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More Than Therapy is a podcast that is providing listeners with thoughts, interviews, discussions, and more about mental health, addiction, current trends and affairs, beneficial resources and so much more. The show is sometimes funny, serious, empowering, and educating. Find supplemental informatio… read more

219 Episodes | 2017 - 2023

The Problem with Bullying with Al Peoples and Felipe Blue

October 12th, 2023


Al Peoples, LCSW, and Felipe Blue, LCAS, CSI, LCMHCA discuss the problems with bullying and its impact on mental health on this episode.

What is …

The Failure Of Relapse Prevention: Permanent Recovery Is Possible with Adam Vibe Gunton

October 3rd, 2023


Felipe Blue, LCAS, CSI, LMCHCA has a discussion with Adam Vibe Gunton, a bestselling author, founder of Recovered On Purpose, and host of The Recovered On Purpose Show. After overcoming homelessness and drug addiction …

When Your Best Friend Dies.... How Do You Unpack the Trauma? A Very Special Episode with Sheridan Iroegbu in Memory of Max

September 12th, 2023


Sheridan had a best friend, his dog, Max. Max died, and now Sheridan works to pick up the pieces.

Felipe Blue, LCAS, CSI assists Sheridan with processing his pain and finding strategies to alleviate his pain.

Losing a …

Thought of the Day: Being Beautifully Imperfect

September 1st, 2023


Felipe Blue, LCAS, CSI discusses being imperfect.

"A concept introduced by me by Mr. Vann Lowery of

Why might we tend to base our worth on the things that we accomplish or fail to accomplish?
How do we fall into the …

Thought of the Day: Life is Beautiful #Gratitude #Mindfulness

June 1st, 2023


What are your favorite parts of life?
What things give you that small joy that makes you feel great? How many of those things can you notice today?
Have you ever tried to help someone else to notice the small things?

Your Struggle With Addiction Is A Normal Response To Untreated Trauma with Mary Giuliani

March 7th, 2023


On this episode of More Than Therapy, Felipe Blue, LCAS, CSI introduced Mary Giuliani:

Mary Giuliani is a Master Certified Coach, keynote speaker, …

Sex Worker Alcoholic Turned Successful Relationship Coach Tells All with Hannah Spanke

February 7th, 2023


On this episode of More Than Therapy, Felipe Blue, LCAS, CSI has a discussion with Hannah Spanke. 

Hannah Spanke, the host of F**k Yourself Happy, is introducing a special edition of the show that will focus on her …

Healing Abusive Brain Chatter with Jacquie Elliott

January 31st, 2023


On this episode of More Than Therapy, Felipe Blue, LCAS, CSI, interviews Jacquie, who states:

"What if I told you that you may be living with an …

Getting People & Businesses—Happy | Healthy | Wealthy with Jake Thomas, Always a Marine and 5X Natural Physique Champion

January 24th, 2023


Originally from New Orleans, Jake Thomas has a passion for personal service that stems from being a United States Marine. He has proudly leveraged that among a plethora of other experiences and hardships into a career …

Teetering on a Tightrope (BiPolar Disorder) with Steve Wilson

January 17th, 2023


In Steve's own words, "My life-long battle with bipolar disorder. From that terrifying day at the theater when I was nine, overcoming suicidal …

In The Name of Human Rights with Cetvies

January 10th, 2023


Hi, I am Cetvies, I am a BSc/MA graduate in human rights single honour (from social sciences and political sciences departments)

Healing Of Body, Mind & Spirit with Reverend Rance Dunbar The Chakra Doctor

January 3rd, 2023

In Sanskrit, the word “chakra” means “disk” or “wheel” and refers to the energy centers in your body. these wheels or disks of spinning energy each correspond to certain nerve bundles and major organs. To function at …

Dealing With and Healing from Toxic Relationships with Shannon Petrovich LCSW, LISAC, BCD

December 27th, 2022


Therapist, Author, and YouTube creator Shannon earned her Bachelor’s degree from Bowdoin College and her Master’s in Social Work from the University …

50 and Over Figuring out Life, Love and Growth…. with Jemma Al'Salaam

December 20th, 2022


You can change your life at any age, but it rarely happens overnight. With some planning and consideration, and some self-awareness, you absolutely …

Failth and Mental Health with Camille Brown-Lowery and Felipe Blue, LCAS, CSI

December 13th, 2022


Spirituality and religion often provide a sense of security and social structure and those beliefs can be a strong coping mechanism through trying times. Being an active member of a close-knit religious community can …

Relapse Justification (from the Preventing Relapse Series) with Felipe Blue, LCAS, CSI

December 6th, 2022


Relapse prevention skills are essential to learning to live a happy life in recovery. One day at a time, one can learn to implement these coping skills to prevent relapse and live a life beyond their wildest dreams. 

Helping Does Not Have to Hurt (Life Coaching and Executive Coaching) with Sam Shapiro

November 29th, 2022


Sam says "I'm a passionate coach, consultant, speaker and facilitator who comes alive in service of those who live to serve others. My practice …

Breaking Free From Abusers Who Are Drug Users with Sandy Johnston

November 22nd, 2022


"As someone who was caught in a cycle of abuse with someone who had an ICE addiction who lost the plot at one point and things became life-threatening for myself and for my children, so I am no stranger to this topic. …

Nurturing Your Relationships and Not Leaving Yourself Behind With Rachel Awes

November 16th, 2022


Rachel Awes is a psychologist, author, art playgroundist, and clothing ambassador/influencer, who loves listening to the beauty in people and animals …

Pain Free Living Through Yoga With Yogi Aaron

November 15th, 2022


Yogi Aaron is the creator of the revolutionary approach to yoga — Applied Yoga Anatomy + Muscle Activation™ (AYAMA) and the online platform: The Yogi …

Making Peace With Your Past With Dr. Margit Gabriele Muller

November 8th, 2022


Dr. Margit Gabriele Muller is a Certified Mental Health Coach, Professional Certified Coach, Master Life Coach, NLP Master, Certified Mindfulness …

Being a Part of the Correction Via Mental Health for the Prison Population with Al Peoples of Peoples Counseling

November 1st, 2022


Al Peoples is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 5 years of experience in MH and SA counseling. He has experience working in various practice settings including outpatient, inpatient, and correctional …

How To Improve During These Tumultuous Times featuring Kevin Palmieri

October 25th, 2022


About Kevin Palmieri....

I am the CFO, Founder & Co-Host of Next Level University, a Global Top 100 Self-Improvement Podcast with more than 1,000 episodes and 600K+ listens in over 125 countries.

Some people find …

The Importance of Healthy Boundaries in Relationships featuring Ashley D. Gilmore, MS.Ed, MFT, LCMHC, NCC of Gilmore Counseling and Consulting Services, PLLC

October 21st, 2022


What does healthy self-care look like for you? In what ways can we manage our boundaries with family, friends, and work?

(the recording was corrupted in transporting to the studio and does not reflect the quality of …

“Reprogram For Success” featuring Janet Elaine Schmidt

October 18th, 2022


Janet Elaine Schmidt is the Creator of "Reprogram Yourself and/or Business Team for Success" and for a decade has been a practical yet potent Quantum …

The Ins and Outs of My Vagina featuring Karin Freeland

October 11th, 2022


Karin Freeland is a recovering corporate workaholic. After years in high-pressure leadership roles at Fortune 500 companies, she’s traded the …

Let's Talk the State of Social Security (Those Seeking Social Security Benefits Will Benefit From This Episode) featuring Spencer Bishins

October 4th, 2022


Spencer Bishins has a master’s degree from the London School of Economics, and a law degree from Florida State University. Working for SSA for more …

You Are Not a Machine, You Are a Human Being featuring David R. Edwards

October 4th, 2022


David R. Edwards worked his way through school eventually achieving a BA in Business and MBA in Healthcare Administration.  He served mostly lower …

Thought of the Day: FACE YOUR FEARS

October 1st, 2022


What are you afraid of? What caused these fears originally? Are the same factors still in place now as when the fears were first created?

In what ways can we face our fears?

What happens to fear when we accept it for …

Why TRY? How Trauma Recovery Yoga is Empowering Some of the World's Most Vulnerable featuring Brenda Hershey

September 27th, 2022


"We know that trauma is stored in the body, but how do we begin to build awareness around what that looks like as it shows up in different ways? In this talk, Brenda Hershey will elaborate on the signs and symptoms and …

Caring for Those That Care featuring Daniella Marchick

September 20th, 2022


"As a licensed therapist, I have spent my entire career focused on Care Partner's and our Elders. It is one of the most challenging path's for an individual, getting close to mortality and saying goodbye to loved ones. …

Ann Hince - Change Starts Within

September 13th, 2022


Ann has developed the ability to sense inside her body, and release physical tension stored in her connective tissue, using solely the focus of her …

Tony Hardman - Not Quite Zen

September 6th, 2022


Tony Hardman is the founder of Not Quite Zen, a blog and podcast focused on providing mental health support from the perspective of a survivor. Tony has struggled with severe depression, anxiety, and anger since he was …

Greg Wieting - Mindful Healing

August 30th, 2022


Greg Wieting helps leaders and entrepreneurs heal anxiety, depression, chronic pain and trauma so they can lead with bold and courageous hearts.  

Andrea Lukac - Yesterday Does Not Define Today

August 23rd, 2022


When Andrea Lukac entered the working world after studying economics, she noticed very quickly how unhappy she and other people around her were in their day to day lives. This awareness led to her having the courage to …

Lion Goodman - Change The Way You Think, Change Your Life*

August 16th, 2022


Lion Goodman is a transformational coach, author, healer and teacher.

At the age of 26, Lion was shot in the head four times. This near-death experience kick-started his five decades of research into the nature of …

David Schechter - Mind/Body Connection to Treating Pain

August 9th, 2022


David Schechter, MD, is a family/sports medicine physician in private practice in Culver City, California. He has authored several books (including …

Andrea Petrut on Peace, Love, and Harmony

August 2nd, 2022


Discover how to bridge the connection between the wisdom you already have in your heart and the presence and guidance of your own divine nature.


Valerie Diluggo, LMFT - "Stop The Toxic Shit Before You Start It"

July 26th, 2022


"I held just about every job suggested for my personality type (ENFJ, Enneagram 2W3) iykyk . . . until I finally realized what I wanted to be: a therapist. (Yep, therapist is ALSO a suggested career path for this type. …

Amy Stein - From Surviving to Thriving (Mind-Body-Spirit)

July 19th, 2022


Felipe Blue, LCS, CSI of More Than Therapy discusses with Amy Stein about moving from surviving to thriving.

Amy’s mission is to educate and empower others to be their own best healers by reconnecting with the innate …

Susan Jane - Trusting Your Intuition

July 12th, 2022


Felipe Blue, LCAS, CSI of More Than Therapy discusses with Susan Jane about trusting your intuition. 🙌

Susan has spent over 35 years encouraging people to connect, develop and trust their intuition to enable them to …

Neil McKinlay - Betryal, Recovery, and Meditation

July 5th, 2022


On this episode, Felipe Blue, LCAS, CSI discussed with Neil McKinlay about betrayal, recovery and meditation. 👏

Neil McKinlay is a teacher of embodied meditation. Neil is also in recovery from a long relationship with …

Liam Naden: The Secrets of Success: Using Your Brain the Right Way

June 28th, 2022


On this occasion, Felipe Blue, LCAS, CSI has a discussion with a speaker, teacher, writer and researcher known as Liam Naden who helps you understand the process for creating true success in your life by understanding …

The Importance of Self Care with Camille Brown-Lowery and Judithe Louis

June 21st, 2022


Felipe Blue, LCAS, CSI of More Than Therapy discusses with Camille Brown-Lowery of Brown Sugah Counseling* and Judithe Louis of Ede Mwen Health Services regarding SELF CARE.

Engaging in a self-care routine has been …

"You Are Not Your Trauma" with Marcy Pusey, Trauma Certified Story Coach, Author, and TEDx Speaker

March 31st, 2022


Marcy is the mother of four humans and two pups, but she’s also tossed pizzas for a pizzeria, acted and sang in a musical, advocated for families with special needs, made appearances in a few movies, and mimed with …

Music and Mental Health with Michael Alcee, Ph.D. (The Soundtrack to My Soul)

March 15th, 2022


Michael Alcée, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Tarrytown, NY, and a Mental Health Educator at Manhattan School of Music. He …

Double Feature: Jenna Smith on "Spirituality & Mental Health" and Dr. Eddie Capparucci on "Why Men Struggle to Love"

March 10th, 2022


Creator of the Re-Sourcing MethodTM  Jenna Smith provides a tangible framework for people to access their untapped resources in order to live a life …

Lacrisha Holcomb, LCAS, NCC... of Therapy is Light - "Be The Light"

March 8th, 2022


Lacrisha Holcomb is a Writer, Artivist, and NBCC award-winning Therapist located in Raleigh, North Carolina. Lacrisha fervently advocates for the …

Jenny Toh of River Life Coaching - From Lawyer to Life Coach

March 8th, 2022


Jenny Toh is an International Coaching Federation (ICF) Associate Certified Coach (ACC) who runs her own coaching practice, River Life Coaching Pte. Ltd. Jenny is also a qualified lawyer in the U.K., Singapore and …

Holding On by Letting Go with Heather Hutchison, An Artist and Best Selling Author

March 1st, 2022


Heather Hutchison is the Amazon best-selling author of Holding On by Letting Go: A Memoir, and an award-winning singer/songwriter with four albums …

Being Your Authentic Self with Corey Laine Hilton, Best Selling Author and Authenticity Coach

February 22nd, 2022


Corey Laine Hilton is a well-respected Canadian author and introspective influencer on the subject of self-worth. He has entertained thousands of clients internationally, spanning a 25-year career in the male exotic …

Mental Health and Relationships with LPC Chris & Felipe Blue, LCAS, CSI

February 14th, 2022


LPC Chris and Felipe Blue, LCAS, CSI discuss mental health and relationships. 

Mental health problems such as depression and anxiety can influence whether someone feels able to interact and connect to others. This means …

Dr. Kelli Palfy Discusses "Unspoken Truths About Male Sexual Abuse"

February 10th, 2022


Felipe Blue, LCAS, CSI interviews...

Dr. Kelli Palfy, began her professional career working in adult and youth corrections. Here she noticed a …

Alan Cox of - F*ck The Status Quo! Get a Mindset That Shines

February 2nd, 2022


EverYellow is a unique mental conditioning tool that helps you create positive shifts in your mindset simply by listening. Listen to beautiful audio …

A Discussion With Andrea Hanson M.Ed, a Complex Trauma and Addiction Expert

January 20th, 2022


Felipe Blue, MA, LCAS, CSI introduces Andrea Hanson M.Ed Neurobiological Breakthrough Specialist. Psychedelic Breakthrough. Complex Trauma and …

Jonathan Friedman of The Journal That Talks Back™

January 13th, 2022


Felipe Blue, LCAS, CSI of More Than Therapy introduces:

Jonathan Friedman is the President of The Journal That Talks Back™, affordable, unlimited journaling, and coaching app that connects young professionals and …

Reframe That Sh*t! with Felipe Khristopher Blue, LCAS, CSI

January 5th, 2022


Reframing, in the therapeutic sense, is about looking at a situation, thought, or feeling from another angle. Therapists are really good at this because our goal is to be supportive and empathetic to you and your …

IMPROVE THE MOMENT (DBT) with Jessica Salazar

January 4th, 2022



  • Imagery
  • Meaning
  • Prayer/Practice
  • Relaxation
  • One Thing in the Moment
  • Vacation
  • Encouragement


Let's Talk About Sex With Susan Bratton of

December 2nd, 2021


Susan Bratton, "Intimacy Expert to Millions💋" is a champion and advocate for all those who desire intimacy and passion their whole life long.

She is …

BLACK MEN MATTER with Calicia and Lo Frm Da Go

November 24th, 2021


The Members Only Admins Calicia and Lo Frm Da Go discuss with Felipe Blue, LCAS, CSI regarding why Black Men Matter.



--- Send in a voice message:

Thought: Be Better (Be a Better You)

October 19th, 2021


Felipe Blue, LCAS, CSI ponders the concept of "being better". You can be better by:

  • Compliment Yourself
  • Don't Make Excuses
  • Let Go of Anger

Lacrisha Holcomb, LCAS, NCC... of Therapy is Light

October 7th, 2021


Lacrisha Holcomb is a Writer, Artivist, and NBCC award-winning Therapist located in Raleigh, North Carolina. Lacrisha fervently advocates for the …

Thought: Embark Upon New and Exciting Challenges in Your Life 🎶

October 5th, 2021


Why do we tend to avoid pain at all costs? Can we evade painful things forever?

What does pain indicate to us? What are some of the things we can …

LA, LCSW... The Holistic Wellness Therapreneur

September 30th, 2021


LA uses she/her/hers pronouns and is a champion of solitude, storyteller, spiritual Black girl, introverted empath, and mindfulness meditation guide. …

Thought: Treat Yourself As You Would Want Others To Treat You (Love Yourself💖)

September 30th, 2021


Felipe Blue, LCAS, CSI of More Than Therapy reflects on the importance of loving yourself as you would want others to love you... if we treat …

Thought: Let It Go (Do Not Let Your Happiness Depends on Something You May Lose)

September 29th, 2021


Why might we see things as in our lives for good? How realistic is such a view of life?

What are some of the things you have lost recently? Why do we tend to become attached to such things?

What things have you …

Thought: See The Beauty (Thankfulness and Gratitude)

September 17th, 2021


Felipe Blue, LCAS, CSI discusses "beauty" at More Than Therapy.

  • Do you tend to see the world as a wonderful place, or a normal everyday place?

The Journey from Burnout to Recovery with Gabby the Frequent Napper

September 14th, 2021


Gabby discusses her journey of burnout and what she did, with her own strength and motivation, as well as support of others, to recover.

Jemma al'Salaam - Spirituality Guides Her Path

September 5th, 2021


Jemma, a mental health professional in Raleigh, NC, a Boston native,  studied Early Childhood Education/Teaching at Roxbury Community College, …

Thought: Embark Upon New and Exciting Challenges in Your Life

September 2nd, 2021


Felipe Blue, MA, LCAS presents this episode's "thought":

Why do we tend to avoid pain at all costs? Can we evade painful things forever?

What does …

Thought: Strategies for a Strong Relationship

September 1st, 2021


Do you want some relationship rules? Felipe Blue, MA, LCAS, CSI breaks down some relationship rules as he leads up to some upcoming topics on love …

Ubuntu: The Meaning of Connections; Keith and Rodney Talk About Having More in Common

August 12th, 2021


On this episode, Felipe Blue, LCAS, CSI introduce Keith and Rodney as they discuss true friendship despite differences, the complexities of race and the impact of hate... Keith and Rodney build connections while …

Therapists After Work: Relationships with Therapists, a Discussion With LPC Chris

August 5th, 2021


Felipe Blue, LCAS, CSI and LPC Chris discuss therapists in relationships, the good, the bad, and the super ugly. If you’ve been asked out by a therapist, don’t run away just because you assume you’ll be overanalyzed and …

A Very Purposeful Life (regarding Social Work) With Toni Agnew Rover, LCSW

July 29th, 2021


Felipe Blue, LCAS, CSI of More Than Therapy sits down with his long time friend Toni Agnew Rover, LCSW about her purposeful life in social work, …

Being Healthy (Emotional Health) with Aquanda Green & Felipe Blue

July 20th, 2021


Aquanda Green, LCAS-A and Felipe Blue, LCAS, CSI discuss being emotionally healthy on this episode of More Than Therapy brought to you by:


SKILL: Effective Goal Setting to Achieve What You Want

July 14th, 2021


Felipe Blue, LCAS, CSI discusses strategies to have effective goal setting.

  1. Write It Down
  2. What Is Your Why?
  3. Brainstorm
  4. Break Big Goals Down …

Being Healthy (Physical Health) with Aquanda Green & Felipe Blue

July 13th, 2021


Aquanda and Felipe discuss healthy habits and the importance of adhering to such. In their observations, Aquanda and Felipe find that clinicians discuss strategies and interventions with their clients so they can live …

Get to Know Dream Guide and Author, Carolina Fonseca Jimenez

July 8th, 2021


Carolina Fonseca Jimenez

Books: Lupita and her Magical Dreams

Lupita and the Magic of Mexico


I was brought to the United States at the age of 2 …

Thought: Fear Not, Focus on The Change/Good Within You

June 28th, 2021


Felipe Blue, LCAS, CSI had a rough week, but he remembered that yesterday does not define today and with hope, yields change.

What do you tend to focus on in life? Do you see the "good news" within you?

Where do our …

Therapy Talk: What if You Do Not Like a Client (with Aquanda Green, LCAS-A & Felipe Blue, LCAS, CSI)

June 22nd, 2021


Aquanda Green, LCAS-A and Felipe Blue, LCAS, CSI discuss when a clinician experiences "dislike" for a client.

Since dislike of a client is not an ethical reason for referring or terminating, here are some tips for when …


June 12th, 2021


Felipe Blue, LCAS, CSI discusses acceptance (finding himself reflecting on this skill/concept) at More Than Therapy located at 201 W Main Street  Suite 316 Durham, NC 27701.

Whenever life gets tough, there is a natural …

Dr. Tracey Phillips Discusses "From Counseling to Coaching" 🌹

June 10th, 2021


Felipe Blue, LCAS, CSI has a discussion with his former professor, mentor, and long time friend, Dr. Tracey Phillips regarding counselors transitioning to coaching.

In order to ethically offer coaching as a licensed …

Thought: Be Completely YOU as You Interact With Others

June 3rd, 2021


How do you define your "authentic self?" Are you always this person?

How often do your actions align with who you truly are inside and not with how …

Thought: Develop a Greater Acceptance of the Transitory Nature of Life

June 2nd, 2021


Why might we see things as in our lives for good? How realistic is such a view of life?

What are some of the things you have lost recently? Why do we tend to become attached to such things?

What things have you …

Thought: Help Others to Be the Best Version of Themselves 💖

June 1st, 2021


What are some ways you can help others reach their potential?

How often do you consciously consider the way that you treat other people?

How has your treatment of those you love affected them in a positive light? How …

Thought: Face Your Mistakes and Imperfections

April 28th, 2021


Defensiveness, insecurity, and comparison not only divide you from others, but from your own brilliant humanity. Ironically, letting others be what they are, while you remain in perfect ease with your imperfections, …

Thought: See The World As It Is

April 26th, 2021


Today's Quotation:

If we could see the world through the eyes of a child, we would see the magic in everything.

Chee Vai Tang

What would it take to …

Thought: Addicted to Beliefs

April 25th, 2021


The biggest addiction, and one we least often talk about, is being addicted to beliefs. We really get hooked into thinking what we believe is true …

Thought: Choose To Have Integrity

April 24th, 2021


By choosing integrity, I become more whole, but wholeness does not mean perfection. It means becoming more real by acknowledging the whole of who I …

Thought: Be You; Be Your Authentic Self

April 23rd, 2021


It's simple; be YOU. If you're not being you, you're being someone else. YOU are not here to be someone else.

Dr. Steve Maraboli

Are you always …

Thought: Share Your Joy, Share Your Love... Share

April 22nd, 2021


If you knew what I know about the power of giving, you would not let a single meal pass without sharing it in some way.


Think of a time when …

Thought: Do Not Worry

April 21st, 2021


What are some of the worries you have? How often do they come to pass? Does worrying usually help the situations?

How much time have you spent worrying about things that never happened?

How can you increase your …

Thought: Love to Receive Love

April 20th, 2021


Love is our deepest longing. Just as the body needs food the soul needs love--it is nourishment, spiritual nourishment. Without the food, air, and …

She Said/He Said (with Sin & Blue) 6lack Women & Their Mental Health Issues

March 25th, 2021


Sin and her compadres Blue, Tone, and Deb of the LOOSE LIPS podcast as they discuss women and the impact of mental health on them during this time.

A …

Discussion with Simone Knego, Author of "The Extraordinary UnOrdinary You" About Her Life and Her Movement

March 23rd, 2021


Jessica Salazar has a discussion with Simone Knego, best-selling author of The Extraordinary UnOrdinary You, who is a speaker, entrepreneur, and mother to six children. Sharing her journey of adopting three of her …

Maia Crumbie of NCCU Interviews Felipe Blue, MA, LCAS, CSI Regarding His Role as an Addictions Specialist

March 21st, 2021


Maia Crumbie of NCCU Interviews Felipe Blue, MA, LCAS, CSI Regarding His Role as an Addictions Specialist

1. Demographic Information: length of time …

Discussion with Nancy McKay About How Changing Your Thoughts Can Change Your Life

March 18th, 2021


Felipe Blue, MA, LCAS, CSI has a discussion with Nancy McKay about her ideology about how thoughts influence change, be that for the better or for …

She Said/He Said (with Sin & Blue) 6lack Men & Their Mental Health Issues

March 18th, 2021


Sin and Blue, along with Sin's father, Blue's friend, and other guests discuss Black Men's Mental Health Issues.

  • Why Black Men Face Significant …

She Said/He Said (with Sin & Blue) Dating in the Modern Age with featured Guest @EricOSuaveee

March 6th, 2021


@EricOSuaveee joins Sin and Blue on the first episode of She Said/He Said in 2021. The topic is modern dating and how to navigate this plain of low morals and post pandemic. 

Special guest - Ms. Bre

--- Send in a …

Interview with Amy Gordon, a Feminist Adventure Therapist and Host of Talk Therapy Podcast About "Depression and Anxiety"

February 18th, 2021


Amy Gordon (MA, LMHC) is a therapist residing in Santa Fe, NM whose primary modality is Feminist Adventure Therapy. Amy works for the Pueblo of Nambé as their lead clinician, providing administrative development as well …

Interview with John Giordani - From $300 to 45 Million in Addictions Recovery (and so much more)

February 16th, 2021


It was by no accident that John Giordano chose addiction treatment as his life’s work. Growing up the son of a heroin dealer and trying to cope with …

Interview With Kyle Sullivan - From Chaos to Christ

February 2nd, 2021


The two most important days in a person’s life is when they are born and when they discover why.

Growing up in Louisiana, Kyle was modeled hard work …

Thought: Are You Ready for Peace?

January 24th, 2021


Have you found a lasting peace within yourself?

Do you know how to access that peace during times of need, or do you find yourself losing it in …

Thought: Listen to your spiritual consciousness today

January 23rd, 2021


What is creativity to you?

How do you work to develop your creative side? How do you exercise it and help it to grow?

Have you ever tried just letting something happen through you rather than try to make it happen …

Thought: Embrace Hope Today

January 22nd, 2021


How do you view hope? Is it just something that is just there, or is it something that we must work to keep and to strengthen?

What are some ways you can strengthen your sense of hope in life?

What are some ways you can …

Thought: Keep busy with the things that interest you

January 21st, 2021


What is inspiration to you? Have you experienced any recently?

Can you think of anything that potentially might interest you and provide you with inspiration?

What are some things you can do to increase the frequency …

Thought: Think of a unique skills of yours and find a way to develop and nurture it today.

January 20th, 2021


How can we tap into the higher powers in our lives?

Why might we be more comfortable with limitations in our lives rather than seeking out our God-given potentials?

What is some of the potential and possibility you have …

Thought: Clear your conscience today and act in ways that will keep the peace within

January 19th, 2021


Have you ever compromised yourself... acting in ways the go against your morals or principles? How did you feel? How long did the feeling last?

Why …

Thought: Be open to compromise for a greater principle or purpose today

January 18th, 2021


What are some of the negative views of compromise? Why do we see them as such?

Why do we often see compromise as a sign of weakness, or equate the …

Thought: Spread compassion and love to those around you today.

January 17th, 2021


What are some of the ways you use your voice? Ears? Hands? Mind? Heart?

How can you make compassion and unconditional love an important part of your life?

How can you practice unconditional love, compassion, kindness, …

Thought: Spend some time observing others who exhibit great common sense and try to emulate their actions.

January 16th, 2021


Is common sense really all that common? Who has it? How do they use it? How does that affect their lives and the lives of those around them?

Think of someone you know who does not use much common sense. What is their …

Thought: Take A Moment to Reflect on Making Wise Decisions for Yourself

January 15th, 2021


What are some of the choices you face each day? What makes them difficult? Easy?

What elements are most important in your decision-making process?

Do …

Thought: Make small improvements in your life today

January 14th, 2021


Why do many individuals feel it is necessary to make great changes rather than small ones?

When have you found success in making small changes? What …

Thought: Be exactly who you are today... nothing more... nothing less.

January 13th, 2021


Do you let others define who you are, even if only to a small extent?

Do you do anything out of the fear of being judged, rejected, or disliked? What?

Thought: Keep an Attitude of Appreciation for the Beauty Within You Today

January 12th, 2021


What does it mean to you when you hear that beauty is 99.9% attitude? Is this true in your life?

How might we get into the habit of not recognizing …

Thought: Take a Moment to Find Happiness Today

January 11th, 2021


What is pure happiness to you? Have you experienced any lately?

In what ways does the world take away from your happiness? Do you have to let the world do so?

How can you keep the happiness that is yours?

recorded by …

Thought: Be Aware of The Presence of God in Your Life

January 10th, 2021


Why do we often deny the "Divine Being" that is a part of us?

How can you help grow in awareness and recognition of the holiness within you?

If we …

Thought: Show Appreciation #Appreciation

January 9th, 2021


When is it easy for us to show appreciation? When is it difficult? Why?

How can we build and develop our sense of appreciation in life?

How can …

Thought: Align Your Goals With Your Life Purpose and Potential #LifeGoals

January 8th, 2021


Why is it so easy for us to pass the blame and responsibility in our lives to things outside of ourselves?

Are the things you invite into your life the things you want to be there?

What are some things you can give …

Thought: Face Your Difficulties, Grow Strong Because of Them #Difficulties

January 7th, 2021


How do you see the difficulties in your life? Is this a positive or negative view?

Are we able to grow strong without conflict?

Think of someone in …

Thought: Recognize the Abundance Already In Your life #Abundance

January 6th, 2021


How can abundance in our lives be a matter of choice... of something we can choose to "tune into?"

Are you receptive to all the things that the universe has to give to you? Do you put up any barriers to keep things …

Thought: Appreciate What Is Around You #Appreciation

January 5th, 2021


How rich do you feel your life to be? What are some of the sacred things in your life?

Does failing to notice the sacredness in the ordinary rob us of our riches? How might being able to see the divine in the ordinary …

Thought: Address Your "Rooms"; Physical, Emotional, Social, Spiritual... 👨🏿

January 4th, 2021


What do you see when you enter each room of your house--emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually? How often to you frequent each room?

What are some ways in which you can encourage yourself to work on …

Thought: Live in the Moment, Not Yesterday, Not Tomorrow 🍽

January 3rd, 2021


Why might it be difficult to live in the present moment? What are some of the difficulties of living in the past or future?

Do you have any chaos in …

Thought: Give... Give Love 💕

January 2nd, 2021


In what ways do you give? In what ways do you try to spread love?

Think of someone you know as a loving person. What are some of the things this individual does that make you consider them to be so loving?

What are …

Thought: Happy New Year, Let Us Focus On the Positive

January 1st, 2021


What does it mean to you "to just be yourself?"

What are a few things you are good at? How much time do you spend developing those gifts?

What kinds of activities can you do to develop your own strengths?

This is a

Thought: Love Yourself! Forgive Yourself! Respect Yourself! Honor Yourself! Cherish Yourself! Admire Yourself! Express Yourself! etc.

December 26th, 2020


What are some things you appreciate and cherish about yourself?

How does our appreciation of something affect how we view it?

Why do we tend to appreciate the gifts of others more than we do our own?

recorded by

Interview With Marlana Rogers Regarding Counselors, The Masks They Wear and More...

December 22nd, 2020


Marlana Rogers of Rogers Counseling discusses with Felipe Blue, MA, LCAS of More Than Therapy about the intricacies of counseling and the helping field, the masks they can wear, how this is not beneficial, and what can …

My Experience With: Domestic Violence (Martina Montrevil, LMBT, QMHP)

November 19th, 2020


Felipe Blue, MA, LCAS of More Than Therapy interviews Martina Montrevil, LMBT, QMHP regarding her life experiences and the impact that domestic …

Thought: Look for The Goodness (All Around You)

November 14th, 2020


How does it become so easy for us to lose perspective and focus on the negative?

What are some ways that we can improve how we see the dandelions in our life?

Is it true that things always will get better, even if it …

Thought: Give/Receive With Love

November 13th, 2020


What are some of the places in which you formed your concept of giving and receiving?

Why is it often times so difficult for use to receive from …

Thought: Forgive and Move On Today

November 12th, 2020


Are there any wrongs that others have done to you that you are holding onto at the moment? If so, why are you holding onto them?

What are some ways …

Thought: Value Yourself (Simplify Your Life)

November 11th, 2020


How do you define your value and worth?

Is it easy to always remember that our worth comes from within?

What are some of the barriers you face in simplifying your life?

Todays "thought" sponsored by Research Triangle …

Thought: Be You (Be Who You Are)

November 10th, 2020


What are some of the possibilities of the real you? How often do you let this person show?

Why might we be hesitant to trust our inner voice?

How can we go about enrobing ourselves in the armor of "what we are?"

Thought: Learn From Your Experiences

November 9th, 2020


Why do our expectations in life so rarely go as planned?

How do we react when life gives us something painful or unpleasant?

What kinds of things …

Thought: Believe in Yourself

November 8th, 2020


What are the results of placing our trust outside of ourselves?

Do you ever question your ability or potential?

What are some ways in which you can …

Thought: Love Someone? Pay Attention to Them

November 7th, 2020


When was the last time you paid attention to the little details of someone you love? Did you let them know?

What are some of the little details that you might pay a bit more attention to?

How might doing so affect …

Thought: Do Not Judge Others (Be Empathetic)

November 6th, 2020


What are some ways that others have acted in which you feel you would have acted differently?

Can you truly say you would not have acted similarly …

Thought: Do The Right Thing (For You)

November 5th, 2020


In what ways do you "refuse to be changed by the world?" Are there instances in which you could do a better job of this?

What are some ways we can …

Thought: Be Positive Towards Someone (Everyone)

November 4th, 2020


What good things have you contributed to the lives around you recently?

How many opportunities do you have each day to contribute to joy and …

Thought: Forgive Yourself (Self-Forgiveness)

November 3rd, 2020


Do you punish yourself for past mistakes?

What sorts of things do you find hardest to forgive in yourself?

Is it more important to be positive or …

Thought: Stay True to Yourself (Natural Law vs. Written Law)

November 2nd, 2020


How important is the natural law in your life?

What have you learned recently from observing, learning, and growing in your understanding of it?

Do you feel you are in harmony with the natural laws written within your …

Thought: Think Positive to Get Positive Results

November 1st, 2020


In what ways do you think like a winner? In what ways do you act like one?

What are some consequences of not thinking like a winner?

How can we change the way we think about things in terms of success or failure?

Interview With Ashley Gilmore Regarding "Superwoman Schema Impacting Black & Brown Women"

October 13th, 2020


Felipe Blue, MA, LCAS interviews Ashley Gilmore of Gilmore Counseling about her upbringing, her therapeutic approach, and her views of Black women being "Superwomen" and how this may be detrimental to their wellness and …

The Impact of COVID-19 and the Pandemic (by Machine Learning)

September 7th, 2020


The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic may be stressful for people. Fear and anxiety about a new disease and what could happen can be …

F**king During the Pandemic by Leon Knight

August 29th, 2020


I'm in grad school doing a double masters, so the small amount of time we've been spending together has worked well for me.

"I'm still afraid of …

Anger Management During the Pandemic by Dylan Stephens

August 28th, 2020


Alexander Ingram, a therapist working at Priory Hospital North London , has looked closely at why we experience anger, why we may be dealing with more of it during the coronavirus pandemic and how we can manage our …

Sex During the Pandemic with Jerry Wright

August 27th, 2020


Sex During the Coronavirus Pandemic: What's Safe, and What Experts Don't Want You to Do

The distinction matters, because safe sex during the pandemic depends on your current relationship situation and, well, why you're …

Relationship Issues During the Pandemic with Ray Hall

August 26th, 2020


As a reminder, feeling grateful for the positive aspects of our new normal doesn't mean you're grateful the pandemic happened in the first place, so …

Addiction During the Pandemic with Sheila Griffin

August 25th, 2020


SAMHSA's National Helpline, 1-800-662-HELP (4357) , (also known as the Treatment Referral Routing Service) or TTY: 1-800-487-4889 is a confidential, free, 24-hour-a-day, 365-day-a-year, information service, in English …

Anxiety During the Pandemic with Carla Fisher

August 24th, 2020


People who use substances or have a substance use disorder.

Taking care of your emotional health will help you think clearly and react to the urgent needs to protect yourself and your family.

People with preexisting …

Depression During the Pandemic with Jo Gilbert

August 23rd, 2020


SAMHSA's National Helpline, 1-800-662-HELP (4357) , (also known as the Treatment Referral Routing Service) or TTY: 1-800-487-4889 is a confidential, free, 24-hour-a-day, 365-day-a-year, information service, in English …

T.R.A.P. (Therapeutic Recalibration Action Plan) Therapy Event - 6-27-2020

June 27th, 2020


Join Felipe Blue, MA, LCAS in activities to address your wellness and recovery as you navigate through the pandemic and the revolution occurring …

Discussion About Young Girls and Older Men or Fast Girls and Pedophiles with Christy Marie, QMHP and Aubrea Ageda, LCSW-A

June 5th, 2020


Christy Marie and Aubrea Ageda discuss with Felipe Blue, MA, LCAS regarding the impact of older males on young females as it pertains to sexual …

Interview with Sabriya Dobbins (again) About Project Passport and The Pandemic Remix

May 26th, 2020


Felipe Blue, MA, LCAS interviews Sabriya Dobbins regarding the changes her company, Project Passport, has gone through since the pandemic. Listen to how Sabriya remixes her viewpoint of the world and how she becomes the …

Thoughts: If Not Now, Then When??

May 21st, 2020


Stand up for what is right? Or stand on the sidelines to prevent ridicule? Step back and let evil prevail? Or stand up and conquer with the right …

Interview with Sabriya Dobbins of Project Passport and Her Amazing Journey

March 6th, 2020


F. Khristopher Blue of More Than Therapy interviews Sabriya Dobbins of Project Passport about her traveling adventures, her pursuit of entrepreneurship at such a young age, being a boss, and captain of her own destiny …

Interview With Alice Sarti the Facilitator of Listening Sessions on Her Empowering Journey Regarding Mental Health and Advocacy

March 2nd, 2020


F. Khristopher Blue of More Than Therapy interviews Alice Sarti of the Listening Sessions series/campaign about her journey, mental health, domestic …

Interview with Aubrea Ageda, a Social Worker in Durham and Chapel Hill, NC Regarding the Impact of Grief

February 28th, 2020


F. Khristopher Blue of More Than Therapy interviews Aubrea Ageda, a social worker in Durham, Wake, and Franklin County, NC discuss the impact of grief, a focus more recently due to the tragic death of Kobe Bryant, his …

Interview with Asia Elzein Platt, LCSW-A and Life Coach in Chapel Hill, NC Discuss the Impact of Mental Health on Relationships

February 2nd, 2020


F. Khristopher Blue interviews Asia Elzein Platt about her role as a social worker and life coach in Chapel Hill, NC and subject matters on Domestic …

THOUGHT: Live in the Moment (Mindfulness)

January 6th, 2020


How easy is it for you to notice all that is around you? Can you do it all of the time? Most of the time?

How much do you lose when you do not pay attention to the present moment?

Will you ever get it back again?

THOUGHT: To Serve Others (with a willing heart)

January 5th, 2020


When you do something for someone else, what kind of expectations do you have of how that other person should react to your help?

What are some of …

THOUGHT: Be Optimistic

January 4th, 2020


Do you see the glass as half empty or half full?

Are you afraid that a half-empty glass will soon be gone, or are you glad that you have half a …

THOUGHT: To Help and Be Of Benefit to Others

January 3rd, 2020


How often do you commit small, seemingly insignificant acts to help others? What are the effects of those acts?

If courtesy is contagious, can it be also that helping acts are contagious?

If we serve others, do you …

Thought: Living Through Difficulties

January 2nd, 2020


When we long for life without difficulties, remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure.  Quote by Peter …

Thought: Live For Now

January 18th, 2019


What resources are available to you right here, right now? How much you improve your experience of the now? How might you get more out of each present moment as it arrives? Why do so if you people keep their minds, …

Assertive and Aggressive Communication

January 13th, 2019


This is a reenactment of actors /actresses depicting assertive and aggressive communication styles.


Send in a voice message:

Thought: Do What Benefits You. 🖐🏾

November 5th, 2018


Thought: Be Willing to Break the Rules • Have you ever written against the lines on ruled paper? If so, how did it feel? Why do we need to stick to …

Thought: Living Up To Other’s Expectations 👀

September 20th, 2018


Why do we often try so hard to live up to the expectations of others? What does discovering your own path in life mean to you? How much you go about doing so more effectively? Have you seen any indications that your own …

Thought: Soul Ties 🤦🏾‍♂️

August 21st, 2018


A person can be physically clean but emotionally, mentally and spiritually cluttered… Each time I may connect with a woman sexually and releases his life form and use it within her, he is a part of his information in …

Thought: Forgiveness🙍🏾‍♂️

July 22nd, 2018


Why am I we want to hold onto our anger and resentment? How can doing so be a poison to our souls? How does it affect the world around us? How often …

Thought: The Problem With Anger 😡

July 20th, 2018


How does anger really make us smaller? What are some inappropriate ways of dealing with anger? How often do you use any of these methods? What are some of your self defined limits to forgiveness? Why? 👺~MįśtęrBłüę.ńêt~

Thought: The Value of Silence

July 14th, 2018


Who are some individuals you know the value silence in their lives? Why might it be so important to them? Do you seek out silence in your life? How often? In what ways can silence benefit your life and the life of those …

Thought: Spend Your Time Wisely ⌚️

June 20th, 2018


How do you spend your free time? Do you see the value in every moment you have been giving each day? Where have you learned some of your habits on using your spare moments in life? How has this affected your life? …

Thought: Manage Your Life Better 😊

June 18th, 2018


How do our lives generally become more complex? What are some of the things that are complicating your life right now? How can the things we want …

Thought: Live, Live Now

May 31st, 2018


Hey, where do you tend to live your life? Past? Future, or the present moment? Why do our minds and are focused tend to drift towards the past or future? When was the last time you visited a cemetery? How often do you …

Thought: Love... Unconditionally

May 28th, 2018


What does it mean to see an imperfect person perfectly? What is unconditional love? Why do we often with hold our love from those we deem undeserving …

Thought: Value Yourself

May 28th, 2018


How do you define success in your life? What kind of character do you wish to have? What kind of character do you wish to be? How will do these to align? Where do you find purpose in life? How do you define …

Thought: Life is What You Make It 🤷🏾‍♂️

May 24th, 2018


Look for the inherent beauty in your life right now.🧚🏾‍♀️ In the midst Of the difficulties in trouble as you are faced with… What exciting and …

Thought: You Are Not Alone 🙎🏾‍♂️

May 23rd, 2018


Be a positive part of the lives of those around you. 🙅🏾‍♂️ what good do you send it to the lives of others? How has that influence what has come back? Why do we seldom recognize the things that come back to us as …

Thought: Let Go of Your Anxieties 🧖🏾‍♂️

May 21st, 2018


What does trust in Providence mean to you? Why is trust often a difficult thing for people to find and embrace? How does stress release you from your …

Thought: Control Your Destiny 👨🏾‍💻

May 18th, 2018


How can we find faith in the intrinsic course of our lives? How can such faith strengthen our resolve? Have you excepted your portion of …

Thought: Feed Your Soul

May 17th, 2018


What are some ways in which you currently feed your soul? What kind of spiritual nourishment and sustenance does this provide? Can you also find for …

Thought: Have Gratitude

May 16th, 2018


Today's task: take 30 seconds to express gratitude for the blessings of the day. What are the first things you think of when you wake up in the morning? What are some of the things that distract your thoughts in the …

Thought: Overcoming Obstacles

May 10th, 2018


How do you view the obstacles in your life? Do you ever see them as helpful? Why do some obstacles sometimes seem more difficult than they really …


April 5th, 2018


There’s so much talk about education, or the lack thereof that our kids are receiving from our public schools. I myself have spoken on the subject …

Thought: Feed Your Soul... Love

March 23rd, 2018


How often do you nourish your soul? Is it easy for you to give and receive love? How easy is it to stay focused on all our needs, physical, …

Thought: Spread Happiness To Those You Meet Today

March 23rd, 2018


How can we be sure that our own happiness will not decrease if we share with others? What are some ways you can share happiness? What does showing happiness mean to you? How important is it in your life, and in the …

Thoughts: What do you hunger for in life?

March 12th, 2018


What are some of the most for fullfilling aspects of your life? If you had a choice of doing any type of work or activity as a career, what would it …

Thought: Sow Positive Thoughts

March 10th, 2018


Who are you, and what do you do in life today? How does this align with what you want to be? Why is it easy for us to take our thoughts and actions for granite and not really paid much attention to them? What kinds of …

Thought: Think Positive Thoughts Not Negative Ones

March 10th, 2018


What thoughts going to you most often? Are they wholesome thoughts, or -ones? Why does society tend to popularize things that are violent, negative, …

Thought: Live Like Today Was a Day in Heaven 🌥

March 8th, 2018


Do you see today as a day of great beauty and possibility, or a day that you simply must lift bro? What are some ways in which you can live each day …


March 7th, 2018


F. Khristopher Blue of spits approximately 40 poems in this podcast. - Featured Poems: - A Plan, Be Real, Breathless, Daydreaming, Dear You, Ghetto Love, Innocently, Lost in Ecstasy, Orgasms 1&2, …

THOUGHT: How Can You Hear Your Soul if Everyone is Talking?

March 5th, 2018


Mister Blue ( discusses how peace and meditation can yield positive results.
Do you view your time alone as a time of solitude or …

THOUGHT: A Man is But the Product of His Thoughts.

March 4th, 2018


F. Khristopher Blue of discusses how your thoughts yield your feelings and behaviors/actions.

Today's Quotation:

A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes.

Mahatma Gandhi

How to Make Better Friends and Be More Influential

March 4th, 2018


F. Khristopher Blue of discusses:
How to make better friends and be more influential... some advice, some tips. Followed by the …

Battle of the Sexes... and X's

February 5th, 2018


Ayasha Callowway and F Khristopher Blue discuss the various topics pertaining to their differences regarding relationships, religion, politics, …

SEX, LOVE, & MARRIAGE 🤷🏾‍♂️ (not necessarily in that order)

January 20th, 2018


First comes love, then comes marriage then comes baby in a baby carriage… Unfortunately, it's not always the case.


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They Cheated... Now What?

January 14th, 2018


As a relationship counselor, I am often asked "why did my partner Cheat"? Often an affair is a symptom. A spouse cheats because there is …

The Power of SEX! 🤷🏾‍♂️

January 8th, 2018


Most men have no idea what the true power of sex. Most of us use orgasm as a means to nearly release tension in the body, to get out of the heads of ourselves for a few minutes and relax our restless brains. We often …

The Pleasure Principle... Whats Next? Sex! 🥊

December 30th, 2017


Ayasha Calloway along with F. Khristopher Blue talk about the “pleasure principle” with assistance from Dr. Tracy Phillips! ❤️ “Lets talk about sex!” 👨🏾‍💻


Send in a voice message:

Hate: The Hate That Hate Made🧔🏾

December 23rd, 2017


The COLOR of HATE (Why You Wanna Hate On Me... Tell Me Why) • The COLOR of HATE (Why You Wanna Hate On Me... Tell Me Why) • The COLOR of HATE (Why You Wanna Hate On Me... Tell Me Why) • The COLOR of HATE (Why You Wanna …

Bye Felicia (Omarossa)

December 15th, 2017


Ish Talking with Big Vann, my brother from my other than Haitian mother about Omarossa being fired from her main squeezes White House... now that's really what it is now that she's out of there... ouch! Poor boo boo! …

Crime & Punishment... And All The Stuff In Between 🙅🏾‍♂️

December 13th, 2017


Crime and punishment and everything in between… You do the crime, you do the time, or do you? Why do some people get off? Why do some people get unjustly punished? There seems to be great disparity between the two often …

Blame Game in Relationships

December 9th, 2017


The Blame Game in Relationships... The 5 Love Languages... the remedy?


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Black Man... What's Wrong With You? 👨🏾‍⚕️

December 3rd, 2017


Black man… What is wrong with you? Why have you let the worlds paint such a negative picture of you? Why our our women leading our homes? Why have you not prospered? Once you King at one time? What happened to your …

Money, Power, and Respect 👨🏾‍💻Which Do You Have? 💰

December 2nd, 2017


👨🏾‍💻 Socioeconomic status (SES) is an economic and sociological combined total measure of a person's work experience and of an individual's or …

Who’s The Parent? You? Or Your Kids?? 🙅🏾‍♂️

December 1st, 2017


🤷🏾‍♀️ Are you parenting your kids correctly? Are your kids running your household? Are you afraid to discipline your kids? Are your kids f***** up …

12 Things a N**** Should Know🙅🏾‍♂️

November 28th, 2017


12 Things a N**** Should Know with Ayasha Calloway and F. Khristopher Blue. Reading from the original document as well as our thoughts on this …

Trump Hate! What Are Your Thoughts?

November 25th, 2017


What are your thoughts regarding Hate? Feel free To send me your comments to add to this podcast


Send in a voice message:

Is Blood Thicker Than Water 💦 ?

November 25th, 2017


People give their Perspectives regarding whether or not if blood is thicker than water


Send in a voice message:

Interviewing #2BeatHIV Founder: Dr. Allison Matthews

November 25th, 2017


How do you beat HIV? Knowledge is key! Have you subscribed to “The Urban Breakdown”podcast featuring award winning shows #PoliTricks and #360Degrees? …

Interviewing Founder Latosha Scott

November 25th, 2017


This interview is regarding the movement pertaining to domestic violence as well as the owner of who is developing an application for …

Interview W/ Sheryl Underwood Regarding #2BeatHIV

November 25th, 2017


Interview with Sheryl Underwood regarding the HIV crisis and what could be done to address the crisis. #2BeatHIV


Send in a voice message:

#2BeatHIV: Know Your Status: A Story to Warn You

November 23rd, 2017


This is an interview with a woman who is diagnosed with HIV. She details her discovery and how she dealt with it and how she continues to deal with it regarding her family, her career, and her personal relationships of …

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