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Gun Violence in America / He's got a gun. / S3 E6

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There’s an important link between intimate partner violence (i.e. domestic violence) and gun violence. The majority of mass shootings occurs in the context of intimate partner violence. And women are most likely to be killed by an intimate partner — a husband, ex-husband, boyfriend or ex-boyfriend — than by anyone else. Guests: Jacquelyn Campbell, Professor at the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing; Ruth Glenn, CEO of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, and a survivor of both intimate partner violence and gun violence; April Zeoli, Associate Professor at Michigan State University School of Criminal Justice, and TEDMED 2018 speaker; and Michael Siegel, Professor at the Boston University School of Public Health.

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Gun Violence in America / "Boys will be boys." / S3 E5

November 22nd, 2018

Why are guns a symbol, for many, of masculinity? Are boys and men more violent? Or do they turn to violence and guns as tools in the absence of other …

Gun Violence in America / Gun Culture 2.0 / S3 E4

November 8th, 2018

Why do people own guns and how do they use them? What do guns mean to the people who own them? and to those who don’t? And is there anyone who can …

Gun Violence in America / Guns & Honor / S3 E3

October 25th, 2018

What is honor? When is it OK to use violence? And how do these ideas influence regional attitudes about guns and our nation’s laws? Guests: Eric …

Gun Violence in America / A Uniquely American Compromise / S3 E2

October 11th, 2018

Where does our Second Amendment come from? English law, like so many of our other laws? Or is it a uniquely American compromise? Guests: Lois Schwoerer, Professor Emerita of History at George Washington University and …

Gun Violence in America / An Unlikely Friendship / S3 E1

September 27th, 2018

It's hard to imagine finding common ground on the problem of gun violence. In the 1990s, Dr. Mark Rosenberg and former Congressman Jay Dickey (R-AR) …

The Opioid Overdose Crisis / Religion, Responsibility, Blame & Shame / S2 E13

July 12th, 2018

Is drug use immoral? Can religious leaders and communities help people recover from addiction? And can we hold people responsible without blame and …

The Opioid Overdose Crisis / Can we sue our way out of the opioid crisis? / S2 E12

June 12th, 2018

Is anyone to blame for the opioid overdose epidemic? Should we be going after white-collar criminals like pharmaceutical company executives, …

The Opioid Overdose Crisis / This Is America: Race and the War on Drugs / S2 E11

May 22nd, 2018

The U.S.'s unique history of slavery and race relations have played no small part in how we approach drug abuse and addiction differently from other developed countries—from the supposed “Negro cocaine fiends” of the …

The Opioid Overdose Crisis / What comes after you survive an overdose? / S2 E10

May 4th, 2018

Naloxone can save the lives of drug users from deadly overdose, but what happens after someone survives an overdose? Does naloxone give users a false sense of security, encouraging them to use more? Guests: Jonathan …

The Opioid Overdose Crisis / Sharing Opana & Syringes in Small Town Indiana / S2 E9

April 20th, 2018

Opioid abuse is affecting small towns across the U.S. in unprecedented ways. In 2015, Austin, Indiana was ground zero for one of the biggest HIV …

The Opioid Overdose Crisis / Drugs to *treat* addiction? (even heroin & hydromorphone) / S2 E8

March 15th, 2018

Medications can play an important role in helping people recover from addiction. And sometimes, those medications can be the very drug they’re trying …

The Opioid Overdose Crisis / A Safe Space to Use Drugs / S2 E7

February 21st, 2018

What if we gave drug users a clean, safe place to use? out of the alleys and off the streets? Could that be the first rung on the ladder to recovery? …

The Opioid Overdose Crisis / Cops as social workers? / S2 E6

February 21st, 2018

What if the criminal justice system emphasized housing and social services over crime and punishment? Guests: Amy Kroll, administrator for re-entry …

The Opioid Overdose Crisis / Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) / S2 E5

January 17th, 2018

In the 1990s, researchers recruited 17,000 adults to answer questions about childhood stressors and trauma and their health. What does this …

The Opioid Overdose Crisis / Is there fentanyl in my drugs? / S2 E4

January 17th, 2018

Could we save lives by offering drug users anonymous purity testing of their drugs for adulterants and dangerous cutting agents like fentanyl? …

The Opioid Overdose Crisis / The Rise of Fentanyl / S2 E3

January 17th, 2018

How has the rise of fentanyl led to a spike in drug overdose deaths? And why would anyone want to take or deal in such a deadly drug? Guests: Mark …

The Opioid Overdose Crisis / Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) / S2 E2

January 17th, 2018

Is neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS) -- babies whose mothers used opioids in pregnancy and who go into withdrawal after birth -- is another form of …

The Opioid Overdose Crisis / Is addiction a brain disease? / S2 E1

January 17th, 2018

Is addiction a brain disease? a moral failing or lack of willpower? or neither? And why does it matter? Guests: Prof. Owen Flanagan, expert on the …

The Opioid Overdose Crisis / Season 2 Trailer

January 17th, 2018

Over the course of my career as a doctor, I’ve been committed to working with populations in greatest need. But when nearly every community in the …

Youth & Mental Health / Communication & Contagion / S1 E1

September 11th, 2017

How do we communicate responsibly about depression and suicide without fueling contagion? During the 2016-2017 academic year, Columbia University was …

Youth & Mental Health / Switch or Die: why trans teens are at such high risk for suicide / S1 E2

September 11th, 2017

Why are LGBTQ youth at such high risk of depression, anxiety and suicide? Guests: Ed Tully, father of a transgender teen in Minnesota; Dr. Ximena …

Youth & Mental Health / Academic & Social Pressure / S1 E3

September 11th, 2017

How do new stressors contribute to the risk of suicide among young people? Guests: Kristine Bernardoni, mother in California whose son was one of a …

Youth & Mental Health / Social Media, Big Data & Other Solutions / S1 E4

September 11th, 2017

How can social media, texting and big data be used to improve mental health and prevent suicide? And what can colleges and universities do to help …

Youth & Mental Health / The Role of TV & Film / S1 E5

September 11th, 2017

Can movies and shows like Netflix's 13 Reasons Why raise awareness about mental health and help those at risk for suicide? Guests: Dr. Victor Schwartz, suicide prevention expert and Chief Medical Officer at the JED …

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September 2nd, 2017

This is a podcast about health and social justice. Health is wealth. Some of us have it, some don’t. Some of us will live long and healthy lives… and some won’t. But why me and not them? Why them and not me?
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