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Episode #281: You Can Run, But You Can’t Hyde


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A new poll in Iowa shows a continuing, though diminished, lead for Joe Biden … a continuing, though diminished, second-place finish for Bernie Sanders … and strides being made by Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg.  Brianne Pfannenstiel of the Des Moines Register offers up the Democratic lay of the land in Iowa, with just two weeks to go before the first debate.

One of Biden’s problems — at least according to the liberal wing of the party — is his complicated view about abortion.  He made his position a bit more complicated this week when one day after his campaign reaffirmed his support for the Hyde Amendment (which bars federal funding of abortion) — which brought displeasure from more of the pure supporters of abortion rights — he did a complete 180.  In a speech before the DNC in Atlanta, Biden cited Republican attempts to restrict access to abortion for his decision to now oppose Hyde.  Claire McKinney of the College of William & Mary walks us through the history of the Hyde Amendment in the politics of abortion.

And with the fourth anniversary of Donald Trump’s descending down that elevator at Trump Tower to declare his presidential candidacy, Susan Page of USA Today reminds us how — and why — we all got it wrong.

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