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Stepping out beyond boundaries takes courage and the ability to dream. We are excited to share our new audio podcast called Kut2thaChase. The structure of this podcast embodies open dialog with friends, family, and professional colleagues talking about reality and things that impact our means to thr… read more

146 Episodes | 2020 - 2023

Becoming a Visionary: Making a Difference to Cancel Blood Cancer

May 7th, 2023


In this episode of Becoming a Visionary, we meet Alhashmin Muri, a passionate Physician Assistant who is on a mission to cancel blood cancer. Al believes that everyone deserves the chance to live a healthy and happy …

E145 - Hitting Rock Bottom

September 17th, 2021


He is a stranger among thousands of people you may encounter throughout your lifetime.  But those who have had the privilege to meet with him …

E144 - My Style, My Values

July 28th, 2021


Today, our featured guest is an independent science communicator with a background in science, technology, and culture. She has ten years of …

E143 - Hack My Way Back to Happiness

July 21st, 2021


Today, our featured guest is a proud single parent, TEDx speaker and coach, life and divorce coach, and author.

She is a graduate of UBC and Western …

E142 - Struggle, Strength & Success

July 14th, 2021


Today, our featured guest is a public speaker, professional writer, columnist, bestseller author, creative consultant, ex-NFL wife, and business …

E141 - Awareness vs Blindness

July 7th, 2021


Today, our featured guest is a strategic mentor, podcaster, speaker, and a surfer.
As a lifelong surfer, he grew up on the coast of New Jersey. He allowed his love for water to lead him to experience living on the coasts …

E140 - Your Life, Your Fight

July 1st, 2021


Today, our featured guest is a best-selling author, speaker, and health advocate.

To anyone facing a deadly diagnosis, to those caring for a loved …

E139 - Who R U?

June 24th, 2021


Today, our featured guest is an enthusiastic, persistent, and creative problem solver who wants to help the world. She loves working in entertainment …

E138 - Defy the Odds

June 17th, 2021


Today, our featured guest has a degree in Psychology, and also she is currently an Art, Project, and Talent Manager for a local artist.  For a …

E137 - Who Knew

June 9th, 2021


She has uses her voice as a source of support, positivity, and strength to encourage those who are struggling with mental health, paving the way to remove the stigma behind mental health conversations for all.

Our …

E136 - When U Lose Everything

May 31st, 2021


Today, our featured guest has spent 10 years working and thriving in the field of Art education. After winning the 2016 Maryland Art Education Association Elementary Teacher of the Year Award for the state's highest …

E135 - Let Me Introduce Myself Again

May 27th, 2021


Today, our featured guest is an American soul-pop, rock, and R&B artist, originally from Seattle, WA.

Classically trained, she has been praised …

E134 -The Experience Wrap Up

May 26th, 2021


Today, our featured guests:

Antoinette "Toiné" Houston is a Chicago native, who gained her passion and love for entertainment and technology at the …

E133 - Traveling With T

May 25th, 2021


LaTonya and Gregory explore her passion to develop a traveling blog /planning company geared towards helping those who struggle to plan their own vacation.

She is a native of Jackson, MS but currently resides in …

E132 - One Person Can Make A Difference

May 20th, 2021


Our featured guest is a Meteorologist and was on TV for many years as a Chief Weather Anchor and has done guest spots for The Weather Channel, …

E131 - Journey to Success

May 12th, 2021


Today, our featured guest was an Ex-Police Officer for over six years in London, UK.

Since leaving the force, she has traveled worldwide, working …

E130 - Never Practice Life

May 12th, 2021


Today, our featured guest is a Life Coach that was born in Jamaica and migrated to the United States when she was a teenager.

After experiencing …

E129 - Is This Really Me?

May 11th, 2021


Today, our featured guest is a lifestyle design coach who teaches high achievers how to leverage their individuality to live their truly desired …

E128 - What Are You Carrying In Your Heart?

May 11th, 2021


Today, our featured guest is a transformational facilitator, teacher, space-holder, coach, author, yoga instructor, retreat leader, and movement …

E127 - Life Is Not A Dress Rehearsal

May 10th, 2021


Today, our featured guest is a renowned and respected high performance, property, and business success coach.

As a successful business investor, …

E126 - Putting Everything On The Line

May 10th, 2021


Today, our featured guest is an entrepreneur, biochemist, and anti-aging industry disruptor.

Her holistic skincare brand, Qyral, is the culmination …

E125 - Criticism, Life Is Too Short

May 9th, 2021


Today, our featured guest a 54-year-old bodybuilder, personal trainer, and fitness influencer.

She worked 20 years on the floor before moving her …

E124 - Finding a Balance for Equal Partners

May 9th, 2021


Today, our featured guest is an incredibly talented international speaker, serial entrepreneur, artist, philanthropist, and mother of 2 kids. She is also the Co-founder of Mindvalley and the author of a transformational …

E123 - A Bucket Full of Stories

May 8th, 2021


Today, our featured guest is an art witch, a teacher, and a traveler.

As an artist witch, she dreams of dashing through moss-consumed forests, …

E122 - Just Sonia

May 8th, 2021


Today, our featured guest is a Poet and Performer fascinated with perceptions of time, history, dreams, psychology and the metaphysical.

She was an …

E121 - Where Are The Good Men?

May 7th, 2021


Today, our featured guest is the best-selling author of the LifeCraft book series, producer of the companion Making A Masterpiece of Your Life audio …

E120 - Who Is Stopping You

May 7th, 2021


Today, our featured guest is an inspirational speaker and coach whose achievements in business and adventure have inspired 1000s of leaders worldwide …

E119 - Tap Into Your Power

May 6th, 2021


Today, our featured guest is a spiritual activist known as The Hungry Medium.  She uses her mediumship to help others find direction, clarity, and …

E118 - TITOV

May 6th, 2021


Today, our featured guest is a fashion designer, Founder & Creative Director of TITOV, born in Boston, raised in Moscow, and consulted in Los …

E117 - Just Be Quiet

May 5th, 2021


Today, our featured guest is executive human resources and organization development professional in both non-profit and Fortune 100 organizations.

Before her entrepreneurial venture, she worked as a senior-level human …

E116 - If You Need A Friend, Buy Ice Cream

May 5th, 2021


Today, our featured guest is an internationally recognized expert on Leadership, Law Enforcement, and Security. He holds a master's degree in …

E115 - Wrongful Doing

May 4th, 2021


Today, our featured guest is a writer, speaker, and online teacher based in Alaska with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a master’s degree in …

E114 - Eyebrow Raising Conversation

May 4th, 2021


Today, our featured guest is an Austin, Texas native who is the host of Dragging the Line Podcast.

He is a firm believer that everything that has happened to him growing up has eventually led him to share his …

E113 - Going Against Family Code

May 3rd, 2021


Today, our featured guest is a Transformational Speaker, and Author of the book "The Prescription is in the Dirt," where she looks to empower others …

E112 - I'm Everything

May 3rd, 2021


Today, our featured guest, a resident of the Bay Area, San Jose, California, is a motivational speaker that serves as an inspirational leader in higher education.

She earned her master’s degree from the University of …

E111 - Fearless

May 2nd, 2021


Today, our featured guest serves as an advisor and growth strategist to several cutting-edge marketing and analytics technology and services firms …

E110 - My Story

May 2nd, 2021


Today, our featured guest is an award-winning author and sought-after empowerment advocate and influencer whose life journey took her from a legacy …

E109 - Honest Communication

May 1st, 2021


Today, our featured guest is the author of the best-selling Harper Collins book, "Dump 'Em: How to Break up With Anyone from Your Best Friend to Your …

E108 - Superpower

April 30th, 2021


Today, our featured guest is a Limitless Success Transition Coach.

She comes from a diverse background and having built an accomplished International Sales career of almost a decade - closing upwards of $5m in …

E107 - Happiness & Success On Your Terms

April 29th, 2021


Today, our featured guest is an executive and career coach, speaker, and best-selling author of Winning the Game of Work: Career Happiness and Success on Your Own Terms.

She is also the CEO of Terry B. McDougall …

E106 - Mindset?

April 28th, 2021


Today, our featured guest is a brain health coach and mental performance trainer and Founder of the Better Brain Academy.

She helps people improve their lives by blending leading-edge neuroscience, brain health, and …

E105 - Fuel To Fire

April 28th, 2021


As a mindset coach, author, TV show host of ‘The MOX Life Show, and seasoned entrepreneur for 25+ years., our featured guest assists ambitious professionals to unlock their potential by replacing their subconscious …

E104 - F* The Rules

April 28th, 2021


Our Featured Guest today is the founder and designer of AMANDA PEARL, a New York City-based luxury accessories company that offers sustainable jewelry and handmade-in-Italy evening bags.

AMANDA PEARL produces in small …

E91 - Starting Over

April 27th, 2021


Today, our special guest has lived and worked in Virginia all her life and has always had a passion for marketing, starting at a very young age. She is the proud mom to three exceptional children and the owner/founder …

E103 - Stand Up For The Girls Club

April 26th, 2021


Our featured guest today is a funny, passionate, and insightful stand-up comedian and activist.

Her comedy covers relatable topics like parents and …

E102 - I Did It My Way

April 23rd, 2021


Today, our featured guest is a musician formerly known as Tha Madd Scientist; he began his deejay career as a turntablist. After performing at …

E101 - Jack Of All Trades

April 21st, 2021


Today, our featured guest is an experienced content creator, marketer, host, and producer with a demonstrated history of working in the entertainment industry. She is a strong entrepreneurship professional with a …

E100 - The Wisdom Whisper

April 16th, 2021


Our featured guest is a smart-mouthed, heart-focused sales and personal branding expert with over 10 years of professional sales experience on a mission to change the way we sell to one another. By teaching others how …

E99 - Discrimination Hinders Change

April 14th, 2021


Our featured guest today is a social program developer, and the author of the book "The Future of Palestine: How Discrimination Hinders Change”.

She was born and raised in a conservative Palestinian society, she learned …

E98 - Mompreneur of Science

April 13th, 2021


Our featured guest today is a Bangladeshi - American medical doctor and surgeon who grew up as an inner New York City immigrant kid. She currently owns her own agency and manages teams out of Tampa, Florida but works …

E97 - The Accessible Way

April 12th, 2021


Our featured guest today is Owner, Mindful Art Facilitator and Trainer at Mindful Creative Muse.

She has always had a strong interest in cultivating …

E96 - Aspiring Humans

April 11th, 2021


Our special guest today has spent her entire corporate career as a business leader in fashion retail working for some of the top specialty fashion brands in the retail world. She has a track record of delivering …

E95 - How We Make Decisions

April 10th, 2021


Our featured guest today is a Decision Science Consultant, Teacher, and Best-Selling Author who helps people get real, move forward, and minimize …

E94 - Infertility Doula

April 9th, 2021


Everyone’s journey through the world of fertility looks different, but we can all agree on one thing: attempting to conceive is not always as fun as it sounds. While you are jumping hurdle after hurdle of blood tests …

E93 - Opening The Door

April 8th, 2021


Our special guest today is a Jane of many trades whose career spans across Entertainment and Technology.

A Chicago native, she is an American …

E92 - The Wildcard

April 7th, 2021


Our special guest today has made a career offering stories as a service. She helps leaders craft their stories to communicate and connect better through concise and compelling ghostwritten social media posts.

She also …

E90 - Building Brands For People To Remember

April 5th, 2021


Our special guest today is a God-fearing servant, award winning publicist, and business owner. She is known by some as a former athlete but known to most as one of the best publicists in the city, she continues to make …

E89 - No Excuse

April 2nd, 2021


Our special guest today is a a former Army Officer who flips adversity on its tail, a Chicago native, Disabled Army Veteran, Cancer Survivor, Veteran and Disability Advocate, and Speaker who gave over 17 years of …

E88 - Life Is Tough, But So Are You

April 2nd, 2021


Our special guest today was born in the heart of Mexico, Mexico City. Her mother alone immigrated with her and her two older siblings when she was …

E87 - Perseverance

April 1st, 2021


Today, our special guest is the CEO and Founder of Agility Leadership Group, LLC, a company that helps companies, organizations, and entrepreneurial firms develop leadership teams and strategies that create longevity …

E86 - Courage

March 31st, 2021


Our special guest today is the CEO of Accelity, a Milwaukee-based agency that helps software-as-a-service (SaaS) start-ups get to revenue and grow faster, and a co-founder of Women’s Entrepreneurship Week.

She is highly …

E85 - I'm Rooting For You

March 30th, 2021


Our special guest today grew up in a small town in Southern CA with humble beginnings.

After graduating high school, she decided to join the Navy. …

E84 - Take Action

March 29th, 2021


Our special guest today has a BA in Clinical Psychology, and she is working on her MBA with a concentration in project management.

She currently …

E83 - Play It Forward

March 28th, 2021


Our special guest today is a native San Diego, and he is a recent college graduate. He graduated in the early stages of the pandemic in May of 2020 …

E82 - Where To Start

March 28th, 2021


Today, our special guest is a business consultant, motivational speaker, business strategist, life coach, and professional tennis coach.

His career …

E81 - Let Love In

March 27th, 2021


Today, our special guest is a love and relationship coach, intuitive healer, heart-centered artist, people connector, and lover of nature.

Growing up in a divided home requiring the management of a variety of complex …

E80 - It's Personal

March 26th, 2021


Our special guest today is born and raised in the Greater Seattle area. She went to the University of Washington with a degree in Business. She did …

E79 - On A Mission To Be The Change

March 25th, 2021


Today, our special guest is the CEO/Founder of Enchanted Hearts Alzheimer's and Dementia Association. She trains memory care professionals and caregivers to care for individuals with Alzheimer's. She is the CEO/Founder …

E78 - Ask Dr. Pat

March 24th, 2021


Today, our special guest is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, Coach, Chiropractor, Speaker, and Author of the Bestseller WHY... Are You Sick, Fat, and Tired? Published in December 2019.

She has helped …

E77 - The Transition

March 23rd, 2021


Our special guest is an Interior Electrician that served 20 years in the US Air Force in Law Enforcement and the last 12 years in Recruiting. 

He currently works as a Global Lead Technical Recruiter for Lockheed Martin. …

E76 - Your Comfort Is An Enemy To Your Destiny

March 21st, 2021


Today, our special guest was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, the youngest of (5) children.

He attended and graduated from the Atlanta Public …

E75 - All Of Your Energy Is Going To Your Mouth

March 18th, 2021


Shonda and Gregory explore her 2018 book release entitled, "All of Your Energy is Going to Your Mouth." A self-documentary of the fastest-growing energy thieves of the 21st century - Unproductive conversations.

Our …

E74 - I Write, I Chalk & I Take Pictures

March 17th, 2021


Julie and Gregory discuss her passion for social justice and purpose are common threads even when she talks with people and selects projects. Her …

E73 - Changing Bad Habits

March 15th, 2021


Mirvat and Gregory explore the conversation of changing bad habits. Regardless of how long it takes, tackling bad habits and replacing them with good ones is essential for you to live your best life. Bad habits can keep …

E72 - Reset

March 13th, 2021


Bibinaz & Gregory discuss how to reset; your life doesn't have to remain on the same trajectory that it is today. Long we've overextended ourselves, and it's time to take whatever steps are necessary to start fresh. 

E71 - Your Success Hinges On Core Values

March 12th, 2021


Greg and Gregory explore the perception of how your success hinges on core values. 

Our special guest is an innovative visionary with a passion for helping others define and achieve success; he genuinely believes that …

E70 - Family Are Your Roots

March 12th, 2021


Patricia & Gregory discuss overcoming adversity, setbacks, broken dreams and the importance of family. 

Today, our special guest is Patricia Klein, who has worked in the real estate industry for over 15 years. …

E69 - Let's Get Your Sh*t Together

March 10th, 2021


Our special guest today is Adriana Bucci, she is a life coach based in Toronto, Canada. She empowers her clients worldwide to heal from narcissistic abuse, emotional and mental abuse, toxic family dynamics, and the …

E68 - You're Not Alone

March 5th, 2021


Today, our special guest is Natalie Renee Kirk; she is an influencer and a experienced actress with a demonstrated history of working in the entertainment industry. She is skilled in Youth Development, Teaching, Public …

E67 - Leave It All Behind

March 3rd, 2021


Kelly and Gregory explore how he was born and raised in one of Chicago’s poorest and most violent neighborhoods. His family moved from there into a …

E66 - The Lover, E-Commerce

February 18th, 2021


Vonleshia and Gregory explore her love for eCommerce. This episode provides insight regarding setbacks and resetting expectations when you lose everything. Our featured guest Vonleshia Davidson has worked on creative …

E65 - Bring It Home

February 9th, 2021


For the first time in the history of Kut2thachase we have a father and daughter team; the talented Reena Friedman Watts and her father Wayne Friedman from the famous podcast, Better Call Daddy.  Reena, Wayne and Gregory …

E64 - Amplify Your Voice, Manifest That Shit

February 4th, 2021


Melanie and Gregory discuss how to take your gift, your voice and share it with the world.

Our special guest today is Melanie Spring.  She is a brand storyteller, international keynote speaker, and speaker trainer. She …

E63 - Sleep

January 30th, 2021


Dr. Meeta Singh and Gregory discuss why sleep is often not taken too seriously by many people.  Even half the people who know they have a real sleeping disorder, like sleep apnea, still refuse to help themselves. …

E62 - The Struggle

January 28th, 2021


Amy and Gregory discuss and explore her background in the mortgage industry. Her experience ranges from managing a sales team as an in-house lender for a large real estate firm to opening a new branch for a national …

E61 - Never Give Up

January 26th, 2021


Zee and Gregory discuss her determination and willingness to Never Give Up.  Our special guest today is Zee Nkosi, a South African creative & social entrepreneur. Zee is a broadcasting graduate with over five years' …

E60 - Unhappy

January 23rd, 2021


As business owners, obstacles are something we face every day, and we’ve all found our different ways of dealing with them.  Kim & Gregory …

E59 - Regroup

January 20th, 2021


As we look deep into our special guest Courtney Harring, we find she has been creating medical practices for several years. She has created 40+ practices, with her current project being the creation and operation of the …

E58 - Tag Team

January 15th, 2021


Lety, Joe, and Gregory discuss the husband-and-wife team passionate about what they do and are driven to learn and improve continuously. Together they bring unique skill sets that include leading groups, training and …

E57 - I Saw The Light

January 14th, 2021


As we look deep into our special guest Kathy Johanson, we find she is an experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry, medical device, property …

E56 - Our Alternate Ego

January 12th, 2021


Nina and Gregory discuss how having an alternate ego can bring forth much needed laughter and joy.   Nina better known as Lil’ Frijolita is the …

E55 - Max Out, Potatoes, Eggs, & Coffee

January 11th, 2021


Sylvester and Gregory discuss Sylvester's life's challenge as a native of Columbus, GA, who grew up surrounded by gang violence in a drug-infested …

E54 - D & I

January 9th, 2021


Dr. Olivia J. Cook and Gregory discuss how nowadays, you will likely hear the following words uttered at least once by everyone in the room. 

D & …

E53 - Past, Present & Future - Stop Worrying

January 7th, 2021


Alex and Gregory discuss why people are overwhelmed by life's demands and those who are stuck in patterns that prevent one from having the life they desire to transform themselves easily and effortlessly.  Alexis, a …

E52 - This Is It

January 5th, 2021


Ana Maria & Gregory discuss her struggles with pride, hurt, resentment, codependency, and fear for so many years.  How she became a mother at an early age.  Her journey as a young single mother has taught her that …

E51 - Beyond the Chaos, Do's & Don'ts

January 4th, 2021


Susan & Gregory explore how to manage projects or small business beyond the chaos. We discuss how she is the Chaos Eradicating Officer (CEO) of …

E50 - Beauty

January 2nd, 2021


Despite experiencing some technical difficulties Evita and Gregory managed to discuss motherhood, womanhood, entrepreneurship, lifestyle, …

E49 - Don’t Beg & Don’t Fight

December 31st, 2020


Alina and Gregory discuss what life was like in Armenia which it was part of the Soviet Union.  During the years of war in her country, she had to …

E48 - Out of Frustration

December 31st, 2020


Genesis & Gregory discuss her passion for Equality, Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity.  Furthermore, she specializes in telling her story and getting others to step outside of their comfort zone.  They also explore …

E47 - The Stress Guru

December 26th, 2020


Janina and Gregory talk about that everybody feels occasionally stressed, yet what is stress?  How can it influence your general wellbeing? …

E46 - It's Our Duty

November 16th, 2020


Our special guest today is Aviance, a Philadelphia-based R&B duo named Aviance.

Aviance, fuses traditional R&B, urban-soul, and hip-hop, with …

E40 - I'm Done, I Quit

September 8th, 2020


Johanna & Gregory explore why we’re led to believe that the best approach to life is to “never give up.”  And while perseverance and “grit” are essential success, so is knowing when to walk away.  But how can you …

E45 - Car Confessions

August 29th, 2020


Deanna and Gregory create the most entertaining podcast moment with "Car Confession."  Deanna pioneer car confession almost 2 year ago. Gregory caught wind of this through Deanna's LinkedIn feed post; therefore, …

E44 - Hitting the Wall

August 29th, 2020


Julie and Gregory discuss when she realized she had been sleepwalking through her life, following a path that was not her own.  From that moment on, …

E43 - Passion & Relationship

August 29th, 2020


April and Gregory talk about her passion and what drove her onto to a life-long quest towards identifying with a culture that she wasn't able to …

E42 - Emotional Intelligence

August 29th, 2020


Nadine and Gregory discuss emotional intelligence as it refers to a person’s ability to understand emotions and to use them productively.  In the …

E41 - Finding Your Way

August 29th, 2020


Rachel and Gregory explore how through her camera lens, she has developed a unique perspective and now weaves her vision into words.  Now she is retired from photography. Through her learning to find forgiveness through …

E39 - Importance of Leveraging

August 29th, 2020


Andrea and Gregory explore the important techniques of leverage and how it helps in investing as it helps companies set a threshold for the expansion …

E38 - Ruthless Prioritization

August 29th, 2020


Kim and Gregory explore the best way to make sure you complete your tasks is through ruthless prioritization.  That means deciding not to do things you'd really like to do.  It also means deciding what is the most …

E37 - Acceptance, What Happens When Your Outside

August 29th, 2020


Patrick and Gregory explore the topic of acceptance.  Understanding your life may improve by simply accepting the changes in your life.  Learn how to get rid of negative energy, look outside yourself and begin to help …

E36 - Addressing the Issues

August 29th, 2020


Marie and Gregory explore her campaign efforts are good as she pursues City Council Seat for District 5.  This episode tackles how she will address …

E30 - Young and Profiting

August 29th, 2020


Hala and Gregory talk about her ascent from disappointment excursion and temporary position at WQHT Hot97 on "The Angie Martinez Show."  Likewise, discuss her initial start as a business visionary to dispatch a …

E35 - Making Dreams Come True

August 26th, 2020


Denise and Gregory discuss the challenges surrounding buying a home.  For most of us it is likely the biggest investment you’ll make in your life, which can also make it your biggest risk.  While this may seem a bit …

E34 - Everything Happens for a Reason

August 26th, 2020


Judith and Gregory discuss when people have to cope with difficult situations in their lives, they sometimes reassure themselves by saying that …

E33 - Brandpreneur

August 25th, 2020


Dee and Gregory discuss how Dee has developed her career as proficient marketing professional by getting down to business and taking on difficulties …

E32 - Do We Genuinely Care About People

August 22nd, 2020


David and Gregory explore the question of Do We Genuinely Care About People?  What if what you do/say (job, hobbies, general habits, behaviour, language) goes against others moral code and/or core values?  Understanding …

E31 - Anxiety

August 6th, 2020


Bibinaz and Gregory discuss her journey when on the outside, she had it all and was living her best life.  Living in places like London, Italy and Vancouver and working as an Interior Designer for some of the most …

E29 - Behind the Scenes

July 31st, 2020


Discover what it's really like behind the scenes of marketing. Kristi and Gregory explore when you actively engage in social media marketing; valuable content is imperative.  You have to deliver the right message to the …

E27 - Tru-Spot AR

July 29th, 2020


Tru-Spot founded by way of two childhood friends aspiring to improve the fan-based enjoyment via augmented reality. Will Sims and Gregory Proctor, both entrepreneurs and prior veterans, sought to develop augmented …

E26 - Not Afraid

July 24th, 2020


Elizabeth and Gregory explore her 20+ years career in Human Resources and discover her ability to determine the evolution of an organization’s …

E25 - The Journey

July 20th, 2020


Gregory describes in a very authentic way why he created this podcast.  He also shares a token of appreciation to those who help him achieve this goal within a short period of time.  The Journey is what Kut2thachase is …

E23 - The Boutique

July 7th, 2020


Gregory and Linda discuss her passion and journey toward becoming a small business owner. Throughout her early stages, she realized that employment was not for filling her passion for helping others.  As she began to …

E24 - Failure Is Not An Option

July 4th, 2020


Our discussion with Bernard Etienne CISSP CCSK CAP SEC ITIL CSM pushes the limits of genuinely understanding the importance of "Failure Is Not An Option" in one staggering episode. Find out how two youth minority …


July 2nd, 2020


Katrina and Gregory discuss her journey and transformation from being a full-time employee to becoming a small business owner. Her track, unlike …

E21 - Rewriting a New Chapter

June 24th, 2020


Jennifer and Gregory discuss the book Resilience, It's Not About Bouncing Back, Chapter #10 Core Beliefs, Know What You Stand on & When You Need to Stand Up, which Jennifer co-author.  Their exchange brings a …

E19 - Today is the Day

June 24th, 2020


Lauren and Gregory discuss how leaving home at the age of 18 was a conscious choice to go at life alone. Leaving behind an unfavorable environment and overcoming the disability of PTSD was only the beginning of her …

E20 - Brothers

June 18th, 2020


Jason and Gregory discuss a life long journey they have shared as brothers and colleagues in the business. Jason explains how his mindset changed …

E13 - The Qualities to Success

June 18th, 2020


Keyonna and Gregory discuss the qualities to success empathy, compassion, patience and mental/emotional stability.  Also they talk about how passionate she is about supporting the next generation of young women.  She is …

E18 - How to Pick Up the Pieces

June 16th, 2020


Madeleine and Gregory discuss how she overcame the hurdles of the story of being gang-raped as a teenager.  She recognizes she was a victim of a crime that left her silent for many years but has now found her voice and …

E17 – Run for the Ballot

June 13th, 2020


Marie and Gregory discuss how she created her own way in life without a road map, when she was a little girl, her mother used to always tell her to “become a doctor or a lawyer” when she grew up her dream was to help …

E16 - It is Time for a Change

June 11th, 2020


Grace and Gregory discuss how "change" is always just one decision away. But sometimes it can be hard to know when it is time to make a change. We can feel stuck, scared, or overwhelmed by the situation, which causes us …

E15 - Health & Beliefs

June 9th, 2020


Laura Ann & Gregory discuss health and beliefs.  Laura Ann who is a wellness expert specialized in nutritional education and healthy living.  She empowers transformation through personalized coaching and training …

E14 - Myths of Franchise Ownership

June 8th, 2020


Teri and Gregory discuss the myths of franchise ownership.  Teri shares and provides guidance to the listeners for making an informed decision regarding franchise ownership, helping them to understand the pros and cons …

E12 - Organizational Culture & Behavioral

June 8th, 2020


Dr. Frank Larkey and Gregory explore and discuss how all cultures inherently negotiate compromises between the already established and imaginative …

E11 - Unconventional Path

May 28th, 2020


An unconventional, multi-faceted career does not reflect a lack of focus—quite the contrary. Success is not linear. You must take charge of your …

E10 - Building More Resilient Organizations - Why Resilience Matters

May 27th, 2020


Lynnda and Gregory discuss how to increase the resilience of your organization. They also explore how an organization’s resilience capabilities and behaviors contribute to how an organization operates during …

E9 - Overcoming

May 22nd, 2020


Lakrisha Davis, MBA and Gregory Proctor discuss in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.

As we look deep into our featured guest Lakrisha Davis, …

E7 - It’s About You - Are You Happy

May 15th, 2020


Christina, Nadine and Gregory discuss and explore the subject "Are You Happy".  The contrast between the two special guests and your hosted is quite relatable.  Regardless of your career struggles, pain points or …

E5 - Leaders are People Too

May 15th, 2020


David and Gregory discuss how many leaders are experiencing the challenges created by the COVD-19 pandemic. We hope that when the podcast is over, listeners will have a better understanding of these leaders’ challenges, …

E8 - Life is Like Underwear, Change is Good

May 15th, 2020


Casey and Gregory discuss her past career growth and also her ability to read the tea leaves.  

#kut2thachase #podcast #epsiode8  #lifeislikeunderwear  #changeisgood

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E6 - Evolution of Project Controls

May 15th, 2020


Wayne and Gregory are discussing the Evolution of Project Controls as it relates to how they met some 15 years ago. They explore the journey and …

E3 - Recruitment Firms Recovery & Growth

May 7th, 2020


Gregory & Kalee are wrapping up the third part of a part series.  Join in a listen to their dialog as they discuss some of their perspectives regarding recruitment firms recovery and growth in today's new normal.  

E4 - #GRADPRODS 2020

May 2nd, 2020


Nadine Langlois and Gregory explore how this pandemic is impacting our high school seniors, a.k.a. Future college freshman. We probe into how we, as …

E2 - Recruitment Do's & Don'ts

April 25th, 2020


Gregory & Kalee discuss the top 3 most important things that all recruitment firms must remember during a pandemic.

#kut2thachase #podcast #epsiode2  #recruitment #dos #donts

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E1 - Recruitment Challenges

April 24th, 2020


Gregory & Kalee explore some of the challenges recruitment firms are facing with COVID-19.  Also, they discuss how these types of organizations …

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