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#80 More Than A Diet, A Lifetyle with A History with Dr Ian McDonald

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Many think that veganism is a passing fad, a diet with an expiration date. Untrue, says, Dr. Ian McDonald, veganism and vegetarianism have a long history, traced back until the fifteenth century. On today's episode, we're going to explore how the hunter gatherer's expressed remorse over eating animals, mock meats way before the current state of faux meats, Paris' role in laying the groundwork for the modern veg movement, and what the future holds. Plus, in the first segment, I'll keep you updated on all things McDonald's vegan options. What are they offering? Do I support it? Do you agree with me? As always, let me know over on instagram if you agree. Find Ian McDonald: Mentioned on the Show: ➜McVegan: ➜More McVegan: ➜Episode 69- Cruelty Free Beauty: ➜Ep 14 of The Vegan Option: ▶️ Let's get social! Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: ✮Support the podcast- Give us a review & subscribe in iTunes (preferably a 5✮!) The more reviews, the greater chance someone else will hear the podcast. Or share the podcast on social media- lets get the word out!

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