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Ep. #5 - A Simple SEO Hack to Get High Quality Backlinks

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In episode #5 of the Marketing Mantra podcast, I’ll be talking about a simple SEO hack you can use to build high-quality backlinks. Time-stamped Show Notes [00:29] Episode Topic: A Simple SEO Hack to Get High Quality Backlinks [01:18] This SEO hack is building backlinks through infographics. [01:59] The first aspect of designing an infographic involves keyword research. [02:10] Use tools like Google Image Search, Buzzsumo, and Pinterest to discover popular infographic topics. [03:37] Use design tools like Canva, Venngage, and Piktochart to design your own infographic. [06:13] Next, you need to promote your infographic and generate high-quality backlinks. [07:50] Generate an embed code for your infographic using Siege Media’s Embed Code Generator. [08:39] Submit your infographic to infographic submission sites. Here are 40 infographic submissions sites you can leverage. [10:45] Promote your infographic on Reddit. Submit your infographics to this infographics subreddit. You can also share your content on these marketing subreddits. But be sure to read the guidelines. [11:38] Try Brian Dean’s Guestographic Link Building Method to get tons of contextual backlinks. [14:22] That’s it for this episode of Marketing Mantra! Tools and resources discussed in the episode: 3 online tools to design infographics: 1. Canva - 2. Venngage - 3. Piktochart - Want to hire a freelance designer to design your infographic? Check out these sites: 1. Fiverr - 2. Upwork - 3. Freelancer - Siege Media Embed Code Generator - 40 Infographic Submission Sites to Generate Backlinks - How to Get Backlinks With Guestographics (by Backlinko) - For a detailed explanation of the infographic link building technique, visit: Thanks for listening! - Sandeep Mallya Visit for more tips, insights, and strategies on SEO, blogging, and marketing. Follow us on social: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Twitter: YouTube: Download the 99signals App on iOS - Download the 99signals App on Android -

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