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2. I Weep for Narcissus (ZACH)

Episode description

This is the official second episode of InstaGod. You thought you knew what was going on? Knowing is a trivial tendency. InstaGod’s litmus test came in the form of a cryptic two-part pilot episode. The real InstaGod celebrates the absurd beauty of human connection. And, of course, with over 144 million deities in existence, wicked which way comes. The gods are strange and funny and odd and evil and good and boring. They’re like people, just more mysterious. InstaGod forces you to LISTEN closely to the deities and their heroic/anti-heroic speeches. Every single literary piece contains information about the god/goddess. If Black Mirror and Kate Bush has a baby, it’d be called InstaGod. INSTAGOD LINKS: Instagram: INSTAGODPODCAST Twitter: @instagod2 Facebook: InstaGod - The Podcast Experience Check out InstaGod on Stitcher: Spreaker: Spotify: Apple Podcasts: CAST - NOTE: SOME OF OUR CAST ARE MEMBERS OF THE SCREEN ACTORS’ GUILD AND ARE ONLY ALLOWED TO BE CREDITED IF WE USE ACRONYMS OR CLUES! THESE ACTORS WILL RECEIVE TOP BILLING IN PARENTHESIS. War Ugug (ACRONYM) as Rachel, the InstaGod Companion Adelmi Hogwarts (OSCAR NOMINATED ACTRESS) as Goddess Apalna Fis Her or Else (OSCAR NOMINATED ACTRESS) as Casey’s Consciousness and Id Sheen (BRITISH BAFTA WINNER) as Jupiter Abel Enzo as Zach Ashley Eddy as Casey Email: Levi Kuskie as Instagod Intro Renier Palland as Alex Special thanks to: Harpo Productions SPONSORS Getflix- click on the link and sign up for a free 14-day trial THE IRON REALM Abel Enzo of The Iron Realm Podcast - find me at The Iron Realm Patreon Page The Iron Realm on Twitter YouTube The Iron Realm Podcast My Store on DriveThruRPG (books for the Iron Realm Campaign Setting) CREDITS Written, directed and created by Dr. Renier Palland Produced by Bloody Odd Productions Executive Producers Jeremy Terrefe Paul Flaterny Sasha Simons Dr. Renier Palland Sound Engineering Tide Record Label Sound Composition Tide Record Label Editing & Mixing Dr. Renier Palland Tide Record Label Jeremy Terrefe REMEMBER TO LIKE, LOVE, RATE, SHARE & TALK TO YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT US! This podcast is sponsored by Anchor

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3. Rebirth

March 3rd, 2019


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A true crime investigation docuseries about a strange new app that could change the universe. Forever. "InstaGod" is a true docupod series about what …

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