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E26 Hollywood, Fortnite, Breastfeeding

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Friday Happy Hour and so much laughing We talk wildfires in So Cal and the Paradox of Choice Are too many choices causing anxiety and depression We discuss Hollywood and whether its sordid reputation is deserved Mouses wine kicks in and after a smoky laughing jag take a guess who is Merle Haggard and who is Sideshow Bob Weens runs into Craig Robinson on the set of Dolemite Is My Name and she explains their connection through music We talk about women getting stuck in awkward overnight situations and playing possum Mouse laments the Summer of Fortnite but finds some balance with her latest project with the kids filming a homemade cop movie And we report that Mouses daughter is still obsessed with The Greatest Showman We delve into cleavage and boobs which somehow leads to a White Grandpa Rap Our relationships with our grandparents is brought up as is nosepicking Neti Pots and other gross body issues Nipples are a part of the body Weens wonders if it was a turnon to breastfeed and Mouse explains what it feels like We talk nursing breast milk formula feeding and sleeping Hear the hit song Hot Milk by Weens as Mouse rationalizes feeding choices and light sleeping habits We close it out with some sick laughter that may or may not have created a small tinkle in Mouses undiesPlease join our social media especially our Facebook group where we posted all of the photos from the Trader Joes episode Support httpkoficommouseandweens to buy us a 3 coffee Thanks friends

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