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Michel and the Magic Square: The Story of Euro 84


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Decades before he became a fat-cat football executive (and got banned from soccer), Michel Platini was known as one of the game’s greatest players—and his utter domination of Euro 84 was perhaps the most triumphant moment in a glittering career. But Platini was only one member of France’s enchanting midfield. Le Carré Magique, as it was known, also included Tigana, Giresse, and Fernandez. Under the guidance of a manager who was unafraid to bet on the talents of his three playmakers, the French stormed through the tournament, reaching a climax in the semifinal with Portugal. Historic moments flatten with time; we might recollect a headline, a couple of grainy highlights, and the name of the team that won the final. Howler Radio’s five-part Euro Miniseries is a vehicle for traveling back over the decades and reliving some of these foundational events in world soccer as they happened. Welcome to Euro 84. Written by Dominic Bliss. Presented by Anatol Yusef, who is currently starring in Preacher on AMC. (You might also know as Meyer Lansky in Boardwalk Empire.)

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Going into Euro ’92, Denmark wasn’t a favorite to win the tournament. They weren't even expected to play in it. But when Yugoslavia began to fall apart, its team was barred and Denmark brought in as a replacement. What …

The Man Who Sold the World. Twice.

May 29th, 2016

Che Che Vidal loves football. And the internet. One of these things nearly got him killed.

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Angry Kilmarnock Fan Megamix

May 1st, 2016

The Angry Kilmarnock Fan is very angry. This banging dance anthem celebrates his anger.

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March 30th, 2016

A little preview of season 2 of Howler Radio that will feature the Panenka, sexy Landon fanfic, and Daring to Zlatan.

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