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Just talk with Gabe is a fun, laid-back opportunity to just talk with up-and-coming actor/model Gabriel L. Silva. Grab a snack, tune-in, and get never know just what you are going to hear!

106 Episodes | 2020 - 2023

“Put Your Wheels On” and MANDY CORRENTE

December 5th, 2023


MANDY CORRENTE stopped by the studio bringing us and our listeners a lot of sunshine and fun in this second interview of our new season. Mandy is …

“Nihilistic Baby,” and NIKITA L3V

November 14th, 2023


NIKITA L3V is truly one talented musician. Her thought provoking lyrics and unique sound will unquestionably leave you wanting more from this rising …

Hello again…featuring Gabe & Tiffany

November 7th, 2023


Hello again, JTWG family! It’s been a while since the end of season five, but we are back! Get ready for a new season of fun and great interviews. Make sure to tune-in because you never know who you are going to hear!

Behind The Mic, S3, Ep. 5 Special Guest: FabuRocks+

June 18th, 2023


#behindthemic season three is officially back! FabuRocks stopped by to tell us about all of the cool stuff that she's been up to since her season 5 …

Behind The Mic, S3, Ep. 4 Special Guest: JP Malheiro

June 18th, 2023


#behindthemic season three is officially back! JP Malheiro stopped by to to tell us about his latest project and what else he has been up to since his season 5 JTWG interview. Teaser spoiler alert: JP has a special …

Just Talk With Gabe "Behind The Mic," S3 Ep 3, Special Guest-Clifford

May 29th, 2023


#behindthemic season three is officially back! We are happy that @Clifford. stopped by to catch up with us and tell us about what he has been up to since his season 5 JTWG interview. Teaser spoiler alert: Clifford …

Just Talk With Gabe "Behind The Mic," S3 Ep 2, Special Guest-Alfonso Aguirre

May 16th, 2023


"Behind The Mic" is a YouTube series where actor/model/podcaster, Gabriel Silva goes "behind the mic" on camera to talk to guests from his podcast, Just Talk With Gabe. Tune-in and subscribe to both because you never …

Just Talk With Gabe "Behind The Mic," S3 Ep 1, Special Guest-Isabella Barrett

April 16th, 2023


"Behind The Mic" is a YouTube series where actor/model/podcaster, Gabriel Silva goes "behind the mic" on camera to talk to guests from his podcast, Just Talk With Gabe. Tune-in and subscribe to both because you never …

When It’s Over (featuring Serena Laurel)

February 14th, 2023


We are honored that Serena Laurel stopped by to share her career journey with us for our season 5 finale! Take a listen to her interview, her new music, and then head over to our sister company, Action Magazine’s …

Let’s get our game on! (featuring FabuRocks)

January 24th, 2023


FabuRocks is is one young lady who definitely is mastering doing it all! As a gamer, podcaster, content creator, business owner, she’s proving that through hard work, anyone can accomplish what they set their minds too. …

Push yourself out of your comfort zone (featuring Ariana Nunez)

January 17th, 2023


Ariana Nunez is truly one talented actress, model, and influencer who has been in a multitude of on-screen projects. Ariana has also wowed fans on …

Mariana (featuring Clifford)

December 21st, 2022


Clifford is a musician who’s sound transcends all genres to create something truly special. Want to know more about this talented musician? Well, …

You have nothing to lose and so much to gain (featuring Gabriella Stella)

December 13th, 2022


Gabriella Stella is truly one talented musician who brings art to life. Take a listen to Gabriella’s journey as she sits down and chats with us about …

Show me what makes you powerful (featuring Jennifer Kassir)

December 6th, 2022


First known on social media as “Ms. Beanie,” Jennifer Kassir has rapidly become a face that millions cannot get enough of. This talented content …

The most important rule is to have fun! (featuring Marcello Reyes)

November 16th, 2022


Marcello Reyes is still in elementary school and has already amassed an amazing professional resume. His motto for this episode is…”the most …

You already have in you what you need (featuring Page Parkes)

November 1st, 2022


Page Parkes is credited for helping to launch the careers of famous faces such as Shemar Moore, Channing Tatum, Angelina Jolie, among many many …

Do music because you love it (featuring Daisy Draper)

October 25th, 2022


According to her official website, Daisy Draper’s merge of healing with pop music, has inspired others to become
their most authentic selves, and we …

Let your challenges help you grow (featuring Raja & Johnathan Marhaba)

October 18th, 2022


As the creator and the face of The Johnathan Foundation, Raja & Johnathan Marhaba are teaching children with a variety of learning disabilities how to let their challenges help them grow. Additionally, they are …

What’s your cinematic universe? (featuring Jan Lucanus)

October 11th, 2022


As the creator of Justice Foe Hire, the first social cinematic universe, Jan Lucanus has had an amazing journey thus far and this is just the …

Be unapologetically you (featuring margø)

October 5th, 2022


margø is truly one talented entertainer and we are glad that we had the chance to sit down and talk to her to learn a little bit more about her …

Trust your gut, always (featuring Erin Greider)

September 26th, 2022


Erin Greider is unquestionably a super talented musician! She not only has an amazing voice, but she is also versed in multiple instruments. Take a …

Commit to your talent (featuring JP Malheiro)

September 19th, 2022


JP Malheiro is one young actor that you must get to know! We had a blast getting to chat with this rising star. Make sure to listen all the way through the episode as he surprises us all with a totally awesome hidden …

I’m just a regular dude (featuring Brayden Eaton)

September 12th, 2022


If you aren’t following Brayden, you don’t know what you are missing. He’s one talented actor that truly is, “just a regular dude.” We had a blast …

Be yourself (featuring Camille Calvin)

September 5th, 2022


Actress and director, Camille Calvin brings an incredible talent to not only Hollywood, but also to this episode of JTWG. We covered a wide spectrum …

Go after your dreams (featuring Isabelle Dubroy)

August 30th, 2022


Isabella Dubroy is an actress, singer, songwriter, and model. In this episode of JTWG, she shares with us her incredible journey through the industry and gives us all the inspiration to go after our own dreams. Take a …

“No” is never a fail (featuring, Marsaille Wells)

August 23rd, 2022


Marsaille Wells is one super busy entertainer. As an actress, singer, dancer, and podcaster, she does it all. Taking time out of her busy schedule, …

Don’t take on labels that don’t serve you (featuring, Cameron Fines)

July 31st, 2022


Season five kicks off with some amazing advice from life coach, Cameron Fines. He talks about his own journey, gives us all some things to think about, and has some fun during the fun round! #letsgoseasonfive


Send in …

Just Talk With Gabe "Behind The Mic," S2 Ep 8, Special Guest-Glotivation

July 28th, 2022


"Behind The Mic" is a YouTube/IGTV series where actor/model/podcaster, Gabriel Silva goes "behind the mic" on camera to talk to guests from his podcast, Just Talk With Gabe. Tune-in and subscribe to both because you …

Just Talk With Gabe "Behind The Mic", S2 Ep 7, Special Guest-Alex Dean

June 22nd, 2022


"Behind The Mic" is a YouTube/IGTV series where actor/model/podcaster, Gabriel Silva goes "behind the mic" on camera to talk to guests from his podcast, Just Talk With Gabe. Tune-in and subscribe to both because you …

Just Talk With Gabe "Behind The Mic", S2 Ep 6, Special Guest-Alisha Liston

June 6th, 2022


"Behind The Mic" is a YouTube/IGTV series where actor/model/podcaster, Gabriel Silva goes "behind the mic" on camera to talk to guests from his podcast, Just Talk With Gabe. Tune-in and subscribe to both because you …

Just Talk With Gabe "Behind The Mic", S2 Ep 5, Special Guest-Celai West

May 29th, 2022


"Behind The Mic" is a YouTube/IGTV series where actor/model/podcaster, Gabriel Silva goes "behind the mic" on camera to talk to guests from his podcast, Just Talk With Gabe. Tune-in and subscribe to both because you …

Just Talk With Gabe "Behind The Mic", S2 Ep 4, Special Guest-Connor Dean

May 20th, 2022


"Behind The Mic" is a YouTube/IGTV series where actor/model/podcaster, Gabriel Silva goes "behind the mic" on camera to talk to guests from his podcast, Just Talk With Gabe. Tune-in and subscribe to both because you …

Just Talk With Gabe "Behind The Mic", S2 Ep 3, Special Guest-Grayson Kilpatrick

May 6th, 2022


"Behind The Mic" is a YouTube/IGTV series where actor/model/podcaster, Gabriel Silva goes "behind the mic" on camera to talk to guests from his podcast, Just Talk With Gabe. Tune-in and subscribe to both because you …

Just Talk With Gabe "Behind The Mic", S2 Ep. 2, Special Guest-Rocco Cross

April 23rd, 2022


"Behind The Mic" is a YouTube/IGTV series where actor/model/podcaster, Gabriel Silva goes "behind the mic" on camera to talk to guests from his podcast, Just Talk With Gabe. Tune-in and subscribe to both because you …

Just Talk With Gabe "Behind The Mic", S2 Ep. 1, Special Guests-Adil C & Michael Ye

April 23rd, 2022


"Behind The Mic" is a YouTube/IGTV series where actor/model/podcaster, Gabriel Silva goes "behind the mic" on camera to talk to guests from his …

Rock your Glo (Bonus episode with Glotivation)

April 4th, 2022


Have you heard of Glotivation? If you haven’t, get to know Abigail, Robyn, Malikah, and Lulu right here and now! Each one of these talented musicians …

Find your tribe (featuring Rivals)

March 8th, 2022


We have finally made it to the season four finale and we are ending it off with a bang! If you haven’t heard of Rivals, you will now and like us, you will be hooked! Listen to everything they have out now so you will be …

On JTWG with Kash (featuring Kash Hovey)

March 1st, 2022


Kash Hovey is an actor, producer and host of “On Air With Kash.” He took time out of his busy schedule to talk with us about the industry, share some …

Like we used to (featuring Gabriella Martinez)

February 16th, 2022


Actress/singer Gabriella Martinez took time out of her busy schedule to talk music, acting, and more with us. Take a listen to what she had to say …

You have to learn to crawl before you walk (featuring Slater Vance & William Boyd)

February 8th, 2022


The music industry is a hard one. But, Slater and William are making it look easy. With their talent, great sense of humor, and business like outlook for the future…these two are going to definitely go far in the …

Beautiful Soldier (featuring Alisha Liston)

February 1st, 2022


Alisha Liston is an actress, singer/songwriter, and aerialist. We are so glad that she stopped by the show to talk about her new project, what’s to come, and just how she got started on the silks. Take a listen to what …

I’m just a kid who likes to have fun (featuring Brodie Mullin)

January 24th, 2022


Brodie Mullin is a true warrior, using this talents to make the world a better place. We are honored that we got the opportunity to sit down with …

Be prepared (featuring Alfonso Aguirre)

January 18th, 2022


Being prepared is one of the most important lessons that actor, model, and coach Alfonso Aguirre shares in this episode of JTWG! We are so glad that Alfonso stopped by to make us think and laugh. Check out this episode …

Follow your dreams (featuring Lilo Baier)

January 11th, 2022


Actress, singer, songwriter…Lilo Baier does it all! We are excited to talk to Lilo and find out more about her journey ahead of her first EP release, “Introducing Lilo,” which drops January 14! Make sure to check out …

Stay at the party (featuring Gloria Garayua)

December 28th, 2021


Gloria Garayua is a talented actress and instructor full of advice on how to navigate the industry. Check-out what she had to say in our last …

A musical journey (featuring Gotaflika)

December 14th, 2021


Gotaflika’s music embodies a myriad of genres, creating a sound bathed in Reggae and Pop Fusion. Talented, humble, altruistic, and very easy-going are just a few words to describe this amazing artist. We are excited …

It’s never too late (featuring Maya Jai Pinson)

December 7th, 2021


Actress, writer, and director, Maya Jai Pinson is unquestionably one young rising star that you have to add to your watch list! Take a listen to what she had to say in this episode and you will definitely be inspired.

Don’t wait, just get out there and do it! (featuring Kylie Montigney)

November 24th, 2021


Podcast host of “Talk of Fame” Kylie Montigney stops by and shares her insight on the industry, what she wants to accomplish in the future, and much …

Lights, camera, action (featuring Paige Irene Bruns)

November 16th, 2021


Paige Irene Bruns brings a fresh face and ideas to the art of movie-making. The talented young director and writer dishes in her career, latest …

Let’s talk with Zoe (featuring Zoe Nazarian)

November 9th, 2021


Zoe Nazarian is one awesome content creator and actress. From dressing up her dog Malibu, to creating make-up tutorials and beyond, she’s unquestionably one person that pushes herself towards her version of success and …

Let me in (featuring Montana Jacobowitz)

November 2nd, 2021


Montana is truly a Renaissance woman. She is an actress, singer, songwriter, musician, and advocate. Take a listen to our interview with this …

Cast mates catching up (featuring Rose Bianco)

October 26th, 2021


Rose Bianco and Gabriel Silva played grandmother and grandson in Godzilla: King of Monsters. Now, the pair catch up about what Rose has been up to, her awesome character on the hit Netflix show, Cobra Kai, and more. …

Don’t be scared, go for it (featuring Rocco Cross)

October 19th, 2021


Known for his IGTV series, The Grue Rume, Rocco Cross is one talented individual. In addition to being a former wrestler, Rocco is also an actor and consummate horror movie enthusiast. In between the laughs, Roccos …

Ciao Bella! (feat. Siena Bella)

October 12th, 2021


Siena Bella is a singer, songwriter, model, actor, dancer, AND comic anime other words, she truly does it all! To kick-off season four, …

Cinematic Pop (featuring Adil C)

July 6th, 2021


Adil C was the perfect guest for our season 3 finale! Super talented, humble, funny, and a firm believer in helping others are only a few ways to …

It ain’t over (featuring Scotty Berg)

June 30th, 2021


Scotty Berg is unquestionably one up-and-coming music sensation that you need to get to know. This 14-year-old Canadian truly has a heart of gold …

Never give up and keep going for it (feat. Samantha Bailey)

June 16th, 2021


Samantha Bailey has been in the entertainment industry since she was four-years-old. Humble, funny, and truly talented are just a few ways that you …

Let’s try Pod Decks (feat. Gabriel & Tiffany)

June 9th, 2021


Podcasters need all kinds of tools to make their shows a success. Making sure that you have entertaining and unique questions for your guests is a …

Dream big, work hard, stay humble (feat. Taylor McVeigh)

June 1st, 2021


Taylor McVeigh is a triple threat for sure. She’s an actress, model, and influencer who is dedicated to not only her craft but to staying connected to and invested with her audience as well. Check out her interview and …

Just be you...everyone else is taken (featuring Savannah G)

May 25th, 2021


Savannah Grace in one word is totally awesome, (oops, guess that’s two!) She’s a well-rounded entertainer with a heart of gold, making sure that she …

It takes a village (featuring Kids’ Meals Houston CEO, Beth Harp)

May 17th, 2021


Many children across the world are facing hunger. One Houston organization is on a mission to deliver meals to the most vulnerable right t their …

Live Happy (feat. Amelie Anstett)

May 12th, 2021


She's danced with some of the industry's top A-listers. She has starred in a variety of on-screen projects and more. Yet, Amelie Anstett is one of the most humble people you will meet. Amelie is just living happily and …

Don’t let anything hold you back (feat. Hailey Nicole)

May 5th, 2021


Actress, singer, and much more...Hailey Nicole does it all. Take a listen to what she had to say in this episode of JTWG! Make sure to follow her on …

I’m just a normal kid who likes to entertain (feat. Grayson Kilpatrick)

April 27th, 2021


The title says it all...and entertain he does! Grayson Kilpatrick truly has a gift. Check out our interview and make sure you are following him on …

I survived the fight and all is well (feat. Bo Mitchell with guest cohost Oscar Castan)

April 20th, 2021


Bo Mitchell is one of the most genuinely kind, gracious, and laid back people in the industry...a total contrast from his Cobra Kai character, Brucks. Check out what he had to say to myself and guest cohost Oscar …

Love the craft for what it is (feat. Victoria G)

April 13th, 2021


Victoria G is usually on the other side of the questions, but this episode she fills us in on what it is like to be both a writer and artist. Check out what she had to say and let us know what you think!


Send in a …

I’m just Jordan (feat. Jordan Nash with guest Alfie Nash)

April 13th, 2021


Jordan Nash made history as he was the first Black young actor to portray Peter Pan in the movie, “Come Away.” He is as talented as he is humble and gracious. He is definitely one rising star that you have to get to …

Chase your dreams (feat. Calah Lane)

March 30th, 2021


Calah Lane has a stellar professional resume but, what we noticed about this “This is Us” actress is that her heart and spirit will unquestionably make you smile. Calah unquestionably brings a ray of sunshine to her …

It’s just about making music (feat. Preston Smith)

March 22nd, 2021


Cool, laid back, super talented are just a few of the words that come to mind when describing our guest, award-winning jazz musician Preston Smith. …

Behind the news desk (feat. Oscar Castan)

March 14th, 2021


NextGen news host, budding actor, and overall funny guy, Oscar Castan gives us a behind-the-scenes view into his world. Make sure to tune-in to NextGen news for more Oscar the Gameboy because this is just the beginning!

Articulate your value (feat. Marcus Bell)

March 10th, 2021


Marcus “Bellringer” Bell is a music producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, singer, social media influencer, activist and entrepreneur. He has …

It’s all about persistence and hard work (feat. Izzi Dymalovski)

March 1st, 2021


Izzi Dymalovski is the CEO/Founder of LuvUrSkin, a natural skincare product line out of Australia. Having started the company when she was …

Rip off the band-aid, just do it, and don’t stop! (feat. Halo House)

December 22nd, 2020


Christmas has come a few days early with our season 2 finale with Halo House. Get ready to laugh until it hurts with these four talented content creators.


Send in a voice message:

Be the catalyst for invention (feat. Alex Draghici)

December 15th, 2020


Don’t be afraid to throw your own hat into the ring with the big boys to create something new, or even better, is one thing that you will learn from the creator of the new social media app, Forcer. Alex Draghici is one …

Whoever you are, know you are loved (feat. Chloe J)

December 7th, 2020


Singer, actress, songwriter, Chloe J does it all! She is one amazing talent with a fun personality to match. Check out what she had to say in this interview. Make sure to listen until the end for an awesome surprise!

Boba and Knott’s Berry Farm (co-host Connor Dean; feat. Chloe Noelle)

December 1st, 2020


Chloe Noelle Ioves Halloween and video games. And, she also happens to be one phenomenal actress with an amazing sense of humor as well. Check out this episode with co-host Connor Dean and see if you laugh as much as we …

Find your passion and make it happen! (feat. Mya Xeller)

November 23rd, 2020


We first met Mya in an interview with our sister company, Action Magazine. Her honesty, truth, and passion for all that she does was evident in her responses on the much so, we had to have her on the show! …

Don’t drink the Trenta (feat. Lacey Caroline with guest co-host Nick Valle)

November 17th, 2020


Lacey Caroline does it all...acting, dancing, singing, and interviewing. Take a listen to what this amazing young talent had to say about the …

A PR fireside chat (feat. Sherry Lee)

November 10th, 2020


If you are in the entertainment industry, a publicist is a career must-have. We sat down with CEO/Founder of GTK PR, Sherry Lee to get the inside scoop on it all!


Send in a voice message:

The Return of the Republic (feat. Alex Dean)

November 3rd, 2020


Star Wars enthusiast, actor, director, producer and writer Alex Dean is one cool guy that knows his way around the camera. Check out his interview …

I don’t know what you had for lunch (feat. Patti Negri)

October 26th, 2020


Patti Negri is a psychic-medium, author, actress podcaster, and much more. best known for her recurring role on the Travel Channel’s hit television …

Be the entertainer that you want to be (feat. Jax Malcom)

October 18th, 2020


Jax Malcom is truly a Jack-is-all-trades. He’s an actor, philanthropist, director, writer...the list goes on. Take a listen and see just how he does …

FadeLife Clothing...not just a clothing’s lifestyle (feat. Timothy Middleton)

October 12th, 2020


Owner and founder of FadeLife Clothing, Timothy Middleton, is a true inspiration for not only budding entrepreneurs, but for just about anyone. Well on his way to making his mark on the fashion industry, Timothy took …

Find your purpose (feat. Travis Bryant)

October 5th, 2020


Having been in the industry for a while, Travis is full of knowledge and great advice. Take a listen to what he had to say and stay tuned for what he …

All music creates a wildstyle (feat. DJ Wildstyle)

September 30th, 2020


DJ Wildstyle is an amazing talent on the turntable and off. She’s passionate about helping others while at the same time making sure that she sets her mark in the music world. Take a listen to what she has to stay and …

Bella’s business tips and more (feat. Isabella Barrett)

September 22nd, 2020


Isabella Barrett is full of energy, talent, and business know-how. This amazingly humble teen is on her way taking over the beauty and fashion …

Just like a real family reunion (ft. Lance & Angela Alexander)

September 14th, 2020


You may know Lance Alexander as Elvis on Netflix’s “Family Reunion,” but interviewing he and his mom felt just like our own real family reunion. We caught up, laughed, and learned a lot about this dynamic duo. They are …

It’s social media, be social (feat. Kerri Glenn)

September 8th, 2020


If you are looking for a social media professional to take your business or brand to the next level, then look no further! Kerri Glenn mixes her consummate industry background with pure heart, to give her clients …

Realize what you are made of (feat. Brad Lambert & Mateo Coka)

September 1st, 2020


Brad and Mateo have both achieved only what many dream of in the business and they are no where near slowing down yet. However, strangely enough, it’s not their successes that stand out the most. These two friends are …

Go For What You Love (feat. Chinedu Ogu)

July 28th, 2020


He’s entertained millions in person, on all social media platforms, and on TV; yet, despite his superstar status, he’s as humble, kind, and down-to-earth as they come. Find out what Chinedu has in the works and if you …

Life With Nick and the Schmep Song (feat. Nick & Nicole Valle)

July 20th, 2020


Nick was born to entertain millions of people around the world on both the stage and in front of a camera. Get to know this incredible entertainer in …

It’s Going Down (feat. Edwrds)

July 13th, 2020


Always speaking his truth, Edwrds is one talented musician that you, if you aren’t right now, you should follow and get to know. His music speaks …

Thinking About You (feat. Elyse Jewel)

July 7th, 2020


Elyse Jewel is someone that, if you aren’t following, you need to do so now! Fun, talented, and a great since of humor...she will definitely rock her …

Rock Bottom (feat. Kyrsta Rodden)

July 1st, 2020


Miranda Lambert, her boots, and Texas are a few of this amazingly talented singer’s favorite things. Kyrsta Rodden is definitely one rising-star that you want to keep on your radar. After the show, make sure to download …

Love the process of the hustle (feat, Marc Fajardo)

June 23rd, 2020


Marc Fajardo is more than just an actor. As co-owner of Jive Duck Studios, he makes sure that customers become family. Check out his awesome industry advice that will make you look at the process of the hustle in a …

Cool & Dope (feat. Cavanaugh Bell)

June 17th, 2020


While busy helping others at the food pantry, Cool & Dope founder, seven-year-old Cavanaugh Bell, took a few minutes to talk with Gabe about his …

Celai’s guide to pretty much everything (feat. Celai West)

June 10th, 2020


Model, CEO, Runway coach, Author...the list goes on! Celai West is definitely a Renaissance young woman and we had the opportunity to find out just how she does it all. Check out this hilarious episode with she and …

May The Force Be With You (feat. Connor Dean)

June 3rd, 2020


Connor Dean is an actor, phenomenal tennis player, gamer, and overall cool guy. Take a listen to find out some of the things we have in common, what …

Morning Text (feat. Trinity Rose)

May 27th, 2020


When Alicia Keys, compliments your voice, you know that you are on the right career path! Trinity Rose isn’t just a super talented musician, she is one of the kindest, most down-to-earth people you will ever meet. Take …

A Few of My Favorite Things (feat. Jordyn Curet)

May 18th, 2020


Already an award winning actress, Jordyn Curet is an 11-year-old superstar in our book. You can’t help but to smile when and laugh along with her as …

Phoenix is a desert? (feat. Jojo Padrón)

May 13th, 2020


Comedian, radio host, former child actor, you name it, Jojo Padrón has done it. Oh wait, did we forget to add two time Emmy winner too?! Yep, that’s right, he really has done it all. Check out this episode where he …

Heartbreaker (feat. Kennedy Madison)

May 6th, 2020


Heartbreaker, she is not-that’s just the title to her latest hit song. Make sure you check it out after you listen to the show. Find out what Kennedy will take to a desert island, what’s her favorite ice cream, and much …

Where Filtering Becomes Extinct (feat. Anthony Roberts)

April 28th, 2020


On this episode of Just Talk With Gabe, mentor, friend, and podcast host Anthony Roberts of ThaRealityIs stops by to talk about how it all began for him in the industry, to explain why his podcast is unique, and most of …

Entertainment Industry Secrets (feat. Catherine & Lisa Quirico)

April 21st, 2020


Catherine Quirico does it all-model, actress, singer, podcaster, social media influencer-you name it, she does it successfully. On this episode of …

Intro...Get to Know Gabe (feat. Gabriel L. Silva)

April 12th, 2020


In this short inaugural episode of "Just talk with Gabe," you will get to know a little bit more about Gabriel L. Silva. You will find out what's his favorite food, movies, television shows, when and why he started …

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