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You Can Turn Right Instead of Left, Right?

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Weight loss is hard. Anybody that tells you different is lying. It takes discipline, it takes stamina, it takes a plan, and patience. However, we often can make it harder than it needs to be by focusing on the BIG (in some cases HUGE) picture. Here is how I handled that the past few weeks. 

Find out What Works

On June 15 I had a really good day (1500 calories, and a calorie deficit of 700 for the day). The next day I hit my regular calorie goal of 1800, and had a calorie deficit of 732. I was on a roll. Why I didn't keep doing that I don't know. I had found a workaround and at night I try to not eat after dinner so that when I get to breakfast I am actually breaking my fast. But at night I needed something with taste (instead of water). I started drinking Spark from Advocare (45 calories) I love the Mango Strawberry. This held me over, and I was losing weight. 

If It Aint Broke Don't Fix It

So instead of keeping with what was working, I looked at the calorie deficit (meaning I had burned more calories than I had eaten) and saw where I had a "surplus." I thought instead of drinking another glass of Advocare Spark, why not have one of their Delicious chocolate shakes? After all, it was 210-220 calories with 24 grams of easy-to-digest protein, what's not to love? I had "room" due to my heavy deficit (or so I thought). 

Remember You Help Create Your Environment

Looking back, I think I was getting cocky. I started staying up later. I wasn't quite as dedicated to drinking water. Before I knew it after getting to 216, I shot back up close to 218? What it the shakes? No, it was the calories. There is a difference between 45 calories in Spark,

What 300 Calories a Day Looks Like?

When you add the 200 calories in the Delicious Shake PLUS the 90 calories for the Coconut milk. Does (for easy math) 300 calories make a difference?  300 Calories a day is 2100 calories a week and 8400 calories a month or 2.4lbs. 

You Have the Power To Make Your Next Choice the Right One

I REALLY wanted a burger today (from the McDevil). Lately, I'm trying to avoid looking at the big picture (cause that will suck the life right out of you), and so as I sat in the driveway of my church, if I turned left, I'd be going to McHell. If I turned right, I'd be headed home to grill some chicken.

All I had to do was turn right.

I asked myself, "You can turn right can't you?" Yes, I can turn right I told myself, and I did. The chicken never tasted so good. I'm also gonna play a bit more with Advocare. I'm drinking a lemonade that has mineral and herbs, AND it's an appetite suppressant (and above all its yummy)

Why Was This Good?

This little experiment lets me know what works, and what doesn't. All I have to do is what works on a consistent basis, and I will hit my goal.

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