artist Armon Hassan, whose debut EP "Damaged Goods" came out in October. He is signed to N43 Records and is performing at Cactus Club on January 19th. We drank our favorite domestic and …

Listening Party

January 6th, 2020


I sat down w folk rock trio Listening Party (Weston Mueller, Jacob Wood, and Joshua Hester), whose debut album "Less is More" came out in 2018. They …

Sarah Tybring

January 4th, 2020


I sat down w Sarah Tybring, who runs the event coordination team Rival Productions and manages hip hop artist Shle Berry. She formerly produced for Cream City Cabaret and for stages at Pridefest. We discussed how Sarah …

Casey Kitzman (Parker P. Cock)

January 4th, 2020


I sat down w my good friend Casey Kitzman, who does burlesque under the name Parker P. Cock. Originally from Milwaukee, they studied theater in …

Brema Brema (Unfinished Legacy)

January 3rd, 2020


I sat down w clothing designer, photographer, and entrepreneur Brema Brema AKA Optic Legacy. His line is called Unfinished Legacy and he is a co-founder of Urban Misfit Ventures (MKE Misfits). We discussed Brema's story …

Sleepy Gaucho

January 3rd, 2020


I sat down w Andy Goitia, who heads the southwest-flavored indie rock band Sleepy Gaucho. His singles "Mr. Wick" and "Lucy" came out this past year. We drank some dark roast coffee and discussed Andy's origins playing …

Ingrid the Hug Lady

January 2nd, 2020


I sat down w Ingrid Eubanks, who has been known for giving "free hugs" across Milwaukee for over a decade. She is currently on a "hug tour" around the country. We discussed when Ingrid first gave free hugs twelve years …

Stephanie Beay

January 1st, 2020


I sat down w my lovely friend Stephanie Beay, who is a recent transfer from UWM at Marquette. She and I met on Tinder, once upon a time. We drank our Starbucks as we discussed how much we love mushrooms, the Karens, …

Ryan Laessig

December 31st, 2019


I sat down w Ryan Laessig, who owns/operates the alternative art gallery/brand Milwaukee Alt. He also runs Milwaukee Makers Market, which gathers vendors from across the city. We discussed how Ryan identified w the …

Nina Horvath

December 30th, 2019


I sat down w poet/teaching artist Nina Horvath, who did a TED Talk about "radical vulnerability" in Feb 2018. She is in a horse mask, cuz why not? We …

Myndd & Mayyhem

December 29th, 2019


I sat down w hip hop artists Myndd & Mayyh3m, who are part of the group Phat Nerdz. Myndd's latest album "Well Aware" and Mayyh3m’s "I'm Not Supposed to Be Here" both dropped earlier this year, in addition to …

Erin Bagatta

December 29th, 2019


I sat down w Erin Bagatta, who is marketing coordinator for 88Nine Radio Milwaukee. We met over the summer when I volunteered for the station. We had …

Shaimaa Mahmoud

December 28th, 2019


I sat down w an old friend Shaimaa Mahmoud, who works as a med tech at Aurora Health Center. She has a YouTube channel called Glam & Gaming where …

Charlee Vrtjak

December 27th, 2019


I sat down w my dear friend Charlee Vrtjak, who I met through Jewish student life at UWM. She is in her final year as a global studies major and has lived abroad in both Spain and Israel. We discussed "brain-spotting" …

Tru West

December 26th, 2019


I sat down w R&B artist Tru West, whose recent singles "Get It" and "This Xmas" are available streaming everywhere. Her debut EP "Gift of Gab" came out in May 2018. We discussed running on little sleep, Gabby's …

Marina Dove

December 25th, 2019


I sat down w singer-songwriter, actress, and poet Marina Dove, whose new song "Clouds" will be out on New Year’s. Her single "The American Dream" is out now. We had a beer as we discussed Marina's music career being …

Paper Holland

December 24th, 2019


I sat down w the vocalist-guitarists from tropical-pop band Paper Holland, Joe Tomcheck and Andy Kosanke. Their last album "Galapagos" came out over …

Elysia Sofija

December 24th, 2019


I sat down w Elysia Sofija, who is a suspension performer w Villian Arts. She has also done sex work and was comfortable coming on to discuss it. We drank the best damn beer there is as we discussed borderline …

Trevor Jung

December 24th, 2019


I sat down Trevor Jung, who this past April was elected Alderman of Racine, WI. He received his degree in Urban Studies from UWM and takes immense pride in his city! We discussed learning about the presidents as a kid, …

Eileen Stillwell

December 23rd, 2019


I sat down w my friend Eileen Stillwell, who is in grad school studying public health at UW-Madison. We met working at Metro We …

Kennita Hickman

December 22nd, 2019


I sat down w Kennita Hickman, who owns Catera - a brand strategy and management company that helps Milwaukee creatives be seen and heard. She …

Stacy Dahl

December 21st, 2019


I sat down w Stacy Dahl, who is a long-time Riverwest-er and concert enthusiast. She hosts the annual house show "Dahlapalooza" and helps with coordinating Milwaukee Psych Fest. We discussed Stacy's experience at Desert …

Lindsay Zimmer

December 20th, 2019


I sat down w my friend Lindsay Zimmer, who just graduated with her degree in international relations from UWM. She has traveled around the world and …

Chris Siegel (Kiings)

December 20th, 2019


I sat down w Chris Siegel, who is half of "future soul" duo Kiings (other half Sean Foran not present). Their new song "We Know Better" feat. TAMMA …

Cullen McCloskey (Loko)

December 18th, 2019


I sat down w producer Cullen McCloskey AKA Loko, who recently walked out of the Cream City Beat Battle in second place. His projects "Novelty" and …

Brenda Shen & Jesse Caldwell

December 18th, 2019


I sat down w two friends that are recently engaged, Brenda Shen and Jesse Caldwell, who are EDM festival enthusiasts. They go to numerous fests a year; this year they did Tomorrowland in Belgium. We discussed how Brenda …

Beach Burial

December 18th, 2019


I sat down w surf-math rock duo Beach Burial, Tom Olwig and Eliot Hess. Their debut album "Dog Years" came out this past summer and is available streaming everywhere. We discussed the boys' early days of punk shows, how …

Paolina Palmisano

December 17th, 2019


I sat down w my good friend Paolina Palmisano, who works as fitness director for the YMCA. She has her degree in kinesiology from UWM. We drank …

Vianca Fuster

December 16th, 2019


I sat down w filmmaker Vianca Fuster, who currently works in a fellowship with No Studios and Marquette University. She previously worked as …

Jared Judge

December 15th, 2019


I sat down w Jared Judge, who is founder and CEO of BookLive, a No Studios-based startup for live musicians to efficiently book private events. He is …

Jessica Laughlin

December 14th, 2019


I sat down w my friend Jessica Laughlin, who is currently getting her master's in social work at UWM. She is a lovely, compassionate human being and this had been our first time hanging out in about a year. We discussed …


December 13th, 2019


I sat down w one of my favorite bands in Milwaukee, "climatecore" rockers Snag - Peter Murphy, Sammy Pinback, and Bryan Wysocki. Their debut …


December 12th, 2019


I sat down w DJ duo BestFriends, James Suchorski and Corey Wolf. They have been regular entertainers at Site 1A, Snack Boys, The Iron Horse Hotel, …

Bryn Johnson

December 10th, 2019


I sat down w poet and singer-songwriter Bryn Johnson, who works as coordinator for Milwaukee's branch of Sofar Sounds, a global movement that brings music lovers together without disclosing the lineup or location until …

Dora Diamond

December 10th, 2019


I sat down w burlesque performer, trans activist, entertainer and singer Dora Diamond, who just released her debut EP "Flesh" on Bandcamp. She currently works w Brew City Bombshells. We discussed dating apps, BDSM, …


December 8th, 2019


I sat down w hip hop artist Mudy, whose debut EP "What's Next" is out streaming everywhere. It's a really dope project...go listen!! We discussed Mudy's shift from poetry to hip hop, her EP, people playing too much, her …

Marshall Holm

December 7th, 2019


I sat down w Marshall Holm, who plays bass in chamber folk band Soulfoot Mombits. He also plays in the project One Lane Bridge and in 90's cover band …

Alex & Palmer Shah

December 6th, 2019


I sat down w brothers Alex and Palmer Shah, who used to play together in the band Ugly Brothers. They are now spearheading their own projects - …

Jamie Kerwin

December 5th, 2019


I sat down w guitarist of metal band Knaaves, Jamie Kerwin. Their debut project "The Serpent's Root" came out just a couple months ago, although …

Molly Nyary

December 4th, 2019


I sat down w my good friend Molly Nyary, who I used to grab drinks with at The Black Rose (RIP) every Wednesday my senior year at UWM. She is in …

Renz Young & Maal Himself

December 3rd, 2019


I sat down w two hip hop artists - Renz Young and Maal Himself. Renz dropped a ton of singles this year, including "DOA", "Nothing Left", "Demanding", "M A N T R A.", "Mantra Pt. 2", "Waiting", and his latest "What It …


December 2nd, 2019


I sat down w improv-experimental noise duo Armillaria - Eli Smith and Lonan Kestrel. Formed recently, their recording "Home // Away" in addition to several others are available on Bandcamp. Eli also has his own project …

Fellow Kinsman & Isaac Repinski

November 30th, 2019


I sat down w indie rocker dude Fellow Kinsman (real name Nathan) and guitarist of surf-indie pop band Dogbad, Isaac Repinski (he has also played bass for Kinsman). Kinsman's new single "Joysick" is out streaming …

Meccah Maloh

November 29th, 2019


I sat down w hip hop producer, rapper, and owner of BlackOut Apparel.. Meccah Maloh. He recently came in first place at the Cream City Beat Battle …

Twan Mack

November 29th, 2019


I sat down w Milwaukee hip hop elder statesman, producer, owner of clothing brand Nostalgic Visuals, and owner of record label Kareem City... Twan …

The Keystones

November 28th, 2019


I sat down w two members of rock band The Keystones, drummer Eddie Curran and vocalist/guitarist Jack Sherman (Matt Sherman and Jacob Lutzke not present). Originally from Waukesha, the band's singles "2010", "Miss …

Brandi Hernandez

November 27th, 2019


I sat down w my friend Brandi Hernandez, who was a global studies major at UWM and studied abroad in both Spain and the Netherlands. She is currently with Public Allies. We discussed Indigenous Peoples Day, The Black …

Stefanie Valverde

November 26th, 2019


I sat down w my friend Stefanie Valverde, who currently works in display design. She has modeled, DJ'ed, and done visual art as well. We discussed the concept of "place", childlike wonder, memories, connecting with art …

Modern Joey

November 26th, 2019


I sat down w two members of funk-prog-jam band Modern Joey, bassist Alec Mejia and drummer Jackson Payne (Carl Erikstrup and Logan Furuta not present). New demos available on SoundCloud!! We enjoyed Coors (not quite …


November 25th, 2019


I sat down w multi-instrumentalist and soul singer B-Free (Britney Freeman-Farr) whose last album "Ode 2 a Luv Affair" came out in 2016. We discussed …

Mario Lanza

November 24th, 2019


I sat down w singer-songwriter Mario Lanza, whose singles "Tried and True", "Distracted", and "Parallax" are available on all streaming platforms. Before this he sang in the band Human After All. We drank Hamm's (obvi) …

Dylan Deprey

November 22nd, 2019


I sat down w journalist Dylan Deprey, who has worked in network news with CBS as well as community news with Milwaukee Courier and Carvd N Stone. We met doing broadcast club at UWM. We drank Powerade as we discussed how …

Amy Upthagrove

November 21st, 2019


I sat down w guitarist and audio engineer Amy Upthagrove, who played in indie rock bands Red Lodge and Beach Static - both of which have since …


November 21st, 2019


I sat down w singer-songwriter ANDII, whose sophomore record "What I'm Good At" came out this past summer. She also plays in the new funk band Conscious Congress. We discussed ANDII's origins playing music, talking …

Yechezkel Thaler

November 20th, 2019


I sat down w my rabbi from UWM, Yechezkel Thaler, who runs Chabad there. I studied Torah with him and became a bar mitzvah when I turned 21 and I …

Joshua Jenkins

November 19th, 2019


I sat down w hip hop artist and activist Joshua Jenkins, whose new album "Darnell's Way" dropped over the summer and is out on all streaming platforms.  We discussed music as a coping mechanism, Joshua's new project, …

The Unitaskers

November 18th, 2019


I sat down w indie rockers The Unitaskers - Dylan Dobson, Joey Betlej, Keegan Phillips, and Ian Bjork (Andy de Junco not present). Their debut single "Tide Pods / Chicken Sashimi" is out streaming everywhere. We …

Ryne Kickbush

November 17th, 2019


I sat down and caught up w my good old buddy Ryne Kickbush, who was my next door neighbor senior year of college. In fact, our rooms shared a nook. …

Sam Fuller

November 16th, 2019


I sat down and caught up w my good friend Sam Fuller, who was my roommate junior year of college. He's had a tough year of job instability, car …

Saebra Laken

November 15th, 2019


I sat down w Saebra Laken, who is vocalist of the band Saebra & Carlyle. Their new record "Wild at Heart" is out soon, and they are currently out west on tour. We cracked a Hamm's open as we discussed how Saebra and …


November 14th, 2019


I sat down w bluegrass duo Nickel&Rose, whose most recent single "Another Man" is out streaming everywhere. Johanna also plays upright bass and sings in Ruth B8r Ginsburg. We discussed Johanna and Carl's background …


November 13th, 2019


I sat down w singer-songwriter BananaFish (Victoria Parsons), whose singles "Cope With Love", "I Can't Love Anyone", "Abandoned Again", and "Not Enough" are all available on Bandcamp. We discussed Victoria's origins as …

Deep Femme

November 12th, 2019


I sat down w singer-songwriter Deep Femme (Charlotte Hill), whose most recent album "Hellgirl's Hymnal" came out this past summer. We hydrated and discussed eating pizza, Charlotte's wedding at the Riverwest Public …

Clear Pioneer

November 11th, 2019


I sat down w two of the guys from pop group Clear Pioneer, Grant Clementi and Jesse Carl (Kyler Schmor not present) at their recording space at N43 Records. Thank you N43 for letting me use the space for this episode, …

Sydney Lee

November 11th, 2019


I sat down w my friend Sydney Lee, who works for Ignite National - an organizations that empowers women to run for office. We discussed Ignite and its mission, pets, submitting applications, what men can do to help, and …

Hailey Schulz

November 9th, 2019


I sat down w event promoter, cannabis activist, and meme enthusiast Hailey Schulz, who does frequent promotions for the Miramar Theatre. We met when …

CT & SGOD Jayy

November 7th, 2019


I sat down w hip hop artists and longtime friends CT (Christopher Thompson) and SGOD Jayy. CT's most recent project "From Auntie Basement" as well as Jayy's "Mode II" came out this past summer. We discussed CT's …

Ms. Lotus Fankh

November 7th, 2019


I sat down w the songstress herself, Ms. Lotus Fankh. Her eclectic sound encompasses elements of soul, R&B, rock, and funk while utilizing the …

Trayce (LilChief)

November 6th, 2019


I sat down w Madison-based hip hop artist Trayce, who is originally from Beloit, WI. Also known as LilChief, his debut 2018 EP "It Be Like That" is available streaming everywhere. We discussed Trayce's story of making …

Von Alexander

November 5th, 2019


I sat down w hip hop artist Von Alexander, whose new album "I Can't Die" is out streaming everywhere. We discussed Von's early days rapping with …

Guerrilla Ghost

November 4th, 2019


I sat down w experimental hip hop duo Guerrilla Ghost (Christopher Charles Jones and Martin Defatte). Their debut album "Perpetually Sad Motion …

Bee Bralic

November 3rd, 2019


I sat down w long-time Riverwester, disability justice activist, and woo-woo witchy Jew...Bee Bralic. They have also been a freak bike welder and sword swallower. We drank Four Loko (ugh) as we discussed Riverwest, …

Wonderful Bluffer

November 1st, 2019


I sat down w progressive blues rock band Wonderful Bluffer - vocalist Christian Fritz-Klaus, guitarist Joe Joe Scott, drummer RJ Ziebarth, and tenor …

Tom Carrillo

October 30th, 2019


I sat down w N43 Records Product Manager and Artist Manager for Gold Firebird, Tom Carrillo. N43 was kind enough to let me use their space for this …

Dayne Samuels

October 30th, 2019


I sat down w a good friend and companion of mine, Dayne Samuels. I met them through Hillel Milwaukee, although they currently live back home in California. We discussed radical empathy, justice-rooted Judaism, toxic …

Jazmine Coleman

October 28th, 2019


I sat down w a chef for the first time - Jazmine Coleman. She went to culinary school and hopes to be an executive chef one day. We discussed the …

Grey Genius

October 27th, 2019


I sat down w R&B artist Grey Genius, whose most recent project "Late Nights Cool Drinks" came out on 4/20 2018. We discussed (as some dude was …

Hermann Hammermeister

October 25th, 2019


I sat down w an old Starbucks coworker of mine and bassist of punk band Stalones, Hermann Hammermeister. Their EP "3 White Trashes and a German" is …

Lily Shea

October 25th, 2019


I sat down w freelance music photographer Lily Shea, who recently had her first exhibition. She has dabbled in street photography as well. We drank kombucha as we discussed Milwaukee's photography scene, strangers, …

Mic Kellogg

October 24th, 2019


I sat down w hip hop artist Mic Kellogg - his most recent project "Make This Last" came out last year and he's got a new single with Garrett Merk …


October 23rd, 2019


I sat down w electropop artist and video game programmer LUXI, whose most recent album "Ode to the Lavender Moon" came out in August. Also earlier this year she dropped the EP "Songs to Let Go Of" and the soundtrack …

Quinn Cory

October 22nd, 2019


I sat down w Quinn Cory, who drums for indie band Duckling and neo-soul collective Ruth B8r Ginsburg. Both projects are working on new releases! We …

Faux Fiction

October 21st, 2019


I sat down w fuzz-pop-punk band Faux Fiction (vocalist/guitarist Gabby Papale, bassist Peter Hair, and drummer Paul Tyree), whose most recent album …

Jake Marin

October 19th, 2019


I sat down w experimental artist Jake Marin, whose debut album "Wind Not Waves" came out on Bandcamp this past summer. It's a fun, whimsical record with lush textures and imagery of trees. We drank beer and discussed …

Sean Sison

October 18th, 2019


I sat down w R&B-pop singer Sean Sison, whose most recent singles "Without You", "I Like You, I Wasn't Lying", "and "I Can't Let You Go" are out …

Mic Crawf

October 17th, 2019


I sat down w hip hop artist, emcee, and producer Mic Crawf, who is one half of Flo'-Tron. He has been rapping in Milwaukee since the 90's. Flo'-Tron's debut EP "WBLK (We Be Lyrical Kings)" came out in 2013. We discussed …

Tajh Virgil

October 16th, 2019


I sat down w hip hop artist Tajh Virgil, whose recent singles "Wife You" and "Want It All" are out streaming everywhere. We discussed his beginnings as an artist, his first ever performance being televised, the new …

Lauryl Sulfate

October 15th, 2019


I sat down w dance-pop singer Lauryl Sulfate, who fronts her band Lauryl Sulfate & her Ladies of Leisure. Their most recent album "Dance Music …

American Bandit

October 14th, 2019


I sat down w the beer-soaked post-hardcore band American Bandit - vocalist Nicholas Heath, guitarist Alec Thomas, bassist Luke Steffens, and drummer …

Dan Hoeft

October 13th, 2019


I sat down w my buddy Dan Hoeft, who currently canvasses for Elizabeth Warren and is a barista at Stone Creek Coffee. He previously worked on the campaigns of State Legislator Jonathan Brostoff and Senator Tammy Baldwin …

Pandit Mami

October 12th, 2019


I sat down w Pandit Jawarhalal Nehru Mami, who is the founder of Ngoyeaa Back To School Foundation. The organization provides financial aid and …


October 11th, 2019


I sat down w hip hop artist Shun Millions (Shun Mendez), whose debut EP "What I Made Today" dropped last year along with singles "$URFFF", "JU$T CALL", "EARTH2MILLION$", and "$HUNCARTER" since then. We discussed $hun's …

Ryan Holman

October 10th, 2019


I sat down w stand-up comic, Cream City Comedy producer, and producer of Hear Here Presents Ryan Holman. Hear Here is a music curating organization …

Troy Tyler

October 9th, 2019


I sat down w R&B/hip hop artist Troy Tyler, whose album "Violet" recently dropped - and it's got fifteen tracks. We discussed Troy's musical …

Auti Marie

October 8th, 2019


I sat down w hip hop artist Auti Marie, whose EP "Boss Bitch Magic" is out now. Expect some unapologetic feminine energy. We discussed when she …

Megan McGee & Nicole Acosta (Ex Fabula)

October 7th, 2019


I sat down w two wonderful ladies Megan McGee and Nicole Acosta from the event planning organization Ex Fabula, whose mission is to build community …

Jonah Overton

October 6th, 2019


I sat down w pastor of Zao MKE Church Jonah Overton. Zao is a Jesus-rooted, justice-centered, radically inclusive church that just got a permanent location on the East Side near UWM. Their welcome party, ZaoFest, is on …

Jeremy Zelman

October 4th, 2019


I sat down w musician and old friend of mine Jeremy Zelman, who plays guitar in the bands The Anytime Leslies and The Nameless Travelers, and bass in …


October 3rd, 2019


I sat down w hip hop artist Marty, whose recent songs "Raps & Things", "Copy Me", "Churs", and "F.E.A." may all be found on Soundcloud. We discussed Marty's songs, doing music for a year now, dabs, antidepressants, …

Maggie Bochniak

October 2nd, 2019


I sat down w my friend Maggie Bochniak, who studies women & gender studies at UWM and is a passionate feminist. We discussed core feminism, what men can do better, the "gentleman" complex, how feminism has affected …

Liza Jane

September 30th, 2019


I sat down w R&B-pop artist Liza Jane, whose new album "Internet Girl No. 1" is out streaming everywhere. She has been making music for about a year now, and I'm incredibly proud of her!! We had gin and tonic as we …


September 29th, 2019


I sat down w soul-classical duo SistaStrings - violinist Chauntee Ross and cellist Monique Ross, whose recent debut EP is called "Lift." We discussed …

Action Jelly

September 27th, 2019


I sat down w two members of recently-dissolved indie rock band Action Jelly, Raymond Allen and Josh Ehlke. They put out an EP in 2018 called "Wipe Yr …

Parker Thompson & Kitt Pellegrini

September 26th, 2019


I sat down w old buddies of mine Parker Thompson and Kitt Pellegrini, who both work with the Pabst Theater Group. Parker is event staff and Kitt is …

Christopher Novak

September 24th, 2019


I sat down w Milwaukee's biggest music fanatic Christopher Novak. He is known for his hugs, his smile, his positive attitude, and his fervent support of the local music scene. We discussed getting into music late, …

Sam the Poet

September 23rd, 2019


I sat down w my dear friend Sam the Poet, who recently moved back to Milwaukee from NYC. A spoken word artist, she and I met working at Marquette …

The Sunkin Suns

September 22nd, 2019


I sat down w funkadelic jazz-jam band The Sunkin Suns - bassist Milton Tlalok Rodriguez and guitarist Samuel Catral. Both also play in the tropical psych-jazz band Hoppers' Luck. They host MKE Music Night, a showcase of …

Antoine Davis

September 19th, 2019


I sat down w photographer/videographer Antoine Davis, whose production brand is We Got Flavors. We discussed his transition from doing football to art, sno-cones (his logo), being adaptable, devoting time, and getting …

Erica Meshke

September 19th, 2019


I sat down w my friend Erica Meshke, who is half of the acoustic folk duo Audible Kink. We matched on Tinder the day before - go us!! We drank Hammy …

Ashley Zielinski

September 18th, 2019


I sat down w fashion blogger Ashley Zielinski, whose blog is called We discussed Ashley's intentions for her blog, finding your fashion sense, The Devil Wears Prada, societal beauty standards, and …

Taylor Larsen

September 17th, 2019


I sat down w my best friend Taylor Larsen, who has been away in the Navy for the past two years and she came into town for a couple days (naturally I had her on the show). We met the first week of our freshman year at …

Mocha Harris

September 14th, 2019


I sat down w artist manager and owner of event planning organization MKExpanded Mocha Harris. Her events are geared towards emerging hip hop and R&B artists in both Milwaukee and Atlanta. We discussed Mocha's …

Hoppers' Luck

September 12th, 2019


I sat down w the tropical psych-jazz fusion band Hoppers' Luck - John Lenz and Max Crouch (Milton Tlalok and Sam Catral not present, but stay tuned). Their new album "Coconut Road" will be out soon. We shared a growler …

Bandoleer Bacall

September 11th, 2019


I sat down w indie rockers Bandoleer Bacall - Adam Jerome, Tyler Zachow, and Kenneth Conway (Alex Bender couldn't make it). Their new album …


September 10th, 2019


I sat down w the Green Bay-based folk pop duo 7000apart (Amelie Eiding & Jon Kresin). Their debut album "We Are More" came out this past May with …

Matt Glassel, Anthony Masanz & Christian Porter

September 9th, 2019


I sat down w the owners of Milwaukee DIY venues for this one - Matt Glassel of Nausicaa, Anthony Masanz of the Murray Attic, and Christian Porter of the Downer House. They do great work for our music scene and I …


September 7th, 2019


I sat down w hip hop-jazz fusion artist and producer Klassik, whose new album "Quiet" will be out soon - singles "Active", "Home", "Long Ago" and "Keep it Down" have all be dropped the last few months. Klassik has been …

Alea Mchatten

September 4th, 2019


I sat down w my friend and co-worker Alea Mchatten, who describes herself as a poet, life student, and mentor. She lets me eat fries at work and I admire her a lot. We had our caramel mocha lattes as we discussed Alea's …


September 3rd, 2019


I sat down w hip hop artist J-Lamo, whose most recent singles "53218" and "ChXpped" ft. Smokey Jonez are out on streaming everywhere. It's pronounced "lah-mo" not "lame-o" by the way. We discussed Milwaukee lingo, …

Rachel Wahlin

September 3rd, 2019


I sat down w my friend Rachel Wahlin, who is a photographer, journalist, and president of the UW branch of the Odyssey. We had our morning joe as we discussed our journalism careers, mental health, becoming …

Hannah Strukoff

September 2nd, 2019


I sat down w my friend Hannah Strukoff, who is studying community arts at UWM and hopes to help expand artistic expression throughout marginalized communities. She also throws great parties. We had DIY-style Bloody …

Devin Settle

September 2nd, 2019


I sat down w dancer, yogi, and co-producer of Cream City Comedy festival Devin Settle. We discussed love and fear as it relates to both the self and society, meditative activities, anxiety, memes, and growing up in our …

Alex Scott

August 31st, 2019


I sat down w visual artist Alex Scott, who owns and operates TRUU Art, an organization that uplifts minority artists with marketing strategy and financial stability. We had Bender Enders from Fuel Cafe (S/O) as we …


August 30th, 2019


I sat down w hip hop artist and father figure to all, Dad AKA Joey Dadass. His most recent project "DadGod" dropped on Father's Day (obviously). We discussed living a nomadic lifestyle, traveling, Dad's albums past and …

Zed Kenzo & DJ Dripsweat

August 29th, 2019


I sat down w hip hop artist Zed Kenzo and spinner of sounds DJ Dripsweat, who regularly collaborate. Zed Kenzo's debut EP "Baby Swag" and latest …

Boodah Darr

August 27th, 2019


I sat down w hip hop artist Boodah Darr, who recent project "ALMIGHTY II" is available on streaming everywhere. Originally from Milwaukee, he is now based in Atlanta. We discussed his beginnings of making music in high …

Wave Chapelle

August 26th, 2019


I sat down w hip hip artist Wave Chapelle, whose most recent single "Word Around Town" dropped a few months back and his last album "New Wave" came out in 2018. Born and raised in Milwaukee, he is currently based in …

Beaumont James

August 26th, 2019


I sat down w honky-tonk country musician and party animal Beaumont James, who had his band Beaumont James & the Wild Claims and dropped an album …

Aichelle White

August 24th, 2019


Last week I sat down w music administrator and artist manager Aichelle White, who runs Isharai Artist Management. She helped me improve my branding …

Zach Pietrini

August 22nd, 2019


Last week I sat down w singer-songwriter Zach Pietrini, whose most recent album "Denver Sessions B-Sides" is available on streaming everywhere. He also does booking for Twisted Path Distillery. We enjoyed chai liqueur …

Molly Wertheimer

August 22nd, 2019


Last week I sat down w my good friend Molly Wertheimer, who is on the show to talk all things dating. We had Henry's Hard Soda (sooo good) as we …

Ellie Jackson & Caley Conway

August 21st, 2019


 This week I sat down w singer-songwriters Ellie Jackson and Caley Conway, who frequently collaborate. Caley's most recent EP "Surrounded Middle" …

Matt Miller

August 15th, 2019


Last week I sat down w Matt Miller, who used to run the DIY venue Attic Jams and currently bartends at several spots in town. We shared fall-flavored brews as we discussed Attic Jams and its concept, Milwaukee's …

Rhena Ripley

August 15th, 2019


Last week I sat down w my friend Rhena Ripley, who was born with Spinal muscular atrophy type II. She uses a wheelchair and requires a caretaker to …

Ari Bloomekatz

August 14th, 2019


 Last week I sat down w community organizer Ari Bloomekatz. He works with the Jewish anti-occupation group IfNotNow, public education advocacy group …

Josh Trimble, George Ballesteros, Yanni Chudnow, & Alex Seinfeld

August 12th, 2019


Last week I sat down w fellow nice guys - vocalist/guitarist Josh Trimble, bassist George Ballesteros, drummer Yanni Chudnow, and saxophonist Alex Seinfeld. They play in bands The Kreu and Pineapple Migraine together. …

Brittani Cook

August 12th, 2019


Last week I sat down w the lovely journalist Brittani Cook, who hosts the talk show A Sit With Britt. We had tequila n sports drink and gassed each other up as we discussed asking the questions artists don't get asked, …

Vincent Van Great

August 10th, 2019


Last week I sat down w hip hop/R&B artist Vincent Van Great. His debut solo full-length album "Ungreatful" and collaboration tape with Dana …


August 9th, 2019


 Last week I sat down w hip hop artist, producer, and photographer Neely. His debut self-titled EP may be found streaming everywhere. We discussed …

Michael Kirsanov

August 8th, 2019


 This week I sat down w startup entrepreneur Michael Kirsanov, who is currently developing an antibacterial face towel. He is a fraternity brother of mine. Michael dropped inspiring quotes as we discussed his startup …

Kobe Brown & Romesh Alex Jaya

August 7th, 2019


This week I sat down w singer-songwriter Kobe Brown and actor-singer-dancer Romesh Alex Jaya. We've partied together a good amount. I didn't know we'd be drinking Whiteclaws but Romesh came prepared. We discussed gay …

Alex Thompson

August 7th, 2019


 Last week I sat down w my buddy Alex Thompson, who has some intriguing thoughts on politics, religion, and platforming. We enjoyed Rolling Rock as …

Anna Goldstein

August 5th, 2019


This week I sat down w Anna Goldstein, who works with the Milwaukee Jewish Federation as Outreach and Teen Philanthropy Coordinator. We discussed the …

Madyun Wilson

August 5th, 2019


This week I sat down w dancer and arts activist Madyun Wilson, who works with Water Street Dance Milwaukee and South Chicago Dance Theatre. We struggled to open Coronas as we discussed emotion through dancing, …

Apollo Vermouth

August 5th, 2019


This week I sat down w ambient-drone artist Apollo Vermouth AKA Alisa Rodriguez. Her most recent album "Crashing Into Nowhere" came out in 2017. She …

Immortal Girlfriend

August 4th, 2019


This week I sat down w synthpop duo Immortal Girlfriend - brothers Kevin and Will Bush. Their debut EP is titled "Daybreak" and their latest two singles are called "Summer Dream" and "Midnight." We discussed crowds, …

Rhea Riley

August 3rd, 2019


This week I sat down w dancer, writer for Milwaukee Courier, and jazz radio personality Rhea Riley. We drank Wild Basin (courtesy of Elora) as we discussed dance as a creative outlet, being a good writer, jazz, how Rhea …

Elora Hennessey

August 2nd, 2019


This week I sat down w photographer Elora Hennessey, who works for UWM professionally while doing personal work on the side. Empathy reflects heavily in her work. We bonded over Wild Basin "Boozy Sparkling Water" (my …

Scott Enders

August 2nd, 2019


 This week I sat down w my friend Scott Enders. He is a meditation enthusiast and believes heavily in the practice of it in daily life. We drank our knock-off soda as we discussed getting started with meditation, …


August 1st, 2019


 This week I sat down w fusion artist Cullah, who has created his unique blend of rock, hip hop, soul, and blues over the past thirteen years - he …

Laural Pelis Does My Makeup

July 31st, 2019


 This week I sat down w makeup artist Laural Pelis, who offered to do a makeup look on me on the show. As we enjoyed our Starbucks and as she applied the magic we discussed controversies in the makeup industry, beauty …


July 28th, 2019


This week I sat down w folk punk duo, Gnatcatchers (Clare McCullough & Jennifer Walter). Clare is sadly leaving Milwaukee soon, which will put …

Jessi Esselman

July 27th, 2019


This week I sat down w my friend Jessi Esselman, who collaborated with the family of a friend that tragically passed away from suicide on a line of …


July 27th, 2019


 This week I sat down w R&B/pop singer Je'Love, whose debut album is titled "Skyline" and is available on all streaming platforms. We discussed each song on the album track by track, sex, pettiness, success in the …

Matt Sizemore

July 26th, 2019


My 100th episode is dedicated to Matt Sizemore, a friend and fraternity brother of mine. He and I went through similar odysseys with our mental …

Monica Marrero

July 26th, 2019


 This week I sat down w Monica Marrero, who runs MKELinkup, an organization designed to bring together Milwaukee creatives of various mediums. She has also been furnishing The Space MKE, which is exactly as it sounds. …

Justin Barney

July 24th, 2019


 This week I sat down w music director of 88Nine Radio Milwaukee Justin Barney. He began the segment "5 Songs We Can't Stop Listening To" as an intern and later became the youngest radio music director in the country. …

Alpine & Samer Ghani

July 23rd, 2019


 This week I sat down w hip hop DJ Alpine and photographer Samer Ghani. They are both good friends and frequent collaborators. We discussed roasting …

Raven Mrozek

July 22nd, 2019


This week I sat down w singer-songwriter Raven Mrozek. She is a friend of mine navigating Milwaukee's music industry and has been finding her sound through open mics and working with fellow emerging artists. We had a …

Willie Humbles

July 21st, 2019


This week I sat down w hip hop artist Willie Humbles, whose most recent video is for his song "Scifly" which may be found on YouTube and his website. We had Bacardi as we discussed staying humble (no pun intended), …

Josiah Robinson

July 20th, 2019


This week I sat down w my friend (and hubby) Josiah Robinson, who I frequently have discussions about race, rights, and social justice with. He brought Starbucks cuz he's my king. We discussed what white people need to …

Lilo Allen

July 18th, 2019


This week I sat down w Lilo Allen, who specializes in handmade bracelets and jewelry under the brand Papyrus & Charms, which is based in The …

Alyssa Mazer

July 18th, 2019


This week I sat down w my friend Alyssa Mazer. She studied creative writing at Beloit College and is going to grad school for political theory with a …

Jeremy Nyklewicz

July 18th, 2019


 This week I sat down with the CEO of hip hop group Hiii Tribe, Jeremy Nyklewicz. We enjoyed whiskey w ginger ale n limes as we discussed the …

DJay Mando

July 17th, 2019


This week I sat down with DJay Mando, who hosts shows known as "Mando's House" in both Milwaukee and Madison venues, and has a residency at the Sound Bar in Chicago. We discussed his come-up in Madison, DJing as one's …

Elinge Kange

July 16th, 2019


This week I sat down w my friend Elinge Kange, who works in corporate wellness as a personal trainer. He majored in kinesiology at UWM. We had a beer …

Addie Lipson

July 16th, 2019


 This week I sat down w Addie Lipson, who plays guitar in the jazz-rock band Tomatillo. She is also an activist within the trans community and has …

Benny Tralongo (SayWerd)

July 13th, 2019


This week I sat down w the owner and founder of SayWerd clothing, Benny Tralongo. He vends frequently at local shows all over Milwaukee. We had room-temp Miller Lite as we discussed the SayWerd lifestyle, bringing …

Sam Lipton

July 12th, 2019


This week I sat down w my friend Sam Lipton, who is a teacher in the MPS system. We discussed the underfunding MPS deals with, gentrification, why he …

Martin Moore

July 11th, 2019


 This week I sat down w photographer for Koss Headphones, vlogger, and WTMJ radio host Martin Moore. We discussed his shift from working on cars to doing something he loves every day, what you can learn from YouTube, …

Julius Dolls

July 11th, 2019


This week I sat down my childhood best friend - musician Julius Dolls. His album "We're Good, We're Fine" drops this Friday and will be on all …

The HomeReckers

July 10th, 2019


This week I sat down w DJs The Homereckers - Adam Mihojevich, Austin Mikula, and Ben Mihojevich (Connor Schessler not present). They have currently …

Alan Schultz

July 9th, 2019


 This week I sat down w activist and community organizer Alan Schultz. He works with organizations such as EXPO (Ex-Incarcerated People Organizing), …

Nolan Benson

July 6th, 2019


 This week I sat down w author, musician, and blogger Nolan Benson. His first novel “Curtain Call” will be out July 14th - a story of female …

Sophie Stephen

July 6th, 2019


TW: sexual assault, abuse

This week I sat down w a dear friend of mine, Sophie Stephen. She had a traumatic experience that she felt comfortable …

Amanda Huff & Mark Soriano

July 5th, 2019


 This week I sat down w chamber-folktronic singer-songwriter Amanda Huff and guitarist/drummer of bands ako and Dropbear Collective Mark Soriano. …

Rebecca Lubar & Riley Grossman

July 5th, 2019


 This week I sat down w two friends of mine, Rebecca Lubar and Riley Grossman. I met them through Jewish geography. We enjoyed our coffee and doughnuts as we discussed the Democratic debates, US military intervention, …

Peez & The Catalyst (Troy Ashford)

July 3rd, 2019


This week I sat down w hip hop artist Peez and resident producer/assistant engineer of Hi-Five Studio The Catalyst AKA Trog AKA Troy Ashford. Peez's debut album "About Damn Time" came out this past Christmas Eve and is …

Serbata Tarrer & Charles Arpin

July 3rd, 2019


 This week I sat down w film students and admirers of cinema, Serbata Tarrer and Charles Arpin. Charles gives me a ton of movie recommendations and …


July 2nd, 2019


This week I sat down w anti-folk duo Tinyhands, consisting of Fred Kenyon and Cora Jai Bequeaith. Their most recent album "Who Said You Could Touch …

Max McCoy

June 30th, 2019


 This week I sat down w a dear good buddy of mine, Max McCoy. He is a fellow music enthusiast and family man who I had been fortunate enough to attend the wedding of. We drank the finest beer in all the land as we …

Meg Andrew

June 29th, 2019


 This week I sat down w poet Meg Andrew, whose original compositions may be found on her Instagram, @gem_rew. We enjoyed Starbucks (cold foam cold …

Sabrina Johnkins

June 28th, 2019


This week I sat down w friend and fellow journalist Sabrina Johnkins, who is a former photojournalist for Channel 12 News and will be leaving for Americorps in a couple weeks. We drank Blue Moon as we discussed …

Jeriney Rhone

June 28th, 2019


This week I hangout w my friend Jeriney Rhone, who is a fat liberation activist - determined to lift the stigma from fatness and embracing it - a cause unique from body positivity. We enjoyed Hamm's as we discussed the …

Jonathan Brostoff

June 27th, 2019


This week I sat down w Wisconsin State Legislator and Representative for the 19th District, Jonathan Brostoff. He recently helped push a bill (AB 250) through Wisconsin's Senate to protect deaf rights and medical …

HellKat & Phif

June 27th, 2019


 This week I sat down w hip hop artists HellKat (AKA Hasani) and Phif. HellKat's latest singles "Madonna", "Impress You", and "53206 Get the Stick" are all on streaming everywhere, as are Phif's songs "Sho-Nuff" and …

Taiyamo Denku

June 26th, 2019


This week I sat down w hip hop artist Taiyamo Denku, who has been active in Milwaukee's music scene for over two decades and runs CyphaDen Music. His latest singles "Belushi" and "Filthy" in addition to his latest …

Emily Kuester

June 26th, 2019


This week I sat down w good friend and filmmaker Emily Kuester, who currently works as a video production assistant for 371 Productions and is producing the upcoming TV series Black Girl Training - about a black girl …

Miela Fetaw

June 21st, 2019


This week I sat down w investigative journalist Miela Fetaw, whom had recently been out in Italy reporting on Eritrean refugees. She also works as communications & press coordinator for Black Lens MKE, which …

Aaron Rempel

June 21st, 2019


This week I sat down w my good friend, pledge brother, and overall jolly good guy Aaron Rempel. He's a big music lover w a big heart. We never get to …

Tacoma Washington Weekday Club

June 21st, 2019


This week I sat down w singer/guitarist Logan Blatt-Prevatt and bassist Noah Turks of the progressive-experimental rock band Tacoma Washington Weekday Club. Their new album "thisishowisfeelstoalmostdie" is streaming …

SunShine Ray Pop

June 20th, 2019


This week I sat down w poet, artist, drag queen, and activist - SunShine Ramel Crayton AKA SunShine Ray Pop. We had mango tequila as we discussed being born into the wrong body, gendered bathrooms, playing w toys, the …

Riley Ellingson & Steven Robinson

June 18th, 2019


This week I sat down w two good friends of mine, freelance photographer/videographer/graphic designer Steven Robinson and manager for Lucien …

Bria Dorsey-Wonders

June 18th, 2019


This week I sat down w my friend Bria Dorsey-Wonders, who works as a communications specialist at the Jewish Community Center and is active in bridging the Jewish and black communities together in Milwaukee. We …

Cary Elger

June 16th, 2019


 This week I sat down w my good friend Cary Elger, who has come on as a Brand Ambassador for music sharing platform LÜM and works in marketing for Milwaukee startup Ideawake. We had fine summer beer as we discussed …


June 13th, 2019


 This week I sat down w hip hop artist Nile, who is part of the rap group Phat Nerdz. He just dropped his tape “Hunter” last weekend - the follow-up …

Ace Parker

June 13th, 2019


This week I sat down w hip hop artist Ace Parker, whose most recent singles "Pineapples" and "The Only Thing" in addition to his album "MIBMOH" may be found on Soundcloud. We had some black Joe as we discussed the …

Celena Allen & Mack Shaffer

June 10th, 2019


This week I sat down w Celena Allen and Mack Shaffer, who together host the podcast "Time to Adapt" on the Zima Podcasting Network, where they discuss bad and good film adaptations of books. We discussed films we grew …

JV Harris & Jack Wilkins

June 8th, 2019


This week I sat down w hip hop artist JV Harris and his manager Jack Wilkins, who is also a freelance videographer based in Hi-Five Studio. Harris' latest singles "Focus" and "Awe Yeah" may be found streaming …

Sam Vasquez (DJ @fro)

June 7th, 2019


This week I sat down w hip hop artist, producer, and maker of my business cards... DJ @fro AKA Samuel Vasquez, who is part of the collective …

Katie Lafond (Siren)

June 6th, 2019


This week I sat down w singer and pop artist Siren AKA Katie Lafond, whose first couple singles "Priestess" and "Queen Medusa" may be found on Soundcloud. We discussed seasonal depression, social anxiety, releasing …

Taylar Price

June 5th, 2019


This week I sat down w Taylar Price, who works as a coach for College Possible - an Americorps position that allows her to work with low income and …

Will Pfrang

June 4th, 2019


This week I hungout w Port Washington singer-songwriter Will Pfrang, who is lead singer and guitarist for Will Pfrang and the Good Land Gang. Their …

Yogie B & Keez

June 1st, 2019


 This week I sat down w hip hop duo Yogie B & Keez, whose most recent EP is titled "The Butter Knife Effect" and their new EP is coming out in a …

Justin Gordon & Roger Gonzales Jr

May 31st, 2019


 This week I sat down w photo/videographers Justin Gordon and Roger Gonzales Jr... Justin is Hi-Five Studio's Director of Photography while Roger works under the name Gonzales Visuals. We sipped E&J w lemonade as we …

Nicole Gorelik & Ravil Ashirov

May 31st, 2019


 This week I sat down w my 2 good friends Nicole Gorelik and Ravil Ashirov. Nicole works for Israel advocacy org Maccabee Task Force and had been …

Xan & Zuse

May 30th, 2019


 This week I sat down w 2 of Hi-Five Studio’s resident producers, Zuse (Zurich Brooks) and Xan Allen. We drank Bacardi (sponsor dreams) as we discussed how Hi-Five welcomed us w open arms, grinding, getting whoopins, …

Bum Alum

May 29th, 2019


 This week I sat down w experimental pop artist Bum Alum (John Griffin Jr.), who creates his unique sound using loops and synthesizers. His debut single “All Things Said” is out on all streaming platforms. We drank …

Dekker Pellonari

May 28th, 2019


This week I sat down w hip hop artist and freestyler Dekker Pellonari. His EPs "No Hooks" and "The Progression" may be found on SoundCloud. We drank Steel Reserve as we discussed having experiences by yourself, the …

Tyree Pope

May 26th, 2019


 This week I sat down w Tyree Pope, who hosts the interview series Kickin' It With Tyree and owns media production company Pope Enterprises. We had tequila w/ pineapple as we discussed each others' shows, branding, …

Spaidez & Eli $tones

May 25th, 2019


 This week I sat down w hip hop artists Eli $tones (Elijah Morgan) and Spaidez (Oscar Walton). Eli's latest singles "All on Me" and "Get It" feat. …

Jordan Kellogg

May 23rd, 2019


 This week I sat down w my best friend and brother, Jordan Kellogg. whom I've known since the first day of freshman year in the dorms. He is a co-founder of former DIY recording studio J3 Studios and current recruiter …

Maggie McKay

May 21st, 2019


 This past weekend I hungout w my good friend, news producer Maggie Mckay. We discussed the political economy of the media, cable versus network …

Katie Kadaver

May 20th, 2019


This week I sat down w burlesque performer, plus-size model, makeup artist, cosplayer, and podcaster Katie Kadaver, who is performing at the upcoming Grindhouse Tease Art & Oddities Fair on June 1st. We drank …

So Zuppy

May 19th, 2019


 This week I hungout w experimental/dream pop artist So Zuppy AKA Micah Foust. His latest EP “Shadow” is streaming w everywhere. We drank (leftover) pink lemonade as we discussed the origin of his artist name, dreams, …

Gluttoni Sinn & Emily Acker

May 16th, 2019


 This week I sat down w succubus demon princess and drag queen Gluttoni Sinn (Aamani Carter) and theatre makeup artist Emily Acker. We drank various …

Alex Hardman

May 15th, 2019


This week I sat down w the lovely Alex Hardman, a film student who made her senior thesis about her personal experience w abortion. We drank sangria as we discussed the premise of her film ("Quin & Ezra Get An …

Trip & Spice G0D

May 15th, 2019


This week I sat down w producer/engineers Trip (also a rapper) and Spice G0D (also a DJ), whom both work at Studio 201x in Riverwest. Trip's last EP "WHATS NEW" is available on Soundcloud. We discussed them dropping …

Kane Rulan

May 14th, 2019


This week I sat down w hip hop artist and Freespace youth advisor Kane Rulan. His latest album "No Way Out This Nightmare" is streaming everywhere. …

Eric McCambridge & Marissa Williams

May 14th, 2019


This week I sat down w the cofounders of Zero Undiscovered Official, Eric McCambridge and Marissa J. Williams. ZU is a media production company based out of Hi-Five Studio. Their debut documentary, which tells a story …

Chris Cunningham (Yl64)

May 11th, 2019


 This week I sat down w hip hop artist Yl64, commonly referred to as Chris Cunningham. His latest album “RoseGoldMutt” is available on streaming, and …

Abe Vargas

May 8th, 2019


 This week I sat down w an old buddy of mine, Abe Vargas. He enjoys edgy sunrise photos and music festivals. We drank Guinness (not my fav) as we …

Nataley Neuman & Natalie Kugler

May 4th, 2019


 This week I sat down w Nataley Neuman and Natalie Kugler, who both helped found PASA (Panthers Against Sexual Assault) at UWM. We drank wine as we …

Lydia Clough

May 1st, 2019


This week I sat down w multi-instrumentalist, music education major, and choir director Lydia Clough.

We sipped fine Pilsners as we discussed the …

Shle Berry

April 28th, 2019


This week I sat down w hip hop artist Shle Berry, whose latest EP “Parallels” won 88Nine Radio Milwaukee’s Independent Release of the Year. We sipped brew as we discussed Shle’s humble beginnings performing, the …

Brock Daul & Derrick Jones

April 27th, 2019


 This week I sat down w photographer, creative advertiser, funny guy and my beloved roommate Brock Daul... and graphic designer/computer coder …

Tyler Stefanski

April 27th, 2019


 This week I sat down w Tyler Stefanski, who hosts the historical Up & Under Open Mic every Monday night and plays bass in their house band, …

McKayla Heuer

April 26th, 2019


Last weekend I sat down w music photographer McKayla Heuer, who freelances for Breaking & Entering, just like ya boy. We sipped ginger ale as we discussed the DIY scene, the need for all-ages venues, traveling …

Ammorelle & Unique Russ

April 20th, 2019


 This week I sat down w R&B singer Ammorelle and poet Unique Russ.  Ammorelle’s singles “OMW” and “Wishy Washy,” in addition to her debut EP “Cinema,” are streaming everywhere. Catch Unique’s open mic “Pentastic” at …

Mo'City & PaperStacks

April 17th, 2019


 This week I sat down w hip hop artists Mo’City and PaperStacks, who both recently opened for Too Short at Miller High Life Theatre. We ate chicken (“bird”) as we discussed their Too Short experience, Mo’s hatred of …

Ryan Rosmann & Dev Diamond

April 16th, 2019


 This is a particularly special episode. I sat down w Hi-Five Studio owner Ryan Rosmann and Hi-Five resident producer and recording artist Dev …

DJ Kenz

April 16th, 2019


 This week I sat down w Milwaukee producer DJ Kenz, who dropped his debut EP “Sonic Colors” this past December. We drank Henny and apple juice as we …

Scarlett Crawford

April 11th, 2019


 This week I sat down w photographer and writer Scarlett Crawford. We had Southern Comfort and Cherry Coke (w cherry bitters, her idea) as we discussed fucked up love stories (including one she’s writing), how …

Valerie Lighthart

April 11th, 2019


 This week I sat down w folk-pop singer Valerie Lighthart AKA “Bindel”. Her “V.A.L” EP and single “I’ll Be Damned” are streaming everywhere. We …

James Ashen

April 11th, 2019


 This week I sat down w beatboxer and producer James Ashen (AKA Patrick McCoy). His debut EP “Artstrumentals” can be found on SoundCloud. We sipped …

Malachi Ward

April 6th, 2019


 This week I sat down w hip hop artist Malachi Ward, whose most recent project “Back 4 Great” and latest single “Medusa” can be found on SoundCloud. We discussed playing instruments growing up, getting in trouble w …

Jayne Joyce

March 27th, 2019


 This week I sat down with one of the most stunning voices of Milwaukee, Jayne Joyce. Her debut EP is titled “Jayne” and her new single is titled “Grayzone.” We had bourbon as we discussed the anxiety phones cause, …

Austin Mahnke

March 25th, 2019


 This week I sat down w DJ/producer/engineer and Big Beat MKE 2018 champion Austin Mahnke. We had tequila and discussed the recent Cream City Beat Battle (which he curated), giving producers credit, losing track of time …

Jack Fricke

March 22nd, 2019


 This week I sat down with Jack Fricke, who plays bass in pop rock outfit Will Pfrang and the Good Land Gang. He's been one of my dearest friends …

Salem Katzman

March 20th, 2019


This week I sat down with visual artist Salem Katzman, who can be found on Instagram as @salemfrankenindie. We drank (diet) cranberry vodka as we discussed trauma (specifically car accidents) and how it affects one’s …

Allen Halas

March 20th, 2019


 This week I sat down with my doppelganger, my "boss" and creator of Milwaukee music blog Breaking & Entering, Allen Halas.  We drank horrible rum as we discussed the vastness of Milwaukee's music scene, interacting …

Genesis Renji

March 20th, 2019


This week I sat down with Genesis Renji, who runs Milwaukee record label House of Renji. His most recent album SINS (Stories I Never Shared) is streaming everywhere. We drank water and talked about "shooting your shot", …

Karah Minelli

March 20th, 2019


This week I talked to Karah Minelli; she’s a player at Comedy Sports and host of the improv sketch series Late Night Milwaukee. We drank La Croix (and talked about La Croix) while discussing the anxiety of performing in …

Graham Zima, Eddie Ahrenhoerster & James Green

March 20th, 2019


This week I sat down w 3 guys that are involved in podcasts of their own - Graham Zima of Zima Podcasting Network, Eddie Ahrenhoerster of the band …

Mikey Cody Apollo

March 20th, 2019


 This week I spoke to self-published author, spoken word artist and manager of Milwaukee recording label House of Renji, Mikey Cody Apollo!! She was …

Bailee Munic

March 20th, 2019


This week my good friend Bailee Munic drove up from Chicago to be on the show!!! We’ve bonded closely over our shared struggle with BPD (borderline personality disorder) ... so that’s what this episode is about. We …


March 20th, 2019


This week I talked to the wonderful Milwaukee recording artist Mwgli, who dropped her debut album Island Gurl this past December. We sipped cheap …

Destinny Fletcher

March 20th, 2019


 This week I brought spoken word artist and self-published author Destinny Fletcher onto the show to discuss love, fear, and emotions that turn words into wisdom. Her book is titled Black Girl Be Storm! Her artist page …

Tanner Van Dera

March 20th, 2019


For my first episode I brought on web designer & photographer Tanner Van Dera. He is currently developing a nutritional startup FIG, which he describes as “the Uber of nutrition." We sipped Hamm’s while discussing …

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