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Motherhood – Mom’s Personal Trainer | Fitness for Energy & Vibrancy in Motherhood


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What’s the secret to greater energy in motherhood? Exercise, of course. Moving our bodies helps us keep up with all the little bodies in our home and can increase self-esteem, mental health, and happiness, too. But it isn’t always easy to get that workout in when you’re a mom, is it? Especially when you don’t know where to begin. Today, I’m talking with Allan Misner, Personal Trainer and creator of 40+ Fitness & podcast series, about the best ways to exercise when you’re a mom, no matter what your age or stage of motherhood. Allan has created a simple, effective fitness routine specifically for mothers, and he’ll walk you through each step in this episode. Join Allan and me as we share our best secrets to mom fitness. Then, be sure to download Allan’s FREE motherhood fitness video routine, here. And check out my book, 8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise for more on how to get motivated, overcome roadblocks and keep moving throughout motherhood.

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Motherhood – Homeschooling & Motherhood: Growing & Learning Along With Your Children

June 27th, 2016


Homeschooling: it’s a hot topic in motherhood right now, and has increased in popularity in recent years. Moms want options when it comes to their …

Motherhood – Celebrating Fatherhood: How We Moms Can Better Understand & Appreciate the Dads, Husbands, Men in our Lives

June 13th, 2016

Father’s day has arrived once again and it’s a perfect time to reflect upon all the good the men in our lives do—for us, as moms, and for our children. It’s too easy, as mothers, to be so caught up in our own experience …

Motherhood – Mom Summer Survival: Strategies for Summer Sanity (& Fun)!

June 6th, 2016


“It’s summer again!” This phrase usually brings excitement to kids, but for moms? It may bring a mix of emotions. “How will I entertain the kids all summer?” “What about our routine?” “How do I keep my sanity when the …

Motherhood – “It takes a village to raise a Mom”: Building Non-Shaming Support Villages

May 30th, 2016

“It takes a village to raise a child;” we’ve all heard the saying; but what about “It takes a village to raise a mother?” It’s just as true, if not even more so. We need each other through this motherhood experience. We …

Motherhood -Making a Difference: Service, Hope, and How You Can Help Refugees, and Others, In Dire Need

May 23rd, 2016


Serving others is a huge part of being a mother, and of being human. I know for many of you, like me, service and contribution is a top priority, …

Motherhood – Practicing Mindfulness in Motherhood

May 16th, 2016


If there’s one thing most moms want, it’s greater peace and calm amidst the storms of motherhood. Mindfulness is the way. Associated with greater …

Motherhood – Trusting and Following your Intuition

May 9th, 2016


We’ve all heard the phrase, “Mother’s intuition” and “women’s intuition,” but do we really believe in it? Even more importantly, do we know how to listen and trust our own intuition? Call it conscience, a gut feeling, …

Motherhood -Ditch the Guilt & Embrace Adventure—Benefits for Family, Relationships, & Personal Growth!

May 2nd, 2016


Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the Zion Ponderosa’s Women’s Adventure Retreat, in southern Utah, along with 10 other women of all ages, locations, and personalities. Together, we tried things we’d never done …

Motherhood – How to Boost Physical & Mental Health, Self-Esteem, Family & Happiness Through Exercise!

April 25th, 2016


In honor of my brand new book, “8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise,” which is officially out TODAY, I want to share some of the secrets of health, self-esteem, family success, and happiness I have gained through …

Motherhood – 8 Keys to Parenting Children with ADHD

April 18th, 2016

“ADHD.” We hear the term all the time, but what does it really mean? How can we tell if our child is struggling with ADHD, and perhaps most …

Motherhood – Overcoming Trauma in Motherhood: Tools for Dealing, Coping, & Healing

April 11th, 2016


Motherhood is fraught with difficult, and often traumatic, experiences. From traumatic childbirth, to helping our children through trauma, to facing …

Motherhood – Overcoming Roadblocks (& Excuses) to Exercise, for Mental (& Physical) Health

April 4th, 2016

“I don’t have time to exercise.” “I’m too busy, tired, and/or stressed.” “It’s just too hard!’ If these, or other roadblocks (or excuses!) have blocked your success and motivation with exercise, then this show is for …

Motherhood – How to Teach Your Daughters Self-Esteem & Self-Worth

March 28th, 2016

The more I write and speak on self-esteem and self-worth, the more I hear from parents, “How do I help my child develop healthy self-esteem?” As a mom, that’s one of my main questions, too: “How can I ensure my …

Motherhood – The Key to Personal Growth in Motherhood: Focus on Relationships

March 21st, 2016


Personal growth can be challenging, and when you’re a mom, it might feel like there’s no time to left over for “choosing to grow.” Yet, the lens of motherhood provides unique opportunities for personal growth as well as …

Motherhood – Essential Oils 101: The Many Uses & Benefits for Moms, Kids, & Families

March 7th, 2016


As a mom, I love using essential oils to improve the overall health and wellness of myself and my family. They have truly changed my family’s life! …

Motherhood – How to Help when Someone is in Need (& How to Let Help In!)

February 29th, 2016

What can you do when a friend, family, or community member is in need? We all need help at some point or another, whether in times of trial or loss, with the addition of a new baby, or even just in the midst of “normal” …

Motherhood – “There’s No Such Thing as a ‘Perfect’ Mom”: Overcoming Perfectionism

February 22nd, 2016

Are you a perfectionist? What does “perfectionism” really mean? How do we know if we’re struggle with perfectionism? What’s the problem with it anyway? I’m talking with perfectionism expert, Sharon Martin, LCSW, …

Motherhood – Tokens of Affection: Tools to Strengthen Marriage Through and After Depression

February 15th, 2016


What can you do to reclaim your marriage during and after maternal depression, postpartum depression, anxiety, grief, or major life stress? My guest, …

Motherhood – Top Parenting Secrets from Tried & Tested Moms of Many

February 8th, 2016


Parenting is tough, whether you have one child or several. “What’s the secret to finding the right family routine?” “What about discipline, allowance, and teaching responsibility?” “How do I juggle it all and still find …

Motherhood – Mom Mental Health Crisis! How to Cope, Heal, & (Eventually) Use it for Good

February 1st, 2016


“I just don’t feel like myself;” “I’m afraid of everything;” “I think I’m going crazy!” These are a just a few of the things you might hear in your mind when facing a maternal mental health crisis, like depression, …

Motherhood – “The Mommy Plan” for Steady & Balanced Healing after Pregnancy & Childbirth

January 25th, 2016

The physical and emotional changes of pregnancy and postpartum are varied and real, leaving us hormonally off-balance, depleted, and in need of …

Motherhood – Change 101: How to “Choose to Grow” & Make Lasting Change

January 18th, 2016


One of the most common questions I hear as a psychologist is, “Why is it so difficult to change?” When it comes to motherhood, change is about the …

Motherhood – Leadership in Motherhood: How to be a Leader in Your Own Life

January 11th, 2016


Do you consider yourself a “leader?” As mothers, we most certainly are—leaders in our home, relationships, with our children, and in the world. In what ways do we, as mothers, lead? And how can we develop our ability as …

Motherhood – New Year, New You! How to “Cultivate the Good Life & Record It”

January 4th, 2016

New Year’s is one of my favorite times—a time of reflection, a time of new direction, a time of opportunities for change and personal growth. How can we set ourselves up for success this new year? My guest, “Project Life

Motherhood – Holiday Relationship Survival: Tools for Resolving Conflict

December 21st, 2015


Though we like to hope the holidays will be peaceful, unfortunately, the stress of being with family can bring with it unwanted conflicts, too. In …

Motherhood – Making the Holidays Less Stressful & More Meaningful

December 14th, 2015


The holiday season is a time of peace, love, and joy—right? At least, that’s what it’s supposed to be. Yet, for many of us moms “the most wonderful …

Motherhood – Keeping (or Finding) Your Style while “Being Mom”: Practical Solutions from a Personal Stylist

December 7th, 2015


“Mom style”—we’ve heard the term, and we all know what it means. Usually, it refers to losing our style when kids come along, because we’re just too busy, exhausted, and worn out to care or keep it up! It’s time to …

Motherhood – How to Create Work-Home-Family Balance: It’s all about habits!

November 30th, 2015


“Balance”—as moms, we’re all seeking it, but are we finding it? Between home, family, relationships, and work (either inside or outside of the home), how can we feel that elusive sense of “balance” we all desire? My …

Motherhood – Parenting The Conscious Way

November 23rd, 2015


Parenting is the toughest job on the planet, one that not only pushes us physically and emotionally each day, but that forces us to dig deep, to change, and to grow. New York Times Bestselling author and Oprah’s …

Motherhood – How to be Fit, Healthy, & Happy For the Holidays (& Beyond)!

November 16th, 2015


No time is more stressful for moms than the holiday season—more to do, less down time, and so many decadent meals and treats everywhere you turn! How …

Motherhood – Moms, Kids, & The Power of Play!

November 9th, 2015


Play is a crucial part of healthy development for our children, and guess what? It’s an essential part of a healthy YOU, too. Through play, we can better understand our children, their needs, and what we can do to help …

Motherhood – Childhood Depression, Mental Illness, & Suicide Prevention

November 2nd, 2015


Childhood mental illness is more common than most parents think. Research shows 15 million children are currently diagnosed with a mental illness, with even more children at risk for developing mental illness later in …

Motherhood – “Why am I Frustrated & Yelling at the Kids When I Promised Myself I Wouldn’t?”

October 26th, 2015


We’ve all been there—pushed to the edge of sanity by parenthood, growing in frustration, and saying things we keep promising ourselves we won’t say again! Why is it so challenging to keep our calm as moms and dads? …

Motherhood – Making Marriage Work by Resolving Conflict: 20 Years of Solutions on My 20th Wedding Anniversary!

October 19th, 2015


Let’s face it: marriage isn’t easy. In fact, research shows the one thing couples who “make it” have in common is this: they know how to resolve …

Motherhood – Coping, Healing, and Carrying on after Perinatal Loss

October 12th, 2015

Loss of any kind can be painful, overwhelming, and difficult to cope with, but perinatal loss presents unique challenges that can impact a mother’s …

Motherhood – Preventing Burnout: Emotional Self-Care for Mothers

October 5th, 2015


If there’s one thing most moms have experienced at one time or another, it’s burnout. Too much to do, too little sleep, too little self-care. What causes burnout? Is it different than depression? And how can we prevent …

Motherhood – Beyond Self-Esteem: Building Self-Worth for Stronger Relationships

September 28th, 2015


If there’s one thing that can make or break a relationship, it’s self-esteem. Self-esteem, or how we feel about ourselves, influences how we give and receive love—especially with our children and spouse/partner. But …

Motherhood – Motherhood & Creativity: Uplift & Inspire!

September 21st, 2015

Creativity is a huge part of being a mom; from parenting children to home-making, to fulfilling our own dreams. In fact, being a mother is, by …

Motherhood – Pregnancy & Postpartum Mood & Anxiety Disorders: What Every Mom Should Know

September 14th, 2015


Emotional changes, like “The Baby Blues,” are a big part of pregnancy and postpartum, affecting 4 of every 5 women. 1 in 5 will go on to experience a pregnancy or postpartum mood or anxiety disorder, like postpartum …

Motherhood – Mom & Entrepreneur: How to Make It Work For You!

September 8th, 2015


Motherhood is, by nature, a busy time. But it doesn’t have to mean an end to your own dreams and goals. Whether you’re dreaming of starting your own business, using your creativity to beautify your home or community, or …

Motherhood – Shedding Light (and Hope) on the Dark Side of Motherhood

August 31st, 2015


The mothering years can be a vulnerable time—for mental illness, for loss, for distress. What can we do to help those who are struggling, alone, in …

Motherhood – Parenting and Preparing Tweens: Navigating Friends, Technology, and Teaching Self-Worth

August 17th, 2015


The years of 7-12 are commonly known as the “tween” years. They’re no longer little kids but they’re also not quite adolescents; they’re somewhere in …

Motherhood – Raising the Quirky Child: How to Help the Kid Who Doesn’t (Quite) Fit In

August 10th, 2015


There are all kinds of “quirky” kids out there—from those who struggle socially, to those whose interests fall well outside the norms, to those who have trouble communicating, understanding others, or just plain fitting …

Motherhood – Depression and Motherhood: What Is It and What Can We Do?

August 3rd, 2015

Whether you’ve been through it yourself or not, chances are, all mothers will face depression at some point or another—with yourself or someone you love. How can you tell when you’re experiencing depression? And what …

Motherhood – Body-Mind Connection, Wellness and Empowerment

July 27th, 2015


The body and mind are inextricably linked, and when we fail to take care of one, it directly impacts the other. Specifically, emotions, like grief, heartache, stress, and overwhelm, can become stuck in our muscles, …

Motherhood – Preparing Your Empty Nest: Letting Go as Children Grow (& Go)

July 20th, 2015


As parents, one of our main jobs is to raise responsible, independent children, but when they go—to college, to high school, or even to …

Motherhood – Simplify Your Busy Life

July 13th, 2015


If there’s one thing all moms have in common it’s this: Motherhood is busy! Most of the time, we’re just trying to “keep all the balls in the air,” …

Motherhood – Bullying: Prevention, Awareness, and How Parents Can Help

July 6th, 2015


One-third of all kids say they’ve been bullied, 30% admit to being the bully at one point or another, and 15% of high school students say they’ve …

Motherhood – Help for Picky Eaters (& the Moms who Love Them)

June 29th, 2015


Do you have a “picky eater?” Do you struggle to help your children eat nutritiously, healthy, or “right”? In this episode of “Motherhood,” we’re talking with Jenny McGlothlin, MS, CCC/SLP, author of Helping Your Child …

Motherhood – In Praise of Fathers

June 22nd, 2015

In this episode of Motherhood we’re talking about fatherhood—or, more particularly, about the positive impact dads have on our children both now and …

Motherhood – Mothering Through the Whirlwind

June 15th, 2015


Have you ever felt like motherhood is a whirlwind of activities, sleepless nights, showerless days, and you’re wondering when the whirlwind is going to set you back down? I sure have! In this episode, I’m talking with

Motherhood – The Family that FEELs Together Heals Together

June 8th, 2015


We all experience challenges in life—from daily frustrations to significant loss and change—and the tough times bring with them tough emotions. Feelings like anger, sadness, grief, and pain can seem overwhelming. It can …

Motherhood – Old School Parenting for the Modern Day

June 1st, 2015


In today’s show, we’re bringing some “old school parenting” principles back—new and improved for modern-day parents. My guest is Dr. Michael Moscolo, …

Motherhood – Finding Joy in Motherhood

May 25th, 2015


Let’s face it: motherhood isn’t easy, and it’s not always a joyful experience. How can we learn to pay attention to the joyful moments, to create

Motherhood – Motherhood 101

May 18th, 2015

When we talk of education and motherhood, the focus is usually on how to get our kids the best education to help them become the best they can be. But what about our education as mothers? Some education comes on the …
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