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Time traveling aliens try to remove Alibi Jones from the timeline – find out if they finally succeed as Alibi Jones and the Time War of The Devrizium ends this episode with the stand-alone short story Alibi Jones: The Last Battle! Free, independent SF audio adventure with your host and author Mike Luoma. Always free to subscribe, download and listen - The Adventures of Alibi Jones continue on Glow-in-the-Dark Radio!   

BONUS MATERIAL AFTER THE STORY! The four stories in Alibi Jones and the Time War of The Devrizium were originally intended for the Alibi Jones comic books. Only the first, "About Time", actually made into a comic book – The Adventures of Alibi Jones #1. As Mike has been promising, he spends almost 20 minutes revealing the Alibi Jones comic books' "sausage making" in this behind-the-scenes account. Mike goes into details on how what came out as the Alibi Jones comics wasn't exactly what he'd intended going in, in terms of story content – and why it took so long to put the issues together.     

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