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(Formerly "I Hate Infinite Jest", "Kill Your Gods")Comedian Jesse Draham and actor/producer Joe Gariffo nitpick and dissect all your favorite nostalgia from the early 2000's. For millennials to relive their youth, boomers to explore how bad their parenting was, and zoomers to learn what they missed … read more

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3 Ninjas! It's TMNT Meets Home Alone Meets Every Other 90s Movie Cliche!

May 30th, 2023


Joey and Jesse discuss the adventures of Rocky, Colt, and Tum Tum in the 3 Ninjas movies franchise, the 90s fascination with ninjas, Hulk Hogan, …

TRL, The Last Hurrah of MTV and Music Videos (Total Request Live)

March 6th, 2023


Its 1999. You rush home from middle school and turn on the TV to catch your buddy Carson Daly and watch TRL! Boybands, nu metal, pop punk, Eminem, …

Groundhog Day (Joey Solo Takeover)

February 2nd, 2023


Joey ran off and recorded his own ep watching an early 90s locally recorded from Philadelphia TV (commericals included) copy of Groundhog Day. Check it out.

Jesse Reviews the 48 Books He Read This Year!

January 7th, 2023


Solo episode, Jesse reviews the 48 books he read this year!

Goosebumps, Teddy Roosevelt, Ender's Game, Dune, and Much more

A Christmas Story with Brad Silnutzer

December 25th, 2022


Joey and Jesse are in the holiday spirit discussing Will Vinton (California Raisins) Christmas, Rugrats Chanukkah Special, Star Wars Holiday Special, …

Thanksgiving! Planes, Trains, & Automobiles!

November 24th, 2022


Joey Jesse and producer Bill take a trip to the kids' table and talk about our favorite thanksgiving specials, food, and the Steve Martin and John …

Ernest Goes to Podcast: The Ernest P. Worrel Appreciation Show

November 17th, 2022


We talk about Jim Varney's legendary character "Ernest P. Worrel" with superfans Jimmy Hughes and Mo Edwards. Follow Jimmy on TikTok at @_justjimmy …

Halloween w/ Bonne Bedingfield

October 30th, 2022


Joey and Jesse are back and joined by Bonne Bedingield (Halloween Wars, @beautifullybakedbybonne ) where we're discussing Halloween! The best …


October 25th, 2022


Jesse and Joey discuss the legacy of Goosebumps; the books, the series, and the films, along with the career of R.L. Stine. We're also joined by producer and gay correspondent Bill Wenham to discuss the recent coming …

Wayne's World

October 5th, 2022


KYG Y2K is back with a video element! Check out the youtube here!

Check out the patreon here!

Simpsons Rankings: Christmas, Characters, Episodes, and More

September 22nd, 2022


Jesse and Joe talk their favirite Simpsons eps, characters, songs, heartwarming moments, and more! Check out the Patreon! We also discuss Apu, representation, new voices, etc.

@jessedraham @JoeGariffo

Interview with Dian Bachar (Baseketball, Orgazmo, South Park)

September 14th, 2022


We've got a HOT guest on the pod today! You may know him as "Choda Boy", you may know him as "Squeak 'Lil Bitch' Scolari", but his name is DIAN …

Adam Sandler: The Early Years

September 8th, 2022


Adam Sandler ruled the 90s. Airheads, Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, SNL, The Wedding Singer...the hits kept coming and he rose to the top of …

Nickelodeon Game Shows (2/2) (Guts, Legends of the Hidden Temple)

September 1st, 2022


Joe and Jesse are back to continue talking about Nickelodeon Game Shows, now covering Guts (Moira Quirk, hubba hubba), Legends of the Hidden Temple (these stupid children can't put together a simple silver monkey!), …

Nickelodeon Game Shows (1/2) (Double Dare, Nick Arcade)

August 25th, 2022


Jesse and Joe review EVERY SINGLE Nickelodeon game show, including Double Dare, Nick Arcade, Wild and Crazy Kids, Guts, and Legends of the Hidden Temple

@jessedraham @joegariffo

The Predator, Prey, Etc.

August 18th, 2022


Jesse and Joe (and Jesse's screaming newborn daughter...sorry, she's gone by the 20 minute mark) discuss the Predator Franchise. From Arnold …

Half Baked (w. Ryan Gibbons)

August 11th, 2022


Jesse and Joey ( #ISHIPJOSSE ) sit down with Jesse's childhood friend to discuss the Dave Chappelle cult classic, Half Baked!

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#emisinnocent : An Adventure in Twitter, Gen Z, MCR, and Teen Shoplifting (w. guest, @sttupidmofo)

August 6th, 2022


Jesse wrote an angry 2am tweet about a confusing hashtag, and found himself knee deep in a movement about innocence, My Chemical Romance, and teen shoplifting. Join me (@jessedraham), Joe (@joegariffo) and guest Emily …

Daniel Stern: The Bushwhacked Wonder Year Wet Bandit Rookie

August 4th, 2022


Jesse and Joe discuss the greatest father figure from the late 80's and early 90's, Daniel Stern! We talk about his breakout role in Diner, the …

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2/2

July 29th, 2022


Jesse and Joe return to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle franchise to discuss the Next Mutation, the various 2000's animations reboots, and the 2014/2016 live action-ish films starring Megan Fox.

@jessedraham @joegariffo

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1/2

July 20th, 2022


Jesse and Joey are back discussing the peak of millennial childhood, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! We discuss the history, the comics, the toys, …

Beavis and Butthead

July 13th, 2022


Hosts Jesse Draham and Joe Gariffo discuss the cultural phenomenon of Mike Judge's Beavis and Butthead. From the original series, the music videos, …

Clerks, Clerks II, Clerks III Trailer

July 7th, 2022


Due to a ton of technical difficulty, we scrapped today's Beavis and Butthead ep and talked about Kevin Smith's soon to be completed trilogy, …

The Butterfly Effect (2004)

June 23rd, 2022


Jesse and new co-host Joe Gariffo discuss the 2004 Ashton Kutcher sci-fi thriller, "The Butterfly Effect". We discuss Joe's long personal history with younger Evan actor, John Patrick Amedori, some of the flaws with the …

Across the Universe (2007) w. Pete Eckenroth

June 16th, 2022


Comedian Pete Eckenroth @peteeck42 joins Jesse to watch the Beatle's jukebox musical film, Across the Universe. They discuss how much they hate …

2000's Comedy w/ Erik Terrell (Stand Up Guys Podcast)

June 9th, 2022


We're talking about the stars and trends of standup comedy circa Y2K with comedian Erik Terrell of the Stand Up Guys Podcast. (He's headling …

SLC Punk!

May 31st, 2022


Jesse had a baby! His wife Perri joins the show to discuss new parenthood, and the 1998 cult classic film, SLC Punk. We discuss Punk, Posers, …

The Black Parade + New My Chemical Romance Song (Foundations of Decay)

May 13th, 2022


Last minute plan change! My Chemical Romance dropped their first song since 2014 tonight, so I scrapped plans and did a review of The Foundations of …

AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) 2/2 w. R. Barnes, C. Shantan, D. Felchie, J. Roser, and C. Botelho

May 6th, 2022


Part 2! We've got more interviews, more A/S/L's, weird lesbian entrapment, cyberbullying, mean crushes, and so much more! With Rachel Barnes, Jeff …

AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) w Jillian Markowitz and Joe Gariffo (1/2)

May 5th, 2022


A/S/L? Screen names. Buddy lists. LMFAO. The history and cultural impact of AOL Instant Messenger had on Millennials, with guests Joe Gariffo and …

American Idol (with Megan Goetz)

April 20th, 2022


America! Millions vote, one wins...who's next? Comedian Meg Goetz (Real Chills Podcast, @meggoetzmoney ) and I discuss the history of American Idol, …

Masculinity, with Sidney Gantt

April 12th, 2022


Comedian Sidney Gantt, aka Sid the Kid (Two Jacked Bros, Matt and Shane's Secret Podcast, Skankfest) joins Jesse to discuss changing definitions of …

Playstation 2 w/ Rob Stant

April 5th, 2022


Comedian Rob Stant joined me to discuss the history and impact of the PS2 on 2000's life. We talked about the best selling games, the all important DVD player, backwards compatibility, and the joys of disappointing …

Juno (2007), w/ Pregnant Wife Perri

March 29th, 2022


Jesse's pregnant wife Perri joins him to discuss Elliot Page's breakout role as pregnant teen Juno. We discuss: the HORRIBLE teen slang in the …

2001 in Music

March 18th, 2022


The podcast is back on a regular schedule and we're going through the music that made 2001 what it was. Featuring: horrible 9/11 anthems, bad pop, …

Game of Thrones Season 7 w/ Wife Perri

March 6th, 2022


Wife Perri guides Jesse through Season 7 of Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones Season 6 w/ Wife Perri

March 6th, 2022


Wife Perri guides Jesse through his first viewing of Season 6.

Game of Thrones Season 5 w/ Wife Perri

March 6th, 2022


Jesse's wife Perri joins him for this discussion on his first watch through of Game of Thrones Season 5. Featuring! Game of Thrones Yo Mama jokes!

Retro TMMT: Watching Someone Die

March 6th, 2022

(I tried uploading this pre-dated, so it'd appear at the front of the feed. It didn't. A lot of good shit is missing. New eps coming soon, wanted to give ya'll something during the wait)

A very special episode of TMMT. …

Backlash, Best/Worst Songs, and Final Thoughts: Emo, Part 3

February 18th, 2022

We're wrapping up our emo series! We discuss the real backlash and violence against emos in Mexico, Russia and Iraq. We do a deep dive into the best …

Fashion, Sexism, and Suicide: Emo, Part 2

February 17th, 2022


We continue our discussion of Emo with an interview with former emo kid, current comedian and musician, Jay Simpson (of the emo band, "Bloody August"). We also discuss the emo fashions, and some of the dark sides …

When We Was Young: Emo, Part 1

February 15th, 2022


Part 1 of 3 talking all about EMO! We discuss: what even is emo? Was it 80s emotional hardcore? Was it midwest proto indie? Or was it eyeliner and whining in North Jersey? We talk the history and the biggest bands in …

Jackass Forever: The Tao of Shopping Carts and Teen Destruction

February 4th, 2022


We do a deep dive into Jackass and it's effects on the national psyche, especially upon people coming of age in the early 2000s.

Top 10 Songs from the Year 2000

January 27th, 2022


Jesse breaks the top songs and albums of the year 2000 and gives his takes. Featuring Britney Spears, Sisqo, Creed, and many more!

Follow along on …

Columbine, School Shootings, Guns, and the Millennium

January 20th, 2022


We do a deep dark dive into Columbine, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, and their effect on American school shootings, gun culture, pop culture, and …

Donnie Darko - Still Holds Up! w/ Rusty Wright

January 11th, 2022


Comedian Rusty Wright (@rusty_jawn Sweet Heat Podcast) rewatched 2001's Donnie Darko with me to discuss time travel, being the smartest kid in …

Van Wilder: Ryan Reynolds First and Only Role (w Andy Lane)

January 5th, 2022


KYG Y2K AKA Why I Aughta kicks off with the 2002 National Lampoon film Van Wilder, with guest Andy Lane. We talk about Tek, Kal Penn coming out of the closet, the trans joke, and other things that didn't age well.

What If John Lennon Lived? Music Alternate History

December 14th, 2021


A trip down the lane of what may have been. What if John Lennon hadn't been shot? Would he have stayed with Yoko Ono? Would The Beatles have …

Songs Inspired By Infinite Jest (Compilation)

November 30th, 2021


I'm taking the week off. Enjoy this compilation of every single song I wrote and recorded for this show's original run of I Hate Infinite Jest

2:45 Eschaton

4:30 Crocodile's Kiss

6:10 We Didn't Start the Pile

8:10 …

Boondock Saints, Kyle Rittenhouse, and Vigilante Love

November 22nd, 2021


Jesse Draham and guest Jeff Roser just happened to be discussing the "aged-pretty-poorly" vigilante film Boondock Saints the same week a famous vigilante got off scot-free. We discuss the movie that didn't age will, in …

Anxiety, Depression, and Panic

November 16th, 2021


Another solo show (Boondock Saints episode next week). Jesse discusses his agoraphobia, his hilarious origin story, and tells the story when Daryl …

Nostalgia: Limp Bizkit, Dead Dads, Teen Years

November 9th, 2021


Jesse goes on a solo rant about dead dads, Limp Bizkit Still sucks, Nu metal, and teenage misery.

Every Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Reviewed (w. Rusty Wright and Dave Primiano) Part 1/2

October 25th, 2021


We got a big one! I sat down with Dave Primiano (Rank Bank) and Rusty Wright (Crappy Club For Jerks, Sweet Heat) to review every single Treehouse of Horror segment from the Simpsons. Please enjoy the mammoth song that …

Dune, Book3, w/ Comedian and Artist Brandon Gorin

October 18th, 2021


Comedian Brandon Gorin joins the cast to wrap up our series on the 1965 Frank Herbert novel, Dune. We discuss how Brandon read the wrong book for research (Children of Dune), how disgusting the Harkonnens are, and …

Dune, Book2C, w/ comedian Donna Shannon

October 12th, 2021


Comedian Donna Shannon joins me to discuss the final third of "Muad'dib", Book 2 of Dune!

Dune, Book 2B, with Bern the Bastard

October 5th, 2021


We're joined by Bern of Bern and the Bastards! Check out their upcoming album (featuring songs about Dune!) on Bandcamp.


Dune, Book 2A, with comedian Casey Kuftic

September 28th, 2021


We cover pages 254-323 of Dune with comedian Casey Kuftic where we discuss spice vs. adrenochrome, drinking your pee and poop, where Captain Planet …

Dune, Book 1C, with Comedian Samantha Padgett

September 21st, 2021


Comedian Samantha Padgett joins the cast to discuss: Dr. Yueh as a mumble rapper, smelly book stores, and whether Bene Gesserits are just kinda slutty?

@samanthaiamantha @jessedraham

Dune, Book1B, with "Reading Dune" Hosts, Evan & Caleb

September 14th, 2021


We're still reading Dune! This week we're joined by Evan & Caleb from @ReadingDune podcast! Pages 99-185

Dune, Book 1A, with Robin Parrish

September 8th, 2021


WE'RE GOING TO ARRAKIS Y'ALL! Comic artist Robin Parrish (@reparrishcomics) joins me to discuss the depths of Frank Herbert's "Dune"! Join us for the next 9 weeks as we read along with the sci-fi classic.

MovieTime! Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone w/ Rob Crews

August 30th, 2021


Comedian/Musician Rob Crews stopped by to discuss the film version of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's / Philosopher's / Ventriliquist's Stone! We discuss the differences between the movie and book, why Rob has never …

Comedians Read: Harry Potter &TS/PS, C.15-17 w/ Dan Clark

August 23rd, 2021


Dan Clark joins the show to wrap up Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone! And Philosopher's Stone! And the Ventriliquist's Stone! We discuss Dan winning a trip to the UK in Harry Potter Trivia, the Olsen Twins are in …

Comedians Read: Harry Potter &TS/PS, C.10-14 w/ Hannah Trav

August 16th, 2021


Comedian Hannah Trav joins Jesse to discuss Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone! Topics include: British Christmas Traditions, what we would see in …

Comedians Read: Harry Potter &TS/PS, C.6-9 w/ Steve Bickel

August 10th, 2021


Comedian Steve Bickel joins Jesse to discuss chapters 6-9 of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Topics include: Jesse can't pronounce Hagrid, the …

Comedians Read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, C.1-5, w/ Meg Goetz

August 2nd, 2021


Our first dive into the sparkly vampires and forced youth battle to the death infested pages of Harry Potter! Jesse is joined by comedian Meg Goetz …

Numbers w. Zach Travis: Comedians Read the Bible

July 26th, 2021


Comedian Zach Travis (@tugboatsim2019) joins Jesse as we wrap up bible month with the book of numbers! We discuss: Israeli's fear giants, wandering the desert for 40 years, the Balaam sidequest, and God just ordering …

Leviticus w. Cecily Alexandria : Comedians Read the Bible

July 19th, 2021


Comedian Cecily Alexandria joins Jesse to discuss the Book of Leviticus! Discussion includes: Women are filthy. Blood Libel. Why you shouldn't eat …

Exodus 2/2 w. Dorian Vasquez: Comedians Read the Bible

July 12th, 2021


Dorian Vasquez is a comedian and has a bachelors in religious studies, and even HE finds this pretty weird. He and Jesse discuss God's fancy ark, …

Exodus 1/2: w. Jeff Roser: Comedians Read the Bible

July 5th, 2021


Comedians Jesse Draham and Jeff Roser read story of Moses in Exodus! We discuss Jeff being the son of a preacher man, being pentecostal, the 10 …

The Sandlot w/ Matt Peoples & John Montague (90's Kids Movies Month)

June 28th, 2021


90s Kids Movies Months comes to an epic conclusion with 1993's classic, "The Sandlot". Jesse is joined by Matt Peoples (@mpeoples23) and John Montague (@montaguecomedy) of the Handsome Idiots podcast. They discuss: …

Little Rascals w/ John Deary (90s Kids Movies Month)

June 22nd, 2021


Kill Your Gods Podcast takes a satirical watch of the 1994 film Little Rascals for 90s Kids Movie Month. Comedians Jesse Draham and John Deary discuss: things we repeated from movies that got us in trouble, the He Man …

Little Giants w/ Jake Mattera (90's Kids Movies Month)

June 14th, 2021


Jesse is joined by comedian Jake Mattera (@JakeMattera) to discuss Little Giants! Topics include: Did Rick Moranis' wife leave him for another woman? Is Ed O'Neill's character merely Al Bundy's first marriage? HOW DID …

Ladybugs - 90's Kids Movies Month w/ Joe Gariffo

June 7th, 2021


Jesse is joined by actor writer and claymation star @JoeGariffo to discuss the confusing offensive and inappropriate 1991 Rodney Dangerfield kids …

Nu Metal #1: Korn, Limp Bizkit, Mudvayne, Mushroomhead w/ Gene Meyer

June 1st, 2021



ARE YOU READY?!?!?!! Our long awaited deep dive into the best and worst of Nu Metal has finally arrived! Comedian/Writer/Grindcore Vocalist (Bandit) Gene Meyer joins Jesse as we discuss Korn's Faget, …

Pop Punk #2 w/ HSNE Podcast (New Found Glory, Yellowcard, Brand New)

May 23rd, 2021


Jesse is joined by Steve and Chris of the HSNE High School Never Ends Podcast, a show about pop punking into fatherhood and your 30's. We discuss in …

The Beatles Suck w Dru Montana

May 17th, 2021


Comedian Dru Montana (@drumontana47) thinks the Beatles are overrated. How can anyone under 30 be the best anything? Jesse makes him listen to some songs to challenge him. It doesn't work.

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Game of Thrones Season 4: Headache Mountain w/ Perri Lerner

May 10th, 2021


Comedian Jesse Draham is watching Game of Thrones for the first time with his fiance, Perri Lerner. Join us for Season 4 to discuss the death of King …

Game Of Thrones Season 3: Jon Snow Goes Down w Perri Lerner

May 6th, 2021


Comedian Jesse Draham watches Game of Thrones Season 3 for the first time with his fiance, Perri Lerner. They discuss the Red Wedding, and Jon Snow being an enlightened lover for the time, performing oral sex. Actually, …

Game of Thrones Season 2 w/ Perri Lerner

May 3rd, 2021


Comedian Jesse Draham and his fiance Perri watch Game of Thrones Season 2. (We're on our honeymoon, so enjoy a couple of episodes we recorded a bit ago.)

I Hate Game Of Thrones S1 (w/ Perri Lerner)

May 2nd, 2021


Jesse is joined by his lovely fiance as he watch Game of Thrones for the very 1st time. He's got a lot of guesses and overall is bored by the whole …

Kafka on the Shore 5/5 w/Seamus Millar Ch. 41-49

April 30th, 2021


This story ends where it began, with comedian Seamus Millar @shamblesmurph . We wrap up Murakami's classic, discussing our interpretations on Nakata and Kafka, reincarnation, and what we were like at 15. If you liked …

Kafka on the Shore 4/5 Ch. 31-40 Namjoon RM BTS

April 26th, 2021


Jesse flies solo for this one. We talk about Murakami's Kafka on the Shore's connection to BTS RM Namjoon (KPop fans are going to hate me), the …

Kafka On The Shore Part 3/5 w/ Dan Ostrov Ch. 21-30

April 19th, 2021


Jesse is joined by comedian Dan Ostrov (sadly not in his hot tub as hoped) to discuss Murakami's Kafka on the Shore. Topics include: Which mascots make the best pimps? Best music to have sex with your mother too? And …

Kafka On The Shore Part 2/5 w/ Drunk Guys Book Club Pod Ch. 11-20

April 12th, 2021


Jesse is joined by the guys at Drunk Guys Book Club Podcast (@drunkguysbc) to discuss Johnnie Walker the Cat Killer, what useless super powers we'd like to have, and hemophilia in relation to circumcision. Check out …

Kafka On The Shore Part 1/5 w/Seamus Millar Ch. 1-10

April 4th, 2021


Comedians Jesse Draham and Seamus Millar dip into Haruki Murakami's classic novel "Kafka on the Shore". Join them as they discuss where they'd run …

Earth Abides w. Geordie Guy

March 28th, 2021


Jesse is joined by Geordie Guy (@GordyPls) to discuss George R. Stewart's 1949 sci-fi post apocalyptic classic, Earth Abides. Topics include: Ish is kind of a jerk, how Earth Abides laid the framework for 90% of modern …

Anime Is Bad w/ Lemaire Lee

March 22nd, 2021


Comedian Lemaire Lee (@LemaireLee) hosts the show FEUD!, where people defend their horrible opinions. He showed up to defend Anime, which Jesse thinks is mostly bad lip voice acting and arm waving. They watched episodes …

Illegal Immigration w/ Che Guerrero

March 15th, 2021


Jesse is joined by comedian Che Guerrero to discuss his experience as an undocumented immigrant from the Dominican Republic as a child. We debunk some famous right-wing talking points and statistics about illegal …

Comedians Read the Bible! Genesis Pt. 2 w/ Neil Wood

March 1st, 2021


Jesse is joined once again for bible study by Neil Wood (@iamneilwood) to finish up the book of Genesis! They discuss sisters/wives, Jacob wrestling …

I Hate The Bible! Genesis Pt. 1 w/ Neil Wood

February 22nd, 2021


Getcha blasphemy, piping hot, like the flames of hell! Guest Neil Wood joins host Jesse Draham for bible study and to give a razzing to the first book of the King James Bible. It's two comics roasting the word of God, …

Crying of Lot 49 Chap. 6 w/ Marlenas McMahon-Purk

February 16th, 2021


Comedian and published McSweeney's author Marlenas McMahon-Purk (@rillitho) joins Jesse for the final chapter of the Crying of Lot 49. We discuss Pynchon as a futurist, the parallels to the Trump presidency, David …

Crying of Lot 49 Chap. 4/5 w/ Liv Lansdale @welivinasociety

February 11th, 2021


Liv Linsdale (blurbslut, @welivinasociety) drops by to discuss Chapters 4 and 5 of the Crying of Lot 49!

@jessedraham @killyourgodspodcast

Feb 18th, Racks Bar and Grille, Williamstown NJ

April 2nd, …

Gamestop Stock Market Saga w/ Rusty Wright & Larry West

February 8th, 2021


Diamond Hands? Ape? HOLD?!?! In late January/early February 2020, a bunch of lunatic on the subreddit r/wallstreetbets took on the billionaire hedgefunds Citron and Melvin, and WON! Or did they?...

I brought on stock …

Crying of Lot 49 Chap. 3 w/ Matt Markwood

February 1st, 2021


Matt Markwood joins us as we discuss Oedipa Maas' Trystero obsession, the Courier's Tragedy, and the correlation of mass communication to dating. Find him on Twitter @WehttamDoowkram and check out the subreddits …

Crying of Lot 49 Chap. 1&2 w/ Seamus Millar

January 25th, 2021


Comedian Seamus Millar ( @shamblesmurph, @a_cool_million) joins Jesse to discuss Chapters 1 and 2 and Thomas Pynchon's the Crying of Lot 49! Jesse …

QAnon w/ Mike Rains

January 18th, 2021


Mike Rains (@pokerpolitics) helps run QAnon Casualties on Reddit, a support group for those who have lost their friends and family to the QAnon …

Dead Gods: MF Doom & Children of Bodom (w/ Rusty Wright)

January 14th, 2021


Jesse lost an idol this week with the death of heavy metal band "Children of Bodom's" Alexi Laiho. Comedian Rusty Wright lost an idol in rapper MF …

Pop Punk #1 w/ Joe Gariffo (Blink 182, Mest, Simple Plan)

January 11th, 2021


Jesse is joined by actor, claymation guru, and all around pop punk music fan Joe Gariffo (@joegariffo @claynationshow) to discuss Simple Plan, Mest, and Blink 182. We discuss the creepiness of grown men still writing …

Napoleon Dynamite w/ Aaron Bell

January 3rd, 2021


Comedian Aaron Bell (@aaronbellcomedy DarkSkinGumbel) joins me to make fun of Napoleon Dynamite, discuss what we'd do with a time machine, and …

IHIJ The End! p. 1-31 w/ Dan Ostrov and Steve Clark

December 28th, 2020


I Hate Infinite Jest. The final episode of I Hate Infinite Jest! Original guests Dan Ostrov and Steve Clark (@steveclarkhello) join Jesse to dissect …

IHIJ 32: 938-981 w/ Tim Eastwood

December 22nd, 2020


I Hate Infinite Jest. It's the ending of the book but NOT the last IJ episode. We finish it up with Infinite Jest super fan and super theorizer Tim Eastwood (@comes_atime) to discuss...who is the books narrator? Who was …

IHIJ 31: p.906-938 w/ Molly Mary O'Brien and Chris Wade (Chapo Traphouse)

December 14th, 2020


I Hate Infinite Jest. This week Jesse is joined by the hosts of Infinite Cast, Molly Mary O'Brien and Chris Wade (producer of Chapo Traphouse). We do …

IHIJ 30: p.876-906 w/ Josh Anish

December 7th, 2020


I Hate Infinite Jest. Jesse is joined by Josh Anish of "Should You Read Before You Die?" podcast! Josh loves DFW, BUT thinks Infinite Jest is …

IHIJ 29: p. 845-876 w/ Max Bruno

December 1st, 2020


I Hate Infinite Jest. Comedian Max Bruno  joins Jesse to discuss the 3rd Eye, the importance of sweat, ruined sex dreams, and perspective.

Find him @MaxHBruno and check out his short film "The Smoots" linked below!

IHIJ 28: p.808-845 "Enter the Wraith" w/ Paul Deichmann

November 23rd, 2020


I Hate Infinite Jest. Paul Deichmann of The Offer Podcast returns! Check out his stuff on @pauldeichmann and He and Jesse discuss …

IHIJ 27: p. 774-808 w/ Perri Lerner

November 16th, 2020


I Hate Infinite Jest. Jesse's fiance Perri joins the podcast to discuss bad role models, different types of love, and how DFW and IJ are really like …

IHIJ 26: "Jesse has a Meltdown" p. 747-774

November 9th, 2020


I Hate Infinite Jest. Jesse is joined by nobody, because his scummy guest no-showed and then blocked him. Jesse discusses the scummy guest who no-showed and then blocked him, problems with nerds and victim mentalities, …

IHIJ 25 p.714-747 w/ Dave Laird (Great Concavity Podcast)

November 2nd, 2020


I Hate Infinite Jest. Jesse is joined by Dave Laird of the Great Concavity podcast! They discuss the AFR in Footnote 304, minority representation in IJ, Incandenza family dynamics, and that lovable scumbag Randy Lenz.

IHIJ 24 p. 682-716 w/ Jeff Anderson "One Tough Nun"

October 26th, 2020


I Hate Infinite Jest. Jesse is joined by Jeff Anderson (@TallJefe) to discuss the abuse of Da Pemulis, genital nicknames, LitMoms, and more! Also, …

IHIJ Footnote 3: Big Red Son w/ comedian Rusty Wright

October 23rd, 2020


I Hate Infinite Jest. Jesse is joined by comedian Rusty Wright of the Sweet Heat Podcast! They discuss David Foster Wallace's review of the 98 AVN …

IHIJ 23 p.652-682 w/ Hannah Smart (author/musician)

October 19th, 2020


I Hate Infinite Jest. Jesse is joined by musician and short fiction author, Hannah Smart! They discuss Hal and Stice's tennis match, prog rock operas, how David Foster Wallace IS Metallica, Catcher in the Rye, and Avril …

IHIJ 22 p.620-651 w/ comedian Adam Conrad

October 12th, 2020


I Hate Infinite Jest. Jesse is joined by comedian Adam Conrad (@spookydoods) to discuss genital mourning, annular storytelling, and his quest to …

IHIJ 21: p.593-619 w/ REParrishComics "Gately's Parking Lot Brawl"

October 5th, 2020


I Hate Infinite Jest. Robin Parrish (@reparrishcomics) rejoins the podcast to discuss the epic showdown between Don Gately and three Canucks in …

IHIJ 20: p.563-593 w. David C. Jensen (@InfiniteJensen)

September 28th, 2020


I Hate Infinite Jest. Jesse is joined by artist David C. Jensen. David is a sketch artist and has a prolific amount of IJ scenes he's committed to …

IHIJ 19: p.531-562 w/ Paul Deichmann

September 21st, 2020


I Hate Infinite Jest. Easily our most entertaining episode to date. Jesse is joined by improvver and podcaster Paul Deichmann! They discuss how …

IHIJ 18: p. 503-530 w/ comedian Josh Gondelman

September 14th, 2020


I Hate Infinite Jest. Jesse is joined by comedian Josh Gondelman (Writer @ Desus and Mero, formerly for Last Week Tonight) to discuss depression, perspective, and the real-life Boston counterparts to the books settings.

IHIJ 17: p.470-503 "Quebecois Holocaust" w/ UK Podcaster Josh Kaluba

September 7th, 2020


I Hate Infinite Jest. Jesse is joined by podcaster (Minority Arts Appreciation Society) Josh Kaluba to discuss boredom, the cartoonishness of IJ, and the importance of unnecessary details.

Check out Josh on the Minority …

IHIJ 16: p. 442-469 "Addiction AA" w/ Steve Clark

August 31st, 2020


I Hate Infinite Jest. Episode 2 alum, storyteller, and Alcoholics Anonymous expert Steve Clark returns to discuss the intricacies of "higher power" …

IHIJ 15: p.410-442 with author James McAdams

August 24th, 2020


I Hate Infinite Jest. Author James McAdams (Ambushing the Void) joins Jesse to discuss the 90s, the nature of television broadcasting laws, and our unfortunate Ayn Rand phases.

@jessedraham @diamondjoequim

IHIJ 14: p. 375-410 "O.N.A.N." with Josh Brown

August 17th, 2020


I Hate Infinite Jest. Jesse is joined by Infinite Jest super fan Josh Brown!  They discuss Mario's puppet movie, biblical references (O.N.A.N.!), Lyle the sweat guru, and sad umbilical cord stories.

@jessedraham …

IHIJ 13: p. 343-375 "Boston AA" with Composer Ryan Galik

August 10th, 2020


I Hate Infinite Jest. Composer and music teacher Ryan Galik joins Jesse to discuss his IJ DFW inspired winds composition, "Felo de Se", AA, the wisdom of the Crocodiles, and hubris of knowledge.  They also discuss the …

IHIJ 12: p.321-343 "ESCHATON!!!" with Author Reece LeResche

August 3rd, 2020


I Hate Infinite Jest. Jesse is joined by Reece LeResche, author of "God's Unwanted Child" to discuss Eschaton, the complexity of DFW's writing, …

IHIJ Footnote 2: Consider the Lobster with Neil Wood

July 30th, 2020


I Hate Infinite Jest. Jesse is joined by comedian and podcaster Neil Wood, host of the Nerds with Words Podcast.  We discuss the pros and cons of cannibalism, the horror of tourists, and the unabated anguished screams …

IHIJ 11: p.299-321 with Stevie McFly

July 27th, 2020


I Hate Infinite Jest. Jesse is joined by writer/musician Stevie McFly (steviexmcfly) .  We discuss DFW's depiction of black characters, heroin withdrawal, the grotesque appearance of Mario Incandenza, and breadcrumb …

IHIJ 10: p. 270-299 with Charlotte Mark

July 19th, 2020


I Hate Infinite Jest. Jesse is joined by Charlotte Mark (@charlottejmark on Instagram) to discuss wanting to murder Geoffrey Day, the usefulness of …

IHIJ 9: p. 242-270 with Robin Parrish

July 13th, 2020


I Hate Infinite Jest. Today Jesse is joined by cartoonist Robin Parrish.  She's a big time DFW fan who's gonna school Jesse on what a dumb-dumb he …

IHIJ Footnote 1: This is Water with Perri Lerner

July 6th, 2020


I Hate Infinite Jest. Happy Interdependence Day! "Footnotes" is the first in our side series of DFW's other works.  Starting with This is Water with guest Perri Lerner (activist, writer, Jesse's girlfriend).  We listen …

IHIJ 8: p.211-242 with Dalton Pruitt

June 29th, 2020


I Hate Infinite Jest. Jesse is joined by comedian Dalton Pruitt of the Loud Boys Podcast to discuss hallucinogenic drugs, prog rock, and the …

IHIJ 7: p.181-211 with Kevin Hufe

June 22nd, 2020


I Hate Infinite Jest. Jesse is joined by comedian Kevin Hufe (Lil St. Podcast Island, about Madame Psychosis, the layout of the Ennet House complex, and the things you learn in rehab.  They also …

IHIJ 6: p. 151-181 with Cousin Frank

June 15th, 2020


I Hate Infinite Jest. Jesse's Cousin Frank (a well-read, well-educated man of both the arts and the law) joins the podcast to discuss genius worship, the influence of class on art appreciation, Mary Karr, James …

IHIJ 5: p. 121-151 with comedian Ben Pernick

June 8th, 2020


I Hate Infinite Jest. Comedian Ben Pernick (@benpernick on all the stuff) joins Jesse Draham to discuss fun times with bricks and pulleys, artificial …

IHIJ 4: p. 95-121 with Venn Melcer

June 3rd, 2020


I Hate Infinite Jest. IJ DFW SF!!! (superfan) Venn Melcer joins host Jesse Draham to discuss pages 95-121 of Infinite Jest!  Topics include sweaty tennis boys chatting, historical romance lies, the true nature of …

IHIJ 3: p. 60-95 with Kattoo King

May 24th, 2020


I Hate Infinite Jest. Comedian Kattoo King joins host Jesse Draham as they discuss pages 60-95 of Infinite Jest and the books fans in general.  ALSO!  Jesse listened to DFW's "This is Water" and LOVED it!  Can the …

IHIJ 2: p. 33-60 with Steve Clark

May 19th, 2020


I Hate Infinite Jest. Comedian/StoryTeller/DFWSuperFan Steve Clark joins comedian Jesse Draham to discuss pages 33-60 of Infinite Jest!  Featuring!  Talks of addiction!  The introduction of Don Gately!  And also three …

IHIJ 1: p. 1-33 with Dan Ostrov

May 11th, 2020


I Hate Infinite Jest. Our first installment of reading the book everyone claims they'll get to eventually!  Host Jesse Draham and guest Dan Ostrov discuss pages 1-33 of Infinite Jest.  A begrudging book club.

I Hate Infinite Jest Prologue - I Am In Here.

May 1st, 2020


"Why would you start a podcast about a book you hate?"


Why indeed.  Join host Jesse Draham on this begrudging book club as he explains why he's …

Magical Misery Tour 62 - Coronavirus

March 31st, 2020


Retro Reload - Coronavirus Magical Misery Tour w/ Neil Wood.

Magical Misery Tour 61 - Grandma Movies

March 30th, 2020


Retro Reload - Magical Misery Tour w/ Neil Wood

Magical Misery Tour 60 - Matt Hyams

March 29th, 2020


Magical Misery Tour Podcast 60 - Matt Hyams

Magical Misery Tour 59 - Peggy O'Leary

March 28th, 2020


Comedian Peggy O'Leary from Lovable Monsters

Magical Misery Tour 57 - Why You Should Quit Comedy

March 26th, 2020


Magical Misery Tour 57 - Why You Should Quit Comedy

Magical Misery Tour 55 - Brandon Mitchell "Alt Black"

March 24th, 2020


Magical Misery Tour 55 - Brandon Mitchell "Alt Black"

Magical Misery Tour 54 - Pete Eckenrothe "Triton HS Football Rules"

March 23rd, 2020


Magical Misery Tour 54 - Pete Eckenrothe "Triton HS Football Rules"

Magical Misery Tour 53 - Paddy Brooke & Eddie Verzella

March 22nd, 2020


Magical Misery Tour 53 - Paddy Brooke & Eddie Verzella

Magical Misery Tour 52 - John Deary: "Comedy Wars: Cuckception"

March 21st, 2020


Magical Misery Tour 52 - John Deary: "Comedy Wars: Cuckception"

Magical Misery Tour 51 - Evolving w/ Cory Kastle

March 20th, 2020


Magical Misery Tour 51 - Evolving w/ Cory Kastle

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