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Exciting News! [And Where to Find the Podcast!]

September 13th, 2022


Hello everyone! We have exciting news - we are bringing the Let's Talk Parks podcast BACK, this time with the support from BerryDunn! My hope is that you continue to feel inspired and motivated to make a difference in …

Can we LOWER the bar yet?

January 14th, 2022


Link to donate to the CPRA fundraiser for Parks & Recreation Professionals who lost their home in the Marshall Fire:

Throughout the podcast, we've asked a …

Challenging "Best Practices" in Parks & Recreation

December 9th, 2021


There are so many phrases thrown around in the field of Parks and Recreation, but "best practice," may be one that we finally retire. In this episode, Marissa sits down with Jason Elissalde to talk about why that term …

[100th episode!] Inclusive Play by Design with Jill Moore

December 3rd, 2021


In this episode, Becky sits down with Jill Moore, Inclusive Play Specialist at Landscape Structures, to discuss what a playground really means to be inclusive.  We talk about the definition of accessible versus …

Programming for Hybrid Nature Experiences

November 18th, 2021


Did your agency pivot to virtual programs during the height of the pandemic?  Are you still using those programs today?  On this episode, Nate Bibat, Senior Naturalist at the Dunes Nature Center, comes on the Let's Talk …

Making Your Playgrounds More Inclusive and Inviting For All

November 11th, 2021


In this episode, Dustin Graham and I talk about the risks and rewards of intentional playground design. We talk about how we can make our playgrounds more inviting, and share some examples of different parks across the …

Upcoming Series: Innovative & Inclusive Parks

November 4th, 2021


This is a quick preview to a new upcoming series on the podcast about how to make our parks and playgrounds more inclusive and innovative. I can't wait to share these new interviews with you soon!

Join our weekly …

Do you suffer from "imposter syndrome?"

October 28th, 2021


In this episode, Marissa and Becky talk about how imposter syndrome has impacted them throughout their careers.  If you think that you've suffered from this, be sure to tune in for how this might affect your work within …

Do You Really Need Public Speaking in Parks and Recreation?

October 21st, 2021


The answer is yes! Marissa went through middle school, high school, and college assuming that she would never need to get in front of a crowd to …

Embracing the Seasons of Your Career

October 14th, 2021


The field of parks and recreation is very seasonal. But so are you!  In this episode, Becky talks about how to embrace the season of your career wherever you are.  Whether you've been feeling burnt out or in need of a …

5 Alternatives to the Mailed Recreation Guide

October 7th, 2021


So many agencies rely on the mailed recreation guides to get out seasonal information to their residents.  But as budgets change, you may want to consider alternatives that can save you money and time.  Be sure to tune …

Educating the Next Generation of Parks & Recreation Professionals

September 30th, 2021


PODCAST REPLAY - Throwback!  In this episode, Marissa sits down to talk with Dr. Jeremy Robinette from Western Illinois University about educating our communities about Parks and Recreation. I think so many of us ended …

Turn Inspiration into Action

September 23rd, 2021


Feeling inspired from conference?  It's this time of year when Fall is just around the corner - and the NRPA conference arrives - that we typically feel a rush of new energy and inspiration. But what happens when you …

Make the Most of Conferences

September 16th, 2021


With the help of over 20 women in parks and recreation, we’ve compiled an awesome list of tips and advice for those who may be attending conference for the 1st (or 100th) time.  In this episode, Marissa and Becky go …

Changing the Maintenance Game with Productive Parks

September 9th, 2021


Maintaining our parks and facilities is at the core of providing quality experiences for our community members.  In many of our parks and recreation agencies, we need to "take care of what we have" before building new …

Why We Love Working with Active Adults

September 2nd, 2021


Marissa sits down with Kate Darcangelis from What the Rec to discuss all things active adults, or as many refer to them as: seniors. Marissa and Kate …

Play To Your Strengths

August 26th, 2021


This week on the podcast, Becky jumps on the mic to talk about how to best utilize your strengths and interests to do more of what you love in your …

Evolution of Podcasts in Parks & Recreation

August 19th, 2021


In collaboration with Cort Jones from Open Space Radio and Paul Gilbert from Strategic Leadership, this episode is about podcasts in the field of …

Raising the Bar 2021 Style

August 12th, 2021


In this episode, Marissa and Becky share a preview of what's to come for the rest of 2021 - and how we see the field of Parks and Recreation adapting and raising the bar.  

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Have more fun at work

July 15th, 2021


We're wrapping up season 3 with an episode about FUN. In this episode, Marissa and Becky discuss ten different ways to have more fun at work. Join …

Advantages of Parent Involvement During the Hiring Process

July 8th, 2021


Marissa sat down with Corrine Daut, Recreation Coordinator at Raymore Parks and Recreation to discuss the challenges and advantages of hiring entry level staff...and sometimes their parents too.   

This episode came …

Gaining Influence In Your Agency with Chris Dropinski

July 1st, 2021


It's in our DNA to want more influence. Especially as Parks & Recreation professionals, we want our voice to be heard.  We want our share our ideas, relay insights from our patrons, and be respected as a leader in …

Managing Public Complaints (and your sanity)!

June 24th, 2021


When you work in local government, you are bound to run into complaints and less-than-positive feedback. That's just part of the territory as a Parks …

Take Action! Making Progress Through Red Tape

June 17th, 2021


In this episode, Marissa and Becky discuss how we have found success in moving ideas forward in the field of Parks and Rec.  We talk about the barriers of red tape, the surprising pros and cons of it, and how to move …

What's it like to be a consultant in the field?

June 10th, 2021


It seems I've been getting more questions about being a consultant in the field, so in this episode I talk about why you might consider moving into a …

When it okay to disengage?

June 4th, 2021


Today I want to talk about something that I think is really important, but I couldn't really find anyone talking about this at all. Its the idea that …

Fresh Ideas for Recruiting Quality Seasonal Employees

May 27th, 2021


In this episode, Marissa and Becky talk about fresh ideas for recruiting seasonal employees.  Check out all of the ideas that we talked about on our blog:

Prioritizing Important > Urgent

May 20th, 2021


How many times over the last year have you gotten an urgent phone call or email that needed your attention right away?  Probably way more than you ever imagined.  We hope that as work relaxes into summer (or at least as …

Mindfulness for Parks & Recreation Professionals

May 13th, 2021


In this episode, Katie Garrett and Becky sit down to talk about the important of mindfulness in Parks & Recreation. If you've been struggling …

The Past, Present, and Future of Women in Leisure Services

May 6th, 2021


Women in Leisure Services (WILS) was started in 1935 as Chi Kappa Rho, a sorority for women in the field of parks and recreation by Helen I. Pontius. 
She believed that women engaged professionally in the various fields …

A Must Listen Before Summer

April 29th, 2021


This week I am bringing back one of my FAVORITE episodes ever on the podcast.  This is an episode that EVERY professional in the field should listen …

Lesson Learned: Enjoy Where You Are Right Now 👇

April 22nd, 2021


What happens when you don't get the promotion you've been planning and hoping for? With anything that happens that doesn't go as planned, you may …

The Art of Assertiveness

April 15th, 2021


True story, this podcast episode was created for my younger self.  I was constantly told as a young professional that I needed to be more assertive - …

Bridging the Gap to Accessible Recreation

April 8th, 2021


There are many misconceptions about therapeutic recreation and the individuals that these recreation professionals serve. Chelsea Crockford, CTRS from Connect Through Leisure sits down with Marissa to discuss barriers …

Maintain it Now, or Pay for it Later

April 1st, 2021


Raise your hand if you've ever completed a facility or park inspection, noticed a safety hazard, or budgeted for improvements in your facility. If …

Adopting an Experimenter's Mindset

March 25th, 2021


In this episode, Becky jumps on the mic to talk about how we can learn to go to use an experimenter's mindset to take us through our career journey.  We have to be willing to take risks and come out the other side …

#OpenToWork - Strategies for Landing Your Dream Job

March 19th, 2021


We've been getting a lot of questions about finding work right now.  The job landscape looks so different, and the typical ways of volunteering and …

Lessons from the Road to LeadHERship with Dr. Tiffany Johnson

March 11th, 2021


In this episode, Dr. Tiffany Johnson, Deputy Director for the Prince William County Department, sits down with Anthony Iracki to talk to us about the leadership qualities that are important in today’s organizations, and …

Where you work MATTERS

March 4th, 2021


Jason Ellisalde is BACK to talk about workplace culture with Marissa Moravec. In this episode, Jason explains the key difference between compliance …

Feel Like You're "Underperforming" at Work?

February 25th, 2021


You're the type of Parks and Recreation Professional who truly cares.  You're always going above and beyond, signing up for extra committees, …

Identity Crisis: When Work Becomes Your Entire Life

February 18th, 2021


Mary Liz Jayne is the Aquatic and Fitness Manager at the Lisle Park District.  Like so many others in our field, she has always gone the extra mile to help her residents and staff. But when talk of furloughs started to …

Keeping up with trends

February 11th, 2021


During this kickoff episode, Marissa, Anthony, and Becky talk about three industry trends that we believe we will see across our field this year - and think about how our field will be able to lean in and embrace …

2.32: Season 2 Wrap Up with Anthony Iracki

January 1st, 2021


Whew, we made it!   In this episode, Anthony and Becky sit down to reflect back on 2020 and think about the future of this next year.  As his last year of being a young professional, Anthony talks through some of his …

2.31: How Did Working Moms Survive 2020? Marissa and Becky Look Back at the Year...

January 1st, 2021


Marissa and Becky sit down to discuss how we survived this year as working moms.  

We discuss what it was like to navigate a new normal of virtual learning, working from home, and transitioning back into the office.  

2.30: Seeking A Balanced Approach to Success with Brittanie Propes

December 3rd, 2020


For many young professionals there exist an idea of a “perfect” job that often goes along with the “perfect” life. But, as many of us have found sometimes the idea of perfect is far from the reality that exists. We sat …

2:29 Making the Most of Year 1 as a Parks and Rec Professional

November 19th, 2020


What can parks and recreation professionals do during their first year to set their career up for success?  That’s what this episode is all about with Jody Siemer and Marissa Moravec.  Listen in to hear about the …

2.28 The New Normal with Tom O'Rourke

November 12th, 2020


All agencies, public, private, and nonprofit have been negatively effected by the Coronavirus. There is not one agency or person who will not feel the effects. There is NO waiting to go back to the way it was. 

Tom …

2.27 Empowerment Through Exposure with Atuya Cornwell

November 5th, 2020


In this episode, Atuya and Anthony sit down to talk about how as park and recreation professionals, we have impact the lives in the communities we serve on a daily basis and create lifelong memories.  It is often said …

2.26 Five Tips for Protecting Your Mental Health This Week [Field Report]

November 3rd, 2020


Hello everyone!  This week is election week, and today specifically is November 3, election day. I want to come onto the podcast and remind you all to protect your mental health this week.  We just don’t know what the …

2.25: Preparing for your Best Mentorship with Meredith Lawrence

October 29th, 2020


Have you ever had someone that truly believed in you?  Who truly saw your potential and walked alongside you to watch you succeed?  Who pushed you to …

2.24 Cemeteries: It's all about the Living with Karl Nesbitt

October 22nd, 2020


A cemetery is more than just a place for interments, it’s a place for history and place for ecology and a place for human wellbeing. In this episode, …

2.23 The Importance of PLAY! with Brian VanDongen

October 20th, 2020


Brian VanDongen (Connect on LinkedIn) is nationally certified park and recreation professional who has designed and implemented transformational recreation programming for thousands of participants. He works to provide …

2.22 Being an Ally in the National Parks Starts at Your Local Park with Bradley Kirourac

October 15th, 2020


Typically, we talk to local park and recreation leaders, but every now and then, we expand our perspective a bit and talk to others on a national …

Ep. 21: Creating Brave Spaces for Conversations about Racism with Tracey Crawford

October 8th, 2020


We are all still navigating these conversations about race and equity, so today's episode is about how to create safe spaces that nurture conversation for growth and understanding. Marissa Moravec chats with Tracey …

2.20: Building Healthy Communities Through Collaborative Partnerships with Christie Bruner

October 1st, 2020


If you've been curious about how partnerships can help your agency, be sure to tune into the latest episode with Christie Bruner from Healthy St. Pete ( You will learn how parks and …

2.19 Submit Your Funny Story :)

September 29th, 2020


Submit your stories of funny things that have happened to you on the job at

2.18 Managing from the Middle as a Millennial with Meg Harrington

September 24th, 2020


In this episode, Anthony Iracki sits down with Meg Harrington, who is an Aquatics Supervisor for the Columbia Parks and Recreation Department. In …

2.17 Do you hug trees for a living? We do too. Educating Our Communities with Jeremy Robinett

September 17th, 2020


Marissa sat down to talk with Dr. Jeremy Robinette from Western Illinois University about educating our communities about Parks and Recreation. I think so many of us ended up falling into this field. We didn't know that …

2.16 Connecting Youth to the Outdoors with Dave Herpy

September 10th, 2020


In today's world of constant connection to technology and a changing global climate, it is more important now more than ever to connect youth to the …

2.15 Embracing Young Professionals with Chris Nunes

September 3rd, 2020


Hello everyone and welcome back! Thanks for joining us today for an episode about embracing young professionals.

In this episode, Chris Nunes talks …

2.14 Mission Accomplished with Jason Elissalde

August 27th, 2020


Jason Elissalde has more than 20 years experience in both training and leadership roles. First in the public sector with companies like Enterprise …

2.13 Behind-The-Scenes August Conversation

August 20th, 2020


Today we thought it would be fun to take you behind-the-scenes for a candid conversation with the co-hosts of the show.
In this episode, you'll hear:

2.12 Making Data Driven Decisions During Covid-19 with Matt Hickey

August 13th, 2020


Does anyone else wish that they had a Budgeting 101 to prepare you for time in parks and recreation?  Don't get me wrong, I had accounting and statistics, but they were general. P&R is a little different, and it …

2.11 An Unconventional Management Strategy that Works!

August 11th, 2020


We've all taken personality tests, but have you seen them being used in the workplace? In this quick field report, Marissa talks about how one of her favorite, most effective teams she's ever been on was managed by a …

2.10 Permission to Dream about the Future of Parks and Recreation with J.J. Lillibridge

August 6th, 2020


When you think about the future of parks and recreation, what do you see? Thinking past the pandemic, what outcomes can we look forward to? How can things shift for you and your agency?
In case you need to hear it, you …

2.9 Performance Management and Innovation in Park Districts with Greg Stopka

July 30th, 2020


This week's episode is with Marissa Moravec and Greg Stopka.  Greg is the Strategy and Innovation Manager for the Park District of Oak Park in Illinois.  This conversation is about how local government is changing from …

2.8 Environmental Education and Minority Students: Unlocking the Latent Potential of Urban Parks

July 23rd, 2020


Studies show that children retain more information and form a deeper connection to Nature when it is presented to them near their home as opposed to part of a field trip. In this episode, we sit down Attiyya Atkins of …

2.7 Connecting You With The Benefits of State Associations with Debbie Trueblood

July 16th, 2020


Now is great time to connect and collaborate with other agencies, partners, and especially your state association. State associations provide immense …

2.6 Finding New Opportunities in Old Ideas with Anthony Iracki

July 9th, 2020


This time in history looks different for many of us. For some, it may be time to slow down, pause, and reflect on where you've been and where you want to go. For others, it may be the right time to step into a new idea, …

2.5 Taking an Untraditional Path into Parks & Rec with Amanda D'Agostino

July 2nd, 2020


Happy Parks and Recreation Month! July is a time to reflect, celebrate, and share our passion for parks and recreation! This week's episode features …

2.4 Happy Parks and Recreation Month!

July 1st, 2020


This month is about YOU - the dedicated, selfless, essential employees that make up the parks and recreation profession. We couldn't be more excited …

2.3 Let's Be Honest with Marissa Moravec

June 25th, 2020


A lot has happened in the last few months, and I'm sure it's impacted your life and your job in ways you could have never imagined. Marissa Moravec …

2.2 Every Expert Starts as a Beginner with Brandon Ashe

June 18th, 2020


One thing that is certain is our need to continue growing and developing as professionals even in times of uncertainty. From building your personal brand, pushing through monotony, and finding opportunities outside our …

2.1 Allow Us To Reintroduce Ourselves

June 11th, 2020


Notice anything new around here?  We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to rebrand Becky Talks Parks into Let’s Talk Parks. Now, you might be asking why the rebrand? The short answer is we wanted to make sure you …

1.29 Making The Switch To Remote Working with Dr. Teresa Penbrooke

May 21st, 2020


Have you gotten the hang of remote working yet, or have you made the switch back to the office since quarantine started? This episode was recorded in …

1.28 Stop Holding Yourself Back: Women in Parks and Recreation

April 30th, 2020


This week we look at what it's like to be a woman working in parks and recreation. We explore some of our natural tendencies that don't always serve us, especially when aiming for leadership positions. Join me and …

1.27 Lets Talk Power with Kara Kish

April 24th, 2020


For most of us seeking to advance our career there's no shortage of information available in regards to leadership, management, and team building. While all important there is one topic that is often overlooked in the …

1.26 Keeping Leisure in your Life during Covid-19 w/ Katherine Darcangelis

March 26th, 2020


If you've never heard of What The Rec, you've been missing out!  What The Rec was created by Katherine Dancangelis, who has a passion for Therapeutic …

1.25 Staying Positive in Uncertain Times

March 16th, 2020


The world is changing like we've never seen before. The coronovirus is spreading, and impacting parks and recreation agencies across the country. In this conversation, we have a very raw and uncut discussion about the …

1.24 Creating Your Personal Brand

February 13th, 2020


For all intents and purposes the phrase “Personal Brand” is a fancy way of saying the word “Reputation.” However dressed up as it may be, it does not mask the importance of the term nor the weight that it carries. If …

1.23 Finding Your Voice as a Young Professional

January 30th, 2020


Today’s topic is about finding your voice. I think our generation is more inclined to want their voice to be “heard” than other generations.  We want to make an impact, whether that be on a local level or national …

1.22 Career Questions for the New Year

January 16th, 2020


Thanks for joining us this week!  Anthony Iracki is back, and this episode is all about reflecting back on 2019 and planning for 2020.  We talk about how we utilized our time, and what our goals are for this next year. …

1.21 Programming for Success with Chris Bass

August 14th, 2019


From developing program ideas, evaluating success, and managing teams, there’s so much to know when it comes to recreation programming.  It’s one of the most rewarding elements of a parks and recreation career – to …

1.20 Mistakes I've Made in my Parks and Recreation Career

June 26th, 2019


No one is perfect and it takes a lot of courage to be open and honest about the mistakes you've made. That's why today I'm confessing 6 huge mistakes that I've made throughout my parks and recreation career and what I …

1.19 Rebranding Parks and Recreation with Claire Cox

March 25th, 2019


If you've ever wondered how your parks and recreation agency could strengthen your current brand, or rebrand all together then you've come to the …

1.18 Turning a Program Idea into a Reality with Gabe Castillo

March 12th, 2019


In this episode, Becky speaks with Gabe Castillo who is with the Belvidere Park District in Illinois.  Together they walk through the different stages of finding your program idea from community feedback, to then …

1.17 Navigating Parks and Recreation as a Student with Deona Micheli

March 5th, 2019


 What do you do once you figure out that you want to in parks and Recreation?   This is the question that Deona and I started within this conversation.  Deona reached out to me as a current student in the parks and …

1.16 Future Trends in Recreation Centers with Craig Bouck

March 5th, 2019


 Today Becky has  got a great interview for you!  Becky is talking to Craig Bouck from BRS Associates about future trends in recreation centers, including aquatics, operations, planning, and design. BRS is a planning …

1.15 Trust Me Now, Judge Me Later with Pat O'Toole

March 5th, 2019


 Pat O'Toole Pat brings over 25 years of management planning for parks and recreation agencies and has been leading projects for GreenPlay since …

1.14 Staying Relevant: What does it take? w/ Chris Nunes

March 5th, 2019


Staying Relevant in Parks and Recreation is no easy task.  Technology is moving at a rapid pace.  Trends seem to change daily.  What, then, does it …

1.13 Celebrate Community Milestones! w/ Jason Hendrix

March 5th, 2019


Jason Hendrix is a local government professional with 15 years of government experience and is currently a Community Services Supervisor with the City of Menifee. Jason is extremely passionate about the Parks & …

1.12 Conference Tips for NRPA 2018 and Beyond!

March 5th, 2019


In this episode, Becky gives you a rundown of her top 5 favorite tips for the National Recreation and Parks Association Conference.  Recorded prior …

1.11 Preparing for the Next Generation of Recreation Leaders with Art Thatcher

March 5th, 2019


 A LOT is changing in the world of parks and recreation. Becky had the privledge of sitting down with Arthur Graham Thatcher to talk about the ways the young professionals are changing the face of recreation.   They …

1.10 Engaging the Public: Conservation & Recreation w/ Keri Konold

March 5th, 2019


 Keri Konold joined Becky for another episode on the podcast this week to talk about public engagement in relation to conservation and recreation.  …

1.9 Emerging Trends In Parks & Playgrounds With Dustin Graham

March 5th, 2019


What does the future of parks look like?  What happens when cookie cutter playgrounds get replaced by unique, creative, and imaginative structures?  In this episode, Dustin Graham talks about trends in parks and …

1.8 Starting a Parks and Recreation Department from Scratch with Jay Tryon

March 5th, 2019


Jay Tryon is the Director of Parks & Recreation for the Town of Indian Trail.  This is a fairly new department that was started in 2013. Since its creation Jay led his team to open over 100 acres of parks and …

1.7 Inspiring Pride in Parks & Recreation with Angela Summers

March 5th, 2019


 “We’re gonna help you be somebody.”

Angela is a Recreation Services Manager with the City of Henderson in Nevada.  And during her 20+ year career, she has worked for recreation facilities in California, Hawaii, Japan, …

1.6 Collaborating for Public Health in Parks with Jo Burns

February 22nd, 2019


Welcome back to the podcast, this is episode #8.  Today, we are talking to Jo Burns, the co-founder of the Colorado Public Health/Parks and …

1.5 Let’s Talk Inclusion with Director Melissa Battite

May 8th, 2018


Hey everyone, thanks for tuning in again!  This week I had the opportunity to talk with Melissa Battite (CPRP!), who is the Director at Lexington Recreation and Community Programs in Lexington, Massachusetts.  Melissa …

1.4 Let's Talk Professional Development for Parks & Rec Leaders with Anthony Iracki

May 1st, 2018


Anthony Iracki is a passionate Park and Recreation professional, speaker, podcaster, and author from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Having worked in the field since the age of 16 he is passionate about community engagement, …

1.3 Preparing for Summer with Jayna Lang

April 11th, 2018


Jayna Lang's first job was as a lifeguard at her local pool; she turned that summer job into a lifelong career through parks and recreation. She …

1.2 Creating and Evaluating Recreation Programs Plus Social Media Tactics w/ Renee Raney

April 4th, 2018


Renee Raney loves her job. She is a Parks Operations Supervisor of Events for Cheaha State Park. Each and every day, people travel to the park to participate in the unique programs and activities the park offers. …

1.1 Welcome to the Becky Talks Parks Podcast!

April 4th, 2018


Hello everybody and welcome to the Becky Talks Parks Podcast.  It's so exciting to see this project come to life. For too long, I have thought... where is the conversation for parks and recreation professionals? The …

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