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What Makes an Epic, Long, Lasting, Intimate, Relationship with Ken Blackman


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Ken Blackman is a recognized expert in dating, long-term relationships, and giving wise counsel to couples. He has an upcoming book titled Powerful Woman, Confident Man due in Spring 2019. Ken has helped people form long-lasting relationships and holds seminars all over the world. He also has published blogs on prominent websites such as Business Insider and Cosmopolitan.


Ken joins me today to discuss the intricacies involved in forming quality, long-term relationships. He describes the differences between what we wanted in a relationship when we were young and what we want today. He also explains the importance of conversation and understanding as well as why we shouldn’t be afraid to talk about sensitive topics.



“A relationship is when two people like what it feels like to be connected to each other and make a mutual decision to have that be an ongoing thing.” - Ken Blackman




Today on Mastering Midlife:


  • What people require in a relationship and the difference between the young and old.
  • Relationship building and compatibilities as we age.
  • What makes your partner attractive to you when you're young and when you're old.
  • How you look at your partner when the relationship is good and when it's bad
  • Properly solving relationship problems and how to talk through them.
  • Investing in relationship counseling experts and programs.



Ken Blackman’s Words of Wisdom:


  • No argument can be solved with a proper conversation.
  • The quality of companionship determines whether the relationship will work or not work beyond 40.
  • Having a partner now isn't the life and death situation that it was when you were in your 20's.



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