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SEX! We’re all dying to talk about it, but how many of us actually do? In our opinion, not nearly enough of us. So we’re doing it for you! Momgasm is juicy conversations about reclaiming sensuality & pleasure in motherhood and beyond. Helping you navigate your sex life post babies, drop the shame, b… read more

66 Episodes | 2019 - 2021

The Finale: It's Not You, It's Me

June 25th, 2021


In this final episode of The Momgasm Podcast, it's just Lindsay and Sarah reminiscing and bringing you up to speed about the last 7 months. Bring your tissues, grab your blanket and get cozy as we teary-eyed-talk about …

Becoming A Transparent: Loving & Supporting Transgender Children

November 20th, 2020


This week we asked longtime listener and good friend Juanita Gallagher to sit down with us & share her story of supporting her son since he came out as Transgender. From the text that changed it all to navigating …

Succubi Unite: Sex Rituals

November 6th, 2020


What does a shitty week, Aries support group, sexual energy, rituals & a succubus have in common? This weeks conversation! It got wild and weird as we kicked things off talking about the scourge of social media …

Trick or Treat Bitches!

October 23rd, 2020


Happy Halloween Lovers! We decided to get extra spicy with the approaching holiday & dive deep into the world of erotica. Not just any old …

Conscious Uncoupling & Queer Awakening with Haley MacPhee

October 9th, 2020


This week we have a special episode, our very first guest submission with Haley MacPhee. We often think of marriages as ending in a happily ever after or disastrous divorce, a this or that narrative. But what might …

DADGASM: Goblins, Light Sabers and Adult Playdates with Sarah and Olly

September 25th, 2020


In this special Dadgasm episode, Sarah and Olly bring some levity to their usual Dadgasm topics (relationships, healing, trauma, etc) and instead opt …

DADGASM: Never Have I Ever with Lindsay & Geoff

September 11th, 2020


You folks seem to like it when we bring the Dads out to play, so this week Lindsay & Geoff sat down to deliver a juicy & unexpected episode. …

What The Fuck is Sex Therapy Anyways? Interview with Dr. Natalie Rosen

August 28th, 2020


Have you ever wondered just what in the hell IS sex therapy?! Well wonder no more, we have the holy grail! In this weeks episode, we sat down with …

Creating Emotional Space in a Fucked Up World

August 14th, 2020


In this episode we’re talking about how fucked up life has been for the last couple of months. From philosophical issues, existential crisis’ and …

How Victorians Survived the Plague of Spermaturia with "Canadian Politics Is Boring" Podcast

August 7th, 2020


Surprise! For this bonus episode we sat down with Jesse and Rhys from Canadian Politics Is Boring and reviewed a Canadian sex manual for Victorians - …

Me, My Mom & Surviving Trauma

July 31st, 2020


Content Warning: Sexual Trauma, Details Omitted

On this weeks episode, Sarah sits down with her mother Inez and talks about their journey as mother and daughter, both healing from sexual trauma. This conversation …

Young, Dumb & Lubeless

July 17th, 2020


Ever wonder what might happen if Sarah & Lindsay escaped for a weekend away, fuelled ourselves with wine and went live with zero plans? Well now you need wonder no more! This might be one of the most random …

The Mothers of Modern Gynaecology with Dr Kameelah Philips OBGYN

July 3rd, 2020


This week we sit down with Badass Dr. Kameelah Phillips, an OBGYN from New York City. Kameelah has spent the past 10 years sharing the whole truth …

Pussy Lab: Gpop2 Unisex Vibrator by Gvibe

June 24th, 2020


SURPRISE! Bonus episode coming straight from our pussies to the masses! Today's bonus episode is our third sex toy review and second for the London, UK based company Gvibe. We were so excited to try out their new toy, …

A Fleshy Reunion & WTF is this "New Normal"?

June 19th, 2020


It’s a Momgasm reunion of sorts because after almost four long months we’re finally back in the same room & with a tech upgrade. This week we celebrated with a beer on Lindsays couch and tucked into a conversation …

Death, COVID & Speaking Your Truth

June 8th, 2020


Last week we decided to pause on releasing this episode out of respect for the current uprising and anti-racist revolution. We believe in amplifying …

DADGASM: Marital Separation & Zen Masturbation with Sarah and Olly

May 22nd, 2020


SURPRISE! We decided to gift you the second part of our Dadgasm series ONE WEEK EARLY! Sarah and Olly sat down inside a blanket fort and reminisced about life over the last seven months since their last Dadgasm episode. …

DADGASM: Getting Intimate with The Umlah's and Microwaved Balls

May 15th, 2020


DADGASM IS BACK! Lindsay and Geoff take over Momgasm, in our third instalment where we sit down with our partners and record an episode. Lindsay and Geoff catch us up on their lives since their last Dadgasm episode, …

Sex Work, Toe Nails and Relationships with Chilly Chick

May 1st, 2020


In this weeks episode we spoke to fellow bad ass bitch and sex worker Chilly Chick. Hailing from Halifax, Chilly has been in the business for three …

Squirrelling Off with Momgasm

April 17th, 2020


This week's episode is a throwback to when times were simpler and our world wasn’t knee deep in isolation. We recorded this episode back in February …

Horny (or not) Apocalypse

April 3rd, 2020


IT'S SEASON TWO BITCHES and we're in the middle of the apocalypse! In this episode, Sarah and Lindsay cover the ins and outs of how COVID has impacted our lives, what mandatory quarantine has been like for Lindsay since …

"So Many Fun Things Can Happen in Your Asshole" LIVE with Serena Haines

March 20th, 2020


In this weeks special episode, we're talking all things BUTT STUFF in front of a live audience for the Atlantic Podcast Summit here in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We sat down with somatic sex educator and lover of butts, …

Discovering Our 'Wild Power' with Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer

March 6th, 2020


In this episode we sat down with the indelible Alexandra Pope & Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer, authors of "Wild Power". A radical book about reclaiming …

Dating Culture for Married People

February 21st, 2020


In this weeks episode Sarah and Lindsay explore the importance of DATING. Be it yourself, your partner(s) or your kids, dating can be a game changer! Lindsay shares her experience downloading Tinder right before a …

Finding Your Pleasure with Cynthia Loyst

February 7th, 2020


In this episode we get cozy and talk all things pleasure with Cynthia Loyst, Co-Host of CTV’s The Social, award-winning sex educator, AND author of her brand new book Find Your Pleasure. We discuss everything from …

Pussy Lab: GVibe "The Duck Bill" Sex Toy Review

January 24th, 2020


Looking for a new sex toy & don’t know where to look? Tune into this episode where we give you a hilarious two pussy review on the strangest sex toy we’ve ever seen! Think you’d put a duck bill in your pussy? Cause …

A New Year & New F*cks

January 10th, 2020


WE'RE BACK! After a month long break from slinging dils, producing content and swapping juicy stories, we've returned! In this episode we recount how Lindsay basically PMS'd for the entire month and Sarah had an …

The Mysterious World of Surrogacy: Viana Martin's Story

November 29th, 2019


In todays episode, we spoke to our new friend and freshly postpartum surrogate momma, Viana Martin. We discussed her incredible story from the beginning to end and how she is currently recovering. From the process of …

Body Wisdom & Parenting with Somatic Sex Coach Kat Nantz

November 22nd, 2019


This episode we sat down with Somatic Sex Coach, Kat Nantz. What we initially thought would be a conversation about sex positive parenting blossomed …

Story Time - A Tale Of Afterparties, Fights and Fetishes

November 15th, 2019


This episode is all about what went down at the unofficial "Halifax Cock Explosion" afterparty. Spoiler alert, Lindsay almost made out with someone and then got into a fight. We dig into the business of fetishes and …

"Wholesome Porn"

November 8th, 2019


This week we’re talking Porn! The highs, the lows, the often unregulated industry, shady areas, first experiences, and the stuff we’re into. Whether …

Halifax Cock Explosion

November 4th, 2019


Incase you missed our live set at Halifax Pop Explosion last weekend, we got you covered! We popped our strap-on virginity onstage and talked about inviting play into the bedroom, Lindsay lived out her cock-yielding …

Sex Magic: When Spirituality & Sex Collide

November 1st, 2019


This week we’re recovering from another wildly transformative night with Intuitive Energy Healer, Bahia which prompted a profound conversation around the intertwined nature of spirituality and sexuality. From whether or …

Tickling The Little Pickle

October 25th, 2019


Motherhood meltdowns meet masturbation in this weeks episode. We kicked off the conversation sharing real-time parenting struggles but took an abrupt left turn into the world of self-pleasure. From how often we play, to …

DADGASM Part Two: Healing Spaces and Weepy Faces with The Cresswells

October 18th, 2019


Sarah and Olly recorded from a secluded cabin in the woods on their 12th anniversary. The weekend wasn’t about romance, it was about healing and making space for each other to process. This episode is a very raw, …

DADGASM Part One: Between The Sheets with The Umlah’s

October 11th, 2019


Dadgasm is back baby! Lindsay and Geoff kick off our second series and oh boy, did they ever deliver. From an existential crisis while making whoopi, awkward dirty talk, car sex & slow sex, Lindsay's tiny hands …

Pleasureville: A Feminist Sex Comedy - Interview with Playwright Ellen Denny & Review

October 7th, 2019


In this bonus episode, we are talking all things PLEASUREVILLE! The new production at Neptune Theatre’s Scotia Bank Stage here in Halifax, dubbed 'Half Sex Toy Gag, Half Feminist Debate'. We were invited to the world …

Pegging, Big Dick Energy and Butt Crinkles - Interview with Luna Matatas

October 4th, 2019


Luna Matatas: one part sex educator, one part craft slut and a whole lotta fierceness in-between. This episode we chat all things #buttstuff, and …

Fat Sex: Interview with Meghan Clarke

September 27th, 2019


In this episode, we have a big fat juicy conversation with returning guest, Meghan Clarke. We talk about the misconceptions of fat sex, how & why we need to see more body variety in sexualized media, the language we …

When Shit Happens & Sex Doesn't

September 20th, 2019


In this episode, Lindsay and Sarah discuss the realities of trauma work, sex and long-term relationships. Sarah explains her current sex life or lack thereof and the guilt associated with it. Lindsay explains a …

Raw & Randy: Unfiltered Conversations on Motherhood and Sexual Healing

September 13th, 2019


This weeks episode, Lindsay and Sarah have a laid back conversation after an emotionally heavy month. They gabbed about building their tickle trunk of sex toys, Jean-Claude Van Damme & lingerie shopping, navigating …

Drunk Dirty Deets (Momgasm Q&A)

September 6th, 2019


Lindsay and Sarah have a drink and answer YOUR questions - dream momcation? ideal datenight? sexy dreams about other people we may or may not know? gimp suits and butt plugs? This episode is just two milfs laughing …

Fatphobia and Our Obsession with Weight: Interview with Meghan Clarke

August 30th, 2019


In this episode we speak to Meghan Clarke, a plus-sized model, designer and body acceptance advocate. We discuss navigating a society that is …

Weed, Kinks and Curiosities

August 23rd, 2019


Sarah and Lindsay get a little high and dive into an epic conversation - rope bondage, orgasmic meditation, non-sexual cuddling, Lions Gate, being a shower fucker, erotic stretching, thumb in the bum and Google censors …

From Sex Phobia to Sexually Empowered: Sarah's Story

August 16th, 2019


TRIGGER WARNING: Sarah and Lindsay discuss sexual trauma. In this episode Sarah talks about her healing journey since her childhood trauma - how she went from developing a phobia of sex to embracing her sexuality and …

Making Time For F*ck - Six Kids, Sex Needs, and Figuring It All Out with Samulina Hebert

August 9th, 2019


Sometimes it feels impossible to make time for sex, especially when we throw a gaggle of kids into the mix. This week we sit down with Samulina, mama …

DADGASM (The Dads behind Momgasm) Part Two: Sarah and Olly

August 2nd, 2019


Continuing our DADGASM series, Sarah and Olly take to the mic and get real honest. They recount the early days of trying to "woo" each other and the awkward moments of their sex life as new parents. Olly gets super …

DADGASM (The Dads behind Momgasm) Part One: Lindsay and Geoff

July 26th, 2019


Introducing DADGASM! For the next two weeks we are showcasing the dads behind Momgasm. In this episode, Lindsay and her partner Geoff take a trip down memory lane and relive their journey from the beginning to now. …

Freebirthing: Lindsay's Birth Story - Part Two

July 19th, 2019


In part 2 of Lindsay’s freebirthing story we’re getting into all the juicy details. From total labour denial and her waters breaking on a public …

Freebirthing: Lindsay's Birth Story - Part One

July 12th, 2019


It’s Lindsay’s birthing month and lots of you have asked so we’re taking a trip down memory lane and talking all things birth. Tune in for part one where we explore the what and why behind her choice to freebirth, what …

Pussy Lab: Interview with Sex Toy Boss Babe and Our First Product Review

July 5th, 2019


It’s product review week babes! In this episode we give our FIRST ever product review and it’s all about porcelain. That’s right, we’re swapping stories and sex toys! We interviewed the Montreal based company, creator …

Pod-Swapping with "Turn Me On" Podcast

June 26th, 2019


This week we decided to cum a little early and release this extra special podswap meets takeover episode with Bryde Maclean and Jeremie Saunders of …

The Emasculation of Motherhood: Surrendering to the Feminine

June 21st, 2019


In this episode Lindsay and Sarah explore the shift from breadwinner to caregiver and how that affected them in and out of the bedroom. What happens to an independent womxn when she becomes a mother, and what the hell …

Riding The Crimson Wave - Exploring, Revealing & Celebrating Menstruation: Part Two

June 14th, 2019


In part two of our menstruation conversation, we are diving into the deeper side of periods: menstrual cycle awareness, moon cycles and explaining our inner seasons. We believe tracking, honouring and revering your …

Riding The Crimson Wave - Exploring, Revealing & Celebrating Menstruation: Part One

June 7th, 2019


This week it’s all about the lady bleed. That’s right, we’re talking PERIODS. For many of us, this topic brings up feelings of - yuck, bleh, ugh and worse. Often society centres the conversation around inconvenience, …

"The Pussy Doctor" - Interview with Sandra Murphy, Naturopathic Doctor

May 31st, 2019


In this weeks episode we sit down with Sandra Murphy, a local Halifax Naturopathic Doctor with over 14 years experience supporting womxn struggling with everything from low libido and hormone imbalances, to depression …

WTF IS PROLAPSE!? Why do I need to know about it?

May 24th, 2019


If you didn’t know about prolapse, you’re about to, and we firmly believe it’s a MUST KNOW! Did you know that 1 in 2 womxn are diagnosed with a …

Breaking Down Body Shame: Our Bodies

May 17th, 2019


What does the relationship with your body look/feel like? Are you in the maiden, matron or crone phase of your womxnhood? In the final episode of our Body Shame series, we popped a bottle of champagne then got down and …

Breaking Down Body Shame: Vagina

May 10th, 2019


In the second part of our Body Shame series, we’re talking about our vaginas/vulvas/pussies/yoni. Last week we covered boob shame, this episode we …

Breaking Down Body Shame: Boobs

May 3rd, 2019


Over the next three weeks, Lindsay and Sarah are tackling all things BODY SHAME and first stop is breasts/boobies/titties/fun bags. Whether you are a nursing mother, post-breastfeeding or have never breastfed before, …

Cannabis & Motherhood

April 26th, 2019


In this episode, Lindsay and Sarah take a hit then break down some stigmas around Motherhood & Cannabis. They share their own journey with cannabis and ask some hard questions - cannabis and breastfeeding, and whats …

Mom Life, Astrology & Love Languages

April 19th, 2019


In this episode, Sarah and Lindsay thought they were going to talk about one thing and ended up talking about something totally different -  queue …

Cosmic Honey with Bahia Askri Makhoul

April 12th, 2019


Lindsay and Sarah sit down with Bahia Askri Makhoul, spiritual and yoni centric badass, to talk all things cosmic honey. We tuck into Bahia’s work, …

Sex Post Baby

April 5th, 2019


Lindsay and Sarah share their personal stories and trials & tribulations around sex post baby. From fear and pressures to excitement and ecstasy, …

Birthing Momgasm

March 31st, 2019


Introductions are always hard, but don’t worry in this episode we make it easy. Learn how Momgasm came to be. Who we are, what it’s all about, and why this project needed to be birthed.

It’s a little bit of awkward, a …

The Momgasm Trailer

March 15th, 2019


In this trailer, Lindsay and Sarah tell you what to expect from The Momgasm Podcast.
Keep up to date with Momgasm on all social media platforms (links below) and get ready for the official launch in April!


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