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#26: Parenting Tips for Lesbian Moms w/ Dr. Dorsey Green


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Curious about how to talk to you kids about having a "different" or gay family?  When do you wtart that conversation and what do you say?  What happens when your child starts asking where her daddy is?  How do you set your children up the best way possible being raised in a lesbian family?  Tune in to get some answers to common questions from psychologist and University of Washington faculty member Dorsey Green, PhD, co-author of The Lesbian Parenting Book. 

Topics include talking to your kids about their biological father, being in a gay family, talking to daycares and schools/teachers about your unique family, raising boys in a two mother household, bullying, introducing new romantic partners (for single lesbian mothers), and maintaining the romance in your relationship as parents.

Find out more about Dr. Doresy Green here:



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#28: The Real Story on Raw Milk with Mark McAfee - Part 2

September 25th, 2014


Let's hope we don't get cut off this time!!  Episode #23 got cut off just as the conversation was getting juicy.  Tune in tonight to get the rest of the story on raw milk. 

Mark McAfee of Organic Pastures Dairy shares …

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July 8th, 2014


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July 1st, 2014


Have you thought about birthing naturally at home or in a birth center? Have you considered a water birth? If so, a midwife is the birthing practioner you'll likely be using.  Midwives have been around for thousands of …

#14: Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Labor and New Baby Health with Jamelle Ryan

June 24th, 2014


Have you ever had a massage that used aromatherapy and loved it?  Aromatherapy is an alternative medicine that uses volatile plant materials, known …

#13: Yoga for Fertility with Zahra Haji of Yoga Goddess

June 17th, 2014


Have you heard of the benefits of yoga for fertility?  As lesbians, our choice to conceive is a very conscious one. Given the effort and cost it takes for us to conceive, many of us look for all the ways we can best …

#12: Newborn Basics for New Lesbian Moms with Nikki Helms

June 10th, 2014


You just had your baby!  Now what?  What do you know about taking care of a newborn? What's that transition like for a brand new mom?  How do you manage those first few weeks of unknown territory, all while being sore …

#11: The Power of Hypnobirthing with Care Messer

June 3rd, 2014


Are you interested in natural, drug-free childbirth but afraid of the pain? What if someone told you you could give birth with little or no pain.  …

#10: Why You Want a Doula at Your Birth with Ashley Saverino

May 21st, 2014


You've heard about women who've had a doula present at their birth and you wonder, are they really worth it?  Do they make that much of a …

#9: Emily Unter-King on Her Journey to Conception

May 13th, 2014


The path to conception is not a direct one for many of us. Many women have to overcome obstacles in their journey to conception.  That journey can be very emotional, enlightenting, heartbreaking and transformational.  …

#8: Homeopathy for Pregnancy, Birth and Baby with Dr. Elana Gelman

May 6th, 2014


Curious about natural methods to treat the morning sickness?  What about consitpation, headaches, food cravings and other ailments associated with pregnancy?  What about help with the birthing process?  Safe treatments …

#7: Sacred Pregnancy with Starlight Mundy

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The journey from maiden to mother is a big transition for any woman.  We go from a life being all about us and our partner to our lives being completely given to this new human being.  It can be an enormous adjustment …

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Wondering what it's going to be like to live the life of a gay parent? How do you talk to your child about having two mommies?  Are their conversations you're going to need to have with teachers or other parents?  How …

#5: Let's Talk About (Lesbian) Sex with Dr. Glenda Corwin

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How's your sex life these days?  Could it use a boost (or two)?  You're so in love but that hot, steamy passion from your early days doesn't happen …

#4: Getting Primed for Pregnancy the Natural Way with Dr. Heidi Wittmann

April 1st, 2014


So, you want to get pregnant.  Is your body ready?  How's your diet?  Are you nutrionally sound?  Might a detox be good for you after all those wild nights at the girl bars?  Preparing your body for pregnancy might be a …

#3: Legal Considerations for Lesbian Parents with Alexis Scott

March 25th, 2014


So you want to be a same-sex parent?  What does that mean legally?  Do donor contracts work?  Can two moms be on the birth certificate?  Does it matter if we're legally married?  What about second parent adoption?  …

#2: Acupuncture for Fertility and Pregnancy with Jewel Hayes LAc

March 18th, 2014


Getting poked? What? Acupuncture, of course! You've all heard of acupuncture's benefits for fertility but is it right for your?  How does sticking little needles in your body improve fertility and even treat …

#1: Katie Perry on Superstardom and Knocking Up Sir Mixalot

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Curious about the options for lesbian conception and all the prep work involved?  Wonder what it's going to be like to have a pregnant partner? How …

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