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Life as an international in Denmark, one of the world's most homogenous countries, isn't always easy. In Denmark’s longest-running English-language podcast, Kay Xander Mellish, an American who has lived in Denmark for more than a decade, offers tips for enjoying your time in “the world’s happiest co… read more

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Randers is not a joke

September 21st, 2022


It seems as if every country has a city or region that it is the butt of jokes. The rest of the country makes fun of the locals’ unattractive accents and supposedly low-end behavior. In Denmark, that city is Randers.

The Bridges of Denmark

September 1st, 2022


A country like Denmark, with so much coastline and water, needs a lot of bridges - and there have been 5 new colorful, stylish bridges built in …

On returning to Denmark: Swimming in Copenhagen harbor, picking wild blackberries, and admiring Danish law and order

August 17th, 2022


After some time out of Denmark, Kay returns and finds a whole new list of things to love.

Swimming in Copenhagen harbour is a delight - the …

Ballad of the Danish Royal Teenagers

May 14th, 2022


It’s hard to be a teenager no matter who you are or where you live, but spare a thought for the two teenagers of the Danish Royal Family. 16-year-old …

Tivoli vs Bakken: How two amusement parks show the two sides of Denmark

April 28th, 2022


Denmark has several amusement parks, including the original Legoland, but the ones I know best are the ones in Copenhagen - Tivoli Gardens and Bakken.

On the Road: Copenhagen Northwest, beyond the cherry trees

March 19th, 2022


It’s springtime, and the cherry trees are about to bloom in Copenhagen Northwest, which is usually the only time people who live outside Northwest bother to go there.

Northwest is a working class neighborhood, so much …

The Secret Strategy for Practicing Spoken Danish

March 2nd, 2022

Newcomers to Denmark often complain that the locals aren’t chatty. Danes don’t want to converse on the bus, or on the train, or in line at the supermarket, or really anyplace that isn’t a designated social zone. Like …

Queen Margrethe, Denmark's good-humored, much-loved monarch

January 14th, 2022


No matter how they feel about the institution of royalty, almost everyone likes Denmark’s Queen Margrethe, who is celebrating 50 years on the throne this week.

Every New Year’s Eve, the streets of Denmark go quiet as …

The Non-Drinkers' Guide to Danish Christmas parties

November 11th, 2021


Drinking, and drinking heavily, is common in Denmark at holiday time. Whether it's the traditional "gløgg" - hot spiced wine with nuts, orange peel …

Denmark's Big and Wonderful Second Hand Economy

October 18th, 2021


Denmark has a thriving second-hand economy, in part because people generally don't look down on second-hand goods here.

The Danes are practical …

On the Road: The Tunnel to Germany

September 26th, 2021


Getting to Sweden from Copenhagen is easy: you take a quick trip across the Øresund Bridge in your car or on the train. Getting to Norway from Copenhagen isn’t too hard: there’s a ferry that runs every day from Nordhavn.

On the Road: Riding Copenhagen's big yellow "Harbor Bus" ferry

August 8th, 2021


One of Denmark’s cheapest and most colorful vacations is a few hours riding back and forth on Copenhagen’s big yellow Harbor Bus, or “Havnebussen”, a …

On the Road in Denmark: Esbjerg, Ribe, and Fanø

May 19th, 2021


When I mentioned going to Esbjerg for a few days off this spring, many of my friends in Copenhagen said - why? Esbjerg doesn’t have a reputation as a vacation spot, even though its fifth-largest city in Denmark and the …

Saving money in Denmark: How to get around for less

April 26th, 2021


No matter what the tourist brochures suggest, you probably won’t go *everywhere* on a bike in Denmark.

And along with food and housing, getting around is a big part of the cost of living in Denmark.

Here are a few tips …

Saving money on food in Denmark

March 24th, 2021


Anyone who has spent time living in Denmark knows that it’s one of the most expensive countries around. That’s true when it comes to food shopping, too.

One Dane who had lived in the US explained it this way: “In …

Books about Denmark from the second hand store

February 27th, 2021


I love old books. I love the kind of old books you get at antique bookstores or on the Internet Archive. And I have a good collection of old books …

Practical tips for moving to Denmark

February 21st, 2021


While I’m not an authority on the Danish visa or immigration systems, I’m often asked for practical tips about moving to Denmark. So here are a few things to think about when you’re packing your suitcases or, if you’re …

Gender equality in Denmark

February 13th, 2021


Denmark has had two female prime ministers and about forty percent of the people elected to the Folketing, the Danish Parliament, are women. 

But …

Danish beaches in winter

February 10th, 2021


It might seem like a counterintuitive time to talk about beaches, in the middle of a long, very cold winter.

But in these times of COVID, beaches are …

Driving in Denmark

February 6th, 2021


I like to drive. I like to be on the open road, like in the American Southwest - Arizona, Nevada, Utah. Put your pedal to the metal, no one in front of you, no one in the rear view mirror. Just you and the road.

You …

Dining in Denmark: From crispy fried pork to flower juice with champagne

January 30th, 2021


When visiting Denmark, you’ll be offered Danish food, and expressing enthusiasm for it will go a long way towards generating harmony with your Danish friends.

The good news is, Danish cuisine offers something for …

Denmark and the Coronavirus Summer

July 13th, 2020


It’s a funny kind of summer this year in Copenhagen, quieter than usual, and more like a family event than a cosmopolitan city.

Coronavirus came …

Animals and Denmark: Swans, pigs, and horses

May 8th, 2020


Among the many cultural questions I ask audiences during my How to Live in Denmark Game Show is “Which animal represents Denmark best?”?

There never …

The Danish Alcohol Culture

March 17th, 2020


Alcohol has a long history in Denmark. The Vikings brewed four types of beverages: ale, mead, fruit wine, and syra, a fermented milk – and for many …

Debt in Denmark

January 22nd, 2020


January, February, and March are some of the dreariest months in Denmark – it’s dark, with no Christmas lights to pep it up – and many people are dealing with a heavy load of year-end debt from traveling, parties, …

Making Danish friends: A few tips based on experience

December 1st, 2019


If you’re newly arrived in Denmark, making Danish friends is not easy – in fact, surveys show that one of the main reasons internationals end up …

Nudity in Denmark: The naked truth

November 2nd, 2019


The relaxed approach to nudity in Denmark can be a surprise for many newcomers.

It’s something they’re often confronted with at the local swimming hall, where a very large and strong attendant insists that they take off …

Politeness in Denmark: Some thoughts on Danish etiquette

October 12th, 2019


“Is there politeness in Denmark?” 

That was the question I was recently invited on a national TV show to discuss.

The implication was that I was …

What I say when I'm welcoming newcomers to Denmark

September 1st, 2019


One of my favorite types of speaking engagement is introducing Denmark to some of the smart, motivated young people arriving from around the world to study at Danish universities.

Since the publication of my first …

Summer Vacation in Denmark: The Agony and the Ecstasy

July 2nd, 2019


Planning your summer vacation in Denmark is like playing the lottery. You could hit it lucky, with golden days and long, warm evenings, when you can …

April Fool's in Denmark, and the rough game of Danish humor

March 31st, 2019


April 1st is April Fool’s Day – Aprilsnar in Danish – and each Danish newspaper will feature a clever but false story for the unwary to be fooled by.

Motivating Danish employees: Tips for Foreign Managers

March 3rd, 2019


Motivating Danish employees is very different than motivating other groups of people because there are two big factors missing – hierarchy and fear. 

We don’t like to talk about the fear part in our various countries of …

The sound of Denmark? Quiet. Very quiet

February 7th, 2019


Denmark is a quiet country, even within the cities. Especially this time of year, February, when it’s too cold to do anything but scurry from place …

Tips for Living with a Danish Family

January 9th, 2019


As the new academic semester starts up, some of you may be planning to live in a Danish home. It could be you’ll rent a room in a household, maybe …

Alone for the holidays: What to do for Christmas in Denmark when you're on your own

December 15th, 2018


Being alone for Christmas in Denmark can be tough – one of the downsides of Danish "hygge" is that people who are not inside the "hygge" circle can feel shut out and very alone.

Here are our tips for having a good …

Christmas gift giving in Denmark: Package games, Almond Gifts, and Why It's OK to Exchange Whatever You Get

December 2nd, 2018


Like so many other aspects of life in Denmark, gift giving in the holiday season comes with dozens of unwritten rules and unspoken expectations.

Autumn in Denmark: The slow fading of the light

September 21st, 2018


Autumn in Denmark actually starts in mid-August, when the kids go back to school. Danish kids have a very short holiday – usually only about 6 weeks.

The story behind the How to Live in Denmark Podcast: Fifth anniversary episode

August 31st, 2018


This is a special episode, because this is the fifth anniversary of the How to Live in Denmark podcast.The podcast began in the summer of 2013; at the time I’m recording this, it is near the end of Summer 2018. We’ve …

Is learning to speak Danish worth it?

May 7th, 2018


Learning to speak Danish can be difficult, even if you speak its close linguistic cousins, English and German.

While the written language isn’t too …

What to wear to work in Denmark: Fashion in blue, black, grey, and for the adventurous - beige

April 3rd, 2018


There’s no reason to spend a lot on what you wear to work in Denmark. Danes, by nature, are not flashy dressers.

In most Danish business environments, you’ll be perfectly well dressed in a fitted pair of business …

Your first day at work in Denmark: Flowers, handshakes, passwords, and several people named Mette

March 7th, 2018


On your first day at work in Denmark, you may find a pretty bouquet of flowers on your desk to welcome you.

(This terrified a Chinese acquaintance of mine, who was accustomed to receiving flowers on her *last* day at …

Can I date my Danish colleague?

February 7th, 2018


Many Danes meet their future spouses at work. Yet there are also strict laws in Denmark against sexual harassment.

Where do you draw a line between …

Understanding your Danish boss: Less like a general, more like a sports coach

October 29th, 2017


In an anti-authoritarian country like Denmark, being a boss is a precarious (social) position. Danish bosses don’t like to flaunt their authority.

In …

The Danish Flag: 800 years old and going out fashion?

September 3rd, 2017


People visiting Denmark can’t help but notice that the Danish flag is everywhere.

Christmas trees here are decorated with little Danish flags. Cucumbers in the supermarket have Danish flags on them to show they’re grown …

Your free daily banana and five weeks off: Job benefits in Denmark

August 27th, 2017


On-the-job benefits in Denmark come in three categories: the kind every Danish worker gets, the kind everyone at your company gets, and the kind everyone at a certain level in your company gets.

 When you talk with a …

Danish gangsters: Night-time helicopters and the risks of a knit hat

August 20th, 2017


If you live in Denmark or follow the Danish media, you’ll know there’s been a lot of talk of gangsters over the past week. One Danish gang is trying …

The Trailing Spouse in Denmark

August 13th, 2017


A generation ago, expat spouses in Denmark were mostly “cookie pushers” – stay-at-home-wives who supported their husbands’ careers with chic little cocktail parties for his business associates. They ran the house and …

Why job titles aren't important in Denmark

March 5th, 2017



One of the most important words in the Danish language is "ligestilling"  – equality. The belief that all (Danish) people are basically equal permeates every relationship and every interaction.

Fancy job titles do not …

Danish union vs A-kasse: What's the difference?

January 25th, 2017


When you first arrive in Denmark to work or look for work, the last thing you need is another monthly expense. So many foreigners “save money” by not joining a union.

And I was one of them. To be honest, joining a union …

Networking in Denmark: 5 useful tips for making Danish business contacts

October 23rd, 2016


Networking in Denmark is tough, even for Danes. This is a culture where it’s considered bad manners to talk to someone you don’t know, unless you’re …

It's all about the cake: The secrets of socializing with your Danish colleagues

September 4th, 2016


When you work in a Danish office, you’ll often find yourself invited to impromptu in-office social events with your Danish colleagues. Somebody’s …

The Danish art of taking time off

August 15th, 2016


When I first began working in Denmark, people used to start saying around April or May, “So – are you taking three or four?”

What they meant was, are you taking three or four weeks off for your summer vacation?

 Now, in …

The Danish job interview

May 22nd, 2016


If you’ve been asked for a job interview at a Danish company, congratulations. Danish companies don’t like to waste time, so they wouldn’t be setting …

Finding a job in Denmark: Cover Letters, LinkedIn, plus two magic words

April 21st, 2016


I often give presentations to job hunters in Denmark, and I tell them there are two words you can add to your cover letter that will virtually …

Looking for a job in Denmark: Your Danish cv (And why you might want to consider a Danish nickname)

March 18th, 2016


When you're putting together a cv for Denmark, titles and grades and long descriptions of examinations (unless they’re required for the job, as they …

Getting a job in Denmark: Fine-tuning your approach to the Danish job market

February 22nd, 2016


Foreigners in general are often trying to look for a job in a way that works well in their home country, not Denmark.

Basically, this works as about as well as trying to tell your new girlfriend the same jokes that made …

How to date a Dane: The two-speed bicycle and the flexible word

November 1st, 2015


In Denmark, romance is like a two-speed bike. Speed one is casual sexual affairs with someone you may never see again: speed two is a serious …

Danes and Beauty: Miss Denmark, the empty museum, and why you shouldn't expect compliments

September 21st, 2015


If you really want to get a Dane all hot and bothered, start talking about some thing that is beautifully designed.

In Denmark, beauty is usually …

Arriving in Denmark: Some tips from my experience

August 23rd, 2015


August in Denmark brings the first signs of fall: a crisp chill in the air, the changing color of the leaves, the annual posters warning drivers to …

Danish babies: Rolling Royalty and Tribal Names

July 14th, 2015


Denmark is a small country, and Danish people tend to think small things are good. Small cars. Small homes. Small ambitions when it comes to international team sports. But one thing in Denmark is never small – a baby …

Private-equity pastry and the decline of bodegas: How Denmark is changing

May 31st, 2015


Every country changes, and so does Denmark. When I hold How to Live in Denmark events, people often ask me how Denmark is changing, or has changed …

Danes and Fear: What is there to be afraid of in Denmark?

May 10th, 2015


In general, Denmark is not a fearful country.  You could argue, what is there to be afraid of in Denmark?  It seems like a safe little corner of the …

Spring in Denmark: Hot Wheat Buns and Highly-Educated Drunks

April 19th, 2015


It’s spring in Denmark, and spring is by far my favorite season here. The wonderful white Scandinavian sunlight is back after the dark days of the …

Danish Birthday Traditions

April 12th, 2015


It has been said that Danish birthdays are the most important in the world. Adults, children, even the Queen of Denmark make a big deal about …

Danes and Singing

March 8th, 2015


There have been very few international singing stars from Denmark, and that’s a surprise, because Danish people love to sing.

Joining choirs is very …

Danes and Inequality: Private Schools and Migrants Who Sleep in Sandboxes

January 25th, 2015


I was on Danish morning TV recently, which isn’t really something to boast about.  In a country of 5 million, 10 guests a show, 365 days a year – you do the math.  Just about everyone gets on TV sooner or later.   Some …

Cat Bites and Dental Vacations: The ups and downs of the Danish health care system

January 11th, 2015


I've just arrived back in Denmark after a couple of weeks in the US and the night I got back, my cat bit me. This was not just a little affectionate peck - Fluffy used her sharp teeth, her fangs, to create four bleeding …

'Best of' Podcast: Christmas in Denmark Part 2: Get Yourself an Elf Hat

December 5th, 2014


I’ve been living in Denmark so long I sometimes lose perspective. I forget what it’s like not to live in Denmark. Specifically, I forget that in most …

Don't mention the flag: What I learned when I studied for the Danish citizenship exam

November 29th, 2014


There was no How to Live in Denmark podcast last week, and I apologize for that.  I have been busy studying for my Danish citizenship exam.  As some …

Donald Duck, Anti-Depressants, and the Myth of Danish Happiness

November 16th, 2014


Hello, and welcome to the How to Live in Denmark podcast.  I'm Kay Xander Mellish.

 Whenever I hear that Denmark is the happiest country in the …

Danes and Environmentalism: Why a country that loves green tech is the world's fourth-biggest polluter

November 2nd, 2014


It's been a beautiful autumn here in Denmark.  Warm, with golden sun, blue skies, red and yellow and orange leaves on the trees.  Just gorgeous.  And …

Are you a good foreigner, or a bad foreigner? How the Danes categorize newcomers to Denmark

October 5th, 2014


Have you ever seen the movie The Wizard of Oz?  It's a classic.  When Dorothy arrives in the land of Oz, the first thing she's asked is - are you a good witch, or a bad witch?

I was having lunch with a friend this week, …

The 8:00 meeting is not an 8:05 meeting: Do's and Don'ts in Denmark

September 21st, 2014


I did a little crowdsourcing for this week's podcast.   I asked some of our listeners, and some people on Facebook - what were some of the small …

The Little Match Girl and the Fur Industry: Danes and China

September 14th, 2014


You wouldn't know it, but Denmark and China have much more in common than both having red flags and a love for green technology.  Denmark and China …

How to make friends in Denmark; or 'Friendship in Denmark is a slow-growing plant.'

August 31st, 2014


I was in London this week, and did a little fall wardrobe shopping.   I got tired after walking for awhile, and it was lunchtime, so I sat down in a pub.  I had a beer and a fish and chips and a British guy next to me …

Danes and English, or "Can I live in Denmark without speaking Danish?"

August 24th, 2014


I get a lot of mail at the How To Live in Denmark podcast, and some of it is from people who want to move to Denmark, but they’re not sure what to do to make money once they get here.  But, I do speak English, they …

Danes and Authority: The giant penis on the wall, or how to deal with Danish civil servants

August 17th, 2014



When you think you’re talking to the authorities in Denmark, you’re often not talking to the authorities. If it comes to bus service, train service, unemployment compensation, homeless shelters, construction, even …

What I like about Denmark

June 28th, 2014


I got an email a couple of weeks ago at from a Danish woman who now lives in Germany.  She says that this podcast helps her …

More thoughts on Danish summer: The downside of the 'light times'

June 15th, 2014


If you’re in Denmark right now, you’ll know that we’re coming up on the year’s longest day this week.  June 21.  You know it because it starts getting light at 4 in the morning, and the sun doesn’t go down until 10:30 …

Danes and Swedes: The world's worst haircuts are Swedish

June 8th, 2014


Hello, and welcome to the How To Live in Denmark podcast.  I’m Kay Xander Mellish.

I don’t regret many things in life, but I do regret not going to a party I was invited to almost 14 years ago.

That was in 2000, when I …

Danes & IT: Anyone can guess your CPR number

May 31st, 2014


Ordinarily don’t get my technology news from the local newspaper sold by the homeless in Denmark, but I did this week.  First of all, I learned that …

Danes and Norwegians: Bitter envy and brotherly love

May 23rd, 2014


Danes and Norwegians were part of the same country for hundreds of years, and they’re still family.  Written Danish and written Norwegian are very similar – so similar that I once tried to find a Danish-Norwegian …

Summerhouse or dollhouse? What to expect if you're invited to a Danish summer home

May 10th, 2014


If you live in city or a big town in Denmark, you may notice that the weekends are getting very quiet just about now.

The streets outside my home in Copenhagen are empty.  The streetlights just change from red to green …

Stories of a Salty: Arriving back in Denmark after vacation

May 4th, 2014


When you go back to your country of origin, it’s alarming sometimes to realize how Danish you are becoming.

I’ve been on vacation in the USA for a couple of weeks. But I’m back now, and it only takes a few minutes after …

The Little Mermaid is Highly Disappointing: Better ideas for visitors to Denmark

April 6th, 2014


If you’ve seen it, you know the Little Mermaid is only about four feet tall – that’s 1.25 meters.  You probably own pillows that are bigger than the Little Mermaid.  At any rate, all the Copenhagen tourist boat trips go …

Raising children in Denmark: If their social life's OK, academic success will follow

March 30th, 2014


Denmark is a pretty good place to raise children. Working hours are shorter, and it’s perfectly OK to leave work at 3 or 4 o’clock to pick up your kids.  There’s a good system for early childhood health. A nurse visits …

The Things I Do Double: Thoughts on Denmark’s offer of Double Citizenship

March 23rd, 2014


There was big news this week for foreigners in Denmark.  It looks double citizenship will soon be permitted. 

Previously, if you wanted to be a Danish citizen, you had to give up citizenship in your home …

Salaam and Gooddag: Denmark for Muslims

March 16th, 2014


There’s a new mosque opening down the street from me this spring, a big one.  It will be the first mosque with minarets in Denmark, although the minarets are legally prohibited from calling to prayer. 

The people behind …

Danes and Stereotypes: The superficial American and the Copenhagen cheater

March 9th, 2014


As an American in Denmark, I get to experience Danish stereotypes about Americans on a regular basis: we are superficial, too outspoken and direct, …

Danish Names: Why Bent is not bent, and why It's bad to be Brian

March 2nd, 2014


Danish names are very strongly stratified by age. Ole and Finn and Knud and Kaj and Jørn and Jørgen and to some extent Poul and Per, are over 50. …

How to find a job in Denmark: Not easy, but it can be done

February 23rd, 2014


Finding a job anywhere is a headache, and Denmark is no different.  And let's be frank, if the employer has a choice between a foreigner and a Dane, they're probably going to hire the Danish person.  The Danish person …

Dating in Denmark, Part 2: Dating Danish men, a guide for the foreign woman

February 16th, 2014


If you are a romance novelist, the Danish man is not your dream man. He will not write poetry and pursue his beloved to the ends of the Earth. He …

Dating in Denmark, Part 1: Meeting Danish women, a guide for the foreign man

February 9th, 2014


 A lot of the mail I get at get is from men, wanting to know how they can meet women in Denmark.

I can understand this.  …

More Snow Tomorrow: Surviving winter as a foreigner in Denmark

February 2nd, 2014


I’m looking out the window as I record, and it’s snowing again. It’s pretty, but it’s not a novelty any more. It’s been like this for the past couple of weeks, Danish winter weather. Nearly every day there’s fresh snow …

Danes and Vikings, plus: Two words to use to get Danish people to do what you want

January 26th, 2014


I play a little game sometime when I look at Danish people. I imagine them as Vikings. It’s easy now that big beards are in fashion on young men. Sometimes on the metro I’ll look up at the hipster guy playing with his …

Danes and Work: My vacation flight was cancelled, because the pilot was on vacation

January 19th, 2014


A few years ago, during the peak July vacation season, SAS had to cancel a large number of flights out of Denmark. This is because too many SAS …

Gossip and Scandal in Denmark

December 15th, 2013


While French or American politicians have sex scandals, Danish politicians have tax scandals. Only the Royal Family is permitted to be the subject of …

Sex and Denmark

December 8th, 2013


Even though Denmark is very open about sex, it isn’t very…sexy. Everything’s so accepted, out in the open, so practical, that sex in Denmark is a bit …

How to survive the dark times, plus: Should I move to Denmark?

November 23rd, 2013


Sitting at my desk in grey, November Copenhagen, I received an email from sunny Portugal. Eighteen-year-old Bárbara asks: Should I move to Denmark?

Christmas in Denmark Part 2: Get Yourself an Elf Hat

November 16th, 2013


Wearing an elf hat at Christmas time is a way to show you’ve got a sense of humor about yourself. You’re likely to see an elf hat on your boss, your …

Ørestad, Ørested and Øresund: Why I still get lost in Denmark

November 9th, 2013


I still get confused about Danish place names. A lot of names sound so similar that I am constantly getting lost in Denmark. People's names are …

Voting at McDonald’s: Danish politics, and the posters that will last until spring

November 2nd, 2013


I like Danish politics, and I follow it, even though I don’t follow Danish sports or entertainment. I like Danish politics because it involves a lot …

The Two Months of Christmas: Holiday drinking in Denmark begins now

October 25th, 2013


Traditionally, there has been little crime in Denmark, which is a society based on trust. But when that trust is broken, Danes get confused about what to do. They don't like the idea of punishment.

Just buy more insurance: Crime and Punishment in Denmark

October 17th, 2013


Traditionally, there has been little crime in Denmark, which is a society based on trust. But when that trust is broken, Danes get confused about …

No planned hangovers: Ways I refuse to integrate in Denmark

October 11th, 2013


More than a decade after moving to Denmark, there are still a few things I won't do to fit in. I won't cook fried fish balls, or watch Danish talent shows on TV. And I won't plan my hangovers in advance.


Danish Design: From spaceship toilets to thieves that steal chairs

October 6th, 2013


The dark days of winter in Denmark last from October to March. The sky is dark when you get up in the morning, and it’s dark when you leave work. If you are moving to Denmark and want your friends and relatives to visit …

Here come the dark times: Winter in Denmark

September 28th, 2013


The dark days of winter in Denmark last from October to March. The sky is dark when you get up in the morning, and it’s dark when you leave work. If you are moving to Denmark and want your friends and relatives to visit …

A thatched roof over your head: How to find a place to live in Denmark

September 22nd, 2013


If you want to live in a thatched cottage in rural Denmark, you'll find a lot to choose from. Finding an apartment in downtown Copenhagen is harder.

All the colors of the Danish landscape: The truth about Danish fashion

September 12th, 2013


Danes dress to match the Danish landscape. This is why most Danish fashion comes in grey, green, blue and brown - plus beige for the adventurous. 

Two-Wheeled Vikings and why I own three bikes: Danes and Cycling

September 5th, 2013


For Danes, bicycle lanes are the Vikings' last stand. These gentle blond people - these people who will wait two minutes at a 'Don’t Walk' sign instead of crossing an empty street - armed with a bike, turn vicious and …

No food, only stuff to make food: My culture shock in Denmark

August 31st, 2013


At every Danish dinner party, I'm asked a standard set of questions: How did you come to Denmark? Why did you come to Denmark? What type of culture …

Public nudity and the passion for privacy: Why I Google my Danish neighbors to find out who they are

August 24th, 2013


They may appear nude on public beaches and in daily newspapers, but the Danes have a passion for privacy. And they may be respecting YOUR privacy by not talking to you.

Danish, Dutch, Deutschland: Confusing Denmark with its neighbors

August 15th, 2013


It's a common mistake to confuse the Danish and the Dutch - all those healthy blond people on bicycles! - but if you really want to understand Denmark, look at Germany instead.

Painful hugs and Poison Gifts: When the same words mean different things in Danish and English

August 9th, 2013


Danish words and English words can look similar, but some of the similarities are deceiving. A Danish hug is not comforting. And slut is not a slut.

Danish sports: Big handballs and lonely ping-pong players.

August 2nd, 2013


Denmark is a small country. It needs sports it can win. Team handball, team badminton, and team ping-pong are where Danish sports men and women shine.

White Socks and the Danish Tax Burden

July 25th, 2013


The price of white cotton socks in Denmark is about five times as high as in the USA. I explain how the price of socks has a lot to say about the Danish economic system.

The Deeper Meaning of Pigs

July 18th, 2013


Hear about the role of significant cultural role of pigs - and we mean real pigs, not just people with bad manners - in Danish public life.

Summer in Denmark

June 26th, 2013


Hear about summer in Denmark (or what there is of it) and why 'summer herring' sometimes wears a bikini, and sometimes nothing at all.

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  • Deliver timely Calls To Action, including email acquistion for your mailing list
  • Share exactly the right moment in an episode via text, email, and social media
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Make money

  • Tip and transfer funds directly to podcastsers
  • Earn money for qualified plays in the RadioPublic apps with Paid Listens