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The formation and maintenance of a personal identity can involve a lot of difficult inner work — and even the most rigorously defined ones can be messy, contradictory and full of holes. And when personal identity comes into contact with the identity of a community, the resulting friction can pressure one side or the other to evolve — or break.

On today’s episode of Mosaic, we’ll hear three stories about personal identity interacting with community identity and belonging. 

On today's episode:

"A Young Mormon's Inner Struggle of Self-Identification” (00:00-30:55) — An audio essay by Derrick Clements that describes how a person’s religious identity can feel conspicuous when placed in a new context. What are the limitations of trying to make one's inner identity seen and understood by others?

“Interfaith Life and Spiritual Ecosystem” (30:55-01:21:30) — A conversation with Gina Colvin about the story of her Kiwi, Mauri, Mormon, Anglican identity, including recent developments and changes. 

“All Remains Stable” (01:21:30-1:31:46) — A new song by Officer Jenny/Stephen Cope that expresses the pressures of artistic identity through contemplative lyrics and music. 

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