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The term "Jom Pakai IoT" in the Malay Language mean "Let's Do IoT" (English). The Podcast is meant to share the issues, challenges, and tips on how to start your Internet of Things Journey.

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Episode 72: IoT - The Building Block for IR 4 0

July 19th, 2021


IR 4.0 comprised of many technological building blocks. It is made of AI Block, VR/AR Block, Big Data Blocks, Blockchain Block, IoT Block and many …

Episode 70: Realizing Society 5.0 in Relations To Industry 4.0

June 29th, 2021


Realizing Society 5.0 in Relations To Industry 4.0 Webinat at UTMSPACE @ 27 April 2021

Episode 69: IoT & IR 4.0 - Disruptive Era

June 14th, 2021


Invited Talk during Industrial Advisory Panel Virtual visit to UTHM @ 13 June 2021

Episode 67: Smart City Interview with Kamaruzaman Jahidin

May 3rd, 2021


Conversation with Kay Jay, a Solution Architect, IR 4.0 expert and also and industry veteran on topic of Smart City.

Episode 66: IoT & IR 4 0 - Get Ready for Jobs That Don't Exist Yet

April 21st, 2021


“IoT and IR 4.0: Get Ready for Jobs  That Don't Exist Yet”, CPN Productive 2021, MPC Chemical Productivity Nexus, April 20, 2021

Episode 64: IoT in the New Norm

April 13th, 2021


Webinar ICAN Series 1 hosted by UiTM Cawangan Kuala Terengganu April 12, 2021

Episode 63: To IoTise Every Business

April 8th, 2021


Presented during the MTDC Industry 4.0 Techweek - Series 2 April 6, 2021

Episode 62: The Entrepreneurship Journey of Pre and Post Covid-19 - Lessons Learned

March 29th, 2021


Humanizing Innovation @MMU Webinar Series, March 25, 2021.
𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗘𝗻𝘁𝗿𝗲𝗽𝗿𝗲𝗻𝗲𝘂𝗿𝘀𝗵𝗶𝗽 𝗝𝗼𝘂𝗿𝗻𝗲𝘆 𝗼𝗳 𝗣𝗿𝗲 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗣𝗼𝘀𝘁 𝗖𝗼𝘃𝗶𝗱-𝟭𝟵: 𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗟𝗲𝘀𝘀𝗼𝗻𝘀 𝗟𝗲𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗲𝗱, featuring 𝗗𝗿. …

Episode 61: IoT - The Core Technology for IR 4.0 and How It Benefits SMEs

March 26th, 2021


Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) and Chemical Productivity Nexus (CPN) - IoT - The Core Technology for IR 4.0 and How It Benefits SMEs

by Dr. …

Episode 60: IoT Notes Review

December 28th, 2020


A review on the latest eBook which I wrote. You can download it from here -

Episode 59: SeIRAS Digital Twin & IR 4.0

December 13th, 2020


Webinar for Hari Profesion Teknikal Negara 2020 @ 8 Dec. 2020

Episode 58: Ups and Downs of an IoT Entrepreneur

December 2nd, 2020


Webinar UTMXCite - Dec. 1, 2020

This is my personal journey to become and IoT Entrepreneur. The journey before and after building a Startup.

Episode 57: Raqib for Elderly and Pilgrims

October 22nd, 2020


Tech Talk at MIGHT regarding Healthcare 4.0 - How Raqib solution can assist the elderly and pilgrims.

Episode 56: ROAD TO RECOVERY - Business Value And Opportunities for IoT Infrastructure Development (Shorter Version)

October 21st, 2020


The fields of electronics and computer science have combined to create one important technological advance; the Internet of Things (IoT). …

Episode 55: Business Value And Opportunities for IoT Infrastructure Development

September 14th, 2020


Credit to MIGHT:

Webinar Recorded: 10 Sept 2020

ROAD TO RECOVERY [EPISODE 8] - Business Value And Opportunities for IoT Infrastructure Development

The fields of electronics and computer science have combined to create …

Episode 54: IoT Ecosystem in Malaysia

August 26th, 2020


Virtual Forum hosted by JomHack.

The Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem in Malaysia has been steadily growing, and is a crucial component in our push towards IR 4.0. We strongly believe that Malaysia has what it takes …

Episode 53: The Connected World / Reimagining the 21st Century Using IoT

July 25th, 2020


Credit: JustLanggar POPCAST 

Date: 23 July 2020

The internet landscape is growing. It’s not just about computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones …

Episode 52: eTourism Revolution Talks - Innovation Warriors Series

July 22nd, 2020


Credit: World Halal Tourism Exchange Webinar

Innovation Warriors Series

From Blockchain to Emerging Technologies, Internet of Things or Digital …

Episode 51: IR 4.0 and IoT - A New Frontier

July 15th, 2020


Webinar Hosted by: Learninpal | Date: 14 July 2020

Episode 50: Five (5) Main Reasons Telcos Not Interested in Internet of Things (IoT) Business

July 13th, 2020


Most incumbent telcos who have been operating in the cellular space have similar challenges and views. And they are probably right. Here’re my …

Episode 49: How Smart Agriculture Can Benefits Farmers

July 10th, 2020


There are many reasons to implement a smart agriculture solution into commercial and local farming. In a world where the internet of things is …

Episode 48: Smart Tracking

July 5th, 2020


Smart tracking comes in various forms - either to track an individual, family or vehicle. Let's take a look at how this smart tracking will benefit …

Episode 47: Can We Avoid Floods Using Internet of Things?

June 24th, 2020


On December 2014, Malaysia faced one of the worst flood disasters in history. Malaysians faced the dangers of flood every year but still we are unable to provide an early warning system to the public. More than 200,000 …

Episode 46: Eight (8) Practical Guidelines for Startup Entrepreneurs During Tough Times

June 19th, 2020


By now you have probably read all the news on how Covid-19 is impacting the economy – both globally and locally. Some of you may have already felt the pinch, while the others are bracing for the impact to come, or you …

Episode 37: Let's Demo the Power of Internet of Things (IoT)

May 7th, 2020


A demo of Favoriot IoT platform by Dr. Gopinath.

Session moderated by Zura Huzali on May 7, 2020, 10.00am-11.00am

Episode 36: How to Really Harness the Power of IoT

February 7th, 2020


Date: 30 Jan. 2020, Venue: FAVORIOT

Episode 35: The Current State of IoT in Malaysia

January 31st, 2020


What's the trend of IoT in Malaysia? What are the main challenges and achievements? What's the future holds for IoT?

Episode 34: A Precious Tip to Make Your Travel a Real Discovery

January 30th, 2020


  • What’s the best way to allow your children to enjoy and have their freedom in Theme Park and yet able to monitor their safety from remote?

  • How about …

Episode 33: Smart Hajj Using Technology to Help Your Ultimate Journey

January 29th, 2020


How do you manage Millions of pilgrims? The chances you get lost in finding your way back to your accommodation is high when that journey is your first time.

Episode 32: Smart City - Making the Invisible Visible

January 28th, 2020


How do you make a City smart? Are we addressing the right pain points? How do we build the cities through the eyes of the citizens?

Episode 31: RAQIB vs D'SCOVER - Learn How We Pivot Our IoT Business

January 27th, 2020


RAQIB has it's own merits but during our period of engaging with potential customers, we heard a lot of feedbacks. Thus, with these feedbacks, we have now developed a new IoT product called D'scover.

Episode 30: How IoT Can Become Your Travel Companion

January 26th, 2020


Are you are traveller or a tourist? Do you need a companion in a form of technology to help during your adventures? Mazlan Abbas and Zura Huzali will …

Episode 29: Will IoT and IR 4.0 Take Our Jobs?

January 25th, 2020


Since the tools will assist the jobs of many people, do you think one day IoT and IR 4.0 will take away our own jobs?

Episode 28: Overcoming the Challenges of Becoming IR 4.0

January 24th, 2020


What's stopping us from moving faster towards IR 4.0? What are the main challenges? 

Episode 27: Three (3) Things You Need to Know About Robots

January 23rd, 2020


Robots are no longer very futuristic. It's here now. But do you know that there are different kinds of robots depending on how we use them>

Episode 26: Which Era is Our Parking System?

January 22nd, 2020


How advanced is our parking system nowadays? What's the parking system in the Era of Fourth Industrial revolution looks like?

Episode 25: Why Do We Need Construction Revolution 4.0

January 21st, 2020


Industry 4.0 is mainly focused on Manufacturing sector. But what about sectors such as Construction? Actually, all sectors have their own pillars of …

Episode 24: Detecting Potholes Using IoT

January 20th, 2020


We get really irritated and frustrated whenever we see potholes on our roads. But how we do solve this problems using IoT?

Episode 23: Who Do People "Abused" the Word IoT

January 19th, 2020


Since everyone is talking about the word IoT, it has become a problem when the term "IoT" itself has been abused. Sometimes, the projects or …

Episode 22: Hey! What's the Big Deal About IoT?

January 18th, 2020


So... what's the big deal about IoT? Everyone has been talking about this. Do we really need IoT?

Episode 21: Do You Really Trust Your IoT?

January 17th, 2020


Do you trust your lives when using IoT? Do you think people will hack our devices? Do you think the data will be leaked?

Episode 20: The Fourth Leap into the Era of Fourth Industrial Revolution

January 16th, 2020


This is recorded interview with an event organizer - The Fourth Leap discussing on the topics of Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Episode 19: Living in the Era of 4th Industrial Revolution and IoT (TEDx Talk)

January 15th, 2020


This is a recorded version of a TEDx Talk but the content is timeless. 

Episode 18: IoT in Your House

January 14th, 2020


Making your house smarter with technology? How do you monitor your assets from remote?

Episode 17: IoT in the Universities

January 13th, 2020


Jom Pakai IoT sits with Prof. Dr. Borhan from UPM and discuss about the scenario of ioT in the Universities

Episode 16: IOT Platform and IOT Ecosystem

January 12th, 2020


What's the difference between a Platform and an Ecosystem? Both have significant differences. Are you enhancing your platform or growing your IoT Ecosystem.

Episode 15: When Can We Use Drones to Deliver Parcels

January 11th, 2020


We have heard about autonomous cars and recently the much talked topic of flying cars. But how about drones sending parcels to your house?

Episode 14: Do You Think 5G WIll the Killer Network for IoT

January 10th, 2020


Will 5G be the solution to IoT deployment woes? Can IoT survive without 5G?

Episode 13: Do We Need Another National IoT Strategic Roadmap?

January 9th, 2020


We need more than just a roadmap to become an advanced nation. We need to execute the plans stated in the Blueprint.

Episode 12: Why Building IoT Solution is Not That Straightforward

January 8th, 2020


Looks simple but most of the times it's not. There are no sinle companies that can deliver end-to=end solutions. Most likely they will partner. Or …

Episode 11: An Introduction to IoT in Sports

January 7th, 2020


How can we implement IoT in Sports? What are the examples?

Episode 10: IoT as a Business… How do we Start

January 6th, 2020


Many wanted to start their business in IoT but the main question remained - what business is it exactly? How do we identify the business? Which sector makes money?

Episode 9: Monetizing Digital Service - Where’s the Profit?

January 5th, 2020


How do we sustain IoT projects? Where is the money and profit going to come from?

Episode 8: How to Start the IoT Journey

January 4th, 2020


Sometimes the most difficult question is how to take the first step into the IoT world. The solution is not the problem. BUT identifying the real …

Episode 7: IoT Platform - Build vs Buy

January 3rd, 2020


IoT platform - the middleware that sit's in between all the heterogenous devices and the applications. Do we need our own ioT platform or do we just outsource or get someone to manage the platform for us?

Episode 6: Living Smart

January 2nd, 2020


Any better way of living smarter with the intrusion of technology? Let's learn how IoT can make us smarter living our everyday lives.

Episode 5: How IoT Can Detect Corruption

January 1st, 2020


What's the best way to capture any illegal activities? Can we "install" small "agents" and detect the leakages activities?

Episode 4: 2019 IoT Predictions - Reflections

January 1st, 2020


This is the re-broadcast of Jom Pakai IoT predictions for 2019. It was earlier recorded in the early 2019. Let' see whether all the predictions have become a reality or not.

Episode 3: The Business Models of a Smart City

January 1st, 2020


Many Smart Cities implementations failed not because of the technology but because it's unable to sustain. A better business models are required to …

Episode 2: How Startups Can Capitalize on IoT’s Co-Economy

January 1st, 2020


Cooperate or Compete? How can Startup survive when everything is so competitive? The value chain of IoT is quite complex and will be challenging for single company to offer.

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