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#19 What Future for the Media in Central Europe?

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We’re back! Here with us today is Marius Dragomir, the director of the Center for Media, Data, and Society at Central European University (CEU) and we discuss the crisis-ridden media environment in the region. Despite the doom and gloom around the failure of the old business model and increasing political control, there are some good examples emerging that provide reason for optimism. 

History minute: Media Pluralism in an Authoritarian Regime 


Media Influence Matrix, Center for Media, Data, and Society, CEU, 2019

Control the money, control the media: How the government uses funding to keep media in line, Marius Dragomir, Journalism, Vol. 19, Issue 8, 2018

The Free Press Under Threat in Central Europe, Lenka Kabrhelova, Nieman Lab for Journalism, 27 February 2019

Media in Central Europe: From independent observer to political tool and the new enemy, Zselyke Csaky, Visegrad Insight, December 2017


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