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Interviews with poets, writers, artists and performers in the Sacramento arts scene. Plus, Poetry film review show: Reel Poetry.

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Slam Ft. AndYes

June 28th, 2022


Reel Back: Slam movie is being reposted because the first one was incompleted. The Reel Poets welcome AndYes to the panel as they discuss the 1998 …

Del-Ray Phoenix - Phoenix Landed

June 21st, 2022


CharRon sat down with Book author,  Poet, activist,  and Radio DJ: Del Ray Phoenix.

Finding Neverland

June 14th, 2022


Iambic Poetry Podcast present Reel Poetry. The Reel poets review the 2004 film, Finding Neverland starring Johnny Depp, Kate Winslet, Dustin Hoffman. 


Snap Judgement 

5.5 out of 9 snaps



Marvin - …

Barbara West - Queen’s Gambit

June 7th, 2022


CharRon sits down with Poet, Author, & Performer: Barbara West.  We discuss:

  1. her poetric Journey. 
  2. Being a performer with Preoccuoied Pipers and …

Elder Gideon - Aegis of Waves

May 31st, 2022


CharRon sat with Artist, Teacher, Poet, author, recording artist and Elder: Elder Gideon.  We discuss holistic journey through Italy,  being queer, …

Roxanne Ft. Danielle Metzinger

May 10th, 2022


Iambic Poetry Podcast Present Reel Poetry 

Reel Poets have a returning guest(our 4th Reel Poet), Danielle Metzinger.  We got together and reviewed the 1987 film, Roxanne.  This film starred Steve Martin, Darryl Hannah, …

Susan Kelly-DeWitt

May 3rd, 2022


CharRon sits down with Sacramento's powerful poet, teacher, artist, and one of Sacramento Poetry center's leading founders: Susan Kelly-DeWitt.  We …

The Laureate

April 28th, 2022


Reel Poets review 2021 feature film, The Laureate. This film is war poet Robert Graves who invites American Poet Laura Riding to England to …

Taylor M’Bro - From Spoken Word to Cracking Jokes

April 19th, 2022


CharRon sit down with Comedian Taylor M. Taylor was a Spoken word champion who wanted to do more with his writing. So when he moved to California, he started telling jokes and persuing a career in comedy.  Then, he did …

The Green Knight

April 12th, 2022


Reel Poets review the 2021 film, the Green Knight, starring Dev Patel.

Snap Judgement

6.25 out of 9 snaps


Marvin - Starvinmarvin09

Auntie Vice - Auntie Vice

CharRon - Iambiczine

Sharon Mahany: Insight to truth

April 5th, 2022


CharRon chats with Placer County Poet and Healer Sharon Mahany.  We talk about her works in poetry and as a life coach / healer.  We champion poems that can be found online(search for: "Sharon Mahany poet") and living …

Pinero (2001)

March 29th, 2022


Iambic Poetry Podcast Presents: REEL POETRY. The Reel Poets review the 2001 release: Pinero. The film starred Benjamin Blatt, Edgar Wright, Giancarlos Especito. Directed by Lyon Ichaso.  This movie gives a glimpse of …

Asantewaa Boykin: Live, Love + Liberation

March 24th, 2022


CharRon chat with Visual artist, poet, Activist, register nurse, and Book author: Asantewaa Boykin. Asantewaa is a founder of the Anti Police-Terror …

Blue Car

March 15th, 2022


Reel Poetry reviews the 2002 Film, Blue Car.  The film stars Agnes Bruckner, David Strathairn, Margaret Colin, & A.J Buckley.  Beside the poetry …

Donte Clark: KNOWFREEDOM beyond Closed Caskets

March 11th, 2022


CharRon chats with Spoken word artist, Author, Writer, Actor, Former Richmond Poet Laureate, Educator, and Social Activist: Donte Clark.  We discuss: his two books: KNOWFREEDOM & Close Caskets, Being an Actor, …

The Sweet Hereafter

March 2nd, 2022


Reel Poetry starts March with 1 of top 10 Canada Films, The Sweet Hereafter. The film stars Ian Holms, Bruce Greenwood and Sarah Polley.  The film …

The Butterfly’s Dream

February 22nd, 2022


Reel Poets review 2013 Turkish Drama film, The Butterfly's Dream(Kelebeğin Rüyası). This film was enter in 86th Academy Awards.  It is a true story about 2 poets: Muzaffar Tayyip Uslu and Rüştü Onur whom fell ill to …

Word and Pictures

February 15th, 2022


Reel Poets review the 2013 film, Words and Pictures starring Clive Owens & Juliette Binonche.  The film characterizes Ekphastic Poetry. It also …

Yelling to the Sky Movie Review

February 8th, 2022


Reel Poets reviews 2011 Independent film, Yelling to the Sky.  This flim features Zoe Kravitz, Jason Clarke, Gabourey Sidibe, and Tariq Trotter.  Directed by Victoria Mahoney


Snap Judgement

Yelling to the Sky - 2.5 …

Reel Poetry 2021 Year in Review

January 3rd, 2022

Iambic Poetry Podcast presents Reel Poetry

The year of 2021 is over. CharRon, Marvin, Auntie Vice have reviewed 45 Poetry movies in 2021. Double the amount than 2020.  Now, They review the movies they like, dislike,  …

Frosty the snowman & Little Drummer Boy Ft. Jesse Rivera

December 22nd, 2021


Iambic Poetry Podcast presents Reel Poetry with featured guest: Comedian/Podcaster - Jesse Rivera(Jesse Rivera likes to talk Podcast). This week, the Reel Poets review another Rankin/Bass classics: Frosty the Snowman …

Santa comin to town & Rudolph the red nosed Reindeer

December 14th, 2021


Iambic Poetry podcast presents Reel Poetry.  The Reel poets are back and their journey take them into Christmas movies.  The most popular animated …

Marisa Lin: holy chrysanthemum

December 7th, 2021


CharRon chats with Poet/chapbook author Marisa Lin.  Marisa is a Chinese immigrant from Rochester, Minnesota.  While attending Stanford University, she began writing poems and has since published poems on various …

Operation FreeSoul Ft. Coon the Poet

November 24th, 2021

Iambic Poetry Podcast presents Operation FreeSoul Podcast with AndYes

AndYes chat with Sacramento Spoken Word Veteran Coon the Poet.  Coon the poet …

David Rosenheim: Poetry is a Simple Song

November 16th, 2021


CharRon chat with Poet/Songwriter David Rosenheim about his poetic journey, His passion in songwriting, his involvement in 3 music bands, The passion …

Operation FreeSoul Episode: Paul Willis

November 10th, 2021

Iambic Poetry podcast Present: Operation FreeSoul Podcast with AndYes.

AndYes chats with Recording Artist and Activist Paul Willis.  Paul Willis has …

Eagar Allen Poe - 6 movies

October 29th, 2021


Reel Poets review 6 movies that made from famous Poet, Eagar Allen Poe. His Poems and Tales: 

  • The Tell-Tale Heart
  • The Pit and the Pendulum
  • The …

Vincent Kobelt: Hip-hop teacher in a Rock-n-roll world

October 21st, 2021


CharRon chats with Poet, recording artist,  and Teacher: Vincent Kobelt. We talk about his poetic journey, teaching, and being involved in Sacramento …

Cynical Insomniac: Refuse to Drown

October 15th, 2021


CharRon talks with Spoken Word Poet/Book Author, Cynical Insomniac.  We discuss her latest book: Refuse to Drown. We also talk about mental health, …

3 Poetry films - Time, Quarantine, Ode to my Father

October 7th, 2021

Iambic Poetry Podcast presents Reel Poetry

The Reel poets are back again in one room with three new short poetry films off Youtube(Auntie Vice's Pick): Time by Brian Brett, Quarantine by Jason Gonzalez, and Ode to my …

Operation Freesoul Episode: Stacy G

September 28th, 2021

Iambic Poetry Podcast presents

Operation FreeSoul with AndYes.  AndYes has gifted IPP with the audio interviews of several poets.  This episode has a …

Operation Freesoul Episode: J Rowe

September 21st, 2021

Iambic Poetry Podcast presents

Operation FreeSoul with AndYes.  AndYes has gifted IPP with the audio interviews of several poets.  This episode has a …

Casey At Bat, Paul Bunyan, Shooting of Dan Mcgrew

September 15th, 2021


Reel poets with another SHORT POETRY MOVIES REVIEW: Casey At Bat, Paul Bunyan, and Shooting of Dan Mcgrew.  One trigger is 2 of these movies are …

Pull My Daisy, The Hangman, & Cremation of Sam Mcgee

September 8th, 2021


Reel Poets review three short movies of poems by Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginburg, Maurice Ogden, and Robert W. Service.  These poets wrote poems that were transformed to shorts to enjoy(All these movies are on Youtube).  


Alice in Wonderland

September 1st, 2021


Reel Poets return with a new movie review. Our movie review is on 2010 live CGI action film, Alice in Wonderland. Starring Mia Wasikowska, Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway, Stephen Fry, Helena Boham Carter and directed by Tim …

Garrison King Halsey III - 2 Books to be Inspired

August 24th, 2021


CharRon sat down with Garrison King-Halsey III to discuss both of his books: A Father's Curse and Unsaid. We discussed his first book in depth, his …

Paulina Speaker - Poet for the People

August 17th, 2021


CharRon chat with Southern California's own Paulina Speaker. We discuss her poetry's origin. How she got involved with Social Protest. Building her …

Renaissance Man

August 11th, 2021


The Reel Poets review 1994 Touchstone picture film, Renaissance Man. The film stars Danny DeVito, Kadeem Hardison, Stacy Dash, Gregory Hines, and Mark Wahlberg.  We discuss the story premise and the characters' …

Black Widow the Poet - Kaleidoscope

August 2nd, 2021


CharRon sits down with Tennessee's own Gina Carrillo AKA Black Widow.  This Painter, cancer survivor, Book author, spoken word artist and actual widow talks about her latest book, Kaleidoscope: Broken pieces put back …

Renaria B - Scar City

August 1st, 2021


Once again! CharRon is back on his interviewer's chair to chat with Renaria B from Toronto, Ontario Canada.  We discuss her Poetry book, Scar City.  We talk about how this is a personal memoir than a poetry book of her …

13th Warrior

July 28th, 2021


Iambic Poetry Podcast present Reel Poetry. Reel poet review the 1999 film, 13th Warrior. The movie starred Antonio Banderas, Omar Sharif, Vladmir …

Horton hears a Who

July 23rd, 2021


Reel Poets review the final installment of Dr. Seuss Series. The 2008 animated film, Horton Hears a Who! The voice Cast was Jim Carrey, Steve …

The Lorax

July 13th, 2021


Reel Poetry reviews the 2012 animated movie: Dr. Seuss' The Lorax. The voicing Cast is Danny Devito, Ed Helm, Zac Efron, Betty White, and Taylor Swift.


Snap Judgement

The Lorax - 6 out of 9 snaps



The grinch and The grinch that stole Christmas

July 9th, 2021


Reel Poetry is given the Audience, a two movies review: 2018s The Grinch and How the Grinch stole Christmas (2000).  The Grinch cast is Benedict …

Cat in The Hat

June 30th, 2021

Welcome to the Dr. Seuss Episodes

Reel Poetry will do a four-episodes review on Dr. Seuss.  Reel Poets reviews the 2003 live action interpolation:

10 things I hate about you Ft. Danielle Metzinger

June 15th, 2021


Reel Poets and returning guest Danielle reviews the 1999 film: 10 things I hate about you. A Shakespeare adaptation of the famous comedy play, The …

So I married an Axe Murderer Ft. Danielle Metzinger

June 9th, 2021


Reel Poetry does a guest submission. We reviewed the 1993 film, So I married an Axe Murderer, Starring Mike Myers, Nancy Travis, Anthony LaPaglia, and Amanda Plummer.  Oh, the 90's! We were concern with the beat poet …

Romeo + Juliet Ft. AndYes

June 1st, 2021

Modern Shakespeare movie Month

Reel Poets with our returning guest AndYes review the 1996 Shakespeare adaptation of Romeo and Juliet starring …

Hamlet 2000 Feat. Izzy Lala

May 27th, 2021


Reel Poetry reviews the 2000 Miramax film Hamlet (2000).  We brought returning podcast guest Izzy Lala to help us review this movie that features …

Bashar Abou Hawili: Words might mean something to someone someday

May 18th, 2021


CharRon chat with an upcoming published poet with a debut book.  Wirter/ Novelist/Poet Bashar Abou Hawili debuts his first Poetry book: Word Might Mean Something to Someone Someday. It will premiere on May 20, 2020.  We …

O (2001)

May 12th, 2021


Reel Poetry present Modern Shakespeare Movie Month.  We will be reviewing the 2001 film, O. This movie is a modern adaption of the famous …

Poetry (2010)

May 5th, 2021


Iambic Poetry Podcast present Reel Poetry. Reel Poets review the 2010 international film, Poetry. We discuss the cast, the plot, the culture, the …

Ike Torres: Soul Searching Part 2

April 28th, 2021


Welcome to the second part of our two part episode with Sacramento Slam poet and Actor, Ike Torre.  We discuss being on the Sac Slam Teams for 2015 and 2018. Plus, traveling to Europe for the Poets of Peace summit.


Ike Torres: Soul Searching Part 1

April 20th, 2021


CharRon sit downs with Sacramento Slam Legend and One-man show Actor, Ike Torres in a two part interview.  We discuss Ike's upbringing on the streets of Sacramento.  His interest in poetry, his introduction to slam …

Sita Sings the Blues

April 13th, 2021


Reel Poets review the 2008 animated film, Sita Sings The Blues.  This Romantic comedy drama is an animated version of the epic Indian tale of Ramayana set to the 1920s jazz vocals of Annette Hanshaw. 


Snap Judgement

For Colored Girls Ft. Bri Blue

March 30th, 2021


The Reel Poets and our guest reviewer, Bri Blue, review a 2010 Dramatic Film, For Colored Girls. This movie was directed by Tyler Perry.  It is an …

Alexandra Huynh: From Sacramento to National Youth Laureate

March 23rd, 2021


CharRon sat down with West Region Ambassador and 2020 Sacramento Youth Poet Laureate, Alexandra Huynh.  We discussed her Poetic journey to Sacramento Area Youth Speaks, Sacramento Youth poet Laureate and finalist to …

Window Horses

March 16th, 2021


Hello, Reel poets. Today, we will review 2016 Independent animation film, Window Horses. That is executive produced and main character voice by …

A Quiet Passion

March 11th, 2021


Reel Poetry review 2016 foreign film A Quiet Passion. Starring Cynthia Nixon and Keith Carradine. The film is a biopic of Emily Dickerson. We discuss the characters, poems, and Emily's History.


Snap Judgement:

5.5 …

Romeo is Bleeding

March 2nd, 2021


Reel Poetry reviews 2015 award winning documentary, Romeo is Bleeding.  Where we meet Donte Clark, a spoken word poet and youth director recreate a …

Love Jones Feat. J. Rowe

February 23rd, 2021


Reel Poets review another movie with guest poet/reviewer J. Rowe.  We review 1997 film Love Jones with Larenz Tate and Nia Long.  We talk about the Poet writers: Reggie Gibson and Sonia Sanchez.  We discuss the …

Sarah Oktay - Scientists are Poets

February 17th, 2021


CharRon chats with Oceanographer Sarah Oktay about her new book, Sifting Light from the Darkness.  We also discuss some of her previous endeavors like 9-11 substance research, beach erosion and her work with Actor Mark …

Things never Said Feat. J.Rowe

February 10th, 2021


Reel Poets with the sensational Sac poet, J. Rowe review the 2013 film: Things Never Said. Starring Omari Hardwick (Power, Nobody's Fool) Tamala …

Bright Star Feat. Danielle Metzinger

February 2nd, 2021


The Reel Poets review 2009 British film, Bright Star, with Guest Poet: Danielle Metzinger. Bright Star tell the story of short love affair of Poet John Keats and Fanny Brawne. We discuss the Landscape, enchanted scenes …

The Philharmonik - Human Orchestra

January 28th, 2021


CharRon finally get the pleasure to speak to the sensational recording Artist: The Philharmonik. They discuss his upbringing and his music. Plus, CharRon get deep in some of Phil's inspiration that are felt in his music …

Love Beats Rhymes Feat Tarandeep

January 26th, 2021


Reel Poetry with Tarandeep review 2017 film Love Beats Rhymes (starring Jill Scott, Azealia Banks, Common, and John David Washington).  The main question, Is rap poetry?, is a good talking point but the movie doesn't …

Speak to me in Poetry

January 19th, 2021

Iambic Poetry podcast present REEL POETRY

The Reel Poets review the 2011 independent file, Speak to me in poetry, a movie about a shy guy who make a wish to talk like a poet.  This movie got the chatter going and the …

Howl (Ginsberg)

January 5th, 2021


Happy new year, everyone. This is our 56th episode and the 1st anniversary of Iambic Poetry podcast.  Today, Reel Poetry reviews the 2010 film, HOWL, a biopic movie about Allen Ginsberg and the 1957 Trial. 


Social …

Natachi Mez - Immaculate

December 29th, 2020


CharRon zoom chatted with Sacramento Poetry Quarterly First Slam Winner: Natachi Mez. Natachi discussed her journey with computers, poetry, music and being a woman. 


Social Media: 

Natachi - (Instagram)

Dead Poets Society

December 22nd, 2020

Iambic Poetry Podcast Presents Reel Poetry

This episode, we have a returning Podcast guest, Len Germinera (Episode 3) join us. As Reel Poets review the Academy award winning film: Dead Poets Society starring Robin …

The 40-Year-Old Version Feat. RawNe

December 15th, 2020

Iambic Podcast Presents Reel Poetry

The Reel Poets and Returning Podcast Guest Stockton recording artist / radio host, RawNe reviews the 2020 Independent film: The 40 Year Old Version. Released on Netflix. …

Koe Creation: This heart holds many

December 10th, 2020


CharRon chats with polykid, sexpert, Carnival artist, author, poet, long friend, and Blue Dance partner Koe Creation.  We talk about Koe's book: This …

Brother, Where art thou? Feat. Big Nick

December 8th, 2020


Reel Poetry reviews 2000 Award winning film, Brother, Where Art Thou.  Along for the ride is Big Nick Johnson(Gag on This Podcast).  The movie is a reimagination of the Greek epic poem The Odyssey by Homer. We delve …

Neruda Feat. Diana Medina

December 1st, 2020

Iambic Poetry Podcast presents Reel Poetry (Feat. Diana Medina)

Reel Poetry reviews 2016 foreign independent film, Neruda.  Along for the review ride is  poet Diana Medina(Off the Clocker).  The movie is a biopic on …

We are animals

November 24th, 2020


Iambic Poetry Podcast presents Reel poetry:

We are animals - 2018 independent film that was feature at Sundance film festival.  Auntie Vice, Marvin, and CharRon comment on the film conveying the "feel of poetry". They …

Poetic Justice

November 17th, 2020


Iambic Poetry Podcast present Reel Poetry.

We reviewed John Singleton's Second film, Poetic Justice. We discuss acting, social issues, and profanity.  Maya Angelou had two poems: Alone and Phenomenal Woman.  She also …

The Kindergarten Teacher

November 10th, 2020

Iambic Poetry Podcast present Reel Poetry

Reel Poetry reviews the 2018 independent film: The Kindergarten Teacher.

This movie definitely creeped out the reviewers. The poems done by Ocean Vuong(I spelled it wrong …

Nightmare Before Christmas

November 3rd, 2020


Another Reel Poetry movie review. CharRon, Marvin and Auntie Vice discuss the Cult Classic: Nightmare before Christmas. They discuss how a poem was …

Izzy Lala: 2 Books in 1 Year

October 27th, 2020


CharRon chats with returning guest, Izzy Lala. Izzy discuss her new works, The Art Inside: Poetry in Quarantine and Seeing Feelings: Pictures of a …


October 20th, 2020


(Reel Poetry edition) CharRon talks with his 2 returning guests, Marvin Xia and Auntie Vice, about the 2016 film: Paterson.  The film starring Adam Driver, William Jackson-Harper, Barry Shabaka Henley, and Method Man.


Six Footah The Poet: Enough is enough

October 6th, 2020


CharRon talks with Bay area native Tasha "Six Footah the Poet" Turner or as CharRon says "TT" for short. 

Topic discuss:

  • Her campaign against the …

Lisa Cantrell: Capital Storytelling with an A

September 29th, 2020


CharRon has a chat with Capital Storytelling executive director, Lisa Cantrell via zoom. We discuss the origin of Capital Storytelling, Capital …

Jose Garcia Martin Aka Veritas Poetics: Life and more part 2

September 22nd, 2020


CharRon continues his conversation with Jose Garicas Martin aka Veritas Poetics.

Topics discuss:

  • Black owned businesses
  • page vs. Stage
  • Top 5 …

Jose Garcia Martin Aka Veritas Poetics: Rap Names Part 1

September 16th, 2020


CharRon chats with Lathrop based Jose Garcia Martin AKA Varitas Poetic. 209 is the building! 

Topics discuss:
  • Poetic Origin
  • Christian rappers

Marvin Xia Part 2: American, Born Chinese

September 8th, 2020


CharRon continues his chat with Marvin in part two of this 2-part episode. Marvin discuss the Asian detachment with Black and Latinos. He talk about his first slam win. He answers our Page vs Stage question and Top 5 …

Marvin Xia: Team Marvin

September 2nd, 2020


CharRon Smith chatted with his long time friend and Poet, Marvin Xia. We discuss his upbringing and Living in the Central Valley.  His mundane professional life change when he graduated Sac State University because his …

CharRon Smith: Vacation Time

August 18th, 2020


CharRon will be taken a needed rest for 2 weeks and Iambic will be collecting more interviews with poets, Poet Laureates, Rappers, Performers, and …

Kellz Barksdale aka Jokenword: Art of Poetry and Comedy

August 11th, 2020


CharRon zoom chat with Sacramento new comedian, Kellz Barksdale from New Jersey, who is also a spoken word artist that merge both poetry and comedy together.  This talent created his moniker, Jokenword. We discuss his …

Malik Saunders Part 2: The Risen

August 4th, 2020


CharRon chats, via Skype, with Spoken word artist, Published author, and Hip hop head: Malik Kaume-Dau Saunders.  We discuss his poem: Reader's Digest, his 2 books, page vs the stage , Top 5 rappers and Social media.  …

Bob Stanley: Life in Random Lanes

July 28th, 2020


CharRon got the honor to talk to former Sacramento Poet Laureate, Sac Poetry Center President, Poet, Musician, Book Publisher and English Professor; Bob Stanley.  We discuss about being Poet laureate, Being President of …

Malik Saunders Part 1: The Fallen

July 21st, 2020


CharRon chats, via Skype, with Spoken word artist, Published author, and Hip hop head: Malik Kaume-Dau Saunders.  We discuss some hip hop politics, …

Letter K: Patriarch of Game

July 14th, 2020


CharRon had a zoom chat with his former band mate and good friend Eric “Letter K” Luis.  Letter K has a multitude of endeavors during his two decade …

Coon the Poet Part 2: Lion Share

July 7th, 2020


This part 2 of our two part episode with Coon the poet. Coon speaks about his US poetry tour and goes into talking about recording an album. We talk to Coon about being a Sacramento Poet Laureate candidate. We discuss …

Coon the Poet Part 1: The Green Ranger

June 30th, 2020


CharRon zoom chats with South Sac Poet, podcaster, and Host; Coon the Poet. This is part 1 of a two part episode. 

Topics Discuss:

  • being shot at …

Russell Cummings: The Blueprint

June 23rd, 2020


CharRon zoom chats with the multi-Talented entertainer, Russell Cummings. This Grambling Alum has a lot of achievemets to discuss.

Topics Discussed:

Rob Esperanza: Poetry and Politics

June 17th, 2020


CharRon skype chatted with Activist, Father, Farmer, and  Political Poet: Rob Esperanza.

Topic Discussed:
  • His New York Origin
  • Traveling to …

Brandon Leake: Called to Move Part 2

June 9th, 2020


CharRon sits and talks with Called to Move's Brandon Leake. This is Part two of a two part episode.


Topics Discussed:
  • His Spoken Word Albums:
    • In …

Brandon Leake: Called to Move Part 1

June 2nd, 2020


CharRon sits and talks with Called to Move's Brandon Leake. This is one of a two part episode.


Topics Discussed:
  • His Poetry origin
  • Basketball …

Erica Ambrin: Lucid Dreamer’s Musical Journey

May 25th, 2020


CharRon chats with Sammie Award Nominee Songstress Erica Ambrin.


Topic Discussed:


  • Her Origin Story
  • Move to Sacramento
  • American Idol …

Miss Conception: Open Source RingMaster

May 19th, 2020


CharRon zoom chatted with KC's own Recording Artist and Entertainer: Miss Conception.


Topics Discussed:


  • Her Origin story
  • Being an Entertainer
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