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Ep. #26 - How to Audit Your Marketing Team's Productivity — with Vlad Calus from Planable


Episode description

In this episode, I'll be joined by Vlad Calus, co-founder of Planable — an incredible tool that I recommend — and he'll talk about auditing your marketing team's productivity and upgrading their results. He will also share his experience on how to succeed as an online entrepreneur, find your first customers, building your own marketing team from scratch, and outsourcing time-consuming tasks that value less. 

If you've never heard of Planable, here's a brief introduction: Planable is a social media collaboration tool for marketing teams, digital agencies and freelancers. With Planable, you can collaborate with your teammates and clients on content calendar in the most visual way. It's used by more than 5000 brands worldwide, including Mini, BMW, Volkswagen, and SkyTeam.

Now here's a short intro about our special guest guest Vlad Calus:

Vlad founded two non-profits at the age of 16, then dropped out of college, moved to another country with two of his friends, built Planable at when he was 19 and became an honoree Forbes 30 Under 30 when he was just 22. He's been featured as a guest writer & marketer by multiple publications including Social Media Examiner, Entrepreneur, WeRSM, Freshdesk, Subsign, Digital Agency Network, and many others. 

He recently self-published his first book, called “Marketing Teams of the Future”. The book navigates content marketing’s journey from the early beginnings, then dives into a profound analysis of today’s industry, and proposes several solutions on how to prepare your marketing team for the next decade. You can download the eBook for free in the resource section of this description. 

I’m so excited to share my conversation with Vlad Calus with you. Be sure to take notes!


Resources discussed in the episode:

Planable Free Trial

Marketing Team of the Future by Vlad Calus - Download Link

Collaboration Tools to connect with anyone anywhere

Airtable for spreadsheets on steroids.

Asana for task management

Dropbox for assets management

Planable for content management creation

InVision App for prototyping

Frame for creating video content

ConvertKit for email marketing tools you need to grow your blog and business

Slack for the transparent environment

Front App to simply collaborate on email support


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