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Good morning and welcome to KiDNuZ. I’m Kim. Today is Monday, February 11th, 2019 and we begin with…

A solid reason to never doubt the intelligence of a chimpanzee.  Over the weekend, a troop of them used branches weakened by a storm to build a ladder and mount a daring escape from their zoo enclosure in Ireland. Video taken by tourists shows the animals fashioning the ladder, scaling a wall, and a least one strolling down a path outside the pen. But, according to zookeepers, the chimps knew they weren’t supposed to be where they were and, after a few minutes of freedom, put themselves back in. While it paints a funny picture, no one in Ireland is laughing. This is the second ‘break-out’ in recent weeks. A red panda escaped from this same zoo in January and was found lounging in someone’s garden, a full mile away.

In Political News,

President Trump is headed to El Paso, Texas today for a re-election rally – and to again make his case for more security at the southern border. Funding a wall there is what caused the first government shutdown.. and it may cause another one. Over the weekend, budget negotiations between Republicans and Democrats stalled out. Lawmakers often haggle up until the last minute in an effort to cut the most advantageous deal possible for their party… but the clock is ticking. They only have until midnight Friday night to find some middle ground.

There’s a little fizz In Business News this morning…

For the first time in more than a decade, Coca-Cola is releasing two new flavors. Orange Vanilla Coke and Orange Vanilla Coke Zero will hit store shelves in the U.S. on February 25thafter apparently getting a thumbs up in Canada. Word is… they both taste like a creamsicle. But, the company’s attempt at new flavors hasn’t always been successful. Soda lovers revolted when the company changed the original coke recipe in 1985 and introduced it as “New Coke. “  Within months, original Coke was back  — and “New Coke” was nowhere to be found.

In Sports News,

It’s a big week for the Boys of Summer as they trickle back for the start of Spring Training. Pitchers and catchers for the Oakland A’s report today. They’ll be followed tomorrow by the Indians and Mariners..  with the rest of the clubs reporting by the end of the week. Full team workouts begin this weekend — and Opening Day for the 2019 season is on March 28th.

One of the greatest ski racers of all time ended her career on a high note this weekend. Lindsey Vonn pushed aside pain from bruised ribs and a black eye suffered in a crash in the Super G last week… to win bronze in the downhill at the World Championships. She was due to retire at the end of this year, but a slew of injuries prompted her to declare her body ‘broken beyond repair’ and make yesterday’s race …her last. Vonn’s 82 World Cup victories are second only to Ingemar Stenmark of Sweden – who was there to greet her at the finish line. Vonn wore blue and yellow, Sweden’s colors, to honor the Swiss legend and called Stenmark’s presence at the race one of the highlights of her life.

Go to college.. or open a McDonalds franchise. Those were the two choices given to the young man who would one day invent Facebook. In an interview with CNN marking the 15th‘birthday” of the social media giant, Mark Zuckerberg’s sister Randi says all four kids in the family were given the same option in high school and, to their parents’ surprise, all chose college. Mark started at Harvard, but dropped out when Facebook took off. Randi also went to Harvard, graduated, and is now the CEO of her own production company, sister Donna is an author, and Arielle works for an investment company.

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  1. How did a bunch of chimpanzees in Ireland escape their zoo enclosure? They built a ladder and scaled a wall.
  2. What is significant about this Friday at midnight? That’s the deadline for Republicans and Democrats to reach agreement on border security to avoid another government shutdown.
  3. What college did Mark Zuckerberg drop out of after launching Facebook? Harvard University in Boston.
  4. What decorated U.S. athlete retired over the weekend? Downhill skier Lindsey Vonn after winning a bronze in the World Championships.

More on Vonn now in one for the road. Lindsey began skiing at the age of 2 in Minnesota. By 12, she had relocated to Vail, Colorado to train on larger mountains… and just five years later, she made her Olympics debut at the age of 17. Ironically, she hates cold weather. She’s also a self described ‘super-dork’ who tried and failed at lots of other sports, including tennis, figure skating and gymnastics, before finding her sweet spot in skiing.

Thanks for listening! We hope you tune in for more KiDNuZ tomorrow morning!



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