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Planning and releasing indie game post launch content with Paul from Failbetter Games

July 16th, 2019


Paul and Failbetter Games have had a lot of success and created long tails of revenue through post launch content with both Sunless Seas and the more …

The state of indie games: Interview with Heiny Reimes

July 15th, 2019


Heiny runs one of the most successful and most active Discord servers for indie games.  In this episode we discuss the trends and issues he's seeing …

What theme parks can teach us about game design w/ Red Vonix from Cerulean and Drunk Robot Games

July 15th, 2019


Do you know what a "winnie" is?  I didn't, but Red does.  He explains several theme park mechanisms than can be used in game design.  We also discuss …

Using Technology for Networking at Industry Events With Fedor Van Herpen from Meet To Match

July 14th, 2019


 Fedor Van Herpen of MeetToMatch discusses the various ways you can reach out and connect before conferences without having to rely on the good old …

Turning Your Community Into an Extension of Your Team With Justin French from Dream Harvest

June 28th, 2019


Justin joins Indie and Jay to discuss the how's and why's of building a good Discord server.  Why you should be building one pre-launch, how to put …

Esports, Predatory Contracts, an Overvalued Market and E3 Wrapup

June 24th, 2019


Jay and Indie discuss the eSports market and Kotaku's recent article as well as Dr. Disrepect, contracts, and more.   After a brief discussion on random motorcycle parts in Indie's garage.


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Getting your indie game noticed! Interview with Yulia Vakhrusheva PR Director for Tiny Build Games

June 22nd, 2019


Yulia walks us through how Tiny Build Games approaches PR for their games and the lessons indie teams who self publish can learn.


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The importance of localization with Stephanie O'Malley Deming

June 21st, 2019


As Co-Founder and President of XLOC, Stephanie has successfully sim-shipped hundreds of language versions of high profile titles, including the Call …

Indie Success Story: Interview with Star Traders: Frontiers developers Trese Brothers

June 17th, 2019


Andrew and Cory Trese have been quietly releasing fantastic indie games for the last eight years.  Their games are extremely deep, well developed, and they provide tremendous ongoing support for their titles.  They have …

Sarah Elmaleh discusses the upcoming GameDev.World Conference

June 17th, 2019


Sarah is the Executive Producer of the upcoming GameDev.World conference.  Featuring 30+ speakers from all over the planet, all talks will be close-captioned and translated into Arabic, Chinese, English, French, …

Publishing 101 With David Logan CEO of Akupara Games

June 7th, 2019


The Akupara Games CEO outlines what publishers are looking for and what developers should know when looking for one.


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"To merch or not to merch" with Lottie Bevan from Cultist Simulator developer Weather Factory

June 7th, 2019


Weather Factory's Lottie Bevan joins us to talk about merchandise for your indie game.  Lottie did a ton of research and found the perfect way to …

Save time and money on your marketing and biz dev as an indie dev

June 6th, 2019


Jay and Indie cover some tools and tricks to save you time and money as you run your studio.  

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What Developers Should Know About Publishers - with Ed Dille of Fog Studios

May 27th, 2019


We sit down with legendary game agent Ed Dille to discuss what developers need to know about publishers.  We talk about why developers should always …

Where and How to Sell Your Indie Game

May 25th, 2019


We break down the fundamentals of where you need to be selling your game and how you should go about doing it.  This episode is full of the …

Funding your game and studio with Jason Della Rocca from Execution Labs

May 24th, 2019


Learn the do's and don'ts of funding at the project or company level.  We talk with Jason Della Rocca from Execution Labs.

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Why Indie Developers Should Be Creating Hyper Casual Games w/ Lloyd Melnick

May 24th, 2019


Lloyd Melnick joins us to discuss the short term and long term advantages of creating hypercasual mobile games.  

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Indie Success Story: Interview with Slay the Spire developer Mega Crit

May 24th, 2019


We sit down with Mega Crit to talk about how the studio came to be, the story behind building the game, their meteoric rise in popularity in China, …

What to do when you return from a conference

May 19th, 2019


So you went to GDC / PAX / Gamescom / Rezzed ...  now you're back from the show and you don't know what to do to keep the momentum going.  That's what we discuss in this episode.

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What it takes to grow your indie game studio

May 18th, 2019


Vedran Klanac, CEO of veteran studio Ocean Media Games joins us to talk about what it takes to succeed long term in the game industry.

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How to find a good publisher for your game

May 18th, 2019


Jay and Indie go through the steps developers need to take to identify and reach out to a publisher.  

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