Hostile Worlds: Exploring Space

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Join us on a journey to some of the most inhospitable, humbling, and frighteningly beautiful places in the known universe. Hostile Worlds is a podcast that lets you explore alien landscapes and extra-terrestrial terrain - all from the comfort of your headphones. From the freezing hydrocarbon oceans … read more

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Hostile Worlds 30 Second Trailer

August 8th, 2017


Welcome to The Hostile Worlds Podcast.

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Introducing Hostile Worlds

August 21st, 2017


Join us on a journey to some of the most inhospitable, humbling, and frighteningly beautiful places in the known universe.

Hostile Worlds is podcast …

Our Small & Fragile Existence | Episode 1

August 28th, 2017


Would you like to go on an audio tour around some of the most fascinating yet deadly places in the universe? Of course you would.

Well, consider this …

A Titan Looms | Episode 2

September 8th, 2017


The Tardigrade is on its way to Titan, the biggest moon of Saturn.

We're about to break through its hazy orange atmosphere and land on its surface.

Our ship won't be the first human-built device to land on Titan though. …

Magic Islands, Cryovolcanoes, & Electric Snow | Episode 3

September 25th, 2017


Welcome to Titan, the biggest moon of Saturn, and the only known cosmic body other than Earth, that we know for certain has actual lakes and seas on its surface.

But that isn’t the only reason that makes this frozen …

Surviving in Open Space | Episode 4

November 16th, 2017


Since leaving Titan last month we’ve been doing a bit of deep space exploration in The Tardigrade.

And although space can look a bit… empty, it’s actually as hostile an environment as you’re ever likely to find.

Out …

Space, Relatively Speaking | Episode 5

December 21st, 2017


The solar system is a big place, and while Colin's testing the shuttle, Sarah and Matthew have a visitor.

David drops by to explain a bit about …

The Life cycle of a Star | Episode 6

January 19th, 2018


As the crew of The Tardigrade prepare to land on Venus, Matthew heads back down to Earth to get some supplies.

Whilst back on the home planet, he pays a visit to St. Andrews Observatory to have a look at the James …

Exploring Venus | Episode 7

February 20th, 2018


Welcome to Venus, the second planet from the sun and the closest other planet to Earth.

So, why do we always think of Mars as the closest and likeliest candidate for off-world exploration and habitation? On this …

What Are Brown Dwarfs? Episode 8

April 4th, 2018


The Brown Dwarf. Is it a star? Is it a planet? Is it a tabletop war gaming miniature? Is it an obscure Red Dwarf fan fiction series?

We need …

Here Comes The Sun | Episode 9

June 7th, 2018


Our lives literally revolve around it. That big yellow ball in the sky - The Sun.

But what do we really know about El Sol? Is it just a big ball of …

Hello Sunshine | Episode 10

November 19th, 2018


In the last episode, we left a doomed Sarah, David and Dr. Cellarius as they plunged helplessly into the sun.

But their inevitable deaths will not be in vain. We’ll still have some time on this episode to learn about …

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