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94 Episodes | 2012 - 2019

Season 7: Inkpulp Jr: Episode 2: Matteo Scalera

February 1st, 2019


This episode was originally posted to the Patreon feed one year ago.

Poop Talk, Part 3. Yes, the Maestro is back with more poop talk. This is a short one, but a very entertaining one. expand your knowledge of out …

Season 7: Inkpulp Jr: Episode 1. Cary Nord

January 1st, 2019


This episode was originally released on the Patreon feed 1 year ago.

Cocktails and Commissions with Cary.  Here we are! The first episode of Inkpulp …

Season 6: Ep 83: Klaus Janson.

November 1st, 2018


Yes, THE Klaus Janson. I’m still having trouble believing that we recorded this amazing episode. This podcast has been amazing in so many ways. It’s time for me to recognize its greatness. I’m blessed, lucky, and the …

Season 6: Ep 77: Donny Cates

May 1st, 2018


I'm sitting here, writing this intro, feeling so misplaced. But, in a good way :D Ya see…. actually, listen to the intro on the podcast. I let it all out. Listen at your own risk. Enjoy Donny as well. We had a GREAT …

Season 3: Ep 43: A Message from Shawn

June 1st, 2015


The very first episode of InkPulp Audio!

Season 2: Ep 22: Zylonol Studios Part 2

May 15th, 2014


Zylonol Studios Part 2 with Andrew Robinson

Season 1: Ep 03: Rick Remender

March 1st, 2013


In this episode of Inkpulp Audio, Shawn sits down with Rick Remender to discuss what makes him tick.


November 27th, 2012


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