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Explore the process of reinvention in the digital age as it relates to career, creativity and technology impact on daily life. Interview with professionals, entrepreneurs and creatives who have reimagined success and are making a pivot. Hear insights about their inspiration, turning point and how … read more

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February 22nd, 2024


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JJRR 112 It's 2024! - Finishing Strong - Finding a Second Wind - with JimJim

January 15th, 2024


#finishstrong #jimjimsreinventionrevolution #magicmind #podfestexpo

It’s 2024!  JimJim kicks the year off exploring what it takes to finish …

JJRR 111 MGS goes global - Architect your life with podcasting - From karaoke to backup singer - with Aya Shlachter

December 11th, 2023


#mgsglobalgroup #podcasting #jimjimsreinventionrevolution #polarplunge

Aya Shlachter, founder of the newly christened MGS Global Group, returns …

JJRR 110 Reinventing events with Greyt Culture - Why Tommy loves soup - with Thomas Fox

November 17th, 2023


#thatsgreyt #greytculture #jimjimsreinventionrevolution #cleveland

Thomas Fox is a multi-disciplinary creative whose passion runs through the …

JJRR 109 Customer service to tech founder - Augmented reality for connection IRL - UON the app - with Luis Contreras

September 21st, 2023


#augmentedreality #Uonapp #jimjimsreinventionrevolution #socialmedia

Luis Contreras has two big passions in life: people and technology.  Since …

JJRR 108 Re-tourism in Thailand - Guesting on the Bangkok Podcast - New! Magic Mind collab - with JimJim

August 21st, 2023


#bangkokpodcast #jimjimsreinventionrevolution #travel #tourism

On this episode the tables turn as JimJim guests on the Bangkok Podcast.  Listen to …

JJRR 107 Discovering AI in Hollywood - Storytelling with ChatGPT - Power of storytelling IRL - with Richard Rosser

August 1st, 2023



Richard Rosser is a filmmaker, author, and educator whose passion for helping others communicate through story has led him to exploring …

JJRR 106 What is Angel Investing? - JimJim's AI journey - Venture capital diversity in Israel - with JimJim

July 18th, 2023


#angelinvesting #telaviv #jimjimsreinventionrevolution

It’s time to talk angel investing as JimJim shares for the first time his angel investing …

JJRR 105 The Future of Nursing - Transforming Healthcare - Israel and Innovation - with Melissa Cole

June 7th, 2023


#nursing #innovation #jimjimsreinventionrevolution #israel

Melissa Cole is a nurse and visionary leader on a mission to transform healthcare …

JJRR 104 Firefighter turned Therapist, Coach and Mentor - Three careers in three years - with Vin Infante

April 21st, 2023


#Vininfante #jimjimsreinventionrevolution #firefighter #lifecoach

Vin Infante is a former firefighter who’s passionate about helping others as …

JJRR 103 14 Days in Beijing (jail!) - Becoming an author / publisher - Embracing accountability - with Chancellor K Jackson

February 8th, 2023



#jimjimsreinventionrevolution #chancellorkjackson #beijing #amazonkindle

Chancellor K Jackson is an unlikely author and founder of his new …

JJRR 102 Kicking off 2023 in New Orleans - Curiosity and Observation - Complacent or Content? - with JimJim

January 6th, 2023


#curiosity #observation #jimjimsreinventionrevolution

Hey JJRR listeners welcome to 2023! JimJim is back from kicking off his year in New …

JJRR 101 Burning down dentistry - Unleashing personal branding - Navigating Nicaragua - with Dr. Angela Mulrooney

November 30th, 2022


#jimjimsreinventionrevolution #unleashinginfluence #personalbranding

Dr. Angela Mulrooney is a denstist, dancer, and entrepreneur who’s affinity …

JJRR 100 Celebrating 100 Episodes! - Costa Rica : MileMethod : Polar Plunge - Thankful & Grateful - with JimJim

November 9th, 2022


#jimjimsreinventionrevolution #polarplunge #milemethod #costarica

Hey Revolutionaries it’s JJRR episode 100 and time to celebrate!!!  Listen to …

JJRR 99 Tech scene in Serbia: next hot spot? - Video automation made easy - Fear setting for success - with Nebojsa Sevicic

September 28th, 2022


#serbia #videoautomation #videoeditor #jimjimsreinventionrevolution

Nebojsa Savicic is a freelancer turned startup founder who’s bringing custom …

JJRR 98 Strategic creativity - History of brainstorming - Ballroom dancing online with Robin Landa

September 2nd, 2022


#robinlanda #jimjimsreinventionrevolution #brainstorming

Robin Landa is a professor and author who’s passionate about staying nimble, remaining …

JJRR 97 Saxophone social media, Jazz Improv: Violence on your brain?, On tour with Steve Kortyka & Ryan Devlin

August 12th, 2022


#stevekortyka #ryandevlin #saxophone #jimjimsreinventionrevolution

Steve Kortyka and Ryan Devlin are leading saxophone improvisers who have …

JJRR 96 Technology Mindfulness: Humans First - Escaping Wallstreet with "career ADD" - with Rob Krecak

June 16th, 2022


#technologymindfulness #humansfirst #jimjimsreinventionrevolution

Rob Krecak’s latest passion is technology mindfulness and he’s on a mission to …

JJRR 95 Candle maker to tech founder - Social Marketplaces - IN-N-OUT Burger rules! - with Inbal Claudio

May 30th, 2022


#inbalclaudio #likemindedcollective #jimjimsreinventionrevolution Candle maker turned tech founder Inbal Claudio loves IN-N-OUT Burger.  Who …

JJRR 94 - From FBI agent to entrepreneur - Bitcoin Evangelism - Light Therapy - with Brian De Mint

May 20th, 2022


#briandemint #jimjimsreinventionrevolution #bitcoinevangelism Brian De Mint is an entrepreneur who’s passionate about spreading the word about …

JJRR 93 Not a Guru - Resilience thru pandemic - Designing change - with Jem Fuller

April 6th, 2022


#resilience #jemfuller #jimjimsreinventionrevolution

Jem Fuller is a leadership coach / speaker / author who, after losing it all, has roared …

JJRR 92 Million Dollar Body - Drink alcohol without getting fat - Nutrition now - with Nate Palmer

March 17th, 2022


#natepalmer #jimjimsreinventionrevolution #milliondollarbody

Nate Palmer is a fitness and nutrition expert who’s into getting reps.  Repetition …

JJRR 91 Helping architects make it rain $$$ going digital - Skydiving in Barcelona - with Sara Kolata

January 24th, 2022


#jimjimsreinventionrevolution #sarakolata #digitaltransformation

Sara Kolata is an architect and entrepreneur whose passion is raising the …

JJRR 90 A most uncomfortable 2021? - Mastering mantras to break out in 2022! - with JimJim

January 6th, 2022


#jimjimsreinventionrevolution #mantras #tanaazchubb

JimJim's kicking off the year with mantras that will help you break out in 2022. Listen to …

JJRR 89 Miami's tech scene - Legal tech / apps - State bar association challenges

December 20th, 2021


#jimjimsreinventionrevolution #lawzy #legaltech

Jillian Baronoff is a lawyer turned entrepreneur who's passion is providing easily accessible, …

JJRR 88 Creating an SEO Cohort - Post covid digital agency burnout - with Ryan Morgan

November 18th, 2021


#jimjimsreinventionrevolution #theseocohort #ryanmorgan

Ryan Morgan is an SEO expert and family man who's passionate about sharing his digital …

JJRR 87 Loving Life After Loss - 5 stages of grief: what you didn't know - with Marie Alessi

October 8th, 2021


#jimjimsreinventionrevolution #mariealessi #grief 

Marie Alessi is an influencer / speaker / coach who's growing movement around grief is helping …

JJRR 86 Future angst - Innovation outposts in silicon valley - Self driving EVs

August 20th, 2021


#marioherger #jimjimsreinventionrevolution #futureangst 

Mario Herger is a chemical engineer turned software engineer turned entrepreneur who's found …

JJRR 85 Building a global social safety net - Secondary effects of remote work - with Sondre Rasch

July 6th, 2021


#safetywing  #jimjimsreinventionrevolution  #digitalnomad

Sondre Rasch is a former government policy advisor turned tech founder who's latest …

JJRR 84 Piloting through Covid to entrepreneurship - Stress management and wellness from the cockpit - with Paul Green

June 22nd, 2021


#thecockpitmethod #jimjimsreinventionrevolution #paulgreenld

Paul Green is an airline pilot turned entrepreneur that discovered through the …

JJRR 83 - The power of pivoting - Mental health toolkits - On camera tips - with Monica Ortega

June 4th, 2021


#monicagoes #jimjimsreinventionrevolution #travel

Monica Ortega is a host, actress, singer and line dance instructor who's passion for travel …

JJRR 82 Innovating arts and entertainment education - Touring with Styx - Non-profit entrepreneurship - with Liza Grossman

May 11th, 2021


#kaboomcollective #jimjimsreinventionrevolution #artseducation

Liza Grossman is a visionary conductor who's passion is creating performance and …

JJRR 81 Going in on Cryptocurrency - CBD on Vechain, Coinbase direct listing, NFTs, Dogecoin - with Dan Borovik

April 14th, 2021



#danborovik #bitcoin #jimjimsreinventionrevolution

Cryptocurrency trading wizard Dan Borovik returns for an update on all things crypto. Listen …

JJRR 80 Impact billionaires - Getting real, not right - Clarity for 2021 - with David Taylor-Klaus

March 18th, 2021


David Taylor-Klaus is an entrepreneur and executive coach who helps clients rewire their thinking and unleash their capacity to become impact billionaires. Listen to JJRR 80 as David describes how hurricane Katrina …

JJRR 79 Quarter life crisis to life coach - Kajabi for knowledge based businesses - with Lindsay Hanson

February 17th, 2021



#linsdayhanson #jimjimsreinventionrevolution #kajabi 

Lindsay Hanson is a life and business coach who's committed to serving others while …

JJRR 78 Researching radical change - Killing sacred cows - German autos going electric - with Dr. Stephan Meyer

February 3rd, 2021



#changemanagement #sacredcow #jimjimsreinventionrevolution

Stephan Meyer found his passion for digital transformation early in his corporate …

JJRR 77 21 Points of Positivity for 2021 - Priming Guide for Reinvention - JJRR website update - with JimJim

January 7th, 2021


It's 2021 and a hopeful time for the new year! Listen to JJRR 77 as JimJim breaks down his 21 points of positivity for 2021 and drops the …

JJRR 76 Angel investing: the kiss of life - Israel, startup / scaleup nation - Covid impact - with Shelly Hod Moyal

December 1st, 2020


#angelinvestor #telaviv #iangels #jimjimsreinventionrevolution

Shelly Hod Moyal is an international finance and investment expert who's bringing …

JJRR 75 Rediscover your play - Your future is where your fun is - Positive psychology - with Jeff Harry

November 9th, 2020


#jeffharry #discoveryourplay #jimjimsreinventionrevolution #positivepsychology

Jeff Harry is a positive psychology coach and play mentor who …

JJRR 74 Create 1 year of marketing in 5 days - This Is Temporary - with Elizabeth Pampalone

October 26th, 2020


Elizabeth Pampalone loves libraries, computers and old people. Following these passions, she's gone from tech geek to marketing maven founding …

JJRR 73 Breaking through with breathwork - Nomad to digital nomad - Selina hostel hotels - with Andrea Sofia

September 17th, 2020


#digitalnomad #laptoplifestyle #locationindependent

Andrea Sofia Alemany is a former international school teacher who enjoyed nomading around …

JJRR 72 Food truck first in South Lake Tahoe - Killing it with Kickstarter - with Nick and Eric

August 27th, 2020


Nick and Eric are lifelong friends who are pioneering the food truck scene in South Lake Tahoe, CA. Listen to JJRR 72 as Nick describes how …

JJRR 71 Top 10 Reinventions for 2020 mid year update - BONUS meditation included - with JimJim

July 30th, 2020


JimJim's top 10 Reinventions for 2020 - mid year update and BONUS meditation.  Listen to JJRR 71 as JimJim reviews his top 10 ways he's reinventing himself this year.  "It's been such a crazy year with the …

JJRR 70 Brothers in business - Escaping corporate America - How to Build Assets Online - with Joe & Mike Brusca

July 2nd, 2020


Joe and Mike Brusca are brothers in business with a passion for figuring out the online world and designing a lifestyle of their choice. Listen to JJRR 70 as they describe how Joe got started with retail arbitrage …

JJRR 69 Exploring uncommon instruments - TikTok collabs - Building music community - with Hal Walker

June 11th, 2020


Hal Walker is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who discovered the African banakula strolling the streets of Kent, Ohio. Listen to …

JJRR 68 Escape from NYC during Covid19 - Reinventing life as a working musician - with Steve Kortyka

May 11th, 2020


Steve Kortyka is an NYC based musician, composer and educator who thrives on his weekly public performances. As member of the Brian Newman Quintet, he often finds himself performing alongside notables Lady Gaga and …

JJRR 67 Quarantined in Mexico as an expat - Remote job coaching - Journaling - with Jordan Carroll

April 24th, 2020


Jordan Carroll is a remote job coach and digital nomad who's been working remotely since 2014. Listen to JJRR 67 as Jordan describes what it's …

JJRR 66 Triathlon coaching - Photography - Endurance mindset to get through Covid-19 - with Marie Fill

April 3rd, 2020


Marie Fill is a triathlon coach and photographer who has a passion for preparing for peak race day performance. Listen to JJRR 66 as she shares how finding triathlon was a needed alternative to the New York City …

JJRR 65 Finding her architectural stride - Tablea Chocolate - Ariana hotel hospitality - with Aya Garcia Shlachter

March 2nd, 2020


Aya Garcia Shlachter is the whirlwind founder and creative force of MG Shlachter, global architectural services firm, Tablea Chocolate, Filipino …

JJRR 64 Learning apps, the Loop Approach to management - Happy in Finland - with Ben Hughes

February 12th, 2020


Ben Hughes is a serial entrepreneur and author who, after a couple lackluster ventures, found his home in the startup world as employee #1 of learning app Listen to JJRR 64 as Ben shares how after …

JJRR 63 Sound management solutions - Product innovation - Embracing new markets - with Mitch Zlotnik

January 22nd, 2020


Mitch Zlotnik is a serial entrepreneur who has a knack for smelling blood in the water and envisioning new business. Listen to Ep63 as he describes his early businesses related to health and batteries and how the …

JJRR 62 Kicking the year off in Las Vegas - JimJim's top 10 reinventions for 2020

January 6th, 2020


JimJim is kicking off the year and the new decade in Las Vegas and releasing his first ever solo podcast. Recorded high above the Las Vegas …

JJRR 61 Decorating tips and tricks - Blogging your passion - Podcast co-hosting with Anita Joyce & Kelly Wilkniss

December 20th, 2019


Did you ever ask an engineer or lawyer for decorating advice? Anita Joyce and Kelly Wilkniss both started out in professional careers before creating their individual decorating blogs where they have been able to …

JJRR 60 Brisbane to Cebu - Driving company culture - Outsourcing for growth

December 4th, 2019


Fiona Kesby is a CEO and single mom with a passion for fostering winning culture and leaning into technology. Listen to Ep60 as Fiona shares …

JJRR 59 Technical sales to success coaching - Body language training - Mobile security - with Jason Frazell

November 1st, 2019


Jason Frazell had been a technical sales professional and mobile security expert who despite having a successful career and beautiful family …

JJRR 58 Leaving film school - Video game development - E sports - with Davionne Gooden

October 8th, 2019


Davionne Gooden is a filmmaker and game developer who, after attending just one semester of film school, left to pursue development of his …

JJRR 57 Process engineer to Entrepreneur - Proactive wine and spirits decanting - with Tom Belcher

September 10th, 2019


Tom Belcher is a process engineer and physicist who's always loved data and drinking wine. Listen to Ep57 as Tom describes the lightbulb moment …

JJRR 56 Dropshipping as a lifestyle - Discovering ecommerce community in Chiang Mai - with Anton Kraly

August 13th, 2019


Anton Kraly is the founder of Dropship Lifestyle and Ecommerce Lifestyle, companies offering online business training and transforming the lives of those interested in entrepreneurship, location independence and …

JJRR 55 Artistry vs Entrepreneurship - Re:Invented - Creative music at Kent State University - Bobby Selvaggio

July 31st, 2019


Bobby Selvaggio is a recording artist and jazz saxophonist of the highest caliber and is on the verge of releasing his 11th album: Re:Invented - Live at the Bop Stop. Listen to Ep55 as Bobby shares how reinvention, …

JJRR 54 Starting a cryptocurrency hedge fund - Innovation Consulting - Starting up in CLE - with Ari Lewis

July 15th, 2019


Ari Lewis is an entrepreneur who at age 12 began selling forks and knives on the streets of NYC's Chinatown. Listen to Ep54 as Ari describes how he soon discovered Bitcoin in 2009 and how he and a partner turned an …

JJRR Ep53 Cannabidiol (CBD), THC and chocolate edibles - Innovative wine and chocolate pairings - with Joel Fink

June 13th, 2019


Joel Fink, founder of Fantasy Candies, is a longtime chocolate, candy and wine purveyor who's recent quest to develop a chocolate bar to help …

JJRR Ep52 Life coaching with a PhD - Ashtanga yoga in Mysore, India - with Casey Onder

May 30th, 2019


Casey Onder is achievement oriented by nature. But with a PhD in Industrial organizational psychology and Master's in Counseling psychology, …

JJRR Ep51 Closing notes - Virtual workshops - Baseball and serendipity - with Scott Carson

May 13th, 2019


Scott Carson is a huge baseball fan and real estate entrepreneur who started buying distressed debt in 2005. Listen to Ep51 as Scott describes how the 2008 mortgage crisis and personal circumstances prompted a road …

JJRR Ep50 Reinventing language education online - Nomad Summit Chiang Mai Review - with polyglot Ly ́dia Machova ́

April 15th, 2019


Ly ́dia Machová is an interpreter, a polyglot and language mentor that is reinventing language education. Listen to Ep50 as she describes her …

JJRR Ep49 Live music club management in Bangkok - Producing tracks - Leaving Ireland for Oz and SE Asia - with Keith Nolan

April 2nd, 2019


Keith Nolan is a musician, singer and music producer who's recently pivoted into live music club management. Listen to Ep49 as Keith shares …

JJRR Ep48 Offshoreing homecare - Leaving Hollywood for the Philippines - with Laurice Chiongbian

March 18th, 2019


Laurice Chiongbian is a new entrepreneur whose 3 year old homecare BPO (outsourcing) business is bringing efficient home health business …

JJRR Ep47 Podcasting at Harvard - Community building - Founding PodFest - with Chris Krimitsos

January 15th, 2019


Chris Krimitsos is an event producer, speaker and expert communicator who's developed a passion for building community. Listen to Ep47 as Chris, …

JJRR Ep46 Supply chain on blockchain - Engagement solutions with - with Cory Finding

January 3rd, 2019


Cory Finding is a serial entrepreneur, tech developer and ultramarathon runner who enjoys developing customer focused engagement solutions.  …

JJRR Ep45 Utilities on blockchain - Customer engagement through gamification - with Laura Steinbrink and Fran DiDonato

December 13th, 2018


Serial entrepreneur Laura Steinbrink and lawyer turned operations director Fran DiDonato, have a new vision for engaging with utilities.  Listen to Ep45 as Laura shares how the Northeast blackout of 2003 was the …

JJRR Ep44 Female entrepreneurship - Contempo Communications - FES investment fund - with Renee DeLuca Dolan

November 28th, 2018


Renee DeLuca Dolan is the founder of Contempo Communications and the visionary behind the Female Entrepreneurship Summit (FES) held annually in …

JJRR Ep43 Merch by Amazon - Baller on a budget - Spontaneously Speaking - with RJ Macalanda

November 14th, 2018


RJ Macalanda is a Merch by Amazon expert who's been able to ditch corporate life and live out his travel dreams while building a self sustaining t-shirt business online.  Listen to Ep43 as RJ describes how he went …

JJRR Ep42 Radar for driverless vehicles - Technology scene in Tel Aviv, Israel - with Bill Latino

November 1st, 2018


Bill Latino is a business development guru who's latest reinvention has placed him in the rapidly evolving driverless vehicle industry and has …

JJRR Ep41 Traditional Thai massage - Same same but different - with Kevin Lynch

October 22nd, 2018


Kevin Lynch is a masterful masseur and student of body work whose love of Thai style massage has benefitted clients worldwide.  Listen to Ep 41 …

JJRR Ep40 Health and wellness on Blockchain - Being opportunistic - with Anthony Hancovsky

October 11th, 2018


Anthony Hancovsky is a champion martial artist who's sold loans and rehabbed houses but his latest project has unleashed a passion for …

JJRR Ep39 Finding FIRE as a physician - Discovering new talents through blogging - with Leif

September 28th, 2018


Leif is an anesthesiologist on FIRE (financially independent / retired early) who's found a passion for personal finance and blogging.   Listen …

JJRR Ep38 Software product management - Building an INDUSTRY conference and community - with Mike Belsito

September 17th, 2018


Mike Belsito is a product guy who's passionate about building the Product Collective community, and is co-founder of INDUSTRY the product …

JJRR Ep37 Re-inventing medical school education - Augmented reality applications for HoloLens - with Jeff Mlakar

September 6th, 2018


Jeff Mlakar is a technologist who's found his dream job developing cutting edge applications in augmented reality.  Listen to Ep37 as Jeff …

JJRR Ep36 Facts on Facebook groups - Keep on jumping - with business coach and speaker Bella Vasta

August 15th, 2018


Bella Vasta is a business coach, consultant and speaker who's always jumping in her pursuit to help her clients build business and community.  A …

JJRR Ep35 Pioneering a neighborhood cafe - Sparking community - Riding the lion of entrepreneurship - with Nicole Gillota-Brichacek

July 27th, 2018


Nicole Gillota-Brichacek is a barista and baker who's been "riding the lion"  of entrepreneurship since opening Gypsy Beans, a full service euro …

JJRR Ep34 Going All The Way Up with ecommerce - Building a lifestyle brand - with J Keitsu

July 13th, 2018


So did you ever read that  one book cover to cover in one sitting at your local bookstore that changed your life?  J Keitsu is an entrepreneur / digital marketer who loves music and fashion, and is a real deal …

JJRR Ep33 Cryptocurrency mining in Iceland - Developing a top 10 crypto index fund - with Corey Cottrell

July 5th, 2018


Corey Cottrell is a musician and former Forex trader who's recently pivoted into the world of cryptocurrency where he and his partners provide …

JJRR Ep32 Visual communication design - User experience development for online education - with Rachel Clingman

June 22nd, 2018


Rachel Clingman is a visual communication designer developing user experiences for online education but just a few years ago was living in a …

JJRR Ep31 From business consulting to exploring mindset - Developing Mindset Performance Training - with Reza Rezz

June 7th, 2018


Have you ever wanted to move to a pine forest in Arizona to work on your mindset?  Reza Rezz is a long time entrepreneur and consultant that …

JJRR Ep30 Taking business online - Pioneering business coaching for personal trainers - with Chris and Eric Martinez

May 29th, 2018


Chris and Eric Martinez are certified personal trainers, authors, podcasters and business men that are now pioneering business coaching for personal trainers.  Listen to Ep30 to hear these identical twins describe …

JJRR Ep29 Financial Engineering - Derivatives - Creating the future of content creation on blockchain - with AC3 co-founder John Fields

May 17th, 2018


John Fields, co-founder of, is a  builder and creative financial thinker who's latest passion is creating the future of content creation on the blockchain with a new digital wallet / coin application that's …

JJRR Ep28 Running your business from a boat - Ditching autopilot and building your dream life - with Dream Business Coach Jim Palmer

May 4th, 2018


Jim Palmer is a business coach and marketing guru who's been enjoying his new lifestyle this past year living and running his businesses from his new 50 ft boat. No surpise as Jim is known as the Dream Business …

JJRR Ep27 On FIRE (financially independent / retired early) in South America - Monetizing a blog for charity - with Bonnie Truax

April 21st, 2018


Bonnie Truax is now a world traveler and blogger but at age 30 was broke, ending a bad marriage and going back to school to finish her college …

JJRR Ep26 From law to international university Professor - Expat life - Thai healthcare - Co-hosting the Bangkok Podcast - with Ed Knuth

April 11th, 2018


Ed Knuth is a lawyer turned professor and digital photography enthusiast who took a 6 month teaching gig in Southeast Asia as the jolt he needed …

JJRR Ep25 Dropping into Thailand - Self Discovery- Landmark Leadership - with Ryan Roth Emry

March 30th, 2018


Ryan Roth Emry is a teacher, musician and for the past 3 years has been on a journey of self discovery.  Listen to Episode 25 as Ryan describes why he quit his corporate job in the states and decided to drop into …

JJRR Ep24 Moving to Kathmandu - Outsourcing artificial intelligence - with Mark Sears

March 1st, 2018


Did you ever go on vacation and never want to come back? Mark Sears is the founder and CEO of Cloudfactory, a tech savvy  outsourcing company he started after he extended a planned two week vacation to Nepal with …

JJRR Ep23 Leaving Spain - Dropshipping - Influencer Marketing - with Jose Luis Marin

February 23rd, 2018


Have you ever had an out of body experience?  Jose Luis Marin is a digital marketer who's cracked the code on using influencer marketing to drive traffic for his drop-shipping business.  And not so long ago, Jose …

JJRR Ep22 Creating a crypto community - Cryptocurrency consulting - with Trading Wizard Dan Borovik and Digital Prophet Justin Cohen

February 13th, 2018


Dan Borovik is a Trading Wizard and Justin Cohn is a Digital Prophet and both are part of the new Crypto Cleveland Collective that is creating a …

JJRR Ep21 Decentralized blockchain applications - Token based short term rentals - A founder's view - with Ali Ayyash

February 2nd, 2018


Ali Ayyash is a co-founder of Bee Token, a San Francisco based startup that is reinventing the home sharing economy.  Ali has spent time working for Amazon and Google in the centralized software world but is now …

JJRR Ep20 Freelancing full time - Podcast Editing - Audio editing software - with Jim Metzendorf

January 26th, 2018



Jim Metzendorf is a sound engineer and audio software specialist that has recently turned what was once a side hustle into a full time …

JJRR Ep19 Leaving the corporate world - Creating a million man, woman and child army of outdoor enthusiasts - with Tom Mulliez

January 5th, 2018


Tom Mulliez is the founder of where he's leveraging today's technologies to get us all disconnected from technology and connected …

JJRR Ep18 Skipping college - Retiring at 35 - Building a personal finance community - with Sean Merron

December 27th, 2017


So what are you majoring in? This question is such a great conversation starter in college but Sean Merron may never know. Sean skipped college …

JJRR Ep17 Challenges of the independent artist / entrepreneur - Artistic honesty - Moving to NYC - with Sam Blakeslee

December 21st, 2017


So remember all those International jazz festivals you played while you were in high school?  Yea I don't either.  But Sam Blakeslee does as he …

JJRR Ep16 Music festival producing - Growing the arts cutlure in Akron, OH - with touring musician / actor Theron Brown

December 12th, 2017


In addition to being a touring musician and music professor, Theron Brown is the visionary and founder of Akron, OH's Rubber City Jazz and Blues Festival.  Theron is a driving force on the arts scene in Northeast …

JJRR Ep15 Cryptocurrency / blockchain - True Portfolio diversification - Innovative Investing with Kirk Chisholm

November 30th, 2017


Kirk Chisholm was recently acknowledged as the #7 most influential financial advisor in Investopedia's top 100 and is known for his innovative …

JJRR Ep14 The history of podcasting and orange juice marketing with podcast pioneer Rob Greenlee

November 21st, 2017


So what were you listening to back in 2004?  Was it "Yeah" by Usher featuring Lil John and Ludacris? I loved that track. Was anybody listening to podcasts back then?  The podcast idea was just getting going with …

JJRR Ep13 Drones for bridge inspection - 3D printing in Civil Engineering - Power lifting with James Hillegas

November 2nd, 2017


James Hillegas is a civil engineer who's into exploring technology and is soaking it up like a sponge.  He's a forward thinker who has developed …

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