How to become addicted to podcasts

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I want everyone to be as obssessed with podcasts as I am. Here is my recipe for getting started: drama+great story telling+a binge-worthy series. Enjoy!

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The Angel Complex

May 23rd, 2017


Dive into important discussions of race and social issues with my amazingly talented colleagues Hannah Sung and Denise Balkissoon.

S01 Episode 01: The Alibi

April 10th, 2017


Everyone I know who has become a podfan, usually started with Serial season 1. Welcome to one of the most binge-worthy podcasts ever.

Generous Orthodoxy

April 10th, 2017


Are you ready to cry a little on the subway? If so, this episode is for you.

Oprah 1: No Strategy, No Plan, No Formula

April 10th, 2017


How did Oprah get that "Oprah money"? Find out how her journey began. It's a great story!

The Girl Who Doesn't Exist

April 10th, 2017


Radiolab does an amazing job of bringing you right into the heart of a story. Here is another great personal mystery tale!

Issa Rae On Adulting, Oversharing And Her HBO Show

April 10th, 2017


A Nerdette double-hitter: Issa Rae is hilarious!

Lindy West And Andi Zeisler On Fierce Feminism

April 10th, 2017


Nerdette always has great people on their show, this episode led to a great book recommendation: Shrill: Notes from a loud woman.


April 10th, 2017


If you have never listened to pod-fiction or radio dramas you should start with this show. Anyone an Oscar Isaac fan?

Thursday, March 30, 2017

April 10th, 2017


I start my day with this podcast, but this episode really stood out for me. It was fascinating to hear the other side of the argument.

21. Tony Robbins: Force of Nature

April 10th, 2017


I don't know why, but I am fascinated by Tony Robbins. His tough love approach really speaks to me. So here is 65 minutes with Tony.

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