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A special Music Extra! Just on Mike Luoma welcomes musicians Matt Hutton and Sean Toohey into his living room for a conversation about their 25 years of making music together in Spray 9, Envy and The Red Telephone. It's in honor of a special gig Matt and Sean play at Radio Bean in Burlington (VT) this Saturday night, June 23rd, from 7p until 9p: The Hutton – Toohey Disaster: 25 Years of Songs and Sounds – where the two of them will play a set of music from throughout their career.   

From their days in Burlington as students at UVM, through local fame as Envy's popularity increased, to their move to Boston, forming The Red Telephone and signing to Warner Bros. - on to leaving the label for indie success, and up through recent reunions, Matt and Sean share a look back in words and music on a special Glow-in-the-Dark Radio Music Extra!   

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