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Weekly current affairs roundtable focusing on Indigenous issues and events. Hosted by Rick Harp.

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Ep. 169: Putting Science under an Indigenous microscope

July 13th, 2019


On this week’s collected, connected conversations (the third in our Summer Series), we head to the lab to put Science under the microscope. From …

Ep. 168: How Mainstream Media Misrepresent Indigenous Peoples

July 5th, 2019


This week’s collected, connected conversations, the second in our Summer Series, feature a focus on the media. From blatant double-standards, to …

Ep. 167: Confronting History, Unmaking Heroes

June 27th, 2019


Given how all of our Summer Series shows dig deep into our archives, perhaps it’s only fitting that our first episode of the season explores history and heroes. Although, as you’ll hear, what constitutes the latter is …

Ep. 166: An Indigenous Vetting of the 'V-Word': Victim

June 15th, 2019


THIS WEEK: Vetting the V-word. 'Victims' and 'victimhood'—it's controversial conceptual territory for many, and depending on your vantage point, distressing for different reasons.

In this, our third and final look at …

Ep. 165: The G Word—Why Canada and genocide belong in the same sentence

June 12th, 2019


What’s in a word? Well, when that word is "genocide" and you’re part of Canada’s mostly-white, mostly-male commentariat, nothing, apparently. And if you’re like the Prime Minister, the word supposedly matters much less …

Ep. 164: The Inquiry into how Indigenous women and girls became targets for Canadian genocide

June 4th, 2019


This episode, we discuss reaction to the final report of Canada's National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. This week marks the official release of that report, just days after details of a …

Ep. 163: Australian government tries to deport Indigenous people as “aliens”

May 29th, 2019


This week: State of Alienation. It was a country that didn’t even exist 120 years ago. Yet, today, authorities in Australia are convinced they’re somehow justified in declaring certain Indigenous people to be illegal …

Ep. 162: Running hatred up the flagpole in Saskatchewan

May 17th, 2019


THIS WEEK: Raising (and removing) red flags in Saskatchewan. A small Prairie village suddenly finds itself at the centre of a storm after one of its residents publicly displays flags long associated with hate. Now a …

Ep. 161: Are there Indigenous pathways out of our planet's biodiversity crisis?

May 14th, 2019


THIS WEEK: Earth’s bio-diversity death spiral—can we change course? A new United Nations study paints a dark picture of the future, a future pretty …

Ep. 160: All White History is Revisionist History

May 6th, 2019


This week: How a lake in the States lost its Indigenous name, re-gained it, only to potentially lose it again because of a Minnesota court decision. Join us as we dive into the details of the Dakota waters known as Bde …

Ep. 159: Are Indigenous reactions to the Notre Dame Fire a teachable moment for Settlers?

April 26th, 2019


Picking up where last week’s round table left off, this week is the second half of our deep dive into the dark response to the Notre Dame Cathedral fire, as we explore whether the spiritual schism triggered by its …

Ep. 158: The Indigenous 'Grief Gap' over the Notre Dame Cathedral Fire

April 23rd, 2019


This week: the Indigenous 'grief gap' over Notre Dame. We'll react to the reaction that flooded social media over footage of the fire that ripped through France's Notre Dame cathedral. What do we make of the apparent …

Ep. 157: Do non-Inuit get to perform Inuit throat-singing?

April 14th, 2019


This week: Sonic sovereignty? With Inuit widely credited as creators of a distinctive form of throat-singing, does it follow that they alone should …

Ep. 156: Liberal Smugness in the Face of Slow-Motion Genocide

April 8th, 2019


This week: Crashing the Liberal party. After an advocate interrupts a recent partisan fundraiser to implore Canada’s prime minister to do right by a …

Ep. 155: How Do We Solve "The Settler Problem"?

April 1st, 2019


What happens when you reverse the lens and try to unpack what it means to be a Settler? What’s the difference between Settler colonialism and white …

Ep. 154: Is Canada's forgiving loans it forced on First Nations "reconciliation"?

March 25th, 2019


It's being called a reconciliatory move: a new Liberal budget forgiving interest charges on loans taken out by First Nations to cover the costs of …

Ep. 153: Another class action for another stolen generation

March 19th, 2019


This week, another stolen generation, another class action. Three billion dollars, thousands upon thousands of children. These are the stakes of a …

Ep. 152: Claiming Indigenous Rights to the 5G Wireless Radio Spectrum

March 11th, 2019


On this week’s Indigenous roundtable: high-tech treaty rights. According to Māori in New Zealand, their treaty rights don’t just extend to resources of the land and sea, they also include a fair share of the radio …

Ep. 151: A Head Scratcher of a Headdress

March 3rd, 2019


THIS WEEK: A headdress head scratcher. What exactly did the premier of Alberta—a province hell-bent on hydrocarbon exploitation, come what may—do to …

Ep. 150: A Navajo Majority Sparks Upheaval in Utah

February 23rd, 2019


This week, a battle over boundaries in the state of Utah. We discuss the simmering split in San Juan County, where a majority Indigenous population …

Ep. 149: The Deafening Silences in Canada's Indigenous Languages Act

February 15th, 2019


Back from our brief hiatus, this week's show speaks frankly about why the Liberal government's proposed Indigenous Languages Act is mostly notable for what it doesn't say. Joining us this week is special return guest …

Ep. 148: War on the Wet'suwet'en?

January 14th, 2019


This week... Another BC battlefront: Why Wet'suwet'en resistance to the Coastal Gas Link pipeline project is—and isn’t—so complicated to understand. Revitalizing MEDIA INDIGENA: Why us taking a break after 147 …

Ep. 147: MAMASKATCH: A Cree Coming of Age (Pt. 2)

December 30th, 2018


This week, the second installment in our two-part conversation with Darrel McLeod, author of Mamaskatch: A Cree Coming of Age.

Winner of the 2018 Governor-General’s award for non-fiction, Mamaskatch has been lauded for …

Ep. 146: MAMASKATCH: A Cree Coming of Age (Pt. 1)

December 24th, 2018


This week, we present part one of our two-part conversation with Darrel McLeod, whose memoir recently won this year's Governor-General’s award for non-fiction.

Also joining host/producer Rick Harp for this special …

Ep. 145: Policing the Police of Thunder Bay

December 15th, 2018


Policing the police: A new review of Thunder Bay law enforcement finds the quality of their investigations so flawed many need to be re-opened; …

Ep. 144: International Symposium on Indigenous Communities and Climate Change

December 9th, 2018


This week, we share two presentations delivered on day two of the International Symposium on Indigenous Communities and Climate Change, hosted this December 6th and 7th by Princeton University in New Jersey.

Part of a …

Ep. 143: Should Canada criminalize efforts to deny or trivialize the genocide of Indigenous peoples?

December 1st, 2018


1. How to deal with denial? Can links be drawn between minimizing the intent and impacts of residential schools of the not-so-distant past with the …

Ep. 142: Inflaming the Issue: Could fire-ridden California have benefitted from Indigenous knowledge?

November 24th, 2018


1. Fighting fire with fire? Why some say the massive blazes ripping across parts of California did not have to be so furious or fatal, if only the …

Ep. 141: SLAPPed Silly? Alberta First Nation threatens one of its own with $1M libel lawsuit

November 16th, 2018


1. Child and family fraud? How a potential class action lawsuit against one B.C. social worker has exposed some gaping vulnerabilities in a system …

Ep. 140: Unpacking the Colonial Foundations of Philanthropy

November 11th, 2018


THIS WEEK... What’s in a name? Everything, for Indigenous families hoping to reclaim their people's traditional naming practices. What gives with philanthropy? The author of a new book on the subject says it’s time to …

Ep. 139: Will Brazil's New President Further Imperil Indigenous Peoples?

November 4th, 2018


This week... The Will of Brazil: Indigenous advocates raise huge red flags over the election of super right wing president Jair Bolsonaro. Duty …

Ep. 138: Will Legal Cannabis Spark a Jackpot or Jeopardy for Indigenous Peoples?

October 28th, 2018


This week, part two of our live show at the University of Winnipeg on the potential impacts of cannabis legalization on Indigenous peoples in Canada. Part one featured matters of jurisdiction and justice; this time …

Ep. 137: Questions of Cannabis Justice and Jurisdiction for Indigenous Peoples

October 25th, 2018


On this week’s program, recorded live in Winnipeg, we stir the pot now that Canada’s cannabis countdown is complete, making it only the second …

Ep. 136: Why Decarbonization and Decolonization Go Hand-in-Hand

October 14th, 2018


Twelve years. According to a new report from the UN-backed Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), that's how long we have to act both decisively and radically concerning the climate if we are to keep life …

Ep. 135: What Does Indigenization of Education Really Mean?

October 7th, 2018


This week, our special live-audience episode in Edmonton, where we discussed... Protocol Schmotocol: What one professor’s slide into another’s DMs on …

Ep. 134: What does Settler solidarity with Indigenous peoples look like?

September 30th, 2018


This week we bring you 'part two' of last week's round table, one that ran unusually long because of our extended discussion about APTN’s controversial reality show, "First Contact." Those outstanding two topics are... …

Ep. 133: Some Second Thoughts on 'First Contact'

September 20th, 2018


Provocative or problematic? We discuss why opinion is sharply divided over 'First Contact,' a new APTN mini-series showcasing Canadians’ deep ignorance about Aboriginal peoples. And, with our discussion going so …

Ep. 132: Culture-making in an Age of Assimilation and Appropriation

September 14th, 2018


1. 'Sinful' ceremony: a Cree community finds itself at spiritual odds over whether to allow a pow-wow some regard as blasphemous. // 2. Must the show …

Ep. 131: Settler consternation over consultation with Indigenous peoples

September 8th, 2018


Is a controversial pipeline now a pipe-dream? Canada’s Federal Court of Appeal has just ruled that plans to expand the Trans Mountain pipeline are to …

Ep. 130: Surfacing abuse allegations against one of Canada's notorious man-camps

September 4th, 2018


1. Man camp controversy: decades-old abuse allegations against hydro-dam workers finally surface in Manitoba. Might it spark a flood of similar …

Ep. 129: A Primer on Pipelines and Indigenous Peoples

August 24th, 2018


Our ninth and final episode of our Summer Series collects and connects conversations about pipelines, in particular, the Kinder Morgan pipeline …

Ep. 128: Colten Boushie Retrospective

August 17th, 2018


On this week's episode, the second-last show in our Summer Series, we revisit the troubling death of Colten Boushie—the 22-year old member of the Red …

Ep. 127: Why It's Still Not Okay in Thunder Bay for Indigenous People

August 10th, 2018


Our seventh Summer Series episode collects and connects conversations about Thunder Bay, a small northwestern Ontario city where a huge amount of …

Ep. 126: Moving beyond lip service for Indigenous languages

August 3rd, 2018


Our sixth Summer Series episode collects and connects conversations about language: more specifically, the politics of Indigenous language rights and …

Ep. 125: Is Canada's newest solution to the Indian Act worse than the problem? (Part 2)

July 27th, 2018


This week's episode, the fifth in our Summer Series, wraps up our two-part conversation with the Yellowhead Institute's Hayden King and Shiri Pasternak about their critique of the Trudeau government's Indigenous Rights, …

Ep. 124: Is Canada's newest solution to the Indian Act worse than the problem? (Part 1)

July 20th, 2018


The fourth show of our Summer Series begins our two-part look at an emerging set of proposed laws and policies that, if implemented, could majorly …

Ep. 123: A taste of Indigenous food politics

July 13th, 2018


Our third Summer Series episode collects and connects conversations about food: it’s a veritable buffet of some of our most filling discussions, from …

Ep. 122: Canada's systems of (mis)education and Indigenous peoples

July 6th, 2018


Our second Summer Series episode collects and connects conversations about education: from inadequate funding to lack of Indigenous representation in …

Ep. 121: Water as a fundamental human and treaty right

July 1st, 2018


For the first episode in our MEDIA INDIGENA: the Summer Edition series, we take a deep dive into water, from its status as a fundamental human and treaty right, to more nitty-gritty matters of funding, infrastructure …

Ep. 120: Looking at Trump's brutal border policies through an Indigenous lens

June 21st, 2018


THIS WEEK / Separation anxiety: as the U.S. catches criticism for splitting up migrant families and isolating their kids, some wonder if the concern …

Ep. 119: Why DNA "Indigenous ancestry" tests ain't worth a doggone dime

June 16th, 2018


THIS WEEK // Survey says: We opine on a poll asking Canadians what they think should be done regarding Indigenous peoples. Statistically …

Ep. 118: Canada's First-ever First Nations Think Tank

June 9th, 2018


This week—Yellowhead, Red Flags: We discuss the emergence of the Yellowhead Institute, a brand new First Nations think tank; we also look at why it's sounding the alarm over the Liberal government's 'Indigenous Rights, …

Ep. 117: What will Canada buying Trans Mountain mean for Indigenous peoples?

June 4th, 2018


Bitumen Buyer Beware? The Canadian government has just announced it will buy the beleaguered Trans Mountain pipeline project. Will their gamble pay off? And who loses if it doesn’t? * Trump-aganda! When it comes to a …

Ep. 116: Dislodging the discourse of death and doom about Indigenous people

May 29th, 2018


Sick and solo: why does Quebec still force northern kids who fly down south for care to do so all alone on air ambulances? Pity porn: we discuss a …

Ep. 115: Why not everyone in Hawai'i is vexed over volcanoes

May 18th, 2018


1. Love for lava: Why some Indigenous people in Hawai’i reject any effort to divert the flow of what others see as the utterly destructive output of …

Ep. 114: The Paranoia and Perils of White Fright

May 15th, 2018


This week // From bad to worse: amid accusations that racism drove an Indigenous dean of law away from Lakehead University, some question why it’s replaced her with a judge who jailed anti-mining Native leaders. …

Ep. 113: A Second Slide into Settler Sexuality

May 5th, 2018


Saddle up for our Settler sexuality sequel! Building on last week’s exploration of how Settler norms impact Indigenous notions of intimacy and interpersonal connections, we more explicitly discuss the erotically infused …

Ep. 112: Settler Sexuality's Slippery Slope

April 27th, 2018


On this week's roundtable: Settler Sexuality. A subject at the heart of two recent talks by our own Kim Tallbear (one at the sex-positive communities …

Ep. 111: Are Kinder Morgan's pipeline benefit agreements a form of Indigenous consent or coercion?

April 23rd, 2018


1. Who will next lead the AFN? Two candidates say they’re set to run; a potential third is thinking about it. We’ll review the field of would-be …

Ep. 110: How 'Canada Reads' still shunts Indigenous authors to the bottom of the book pile

April 12th, 2018


THIS WEEK // Big Steps: How some ancient footprints confirm (yet again) what Indigenous people keep telling scientists—how we’ve been here for a …

Ep. 109: Is there a 'Standing Rock North' in the making in British Columbia?

April 6th, 2018


THIS WEEK // A 'Nope' from the Pope: Why does His Holiness seem wholly against saying sorry for the crimes of Church-run residential schools? / …

Ep. 108: Reading the larger lessons of Sherman Alexie's literary rise and fall

March 30th, 2018


THIS WEEK / 'Sorry' for the racism: As National Geographic tries to atone for its problematic history with non-white people, we assess how much credit (and critique) they deserve. / 'Sorry' for the sexual harassment: As …

Ep. 107: Indigenous podcasters on Indigenous podcasting

March 25th, 2018


This week, the sound of two Indigenous podcasters podcasting, as MEDIA INDIGENA host/producer Rick Harp sits down with Wayne K. Spear (

Ep. 106: Students call university's bluff on Reconciliation and Indigenization

March 15th, 2018


This week... 1. A fair share of the pot: why a push to tax cannabis on-reserve is itself a taxing debate. 2. Cottage clash: why can’t a First Nation …

Ep. 105: How soon is too soon to teach kids about residential schools?

March 9th, 2018


Once upon a trigger: Did a school board and the media over-react after a parent found a children’s book about residential schools upsetting? Dumb …

Ep. 104: Where will Tina Fontaine's family find justice?

March 2nd, 2018


This week: A tale of two trials. Late last week, a jury found the man accused of murdering 15-year old Tina Fontaine to be "not guilty." The decision …

Ep. 103: Will First Nations Factor into the Battle over Bitumen?

February 23rd, 2018


War in the west: as Alberta battles British Columbia over pipeline expansion, we look at whether a new front could open up against First Nations / …

Ep. 102: Injustice for Colten Boushie

February 15th, 2018


It was a much-anticipated verdict in a much-discussed case: the 2016 shooting death of 22-year-old Colten Boushie, a member of the Red Pheasant First …

Ep. 101: How Canadian Media Put Indigenous Victims on Trial

February 9th, 2018


This week: Toodle-loo Wahoo! The majorly racist logo of a major league baseball team is knocked out of the park in Cleveland... sort of. Turfed by Trudeau: The PM's cross country road show gets awkward when so-called …

Ep. 100: Do Canadian court systems effectively exclude Indigenous people from juries?

February 4th, 2018


This week: The trial of Gerald Stanley, the man accused in the shooting death of Colten Boushie. We’ll look at who gets to be on the jury, and who …

Ep. 99: A deep dive into the Doctrine of Discovery (and how it's never gone away)

January 29th, 2018


This week: the 'Change the Date' debate. We discuss what seems to have been the most controversial Australia Day yet. Plus, divine intervention? As …

Ep. 98: Peering into the Playbook for White Denial of Indigenous Injury

January 21st, 2018


This week.. Politician contrition: an Alberta MLA walks back some sweeping off-hand comments about Aboriginal voter behaviour in his riding; A flyer …

Ep. 97: What to do about trolls like Senator Lynn Beyak?

January 14th, 2018


This week: Beyak Booted—A Canadian senator’s website gets her kicked out of the Conservative Party for controversial content about Indigenous people. …

Ep. 96: Is Native Twitter More Than Just a Hashtag?

January 7th, 2018


This week: #NativeTwitter—more than just a hashtag? Can its influence be felt off-line? Or is it simply a case of tweeting to the choir? Seal for sale—Facebook reverses its refusal of seal-skin-related items on its …

Ep. 95: An Indigenous Look Ahead to 2018

January 1st, 2018



The second of our two-part look back and look ahead on the year almost behind us and the 12 months to come. What is, or what could be, their …

Ep. 94: An Indigenous Look Back at 2017

December 23rd, 2017


What made 2017 a year of Indigenous significance? What might be in store for 2018? This week's show assembles the fulsome foursome for this year-end …

Ep. 93: Does political corruption get covered differently when Indigenous people are involved?

December 16th, 2017


Vote vice: we scrutinize the story of a Saskatchewan First Nation politician accused of buying votes with drugs, and muse over how media framing of …

Ep. 92: Indigenous politician claims "First Nations don't believe in abortion"

December 11th, 2017


Monumental fight: US President Trump announces he'll significantly shrink the boundaries of two protected areas in the state of Utah, despite their …

Ep. 91: Mohawk members turn to Quebec court over Kahnawake's refusal of non-Indigenous residents

December 3rd, 2017


Make BC 'Site C' free: A new summary of research into the mega-hydro project produces a flood of arguments against its completion. Will British …

Ep. 90: Is Pro-Development Anti-Indigenous, Vice-versa, or Neither?

November 27th, 2017


1. We pore over a poll showing Native Americans who live in "majority-Native areas" in the U.S. face greater mistreatment than anyone else. 2. …

Ep. 89: Child Welfare as an Arm of the Colonial State

November 19th, 2017


This week, an extended conversation with Sarah de Leeuw, co-author of the recent paper, Turning a new page: cultural safety, critical creative …

Ep. 88: Canada's highest court rules in favour of ski resort over sacred site

November 14th, 2017


1. Downhill and out: Canada’s highest court rules against an Indigenous sacred site in favour of a ski resort. 2. White Hot: Conservative Twitter …

Ep. 87: The 12 Dimensions of Indigenous Homelessness

November 4th, 2017


1. No joke: Why some racist Halloween stunts have people at one Alberta university upset (if not all that surprised). 2. Re-definition: Can expanding and enriching what homelessness means for Indigenous people help …

Ep. 86: Why your kid will survive not being an 'Indian Princess' on Halloween

October 28th, 2017


1. Hatin’ on Halloween? Why a non-native writer feels her 4-year-old was cheated of the chance to dress up as "a native princess." 2. Beothuk babble: …

Ep. 85: Acknowledging Toxic Indigenous Masculinity: Are We at a Turning Point?

October 21st, 2017


1. In name only: How did an Ontario city manage to strike up an Indigenous working group—minus any Indigenous people? 2. Ciao, chief! As a gesture of …

Ep. 84: Why traditional tastes in food turned some testy in Toronto

October 14th, 2017


1. Taste Testy: How the introduction of traditional foods in mainstream settings have inspired some, and incited others; 2. Bad Optics? A massive telescope gets the green light on the island of Hawai'i over the …

Ep. 83: Justin Trudeau's Symbolic Politics Long on Gesture, Short on Goods

October 7th, 2017


1. Unfair Share: A group of First Nations take Canada and Ontario to court for not honouring a 167-year-old promise to top up treaty payments as …

Ep. 82: Did Indigenous women help wage a ‘witch hunt’ of Wab Kinew?

October 1st, 2017


Has there been a media "witch-hunt" of Wab Kinew? A high-profile supporter has sounded a resounding 'yes.' But does the critique imply some …

Ep. 81: Will Questions About Wab Kinew's Past Undo His Political Future?

September 23rd, 2017


This week... Kinew Conundrum: will old assault charges against the new leader of Manitoba’s New Democratic Party divide the Indigenous community? TB …

Ep. 80: Cherokee Freedmen, Adam Beach Boycott, Indian Country Today

September 16th, 2017


Fight of the Freedmen: Has a court victory for the descendants of ex-slaves of the Cherokee guaranteed the return of their citizenship? Casting controversy: Why Adam Beach wants other Aboriginal actors to boycott a new …

Ep. 79: Meet the MEDIA INDIGENA Roundtable

September 11th, 2017


This week's Indigenous roundtable gets up close and personal with the people behind the show. As long-time listeners know, we at the podcast have brought you a wealth of voices on a variety of topics, week after week. …

Ep. 78: Has Canada Cut Indian Affairs in Half or Cloned it?

September 5th, 2017


Double the fun or double trouble? Seemingly out of nowhere, the federal Liberals have decided to re-arrange the political furniture as part of a late …

Ep. 77: Ottawa's new Indigenous court; Australia's cashless welfare cards; Iqaluit's first liquor store

August 28th, 2017


Ottawa gets a new, Indigenous-only courtroom, but does the evidence support the move? Why critics say electronic welfare cards are being used to …

Ep. 76: Charlottesville, Guam and the 'Eskimos' of Edmonton

August 21st, 2017


This week... Why Indigenous people totally relate to recent violence over icons of intolerance in Charlottesville, Virginia; we get into Guam, a …

Ep. 75: Child welfare's links to homelessness; BC overdose data; What is "authentic" Indigenous art?

August 13th, 2017


This week's Indigenous roundtable: a new study seems to solidify the link between homelessness and contact with the child welfare system; new data …

Ep. 74: Starvation, Experimentation, Segregation, Trauma: Indigenous Health History

August 6th, 2017


This week: Starvation, experimentation, segregation and trauma—to Mary Jane McCallum, these four words are critical concepts for any student of …

Ep. 73: White Settler Revisionism and Making Métis Everywhere (Part 2)

July 29th, 2017


This week... the conclusion to our conversation with the authors of the recent article, "White Settler Revisionism and Making Métis Everywhere: The …

Ep. 72: White Settler Revisionism and Making Métis Everywhere (Pt. 1)

July 23rd, 2017


This week… the first in a two-part conversation that confronts the confusion and contention around what it means to be Métis. In their new article, "White Settler Revisionism and Making Métis Everywhere: The Evocation …

Ep. 71: How Boring Bureaucracy Enables Inhumane Inequity in Canada

July 15th, 2017


This week… a bit of a mid-summer break from our regular format as we take a deep dive into the fiscal infrastructure of colonialism in Canada. As …

Ep. 70: Tempest in a Teepee on Parliament Hill; Pressure at the Press Gallery

July 9th, 2017


This week... tempest in a teepee: Indigenous people fight to set up a ceremonial camp on Parliament Hill for Canada Day. Did their actions shine a light on the controversy over Canada 150—or simply stoke the flames of a …

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