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Revelations From the Bike Path

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I've been a bit down lately, and consequently, my weight has gone up. I just had some things happen that were disappointing. I went over 220, and once again that always gets my dandruff up. I pulled a muscle in my shoulder that is taking forever to heal.

So yesterday I went for a bike ride. Where I live I might as well be at the bottom of a coffee cup. It's fun coming home, but starting out is uphill in all directions. So I started out and I rode my bike all the way to the top. I was impressed. This was my first time out this Summer with my bike, and I did it. I was tired, sweaty, and out of breath, but I did it.

I ended up riding 10 miles that day.

The next day I woke up and my knees hurt, etc. My body letting me know it appreciated the extra effort. I decided to take the bike out again. Here in Ohio, you take advantage of any day that feels like Spring or Summer where it's not 200% humidity. So I decided to do five miles. Here again, not matter what direction I go, I'm going uphill. My body told me it wasn't going to be able to go up the hill again. I started anyway and figured if I needed to I would walk it part of the way.

Sure enough about halfway up, I was ready to quit. Instead of looking at the hill in front of me, I look at the tire and the road to make sure I wasn't hitting any holes in the road, etc. I just look straight ahead and peddled. It was hard. My Fitbit about exploded due to my increased heart rate, but eventually, I made it to the top and about collapsed.

It turns out I was stronger than I thought. I am using this to remind myself that I can do this. Losing weight is going to be hard, but I can do this.


We hear alot of people in politics talk about fake news, and alternative truths. I was leading a group at my church talking about the truths in the bible. This isn't going to be preachy so don't run away. This applies in non-church related items as well. What is it?

Most if not all of the things that went wrong in your life we based on a lie.

Fat is bad for you

Don't change anything about the way you eat and lose weight

Lose weight without exercise

One won't hurt.

I'll start tomorrow

We know these are lies and yet we still listen to them. We know to stand up to them, and start doing the right things, eating the right way, even if we don't want to sometimes.

We believe the lies often because it leads to an easier path.

I watched a documentary on Amazon called Recommended Daily Amount and in the movie a person who had migraine headaches for 15 years, quit taking his medicine and for the most post "Cured" himself of migraines by cutting out soda (and caffeine) and sugar. He purposely didn't exercise as he just wanted to focus on the diet. Many parts of his body composition improved.

He went through a major "Caffeine Headache" but ended up feeling so much better once he weathered the storm.

Back To Basics

I had a fluctuation with my weight a few weeks ago when I went out of town. It was somewhat depressing, but when I got home I just had to look at what has worked for me.

Getting 7 hours of sleep a night

Getting as close to 1900 calories a day (which means giving up mid-day snacks)

Drinking 80 ounces of Water

Getting 10,000 steps

When I do this I love weight. This is my truth for now.

So I started focusing on it, and low and behold the weight is coming back off. 

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