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In these one-on-one conversations, host Linda Lacina interviews the world's top leaders, change-makers and experts on the solutions they're building to tackle the world's biggest challenges, the habits they can’t work without, and their lessons learned, all from the World Economic Forum

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Helping the unprecedented number of forcibly displaced

December 8th, 2023


2023 saw an unprecedented number of forcibly displaced people worldwide - 110 million and counting - all thanks to climate calamities, conflict and more. Kelly Clements, the deputy high commissioner of the UN’s refugee …

Build cultures of accountability and integrity: Anti-corruption expert explains how

December 6th, 2023


Demanding transparency and accountability aren't just the right things to do - they're key to tackling big global goals and rooting out things like corruption, self-dealing and undue influence. Ahead of International …

How to negotiate: Ahead of COP28, a diplomat and politician shares her personal approach

November 30th, 2023


As the climate summit COP28 kicks off this week, and Egypt hands the summit baton to Dubai, Egypt’s Minister of International Cooperation discusses …

2 executive coaches share how promotions really happen

November 22nd, 2023


Executive coaches Mitzi Short and Lori Marcus share a tactical approach to careers and promotions to help women get their work noticed while eliminating gender bias in the workplace. These coaches, two of the 6 members …

What an astronaut can teach leaders about collaboration and aiming high

November 10th, 2023


Matthias Maurer, an astronaut for the European Space Agency, returned home from his first space mission in May 2022 after 177 days living and working on the International Space Station (ISS). There he helped to conduct …

More effectively manage change, fear, layoffs and more: One CEO's lessons learned

November 3rd, 2023


How can leaders best navigate layoffs -- and rebuild for the future? Melbourne-based software firm Culture Amp recently conducted research on this …

Reach your changemakers: Arctic Basecamp's Gail Whiteman and Rainn Wilson

October 27th, 2023


Melting arctic ice will have knock-on effects around the globe, impacting farms, homes, livelihoods and more. But making people care about melting ice or the Arctic - things most people will never see firsthand - can be …

Rally others to your cause: Former trial lawyer, Baptist minister (and current United Way CEO) explains how

October 19th, 2023


The first black female CEO of one of the largest privately-funded global non-profits discusses the experiences that helped her learn how to be a better advocate for others. These experiences range from a father who …

Master these skills to build fast-moving, future-ready teams: Siemens CEO Roland Busch

October 12th, 2023


The digital transformation is shifting more than technology - it’s changing the skills workers will need, the mindsets required to tackle big …

Turning points and lessons learned: Meet The Leader's top leadership moments so far

October 5th, 2023


Trust time. Pick your moments. Find joy in doing. Know the future is not ordained. These are just some of the hard-won lessons learned that have guided the top minds in government, civil society, business on Meet the …

How climate philanthropy can speed solutions and progress

September 21st, 2023


Helen Mountford is the president and CEO of ClimateWorks Foundation, a philanthropy platform that has granted more than a billion dollars to worthy …

The surprising climate progress blindspot no team can overlook

September 12th, 2023


More companies have set sustainability goals than ever. But many will struggle to meet those goals. Baker McKenzie's Alyssa Auberger shares insights from a special survey that reveals business leader worries and the …

How a space CEO and explorer approaches risk and navigates the unexpected

August 24th, 2023


Dylan E. Taylor is the chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Voyager Space, a space infrastructure company and one of the firms helping with efforts to replace the aging International Space Station. He and his team …

This founder climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro after a big pivot - and learned a key lesson about patience and innovation

August 17th, 2023


Trust time, make one thing better everyday and keep upgrading yourself. CEO Yuxiang Zhou shares the lessons he has learned in co-founding Black Lake …

How innovation can tackle the food crisis: A biotech leader explains

August 10th, 2023


How can something as simple as a seed help the world begin to make progress across big challenges such as protecting water, tackling climate change and even strengthening food security and opportunity? Ponsi …

7 top innovators share strategies that drive cutting edge solutions

August 3rd, 2023


Is your team solving the right problems and building the right solutions? Are they truly pushing the envelope - in the short- and long-term? This …

Manage risk more effectively. A risk expert shares what's needed most

July 27th, 2023


Chief Risk Officers (CROs) are firefighters, investigators, counselors and -- critically -- the people trained to ensure companies have the systems, …

This simple framework can drive disruptive innovation: Qualcomm's Cristiano Amon

July 13th, 2023


Qualcomm has long served as a tech pioneer, driving innovations in cellular connectivity, AI, autonomous driving and more. CEO Cristiano Amon shares …

Solve the problems you want to solve most: Bezos Earth Fund’s Andrew Steer

July 6th, 2023


Hard-fought battles by leaders around the world have helped better protect nature in recent years but more work is needed to secure everything from future economic resilience to progress on climate action. Dr. Andrew …

10 women leaders share how they work and thrive

June 28th, 2023


The global gender gap isn't budging, new research shows, and in this week's episode, women leaders share some of the unique policies and programs …

How experts can speak clearly without jargon. An epidemiologist turned comms expert explains

June 15th, 2023


Speaking to the media during COVID drove home to epidemiologist Prativa Baral the need for clear science communication training so experts can build …

Royal DSM's Geraldine Matchett: These key mindsets drive groundbreaking innovation

June 6th, 2023


This Co-CEO and CFO explains how biotech leader Royal DSM invests in innovation that propels the company in the short term while putting in place the …

CEOs, activists and more share the work and life advice they're grateful for

May 18th, 2023


In this special compilation episode, top CEOs, founders, activists reveal the advice that shaped them, helping them change their minds and their approaches to work and life, improving on everything from patience and …

10 Leaders from Google, LinkedIn and more on Reskilling for the Future of Work

May 12th, 2023


The World Economic Forum's Future of Jobs report finds that 44% of worker skills will be disrupted in the next five years. In this episode, experts from Google, LinkedIn and more talk about the mindsets and approaches …

European space chief: Speak to inspire and make big change happen

May 10th, 2023


Josef Aschbacher's role as Director General for the European Space Agency (ESA) requires mobilizing support for visionary innovations that often take …

'Skills are changeable - passions are not': Boom Supersonic CEO Blake Scholl

May 3rd, 2023


With a background in software engineering and ad tech, Blake Scholl has an unusual CV for an aviation CEO. However, his singular passion for aviation …

Mercer's Martine Ferland: Tackle these blind spots for healthier, more resilient teams

May 2nd, 2023


The CEO of Mercer, one of the world's largest human resource consultancies, shares the blind spots holding companies back from building healthier and …

How a love for physics made AstraZeneca's Leif Johansson a better leader

April 26th, 2023


With a career that spans nearly 5 decades in science and technology -- one that includes time at AstraZeneca during its history-making effort to …

Meta's Nicola Mendelsohn: To make an impact, break this habit first

April 12th, 2023


A blood cancer diagnosis turned this Meta exec's day-to-day upside down in 2016. But it also reinforced a key personal philosophy: control what you …

Magic Leap's Peggy Johnson: The jobs augmented reality will change forever

March 29th, 2023


Augmented reality (AR) is transforming retail, surgery and even how we read a book. Peggy Johnson, CEO of Magic Leap -- a company pioneering in this …

Xylem’s Patrick Decker: Purpose, focus - and effective communication

March 20th, 2023


What is your purpose? What societal impact are you driving? Patrick Decker, CEO of Xylem, shares how this water technology company is helping to …

Mentors and building momentum for social change: Raise our Voice Australia Founder

March 15th, 2023


Too many groups, including women and gender diverse people, do not see themselves as policymakers or politicians. Raise Our Voice Australia works to …

NYSE Group's Lynn Martin: Navigate uncertainty with this simple habit

March 13th, 2023


The second woman in history to run the New York Stock Exchange shares her 'non-linear' path to the role of President and the integral role her …

ManpowerGroup's Becky Frankiewicz: Burnout, equity and women at work

March 8th, 2023


COVID-19 set women at work back ‘a generation.’ Learn why — and what can be done to bridge gender gaps, burnout and tackle labor scarcity from ManpowerGroup's Becky Frankiewicz.

In this episode, recorded at the Annual …

PepsiCo's Ramon Laguarta: Practices that transform business

March 1st, 2023


A more sustainable future means transforming how business is done. In a special conversation recorded at the 2023 Annual Meeting in Davos, PepsiCo's CEO Ramon Laguarta shared how the food and beverage giant is …

The trait all leaders need: The Valuable 500's Caroline Casey

February 22nd, 2023


Caroline Casey is the founder of The Valuable 500, an organization that represents 22 million workers across 64 sectors worldwide working to end …

Adecco’s Valerie Beaulieu: Understanding today's tight job market

February 15th, 2023


In a tight labor market, how can you ensure you're filling much-needed roles with the right people? And once they're hired, how can you ensure those …

Visa’s Al Kelly, Jr: Multipliers for change - and the questions every good leader asks

February 8th, 2023


More people have a bank or mobile account than ever before, giving more people in the developing world and beyond a chance build savings, grow businesses and protect their families from the next global shock. But …

How 12 leaders focus on what really matters

January 31st, 2023


At the Annual Meeting in Davos this year, we asked CEOs, activists and civil society leaders how leaders can prioritize what really matters despite a …

Smartphones - and companies - designed for the future: Fairphone’s Bas van Abel

January 25th, 2023


What if the next time your smartphone broke, you could fix it yourself? The repairable, sustainable smartphone maker Fairphone does just that all …

Davos 2023: A conversation with Palantir's Alex Karp

January 19th, 2023


Alex Karp shares with Carlyle Group founder David Rubenstein how he founded and leads software company Palantir Technologies. This thoughtful, …

Davos 2023: Ingka Group's Jesper Brodin: The talent crisis you’re not talking enough about

January 16th, 2023


More than 100 million displaced people struggle to find new work after fleeing war and chaos. To help refugees and asylum seekers find a true fresh start, Ingka Group (the chief owner and operator of IKEA retail) …

AM23 Preview: IFC's Makhtar Diop on tackling multiple crises simultaneously

January 15th, 2023


Ahead of the 2023 Annual Meeting, Makhtar Diop, the Managing Director and Executive Vice President of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), shares a special funding initiative designed to confront the food …

Hire better in 2023: Insights from Generation CEO Mona Mourshed

January 6th, 2023


Hiring has never been easy, but economic shifts, global crises and explosive demand for new tech skills has made finding talent harder. Mourshed discusses the models and mindsets her global non-profit uses to train and …

17 books that inspired and informed leaders in 2022

December 21st, 2022


What’s inspired, informed, delighted and impressed the top leaders in business and civil society? In this second annual book recommendation episode, learn the top books recommended by CEOs, economists, government …

How tech will shape our future: Metaverse, quantum sensing and more

December 9th, 2022


Technologies are reshaping everything from how we work and relate to one another, to how we deliver healthcare, pursue an education, and manufacture …

COP27: 7 leaders on innovating for climate change

November 11th, 2022


In this special compilation episode timed to the COP 27 Climate Summit in Egypt, CEOs and government leaders share surprising and innovative approaches to scaling climate action. Featured in this episode: Rania …

6 books top climate leaders want you to read

November 4th, 2022


As the UN Climate Summit COP27 begins this month, here are 6 books - from ‘Braiding Sweetgrass’ to ‘Speed and Scale’ that have shaped, inspired and informed top climate leaders. In this episode: Al Gore, former US Vice …

COP27: 7 leaders on what’s needed now for climate action

October 28th, 2022


Ahead of the COP27 global climate summit, this special compilation episode collects interview excerpts from a range of leaders in government, …

3 Leaders Share What's Needed for Joy at Work

October 20th, 2022


Joy is key to tackling big challenges - especially during a time of uncertainty. Leaders share strategies to rethink everything from meetings, individual success, to-do lists and more. This episode features insights …

AB InBev’s sustainability chief: How to build flexible, ‘future fit’ teams

October 13th, 2022


Ezgi Barcenas, the CSO of beverage giant Anheuser-Busch InBev, explains how holacratic methods that swap rigid protocol for empowered, …

Architect Francis Kéré: How design can pioneer social change

October 6th, 2022


Francis Kéré made history earlier this year as the first African person to win Architecture’s top honor: the Pritzker Prize. He discussed the ways his architecture can reshape communities and opportunity - all …

Tencent's David Wallerstein: How technologies can tackle the earth’s biggest challenges

September 21st, 2022


In his unique role as Chief Exploration Officer, Wallerstein searches the world for moonshot investments in innovations that could change the world - …

Kearney’s Alex Liu: Finding your purpose at work and tapping into the ‘Great Reflection’

September 16th, 2022


Liu believes a 'Great Reflection' lay at the heart of the the COVID-19 'Great Resignation.' More disruption is ahead and he explains that tackling the big challenges to come will take teams who've tapped into their …

Astra’s Chris Kemp: Thinking ‘mission first’ - and building the space economy

September 7th, 2022


This space tech CEO will explain how space services -such as launching satellites and delivering payloads to orbit - will build a growing space economy that can help us better live on earth. He shares what he learned …

eToro’s Yoni Assia: Digital finance and bridging the next big wealth gap

August 31st, 2022


Yoni Assia, founder and CEO of social investment network eToro, shares why he founded the non-profit initiative The GoodDollar Project and how crypto …

Slack’s CEO: These mindsets could reboot work - and save teams billions of hours

August 23rd, 2022


Stewart Butterfield, Slack's co-founder and CEO, shares how leaders can navigate uncertainty while helping to make their teams more effective. He shares mindsets that can drive leaders to rethink outdated incentives and …

American Heart Association: How prosperity can bridge health equity gaps

August 16th, 2022


When Denise Bradley-Tyson’s husband - former Kaiser Permanente CEO Bernard J Tyson - passed away, she took on his work to bridge health equity gaps. Working with the American Heart Association, she’s helped drive the …

BlackRock's Pam Chan on ESG and how successful future leaders will think differently

August 9th, 2022


BlackRock Chief Investment Officer Pam Chan shares how living up to ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) principles will require new perspectives and partnerships. She explains how future leaders will need to think …

Volvo's purchasing chief on supply chains, trust, and the vetting question she always asks

August 2nd, 2022


As Chief Purchasing Officer, Andrea Fuder has a unique insight into supply networks and how those relationships impact everything from climate action to human rights. She sees each sourcing decision as a ‘wedding’ and …

Philips innovation chief shares simple steps for better problem solving

July 26th, 2022


Shez Partovi is a former physician turned Chief Innovation & Strategy Officer at Royal Philips whose early career helping patients taught him …

Weathering a global recession – and compassion’s role: Kearney's Stefan Marcu

July 19th, 2022


In the face of a potential global recession, how can you lead the best team in the best conditions possible? Kearney Senior Partner and Managing …

Occidental's Vicki Hollub: Energy markets, climate change and the training every CEO needs

July 15th, 2022


Oxy’s CEO shares her thoughts on how energy markets will shift and what’s needed to fund the energy transition. As one of the first women to run a major US oil and gas firm, she also shares how she’s changed as a …

Bridging the gender gap at work: What's needed

July 13th, 2022


Research shows that despite some progress, gender gaps in pay, leadership and more aren’t shrinking fast enough in a range of categories. Top female leaders share what’s needed to break down assumptions, build networks …

Pfizer CEO: What’s next for health equity, vaccines and the COVID-19 pandemic

June 22nd, 2022


After years of disruption, can the world return to normal? In a special one-on-one-conversation at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, founder Klaus Schwab talks to CEO Albert Bourla for his take on how …

ADP's Chief Economist: How 'seismic' changes are transforming work, economies

June 17th, 2022


How can leaders navigate economic uncertainty? We asked Nela Richardson, the chief economist at ADP, to share the stats she's tracking now and the surprising long-term trends she's seeing. She explained how workers’ …

Top leaders share what's needed for change after Davos 2022

May 31st, 2022


Leaders gather at the Annual Meeting in Davos to discuss solutions to the world’s biggest problems. But how can they keep that sense of optimism once …

Davos 2022 - YouTube's Susan Wojcicki on misinformation, the creator economy and more

May 27th, 2022


YouTube Chief Executive Officer Susan Wojcicki explores top questions such as: How can a massive global video platform balance free speech and misinformation? Are we in a creator economy bubble? These topics and more …

Davos 2022: What's worrying Ray Dalio - and what gives him hope

May 26th, 2022


The Co-Chairman and Co-Chief Investment Officer of Bridgewater Associates studied 500 years of history to better predict challenges to come. He …

Davos 2022 - Microsoft's Satya Nadella: The metaverse, hybrid work and a leader's changing role

May 25th, 2022


The CEO shares how Microsoft is responding to a host of shifts and how leaders' roles are evolving in a dynamic time. This wide-ranging conversation …

Davos 2022 - Achim Steiner, UNDP Chief: 'Credible leadership' is defined by this trait

May 24th, 2022


While tech can tackle a range of problems, from wealth inequality to the Ukraine crisis, tech policy plays an unsung role making both innovation and …

Davos 2022: How leaders can drive meaningful change

May 21st, 2022


It's an historical turning point - how can leaders make a difference? Ahead of the World Economic Forum 2022 Annual Meeting in Davos - the first in-person meeting of its kind in two years - leaders discuss the current …

Here's the career advice CEOs would give their younger selves

April 26th, 2022


In this special compilation episode, leaders like Al Gore, Jack Ma and more share advice for those starting out in their careers - both the tips they swear by and what they’d tell a younger version of themselves. …

KKR’s Pete Stavros: This change could build billions in wealth for working families

April 6th, 2022


Pete Stavros of private equity firm KKR channeled a lifelong interest in bridging wealth gaps to found Ownership Works, a non-profit making it easier for companies to share ownership with employees. When done right, the …

IRC's David Miliband: Ukraine’s humanitarian crisis - and ‘the age of impunity’

March 18th, 2022


David Miliband, CEO of International Rescue Committee, talks to Meet The Leader about the Ukraine humanitarian crisis, how aid organizations are keeping pace with an unprecedented flow of displaced people - and how the …

Philanthropist James Chen: Risk and the pivot that unlocked progress for poor vision

February 16th, 2022


James Chen has dedicated nearly two decades to making vision care accessible and affordable. Tackling this issue hasn’t been easy, but drove home for him the importance of an entrepreneur’s mindset and domain expertise …

Al Gore on effective leadership skills, climate action and the ‘tipping point’ ahead

February 2nd, 2022


The Nobel laureate and former US Vice President understands the key role policy makers will play in climate action. That’s why he’s been helping to …

Vattenfall’s CEO Anna Borg: How this energy leader makes change happen

January 18th, 2022


Borg is the first-ever female CEO for this European energy company - a firm committed to fossil-free living in a generation. Phasing out fossil fuels will reshape industry and lead to historic milestones and unique …

Keep tech skills sharp in 2022: AWS training chief Maureen Lonergan

January 4th, 2022


Cloud computing needs exploded after COVID-19 emerged but worker skills aren't keeping pace. In this episode, the VP of Training and Certification at Amazon Web Services discusses the sought-after digital skills workers …

15 leaders share books that inspired and changed them

December 14th, 2021


This special compilation episode collects the top business and leadership books recommended by Meet The Leader guests -- people like Boston …

Wipro’s Thierry Delaporte: Connecting as a remote CEO during COVID-19

November 30th, 2021


Starting remote as CEO during COVID-19 meant reshaping the firm’s operations -- and building trust with thousands -- mostly over Zoom. In fact, it …

Top Leaders Barack Obama, Elizabeth Wathuti and more: Habits for climate action

November 17th, 2021


In this special episode inspired by the COP26 summit, Meet The Leader compiles the habits and mindsets top leaders say we’ll need to stay on track to meet climate goals, such as: accepting imperfect compromises, forging …

Activist Jane Goodall on hope, making change happen - and climate summit COP26

November 2nd, 2021


Jane Goodall is one of the world's best known primatologists and activists for animal welfare and the environment. The founder of the Jane Goodall …

How effective leaders manage change and uncertainty: AlixPartners' CEO Simon Freakley

October 19th, 2021


This management consulting firm’s CEO discusses the company's research on disruption and how leaders can both anticipate change and better manage it, …

Unilever’s HR Chief on the future of work - and vulnerability's role

October 5th, 2021


As Unilever's Chief Human Resource Officer, Nair is the first female, first Asian and the youngest ever person to hold that post at the company. As a …

Russell Reynolds Associates’ Clarke Murphy: How effective leaders bridge ‘say/do’ gaps for sustainability

September 21st, 2021


Protecting people and the planet is the biggest challenge of our lifetime and one that will require a new type of leadership. CEO Clarke Murphy …

Africa Teen Geeks' Lindiwe Matlali: True leaders seek impact, not accolades

September 7th, 2021


Africa's largest computer science non-profit looks to reshape opportunity in Africa by teaching kids to code and creating a pipeline of tech leaders and entrepreneurs. Matlali built this organisation from scratch, with …

Yara’s Svein Tore Holsether: Trust will power the next big climate breakthrough

August 24th, 2021


After the Paris Climate agreement of 2015, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Yara shifted gears. The milestone event - held just a few months after he started at Yara - sharpened his understanding of the …

Organisational Psychologist John Amaechi: ‘Find your inner giant’

August 10th, 2021


This former NBA basketball player changed course after his athletic career to earn a PhD in psychology and found a psychological business consultancy …

John Pearson of DHL Express: Keep business – and leadership - simple

July 27th, 2021


CEO John Pearson shares the strategies this shipping and logistics company uses to simplify and focus a complex business – methods that have helped it navigate major upheavals including the COVID-19 pandemic. Special …

Johnson Controls’ George Oliver: Leadership 'rhythms' can drive innovation, opportunity

July 13th, 2021


During the COVID-19 crisis, those in critical infrastructure joined doctors and nurses in the pandemic’s front line as temporary hospitals and …

IKEA's Barbara Martin Coppola on COVID-19, the climate, and its tech and data transformation

July 6th, 2021


When most of IKEA’s global retail locations closed temporarily during the pandemic, e-commerce became the cornerstone of the business. This near overnight shift was possible, in part, thanks to a digital transition that …

P&G's Loic Tassel on scaling planet-friendly consumer products and habits

June 25th, 2021


To meet big climate goals, consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble is redesigning both products and supply chains. In this effort, P&G Europe is pioneering many sustainable products and helping consumers build …

Morgan Stanley’s Audrey Choi: Leadership isn’t in titles

June 11th, 2021


The Chief Sustainability Officer of Morgan Stanley hails from policy and journalism and helped invent her current role. She’ll explain why unique …

Volvo’s Lars Stenqvist: 'Partnership is the new leadership'

May 27th, 2021


The Chief Technology Officer of Volvo Group discusses tech’s role in transport’s decarbonisation. He’ll also explain the role creativity and …

Boston Consulting Group’s Rich Lesser: “We can go further than we think”

May 14th, 2021


The CEO discusses leadership lessons from three decades at the firm, the signals that prompt teams to tackle big challenges - and what’s really needed to make progress on the climate.

Hosted on Acast. See

WorldQuant’s Igor Tulchinsky: “Obstacles are nothing more than information”

April 29th, 2021


The CEO of quantitative investment firm WorldQuant talks experimentation, the principles he lives by and why he founded a not-for-profit online …

Verizon's Hans Vestberg: Focus on what's most important

April 9th, 2021


The CEO of Verizon shares why he charts his time, the questions he asks world leaders and why he's dedicated his life to bridging connectivity gaps.

Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Leaders from IBM, Deloitte and more: Habits they can’t work without

March 19th, 2021


To mark the 6-month anniversary of Meet The Leader, this compilation episode collects favourite tips, mindsets and approaches from past episodes as …

Signify’s Eric Rondolat: How small steps drive big changes

March 4th, 2021


This global lighting company achieved carbon neutrality last fall. Its CEO will share the changes it made - and its lessons learned.

Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

EY’s Carmine Di Sibio: ‘Build a better working world’

February 18th, 2021


The CEO will share how new programs are helping the firm train future leaders in tech and sustainability and even create jobs to tackle neurodiversity.

Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

AB InBev’s Carlos Brito: Solve the right problem

February 4th, 2021


The CEO of one of the world’s largest brewing companies explains how tech like blockchain and fintech are helping retailers and smallholder farmers …

Davos Agenda Week Preview: Time to act

January 21st, 2021


Polly Courtice, the Founder Director of the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) shares why business survival depends on taking …

The Carlyle Group’s David Rubenstein: Rise to the occasion

January 6th, 2021


David Rubenstein, co-founder and co-executive chairman of The Carlyle Group, explains the role courage plays in making change happen, and what …

Deloitte’s Punit Renjen: ‘The future is not pre-ordained’

December 16th, 2020


How will you play the hand you’re dealt? This shape-your-own-destiny approach helped Deloitte’s Global CEO forge his own unique path in life and is helping the company tackle big challenges such as climate change and …

PwC’s Bob Moritz: What tomorrow’s leaders need today

December 2nd, 2020


Tackling long-term challenges requires leaders committed to making big change happen. Moritz will share how the leaders of tomorrow can truly drive …

AARP’s Deb Whitman: Scaling empathy

November 18th, 2020


This special training program for staff at banks and credit unions didn’t just help tackle the multi-billion-dollar problem of financial …

Hexa Foundation’s Netta Korin: Deploying passion and persistence

November 4th, 2020


The co-founder of Orbs, Israel’s largest blockchain group, explains what drove her to found a non-profit using blockchain to tackle some of the world’s biggest humanitarian problems. She’ll explain how she leverages …

Bank of America’s Brian Moynihan: Finding Better Measures of Success

October 21st, 2020


How can public companies help solve some of the world’s biggest problems? The CEO of Bank of America, Brian Moynihan, explains how a special set of …

IBM’s Dario Gil and the Science Super Squad

October 7th, 2020


What if the world’s top scientists can help us prevent future crises, all with the best technology at their fingertips? The Director of IBM Research …

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