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Meditation Happy Hour: Tea, Talk, and Truth with Karuna

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Each week, Mind Oasis Founder and Executive Director interviews change makers, discusses meditation practices, and the Dharma (truth) of this world. She gets after it all in a real and sometimes hilarious way. Real talk. Real people. Real time.

57 Episodes | 2020 - 2022

What's With All the Noise in My Head During Meditation with John Buchanan

December 16th, 2022


Let’s be honest: the noise in our minds is often deafening, especially when we're trying to make it quiet. In this episode of Meditation Happy Hour: Tea, Talk, and Truth with Karuna, John and Karuna explore some of the …

Dharma Shop, Motorcycles, and Monkeys with Sander Cohen

April 21st, 2022


In this episode of Tea, Talk, and Truth with Karuna, Sander Cohen and Karuna take a glimpse into motorcycle and gompa stories that inspire introspection, chat about Dharma Shop, and inquire about the lives of the …

Our Origin Story: It's Not Easy but It's Worthwhile with Karuna

April 1st, 2022


"I think it's Pema Chodron in her book The Wisdom of No Escape, she goes to Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche and she's like, I'm doing everything wrong in my [meditation] practice, I can't visualize, I can't do this, I can't do …

Putting on Your Oxygen Mask First with Leanna Gilliam and Kelly Sell

March 22nd, 2022


In this episode of Tea, Talk, and Truth with Karuna, Kelly Sell and Leanna Gilliam take a peek at their truth, how they found the practices of …

Tangible Aid for the People in Ukraine with Dima Yepishin

February 28th, 2022


"I don't think this is about Ukrainians. For me, it's not about Ukraine. It's not about Russia. Those divisions, those national identities, is what created the problem in the first place. That's what creates conflict in …

Revealing the Hidden Jewels with Kimberley Lafferty

February 24th, 2022


"These Mahamudra teachings they're the most extensive and deep, and I'm not exaggerating, lineage of emptiness teachings that exist. It's extraordinarily precious, and it's important that this wisdom points to in our …

Tune in and Turn on with Michael Hewett

February 21st, 2022


In this episode of Tea, Talk, and Truth with Karuna, Michael Hewett and Karuna take a glimpse into esoteric wisdom from Yoga and Buddhist traditions, chat about their upcoming Yoga Immersion on Mind Oasis, and …

Putting in the Work with Giovanni Dientsmann

February 7th, 2022


In this episode of Tea, Talk, and Truth with Karuna, Giovanni Dientsmann and Karuna take a glimpse into stories that inspire devotion and discipline, chat about career and spiritual goals, and contemplate the essence of …

Brailling Each Other and the Language of the Heart

January 26th, 2022


In this episode of Tea, Talk, and Truth with Karuna, Deirdre and Karuna take a deep dive into stories that inspire change, the importance of sunlight, and the difference between the voice of an academic and a voice of …

The Art of Analytical Meditation and Working With Emotions with Three Jewels President Hector Marcel

December 11th, 2021


Hector Marcel, beloved meditation guide, Dharma teacher, and President of Three Jewels in New York City, shares the power of meditation. He specifically teases out the power of Analytical Meditation to work with …

Cooking Broccoli and the Yogi's Great Death Explained by Manorama

October 6th, 2021


Manoramā, the founder of the Sanskrit Studies Method and the Luminous Soul Method, is a highly respected teacher of Sanskrit, Yoga Philosophy and …

The In-Between Time: Inspired by a Very Special Canine Friend

September 21st, 2021


There are periods when the continuity of life is interrupted. These gaps leave us devoid of certainty, with no reference point. But these moments are …

Into the Mystics: Saints, Sinners, St. Teresa of Avila, and Mindfulness

September 21st, 2021


“If you want to make progress on the path and ascend to the places your soul has longed for the important thing is not to think much, but to love …

When Life Pulls the Rug Out from Underneath You, How do You Stay Balanced?

September 16th, 2021


When life pulls the rug out from underneath you, how do you stay balanced? 

Through the practice of equanimity we learn to remain centered, stable …

Evolution of Shadow on the Path: Growing Up, Cleaning Up, Waking Up

August 14th, 2021


Shadow is a hidden part of our awareness where the most potent aspects of our human selves hide. Shadow hides both our brightest light and gifts, and our dark pain. Because it is hidden, it is tricky to find. On this …

A Quick and Dirty Dive Into Embodiment: The Wisdom of the Body

July 21st, 2021


In this episode of Meditation Happy Hour, guest Hannah Kinderlehrer breaks down the difference between an up regulated and down regulated nervous …

Mindful Self-Compassion: The Antidote to Trauma and Pain (Warning Label - It May Hurt Worse First!)

June 25th, 2021


In this episode of Meditation Happy Hour, guest Kelly Sell explains mindful self-compassion through the very personal lens of his life and …

There's a Reason I"m Still Alive: Reformation, Courage, and Vulnerability with Ceasar F. Barajas

June 25th, 2021


On this episode of Meditation Happy Hour, Ceasar F. Barajas, International Wellness Mentor and Advocate, gives us a wonderful peek into his journey …

The Power and Relevance of the Yoga Sutras

May 27th, 2021


Master Yogi Michael Hewett explains what the Yoga Sutras are and why they are such a relevant and potent resource as we move out of the pandemic. Karuna and Michael geek out about attachment styles, practice, and …

Chakras for the 21st Century

May 26th, 2021


Chakra Curious? Want to about Chakras in the 21st Century? Interested in feeling into the intersection between modern technology and design and your …

What is the Path of the Bodhisattva?

May 7th, 2021


In this episode of Meditation Happy Hour, guest Rosa Schnyer explains what a Bodhisattva is and how Tonglen is a potent practice of choice for the …

The Five Elements and YOU! Meditation Happy Hour with Rachel Joyce

April 22nd, 2021


In traditional Chinese medicine there are five elements. There's fire, water, wood, earth and metal. The balancing of these five elements energetically is how we balance our being. The balancing of these five elements …

Exploring the Divine Feminine via the 11th Century Yogini, Lady Niguma

April 5th, 2021


“Lady Niguma was this incredible practitioner...she was sought out by one of the other masters of the time, this guy named Naropa. And he was looking for someone to teach him to take him deeper into the practices and he …

The Gift of Criticism

April 2nd, 2021


Guest Kathy Leader on overcoming inner and outer criticism through meditation as an artist. 

"As I developed along my life, I had lost my confidence …

What is yoga for all?

April 1st, 2021


"I titled this class of yoga for all, because I really want to make sure that's accessible to everyone. It's so often that I hear I can't touch my toes, and that's not the point. So more than the physical practice and I …

Voice Empowerment, Identity, and Truth

March 25th, 2021


Vocal empowerment goes beyond the voice as an integration of identity. On this episode of Meditation Happy Hour: Tea, Talk, and Truth with Karuna, she and Vocal Empowerment Coach Melissa Grogan explore how voice not …

Meditation Happy Hour with Michael Hewett

March 10th, 2021


"We need more Jedis, not more teachers" - Michael Hewett  

Meet our lead Yoga Immersion teacher Vessel Academy Founder, Michael Hewett! He shares his philosophy about what it means to be a worthy vessel, how curiosity …

How to Amplify Your Mind/Body Connection with Christina Ionno

January 29th, 2021


On this episode, Karuna's guest Christina Ionno (@dakinilounge) of Dakini Lounge, talks about life as a model and how meditation has helped her to …

Finding Refuge in 2021

January 13th, 2021


On this episode, guest Elizabete Gomes shares her experience studying Buddhist philosophy over the past 15 years and how she invokes the power of refuge in navigating every day life.  If you're curious about Buddhism, …

Witches, Herbs, and Reclaiming Herstory

January 13th, 2021


On this episode, Karuna's guest Ashley Sapir-Lathrop dismantle misperceptions of witches and deep dive into the potency of herbalism, ritual, the …

Is Love and Heart Opening the Key to Happiness in 2021?

January 5th, 2021


In this short first episode of 2021, guest and yogini Karlie Lemos and Karuna discuss what it means to move from a place of love.

Whether it's heart openers on the mat or finding an opportunity in every moment to open …

Joyeux Noel: A Message of Light for Difficult Times

December 24th, 2020


“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”― Rumi

On this special edition of Meditation Happy Hour, Karuna shares with us a short Dharma talk and a guided meditation designed to bring a message of light during …

The Power and Subtlety of Somatic Therapy with Author Livia Shapiro

December 11th, 2020


Calling all yogis, teachers, therapists, and anyone working on their "stuff."  On this episode, guest and author Livia Shapiro talks about somatic therapy and her newly released book, The Somatic Therapy Workbook: …

What's Your Spiritual Nutrition? Finding What Works in this Day and Age

December 9th, 2020


On this episode of Meditation Happy Hour: Tea, Talk, and Truth with Karuna, Autumn Righino shares how what we put into our bodies from food, to beliefs, emotions, and more all comprise our spiritual nutrition. Karuna …

Yoga Nidra Demystified

November 29th, 2020


On this episode, iRest Yoga Nidra practitioner and trainer, Karen Soltes explains the power of Yoga Nidra. From exploring your inner resource, to …

Challenging Emotions Into Wise Actions

November 5th, 2020


In 2020, emotions run strong, fast, and hard. In this episode, sisters Shannon Bronson and Allison Zamani of the Share Your Heart Project ( explain to the listener the benefit of …

The Power of Tapping Into the Breath

November 2nd, 2020


On this episode of Meditation Happy Hour, guest Noga Shefi discusses these times in 2020 when our breath feels as if it is being shut down. From the pandemic and masks to the wildfires raging across the West, it can …

Using Your Heart to Communicate Through Differences with Amalia and Kenneth

October 23rd, 2020


"The mind can't end the conflict. Only the heart and soul. So what can we do with embodied practices is to open up the heart enough so that people …

It's Possible For YOU! Self-Love Revolution with Jonathan Troen

October 15th, 2020


Jonathan Troen's mission is as single-pointed as his practice: To help people find the joy inside of themselves.  

Jonathan spent 20+ years in the music and entertainment business. He was living the life of his dreams, …

Mental Hygiene: Mindfulness, the Moon, and Self-Love

October 7th, 2020


On this episode, meet Lacey Melguizo a dental hygienist committed to "mental hygiene" for children and beyond.  Sometimes nerdy always heartfelt, Lacey shares her vast knowledge about the brain, the development of the …

The Search for the Perfect Croissant as the Spiritual Path

September 29th, 2020


For millennia, both astrology and spirituality have attempted to map out our place in the universe.  On this episode, Mind Oasis Community Meditation …

Transforming Darkness: Finding Beauty in Forgiveness

September 25th, 2020


Join this mother-daughter duo as they take Karuna down a path of forgiveness and finding beauty in every one and everything.  Jann takes the power of forgiveness to a level that most of us can only imagine - hers is …

The Intersection of Snow Leopards, Meditation, and Mountaineering

August 7th, 2020


Guest philanthropist and mountaineer Brad Clement joins Karuna to explore the Himalayas, the waxing and waning allure of Everest, the Congo, and the exact spot where travel, adventure, and mountaineering intersects …

Your Body and Mindful Movement: Accessing Your Joyful Vehicle

August 5th, 2020


In this episode of Meditation Happy Hour: Tea, Talk, and Truth with Karuna she explores the intersection of somatics and meditation with master movement therapist Joseph Schwartz. How can we use what Joseph calls "our …

Mindfulness, Indigenous Prophecy and Toltec Medicine

July 11th, 2020


In this episode, Karuna and Spiritual Teacher and Healer Brenda Salgado discuss the intersection of traditions and Indigenous Prophecy as a lens by …

Ayurveda for These Times

July 11th, 2020


In this episode of Meditation Happy Hour, Ayurvedi Jennifer Kurdyla shares LOTS of information about the science of Ayurveda (it's more than just the doshas!) and how all that we take in is affecting our lives -- even …

Living a Life Informed by the Stars

July 2nd, 2020


On this episode of Meditation Happy Hour, Mind Oasis Teacher Allison Joy discusses how the stars and planets under which we are born inform who we are throughout our lifetime. From being a new mom, to life during the …

Finding Your Purpose and Path During Times of Crisis

June 24th, 2020


On this episode of Meditation Happy Hour, Spiritual Healer, Interfaith Minister, and Activist Leo Bierman and Karuna talk about how these times of crisis, as challenging as they are, are also sacred opportunities for …

How to Work Your Practice: Becoming a Compassion Warrior

June 19th, 2020


Enjoy this special Meditation Happy Hour with Karuna: Tea, Talk, and Truth that provides a 45 minute Compassion Warrior teaching plus a 15 minute Lovingkindness practice.   

In Buddhism, there is a concept of being a …

Yantra Curious? Meet an Expert!

June 12th, 2020


Sarah Tomlinson, an expert in all things yantra-related, shares about these ancient geometric symbols and how they can illuminate and heal so much in …

A Resiliency Tale for the Time of the Pandemic

May 4th, 2020


In this week’s edition of Meditation Happy Hour: Tea, Talk, and Truth, Karuna takes you on a winding journey to an airstream in the middle of the desert where Mind Oasis was born out of trauma, tragedy, and a good dose …

Gemmotherapy and Meditation Demystified with Expert and Author Lauren Hubele

April 24th, 2020


Lauren Hubele is an expert in Gemmotherapy and in this episode, she and Karuna go for a stroll thru the trees to talk about boosting immunity (needed …

Sleepless? The Benefits of iRest Yoga Nidra with Guest Teacher Turi Hetherington

April 14th, 2020


Turi and Karuna go for a stroll thru iRest Yoga Nidra, mantra, and the fusion of ancient practices and modern science.  

As a practitioner with a lot …

Resiliency Practices for These Troubling Times with Yogi and Boxer Gina de la Chesnaye

April 4th, 2020


Gina de la Chesnaye offers sessions on Resiliency on Mind Oasis. 

In this episode, she drops her truth about the coronavirus, the practices that can help, her work in Nepal and her fear of women and girls starving in …

Zen Practices, Feeling Hangry, and More with Guest and Ordained Mindfulness Teacher Annie Lake Mahon

March 25th, 2020


Annie Lake Mahon was ordained by Thich Nhat Hanh in 2009 and is an inspired creator of spiritual spaces.  She is an author and an ordained Buddhist …

The Shifting Tides of Covid-19 with Physician, Mindfulness Practitioners, and Guest Dr. Adam Smith

March 19th, 2020


Dr. Adam Smith, physician, mindfulness practitioner, and co-owner of Dakini Meditative ( discusses the shifting tides of …

Finding Something Beautiful During Suffering Times with Meditation and Dharma Teacher Kelly Lindsey

March 13th, 2020


Kelly Lindsey, master meditation teacher, Founder and Co-Owner of Dakini Meditative ( discusses practical tools for handling …

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