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Wrestling With Your Weight - Pin Your Struggles with the Miracle Mindset

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Last weekend I went to the Division 3 NCAA wrestling championships. A friend of mine does all the voice-over work. You know the big guy with the cool voice. His name is Jason Bryant and has a billion shows on college wrestling at I went for two reasons. First I never get to see Jason in person, and I wanted to support my friend as he did his thang. I had no idea what to expect. 

There were so many guys in spandex I thought I was at a rock concert in the 80's. There were six different matches going on at one time with Jason and another voice over person calling all of them. As a person with a slight case of A.D.D., it was a lot fo soak in. With a quick google search to see how to score a wrestling match, I settled in. 

Some of these matches were very close with almost no scoring. Then you'd see a blowout where one person was just getting thrown around the matt with little or no control. There was one GIANT guy who weighed 275 lbs that just kept throwing his opponents around. But here is what got me. I would look up and see someone who pretty much had no chance to win. There they were lining back up to continue the match, face to face with their opponent. They weren't giving up. 

In wrestling, there are times when you line up where you are on all fours, and your opponent has their hand under you on your stomach, and one arm on your arm. I was thinking; this would not be a good way to start. The choice of who would start up or down was determined with a coin flip. These guys were really going at it. At one point wrestler #1 had tried to rap his thigh around the wrestler #2's neck. Wrestler #2 stood up, and this was when I caught them. Back to back with one guy leg around the other guy's neck. One guy was standing on his hands with his leg around the guys head. It was a very weird position, and I'm sure either wrestler saw this coming tonight. 

It is at this point that they both just somewhat paused for a second, figured out where they were, and they knew where they wanted to go. They would "talk it over" in their head and all of a sudden they would put their plan into action. 

Remember the big guy I was talking about? I watched him win match after match. He was just throwing his opponents around like a bag of potatoes. THUMP they would land, he would jump on top of them, and the next thing you know they were pinned, and the match was over. Now it was later in the night; only the best had survived. It was the last match of the night, and here came the big guy in blue. His opponent in red was no small either but still was much smaller than the big guy in blue. The match started, and much like the other matches, the big dude commenced to throwing the other guy around like a bag of potatoes. I thought this was going to be another short match. Once again, this wrestler who many would think had no way of winning kept coming back. He kept finding a way to keep the match going. 

I watched as once again their arms and legs were all intertwined. The red guy was stuck. Both wrestlers paused a second, and I thought, "Oh here it comes." I was right, but I got a big surprise. All of the sudden the red wrestler spun around and ended up on top of the blue wrestler and before I could finish being surprised the ref called the match and the big blue wrestler had been pinned. The match was over. 

What Does This Have to Do With Weight Loss?


As we get older we often find ourselves in different weight divisions. The amount of weight I had to lose in my 20's is probably less than the weight I have to lose in my fifties. Throw on top of that, I've been losing muscle all these years and the effort it's going to take to lose the weight is going to take more effort. 

When I was little, I would play ping pong with my Dad and he would kick my butt. I had no chance. I would also play my best friend. We would play for hours, and then on the weekends, my Dad would get home (he was a long distance truck driver) and he would come down and kick our butts. He showed no mercy for these young teenagers. If you were going to beat him, there was only one way. 

I just got done listening to the Miracle Mindset book from JJ Virgin. JJ shares the story of her son being a victim of a hit and run that left him for dead. He had severe brain damage, his body was, well broken. He was never supposed to live, or wake up, or walk, or talk. Yet, due to a great mindset, he is. It is an amazing story. I listen to a lot of audiobooks, but this one I tackled in two days. I listened to it on the treadmill. It is an amazing story. Oh yeah, there was one more piece of the pie. JJ had just gone ALL IN on her book The Virgin Diet, the big publishing machine wheels were starting to roll, and if the book was not a success, JJ would be in financial ruin. Did I mention it's a great story?

One of the things that stood out for me is how we always rise to the occasion. I remember my Dad laughing. Not a giggle, but a big hearty bear laugh when I beat him the first game. The second game, he realized that I wasn't some little teenager anymore and I had improved. He paid more attention. It was a close game. He laughed again when I beat him. He was sweating now. "Alright, one more game Mr. Smarty Pants..." I was having a hard time playing as I was excited. My Dad was somewhat scary. He was a big guy, and I swear the whole house shook when he would march down the hall and throw open the door and tell me and my brother, "you boys need to sleep NOW!" Again, it was a very close match. We went into overtime. You had to win by two points, and in the end, I won. My Dad laughed, sighed, took a deep breath, and shook his head and came over and put his arm around me. 

You don't grow without facing challenges. JJ talks about this in her book. Just like the wrestlers, you need to figure out where you are, what you're up against, and the give it everything you have. When I got back from Florida about a month ago, I told myself it was time to notch it up a bit and pay closer attention to my health. It was time to go to the gym before getting on the computer. It was time to put me first. So I did. I was taking Advocare products as well. I now paid attention and took those and I'm down almost three lbs. It's not dropping fast, but its dropping. 

I had a weekend with a birthday and an out town guest (otherwise it would've been close to five lbs lost).  Just like wrestling, there will be surprises that life throws at you. Sometimes you win, and sometimes you end up with someone's butt in your face. The bottom line is you've overcome obstacles before, and this new challenge is what is going to take you to the new level. The new you. It's not going to be easy, and you may feel the cards are stacked against you, and that the score is life 10 you 0, but you can come up with a new plan, and you can do this.

For me, I read The Virgin Diet. I'm cutting things out of my diet for three weeks. I had to go to my PO BOx today. I had to pass SO MUCH fast food and ice cream. I've committed to taking my health seriously. I can do this. It wasn't easy, but I even passed a Dairy Queen and the next time  I do it I have that experience to draw on to make it easier. JJ is about being ALL IN, so I've ordered some of her shakes, supplements, and I borrowed her cookbook from the Library (Sweet Potatoes with cinnamon is quite yummy). It's my new strategy, and I'm willing to give it a try. 

The bottom line is, the only way you lose is if you quit, and I'm not dead yet, so I'm not quitting. 

 Become a Logical Loser

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