Lightbulb Moment

01: Success is a Journey with Katie Krimitsos

June 2nd, 2018

Episode description

Success is not black-and-white. What does it take to shift our success mindset from results to growth?

Katie Krimitsos is an entrepreneur who loved the hustle, but found herself chasing after success. It left her drained and scrambling, not the place she wanted to be so early on in the life of her business. After putting everything on the line, Katie faced unmet goals and total dissatisfaction. Her lightbulb moment came when she realized that she needed to focus more on her business journey, rather than some black-and-white definition of success.

Katie is going to teach you how to be money conscious without being money driven. You will see how she managed to detach from outcomes and transform her mindset instead. Katie is giving us all an invaluable reminder to pause and remember. When we do, gratitude for what we have just pours out of us, and we can stop the scramble. You can have the business you always wanted. It just takes a subtle shift in your mindset! 


More in this episode: 

  • How Katie learned how to visualize business. 
  • We can always be transforming our definition of success. 
  • Katie’s advice for battling negativity. 
  • When Katie had her biggest lightbulb moment. 
  • How to go from lack to abundance. 
  • Focus less on the outcome and more on the moment. 
  • Katie explains her love/hate relationship with goal setting. 
  • Learn from Katie all about changing your mindset. 
  • Marinate in the experiences you are having. 


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